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Mission: Seeing Others Through God's Eyes

Operating as usual

We all had a wonderful evening with great friends! ♥️🙌🏼♥️🙌🏼♥️
We even had a professional marshmallow roaster on hand 😉☺️

Come join us today and enjoy hearing our guest Dana Koppler speak! ♥️🙌🏼

We had an awesome service and fellowship with the Bikers for Christ North Central Chapter. Thank you all for coming and sharing your testimony. What a blessing!

[07/10/20]   This Sunday, July 12th we are going to be blessed to have the North Central Chapter of the Bikers for Christ. Service begins at 11. Come out and receive a great blessing! All are welcome!

Happy Independence Day!!!
From everyone at Fairview Church ♥️
In God We Trust ♥️🙌🏼

Hello everyone!

Some of you are on my email updates list, and some of you aren't. So for those of you who have NOT gotten any updates since being home, here's a brief update in coming home before I make my bigger announcement!

I've been home since the end of March when COVID-19 hit Norway and our school got closed down with the rest of Norway, we were allowed to finish our schooling then we had to go home, some of you were aware that I got trapped in Norway trying to come home. All of the airlines had been shut down and every time I booked a flight they got cancelled. Finally my parents contacted McKinley's office and within a few days I was on my flight back home from Norway.

The first few weeks were really rough coming home, everything seemed to have changed so much and so quickly, DTS seemed almost like a faraway memory. I've had to show myself a lot of grace coming home, as time has gone on it's gotten much easier and I've definitely adapted to being home. I miss everyone from DTS more than I ever imagined I would, I've gotten re-involved in church, I've been trying to start youth worship at my youth group but it seems like every time I try something happens or I get sick (prayer point: I'm really tired of getting sick when I'm trying to lead worship, pray for health and against spiritual attacks), I've been looking into some colleges getting an idea of what's out there, studying French, re-reading all the books in our house for the millionth time, debating if I should start learning dead languages (they're so incredibly cool, I love dead languages). Just living life day to day, now for my bigger announcement:

After coming home, when I was struggling with emotions and being home, I had lost a lot of hope of pursuing the missions field. It seemed so impossible to think I could be going back anytime soon, and I was definitely angry that it had been ripped away from me. After a few weeks of being angry and hurt, I finally let go of that anger so that healing could begin, I started feeling strongly lead to look into different YWAM bases and staff opportunities. I started looking into them, specifically hospitality ministry and fields like that. I started really feeling lead to France, I had started learning French very recently out of nowhere, I just had felt like I needed to. After a while of searching I found almost a dream come true base, they were looking for people to come staff at a coffee shop! If you've known me a while, you'll know that I love coffee with a passion and had dreamed of having a coffee shop. I applied, and somewhat anxiously waited to hear back, time seemed to go slowly as days passed without hearing back from them. Until I woke up one morning to an email from YWAM Rogaland about outreach opportunities AND an email from YWAM Bridges of Life about their staff openings. We emailed back and forth for a few days when the base leader asked if they could call and talk on the phone, following the conversation I was told to go ahead and send my application in.

Once again, it felt like an ETERNITY after I sent in my application before I heard back, I kept checking every day to see if I heard anything from them. I'm not the most patient person in the world all the time, I was looking into other options still, I've recently narrowed down my college options to only a few with hopes of attending sometime within a few years, after I have some more direction in life. This whole time I've been waiting for an email, hoping, dreaming and believing that God had given me my dreams back for a reason and I was going to see this dream come to life. It was a dream I had left behind for fear, and one that was given back to me in courage.

This morning I received another email from YWAM Bridges of Life, telling me that I had been accepted as staff and they're super excited to get to know me better while waiting to go there. I have a video chat with them coming up soon on what to expect as staff and discussing how to get an outreach experience while being staff at their base. As quite a few of you know, YWAM is completely volunteer, no paid positions or anything, so there's usually concern and just general things to go over leading up to me leaving.

With the current situation in the world, it's hard to tell when I'll be able to actually leave for France. The current hope is that France and the US will be able to open borders by fall/winter, and I'll leave then. I'm so beyond blessed and thankful for every opportunity that my Father has given me, He continues to surprise me beyond anything I could imagine and His love overwhelms me daily.

I'll continue to pray for all of you, that God blesses you all and that His love continues to overwhelm and flow through you.
Love you all!

Key prayer points: worship team at youth, preparations for YWAM staffing, that I'll find the sponsors I need, and that COVID-19 continues to decrease and countries are able to open their borders safely.

Fellowship, food and fun. What a great evening we had with Jr and Barbara this evening! Many stories were told, many laughs were had, memories that will we have forever. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

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Seeing Others Through God’s Eyes

Services led by Corey Eline

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