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Videos by Bridge Community Church of Loudoun in Ashburn. Christ. Community. Life. "I have given you an example, go and do likewise." - Jesus Christ - John 13:15

Receiving the Torch

Guest Pastor Patrick Simpson shows that God passes the torch to us and asks how do we receive the torch that He as passed?

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Receiving the Torch
Guest Pastor Patrick Simpson shows that God passes the torch to us and asks how do we receive the torch that He as passed?

Who Am I? Who Are You?
As we continue reading through Exodus, we see Moses question his identity and who is he that God would use him for His great plan?

What are you sold on? Joseph was sold on God. It didn’t matter if he was a victim of human trafficking, a falsely accused employee or a prisoner, he kept his commitment to God and it changed his perspective. Tune in and consider what we can learn from his example.

Faith like Abraham
Pastor Will Cravens talks about Abraham, the father of faith, and his journey as the Lord told him to leave his place of familarity. Faith requires action

Faith Like Abraham
Guest speaker Martin Carlyle talks about Abraham’s unique relationship with God and what we can learn from it.

I Want to Know...
Pastor Will Cravens talks about mankind’s curiosity and longing for God’s knowledge and how this can lead to faults.

The Cost of Christmas
Christmas can be costly. Many families spend a few months paying off credit card bills if they splurged on giving and parties. What did the first Christmas cost? Jesus knew His ultimate purpose would cost His life. What cost are we willing to pay following Him? Tune into this week’s message to consider the cost of following Jesus.

Born with Purpose
Would you set out on a mission if you knew it would end in your death? What cost are you willing to pay when it comes to people? Consider the Son of God and the price He was willing to pay as we celebrate this Christmas. He did it for one reason. He loves us.

As Foretold
The prophet Zechariah predicted the Son of God coming on the back of a donkey approximately 500 years before his birth. God is in control. What does that mean for you and me today? Join us today as we consider the implications…

Jenisse Silvestri Uruguay Testimony
The Master Plan: He knows

Jenisse Silvestri Uruguay Testimony
Jenisse Silvestri gives her tesimony from her recent trip to Uruguay

Praying for Miracles
Ask, Seek, Knock is Jesus’ prescription when seeking God for a miracle. Have a listen to more ideas from the Bible concerning what it means to believe God for a miracle.

Testimonies from Uruguay
Tune in to hear the team from Uruguay shares their experiences and testimonies.

Prayer Series Week 3: Thankfulness
Nick Sales fills in as our guest speaker this week on the topic of prayer and thankfulness. Also, Betsy Jones will recap her recent missions trip to India and just off the plane from Uruguay, Alexa Sales will provide an update on the missions trip in anticipation of next Sunday’s full team summary of service in Uruguay.

Prayer | Repent
Guest Pastor Tony speaks on the importance of repentance in prayer.

Guest Pastor Tony talks about the importance of prayer in our lives

Terrorist Turned Evangelist
It’s International Sunday here at Bridge and tonight Pastor Will Cravens ends our Indentity series with the story of Saul, who later had an identity change into Paul. His life did a complete 180 turn. Tune in!

Identity - Simon Peter
Just after Peter was commended for calling Jesus the Messiah, Jesus rebuked him, calling him “Satan”. Tune in to today’s identity message and lessons from the life of Peter.

Identity | Elijah
Pastor Will Cravens talks about the life, choices, and identity of Elijah

Identity Crisis
Do you ever feel the unending pressure of work, finances, or appearance? Join guest pastor Tony to learn where we should get identity from.

Identity | David and Goliath
How do you face giants in your life? Tune in and consider lessons from the life of David; the shepherd turned king.

Gideon - Mightly Warrior
One of the weakest men from the weakest tribes was God’s select to lead His people. Consider how God formed Gideon’s character and transformed him into a mighty warrior!

Identity | Moses
Pastor Will Cravens talks about the journey that God put Moses on.

Identity | Abram and Abraham
Pastor Will Cravens talks about Abram and his identity in God, how God used him, and how he became Abraham.

True Identity
In Part 3 of the identity series, Pastor Will talks about finding your identity.

The Problem of Pride
Guest Pastor Tony talks about the problem that pride poses in our lives.

Never Relent
Pastor Will Cravens has returned from his Maui trip and will be recapping his time there as he continues to reach out and minister to his friend Ed while tying in this week’s readings from Galatians 5 and 6. Dustin Holliday will also be sharing his insights from the trip.

Grasping Grace | Evidence of the Spirit
Guest speaker Randy Vel talks and uses scripture to talk about believing in God and the evidence of the Spirit.

Spiritual Formation
Closing our “Grasping Grace” series, Pastor Will Cravens speaks on Paul’s message to the Galatians as he strived to clarify the mixed messages the church of Galatia was receiving.

Grasping Grace | Children of God
Pastor Will Cravens talks about the Spirit of God and how we are the children of God.

Stories from Guatemala
The team from Guatemala share their stories and experiences.

Dealing with Disagreements
What do you do when you can’t get along with someone? Consider Paul’s example from Galatians 2, when he confronted Peter face-to-face concerning a diffference of opinion. What can we learn from his interaction? Have a listen and consider what God’s Spirit has to say with regard to your relationships.

Grasping Grace - "Pleasing People"
Pastor Will Cravens starts a new series on Grasping Grace where we focus on whom we are trying to please, God or other people.

Bridge Community Church | Failing Jesus
Pastor Will Cravens talks about failure and biblical examples of failure

If I Go...
What do you do when your leader says they are leaving? Jesus broke the news to His close followers and offered instructions for life without His physical presence. Consider the applications for your life today (John 16).

The Primacy of Love
The Book of John Series - Guest Pastor Tony Ray Smith preaches about the Primacy of Love and teaches what is true love.

Our kids learned about John 13:1-17... when Jesus Washed the Disciples Feet

Stinky Feet
Guest Pastor Tony Smith talks about position, posture, and spiritual assignment as well as servanthood to God.

The God Who Hears
Pastor Will Cravens reviews John’s account of Jesus miraculous healing of a blind man and the rising of Lazarus from the dead

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