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Videos by Community Kids in Ashburn. Community Kids is the children's ministry of Community Church in Ashburn, Va. The Community Kids page is a place for parents to leverage the lessons being taught on Sundays and to stay informed on all things Community Kids


We're launching our new 4th & 5th grade services "CTV" tomorrow (9:30+11A)! We're so excited! You don't want to miss out!

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We're launching our new 4th & 5th grade services "CTV" tomorrow (9:30+11A)! We're so excited! You don't want to miss out!

Easter is coming! Separate elementary worship services for K-2nd & 3rd-5th for 9:15 & 11. Combined K-5th service at 12:45. Easter basket giveaways in every elementary service - special gift for ages 2 & up - guest appearance from the Easter Bunny!

Check out what's happening on October 28th!

Check out what is going on in the month of October!

Check out this announcement video!

Check out what's going on in Ckids!

Check out the things going on in Ckids!

You Arrr the Treasure
Check out this month's new preschool song!

4th and 5th Grade!
Something new is coming August 12th!

God Loves You Preschool Worship Song
God loves us all the time! Now you can sing along with our newest preschool worship song.

July 2018 Memory Verse
In July, preschoolers are learning that they can take God's Word with them wherever they go! Here is the memory verse so you can help your preschooler learn it.

Family Chores
Summer just started. How many times has "I'm bored" been uttered in your household? Here's a tip from Parent Cue!

An interesting twist on our story of Elijah!

Preschool Worship - Wonderful Things
Dance along to one of our preschooler's favorite worship songs!

Preschool June Preview
Curious about what your preschooler is learning in CKids this month? Check out this short video and join us in talking to your little one about how the Bible shows us which way to go!

June Preschool Memory Verse
Practice the June memory verse with your preschooler with this helpful video!

Chick-Fil-a Give Away
Check out this video for Ckids in the month of April!

Easter Sunday
Kids throwing PEEPS on Easter!! Had a blast this past Sunday!! Looking to have fun and learn about the Lord's Prayer tonight at First Wednesday!

Hey C-kids Families! Check out this recap from our Easter Service in Ckids

It's Christmas Time
Check out the new Christmas song our preschoolers are singing!

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When I Look "up, up, up"
Preschoolers have a blast during worship in CKids. Here is one of their favorites!

We loved worshipping with our elementary students this morning!

This past Sunday our elementary students got to experience what it could have been like for the disciples during the flash storm on the Sea of Galilee before Jesus calmed the waters. They really enjoyed the interactive way of learning this week's Bottom Line: Comfort others who are hurting. Through the storms of life, Jesus wants us to treat others the way we want to be treated. This month's memory verse reminds us that "This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:10, NIV

If your kids come to class THIS Sunday knowing their memory verse for the month of June they will get the opportunity to vote for which of their leaders they want to get slimed on SLIME SUNDAY! Help them get ready! 2 years - 1st Grade - 2 Samuel 22:31 2nd - 5th Grade - 2 Thessalonians 3:13

Our Superheroes helping with worship in our toddler rooms!

Its almost summer time! And we're so excited that we're giving out CKids BEACH BALLS to every student who can recite this months memory verse when they arrive to class this Sunday! Check out the video below to see our Superhero Volunteer, Shannon, recite the memory verse for our 2nd-5th grade students -

Even with all our glow fun, we still had plenty of time to work on our poem!

Our preschoolers worshipping the Lord on Glow Sunday!

Our preschoolers are having a blast with glow in the dark bowling!

We Believe JESUS IS ALIVE!!!

Our 2 year olds playing freeze dance with their "branches" for Palm Sunday!

Kids love worshipping the Lord!

Great spirit in KGB first service

Exciting time of worship in KGB this morning!

1 more day till The Great Candy Drop!! Encourage your kids to bring a friend to Church tomorrow!

The Great Candy Drop is this Sunday! Encourage your kids to bring a friend to this exciting event!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if it rained candy? Join us for The Great Candy Drop THIS Sunday during all three services to find out!

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