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Videos by Bridge Community Church of Loudoun in Ashburn. Christ. Community. Life. "I have given you an example, go and do likewise." - Jesus Christ - John 13:15

Understanding Identity and Authority

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Understanding Identity and Authority

Are You Equipped?

Being Generous

Awaiting Judgement

Jonah Part 2

Bridge Service

Worship LIVE 1.31.21

Let It Go

Let It Go

Bridge Community Church

Host Like Jesus

Bridge Community Church

Bridge Community Church

Living in the Presence of Christ

Choose Your Battles

In God we Trust
Tonight we will be looking at 1 Corinthians and Daniel 1

Jesus, the Master Teacher
Finishing a series on the gifts found in Ephesians chapter 4, this afternoon we consider the gift of teaching.

The Heart not the Head

Guest speakers Nick Burgart, Lynn and David Eisele share about how God is working in their lives.

It's Not a Game
A word about using our God given talents from Matthew chapter 25. Enjoy

Gifts for a Reason
This afternoon’s service at Claude Moore Park...