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Community Kids is the children's ministry of Community Church in Ashburn, Va. The Community Kids page is a place for parents to leverage the lessons being taught on Sundays and to stay informed on all things Community Kids

Three Mealtime Questions that Change Everything (Including the Quality of Your Food)

A few thoughts to change up family meals! Just kidding about that last part, but they could change a lot of things about how you talk about faith. If your house is anything like mine, the bath time and bedtime routine can often turn into a…

Technology Tip: Be Invested in What Your Kids Are Invested in Online

Check out this video from the Parent Cue If you want to show your kids they matter to you, then discover more about the things they care about. In this technology tip, Jon Acuff talks about how to connect even as your kid’s hobbies …

[04/16/18]   This past Sunday we read Proverbs 14:29!! "Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick tempered displays folly. (NIV) Tonight at dinner discuss how we can develop patience!

9 Quick Tips for Teaching Kids to Pray

Here is an excellent article on teaching children how to pray! Prayer habits that last a lifetime are most often formed in childhood. That's why it's so critical to teach young children how to pray. Here are the basics of teaching children how to pray.

The Art of Discipline: Making It Helpful

Check out this insightful article by the Parent Cue!! Shepherding the hearts of our kids is one of those daily behaviors that does more to refine and challenge me than anything else in my life. In my interactions with my kids, God reveals more to me a…

Chick-Fil-a Give Away

Check out this video for Ckids in the month of April!

Yesterday your child learned about Hannah and her prayer to God!!Check out the story in 1st Samuel Chapter 1!!

Last night your child learned about the Lord's Supper!! Tonight at Dinner Read Matthew 6:9-13 and discuss prayer!!

Easter Sunday

Kids throwing PEEPS on Easter!! Had a blast this past Sunday!! Looking to have fun and learn about the Lord's Prayer tonight at First Wednesday!

Hey C-kids Families! Check out this recap from our Easter Service in Ckids

Today in Ckids your children are learning all about what Jesus has done for us!! HE IS RISEN!!

Hey Ckids families! If you are planning on attending the Easter Egg Hunt after the services, we ask that you please park in the Telos parking lot before coming to service!!

Read Colossians 3:15 with your elementary student. Thank God for the peace He offers.

Parent Cue App

Yesterday, Preschoolers learned about how Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey and the people praised Him. Watch the video together on the Parent Cue app and then pray together, "Dear God, Jesus is SO special! I pray [child's name] will always know how special Jesus is. In Jesus' special name, amen." Available now on Apple & Android devices

Parent Cue Live Podcast

Don’t miss this month’s Parent Cue Live podcast! Visit the post for more.

Sunday, elementary students talked about how we can prove we care more about others by being part of the solution. During family time, play a game of Spin the Spoon, having the person who spins say one nice thing about the person the spoon points to when it lands.

Use art supplies to create pictures with your preschooler. Ask your child what makes his picture special. Say, "Jesus is special because Jesus is God's Son." Afterward, cuddle and pray, "Dear God, I love [child's name] so much. Help me lead [him/her] to follow Jesus. We love You. In Jesus' name, amen."

Check out the craziness that’s happening this month with the Chainsaw song!

First Look Memory Verse Motions: Gone Fishin' (March 2018)

Preschooler families can watch this Memory Verse Hand Motion Video together to have fun saying the memory verse at home!

“'Come, and follow me,’ Jesus said.” Matthew 4:19, NIrV “'Come, (motion towards yourself with hand) and follow me (march),’…

At dinner tonight, ask: "In a sport or activity, how can you make sure you’re keeping the peace, even if you’re trying to win the game?" Then practice this month's memory verse together.

Kids love to cook! Grab a recipe and follow the instructions together. As you enjoy the food, talk about how we can follow what Jesus says. Then practice the preschool memory verse for this month together.

Our next child dedication event is coming up Sunday, April 22nd.

If you are interested in participating, please use the link below to register.…/480/responses/new

[03/09/18]   At dinner tonight, ask: If you had to pick one for the rest of your life, would you rather always get the last word in an argument or always get the bigger piece of cake?

Our next child dedication event is coming up Sunday, April 22nd.

If you are interested in participating, please use the link below to register.

At bedtime, read Genesis 13:5-18. Have a family discussion and ask “Why is it so hard to give up what you think is fair?” Pray for each other and ask God to give you the grace and wisdom to know when to let go of what’s fair in order to make peace.

This First Wednesday, CKids is talking about Noah and how rainbows are symbols of God's promise. Bring your kids for a fun evening and then head upstairs for some adult worship. See you then!

Parent Cue App

In this morning’s preschool lesson, John the Baptist tells people to get ready because Jesus is coming. Check out the video on the Parent Cue app. Available now on Apple & Android devices

5 Parenting Principles

For encouragement and guidance doing this parenting thing, subscribe to the Parent Cue to get articles like this one delivered to your email address Here’s a few things we know will always be true about you as a parent: You will get tired. You will struggle with what you should do in a number of situations. Your kids will not always behav…

At dinner tonight, make a plan to show someone love through an intentional act of kindness.

Parent Cue App

In this week’s lesson, Peter denies knowing Jesus, but Jesus forgives Peter and gives him an important job. Watch the video on the Parent Cue app: Available now on Apple & Android devices

Cultivating a Prayer Habit

How can you create a prayer habit in your children?

Check out the Parent Cue blog for articles like this and more When my son was about three or four years old, we started to prompt him to contribute his own prayer requests as we were getting him settled into bed at night. “Buddy, why don’t you go ahead and ta…

Read Matthew 5:43-48 together. Ask God to help you have the courage and creativity to be kind to those who aren’t kind to you.

CKids Elementary takes a look at how kindness plays a key role in how Trolls stay so happy. Don't miss our last installment of At the Movies this morning at 9:30a & 11:30a!

Sing a song about kindness with us! Visit & clicking 252 Music to sing along!

Read Matthew 25:35-40 together as a family. Ask God to give you eyes to see people who are hurting or ignored by others.

How to Respond to Your Child When You Find Out the Unexpected

How should you respond when your preteen tells you something unexpected?

Parent Cue gets into the weeds on a topic that can have a ripple effect on your future relationship with your kid “Mom, Dad, there’s something I need to tell you . . .” When it comes to parenting, very few phrases strike terror at the heart of a parent. Its right up there with the question, “Are you sitting do…

Preschoolers love to play "I spy"

Play a few rounds with your preschooler, then talk about how Jesus looked for people to love because Jesus loves everyone.

Finish by praying with them, "Dear God, help [child's name] and me to love everyone the way Jesus loves everyone. In Jesus' name, amen."

PCL 59: How To Talk To Your Younger Child

Communicating with your non-verbal toddler or your hyper-emotional preschooler can be frustrating. So what do you do?

Parent Cue has answers. Check out this recent podcast to learn some practical tips you can start applying today. Sarah Jensen, founder and educator of KIPP Memphis Preparatory Elementary School, shares her insight on how to effectively and supportively communicate with younger children in today’s episode of t…

At dinner tonight, talk about how you can show others how valuable they are by how you treat them, then review this month's elementary memory verse from Luke 6:31.

Zootopia has a message of kindness and CKids Elementary is going to discover what that is. Join us at 9:30a or 11:30a to claim your seat At the Movies!

We always get a laugh when we watch Mc Haggis! Check out his thoughts on kindness at & click 252 Shorts.

At bedtime, read Ruth 1. Share with each other something kind you did this week for someone in your family or a close friend.

First Look Memory Verse Hand Motions: Sweet Shop (February 2018)

Use this video to have fun doing the preschool memory verse hand motions at home!

“Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12, NIV "Love each other (give yourself a big hug) as I (point up with both fingers) have…

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

At dinner tonight, ask: Who do you know in your life that needs to be reminded how valuable they are? Brainstorm ways you can show them their value.

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Chick-Fil-a Give Away
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