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Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" is from Bridge Feeds. Bridge Feeds is led by Kurt Nguyen and a number of other dedicated volunteers. In case you are unfamiliar, Bridge Feeds is an invaluable ministry that picks up free food from generous local vendors, sorts and organizes the food and then distributes it to families in need. Contact Kurt if you are able to serve or simply want more information: [email protected]

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Danny Hidalgo. Danny is the only sibling of Sandra Cravens and has been attending Bridge over the past year. Enjoy his word for today from Jeremiah 29:11

Word from Brian Silvestri
Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Brian Silvestri and was sponsored by the Washington Redskins. Brian and his family have taken part in many mission trips to Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and Brian recently joined the San Diego homeless team. Brian is married to Jennisse and together they are the parents of Sofia and Daniel. Brian's hope and prayer has been that God might use this season as an opportunity to remind us of what truly matters in life; a vision that we can all embrace. Enjoy!

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Priscilla Shi. Priscilla is married to Jeff Shi and together they manage a large business and are raising their beautiful little daughter, while also expecting the arrival of their second daughter in early May. Let's join them in praying for their daughter's safe and healthy arrival (May 6th) and for their family. Enjoy!

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Ella Ferrin. Ella is a student at James Madison University and is home for the summer. The Ferrin family has been around Bridge for many years now and we are blessed by the entire Ferrin crew: Mike, Danielle, Ella, AJ, Anna & Ryan! I hope you enjoy Ella's word for today.

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Will Cravens and his 18 year-old daughter Hailey, regarding our attitude. Enjoy!

A Word from Heather
Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to us from Heather Gomez. Heather has been single parenting during the pandemic, while her husband Paul is away. Special thanks to the Bridge Men who have served by tending to Heather and to Susan Boyd's yards. Enjoy Heather's words today from Romans 8 & Philippians 4!

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Grace Robinson. Grace is the mother of Kasie and Michael and loves to serve others. She has been volunteering from the time she arrived at Bridge and we are blessed by their family! Grace mentioned that one of the downsides of the virus was initially having less opportunities to help others, which is what gives her joy. Enjoy her word for the day!

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" is from Jennisse Silvestri. Jennisse has a huge heart to serve others and go follow wherever Christ leads. We watched her serve in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, as well as in El Salvador and Uruguay, and her commitment to Jesus is inspiring. Jennisse is married to Brian, who also loves to serve and together they have 2 children: Daniel and Sofia. Daniel is known for racing cars and winning most of those races, while Sofia has a gift acting and singing and just released her first album. Together, they are an amazing family! Enjoy today's word.

Bridge Daily Connect
Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Sofia Silvestri. Believe it or not, Sofia is only 15 years old and has already produced her first album on itunes and other music formats (Check it out). She has a genuine love for Jesus and was willing to share a song with us today that I'm sure you will enjoy! Although she is wearing an Eagle's jersey in this video, she could be a future Redskin's fan! Time will tell. Enjoy

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes to you from Kara Bowman. If you don't know Kara then you should take the time to meet her. Kara loves to serve others, as her chosen occupation reveals. She has taken part on 2 of our homeless mission trips to San Diego, she volunteers her talents to lead worship and she is always willing to help people in need. Her fiancee, Clay Whitley, is a perfect match, as they both serve so well together. I hope you enjoy her word for the day!

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" is from Mitch Mulville. Mitch is a college student at George Mason University and he has been a significant part of the Bridge family. He served a little over a year ago with our construction team in Mondragone, Italy. In addition, he and his girlfriend Maria have helped volunteer with Bridge Feeds, even on service project days, and recently with the tech needs at Bridge associated with the quarantine. Mitch is an amazing guy and the Lord has big plans for his life ahead! Enjoy his word for the day.

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" is from Sandra Cravens. Since Sandra began at Bridge 5 years ago, she as served as the Church Administrator and as the Director of the Women's Ministry. In addition, she has led a number of initiatives, such as the annual Multi-Church Women's Event. This past year she expanded that event to host it specifically for local Spanish speaking congregations. She is active in missions in Uruguay, Peru and Italy and loves to go wherever the Holy Spirit leads. Enjoy her daily word, asking God the question, "Lord, what do you want me to know, and what do you want me to do?" Great questions to ponder during these times.

Today's word comes from Jeff Shi. If you know Jeff and his wife Priscilla, then you know how they take their faith seriously and desire action. James 2:15-17 encourages believers to put their faith in action. Thank you Jeff for all that you and your wife are doing to help serve during this time. For more information, contact Jeff at: [email protected]!

Good morning Bridge Family! Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes from Bill Bryson. Bill is a long-timer at Bridge who was part of the J10 Church that became Bridge. If you know Bill, then you are aware of his servant heart, seen in so many ways at Bridge. He helps do all of the weekly clean up, in addition to operating the video camera for Facebook Live and honestly any thing else that may be needed. I hope you enjoy his words, as well as your day as we remember the willingness of Jesus to hang on the cross for us. Let's celebrate the reason we call today "Good Friday!" Enjoy.

Today's "Daily Bridge Connect" comes once again from Kurt Nguyen, who leads our "Bridge Feeds" ministry. Kurt's word is timely, making the observation that we usually need a "TEST" if we're going to have a "TESTIMONY." Today is the day we are reminded of the test Jesus endured, when all of His followers abandoned Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. Why not take a few minutes to read Matthew 26:47 - 57 and consider a small part of what Jesus endured to demonstrate His love for us?

Today's "Bridge Daily Connect" comes from Gaby Ramirez. Gaby serves as the volunteer leader who manages all of Bridge's web and social media needs. Her husband Eddy is a member of the Board at Bridge and together they have one son: Gadiel. The Fernandez-Ramirez family is a tremendous blessing to us at Bridge. Enjoy her word for the day!

Today's word comes from Danielle Ferrin. Danielle and her husband Mike and their 4 kids: Ella, AJ, Anna & Ryan have been part of Bridge since it was known as J10. They serve together as an entire family and Bridge has been blessed over and over by the Ferrin Fam! If you know Danielle, then you are aware that she loves to serve others, she has a huge heart to care for anyone and everyone in need, and she is bursting with creativity. I hope you enjoy her word today on Bridge Daily Connect!

Today's Bridge Daily Connect is from Audie Hall about the passage of Scripture that encourages her. Hope you enjoy it!

Alexa Sales leads our Tech Ministry at Bridge. She has also served in the United States Marine Corps for almost 20 years. She is the mother of Brooklyn & Roman and is married to Nick Sales, who some refer to as "Nicky Guns." The Sales are an amazing family who have been a blessing to Bridge for many years. I know you will appreciate what she has to share from her heart! Let's stay close to each other and to the Lord in this time!

A Word from Tracey
Tracey Schlitzer is the Director of the Women's Ministry at Bridge. She is also a teacher at Tuscarora High School in Leesburg. She's married to Michael, (who you may have seen playing the bass guitar at Bridge), in addition to being the mother of 4 amazing kids. We are blessed to have the Schlitzer family at Bridge and I personally am inspired by Tracey's positive attitude! Enjoy her word today! - Will Cravens

A word from Kurt Nguyen
Kurt leads the ministry of "Bridge Feeds" together with the assistance of his wife Julie. Despite the quarantine, Kurt, together with a faithful band of Bridge volunteers, have worked hard to keep Bridge Feeds moving. Each week, they faithfully pick up food from local restuarants and grocery stores. The volunteers help with pick ups and then pack the food into individual boxes to help feed families who are in need. If you are interested in volunteering with Bridge Feeds, contact Kurt at: [email protected]

Robin Gallagher serves as the office administrator at Bridge. She and her husband Ron are a true blessing at Bridge as they have not stopped serving the community since they first arrived. Whether it was baking homemade snacks, welcoming people at the front door, setting up for potluck or volunteering with Bridge Feeds, they are a stellar part of the Bridge family. I hope you enjoy her word for the day...

Trusting God in Unprecedented Times
Hear today from Nick Burgart. Nick and his wife Jackie Burgart both serve on the board at Bridge and they are two of the most generous people that my wife Sandra Hidalgo Cravens and I have met. We are blessed to have them serving in leadership. Thanks Nick, for your willingness to share about the abundant life as we navigate COVID-19!

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