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I had trouble finding where you announced that Ed Litton would be nominated for SBC president, so I decided to help you out.

The birth of Louisiana Baptist

Spring, 1780
Present-day Kingston, Tennessee
The confluence of the Tennessee River and the Clinch River

In the Spring of 1780, Richard Curtis and others left South Carolina and traveled by land to the northeastern corner of Tennessee, to the banks of the Holston River.

They built three flatboats. When the Holston River reached sufficient depth toward the end of that year, they set out for the Natchez country of Mississippi by way of the Holston, Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers.

When they reached the Tennessee River's confluence and the Clinch River (near present-day Kingston, Tennessee), they were attached by Cherokee.

The first two boats escaped, but the third, traveling at a distance from the other two, was captured. The price paid for this attack was high, for the Cherokee contracted smallpox from them, and many died. Those on the first two boats continued on their voyage and landed safely at the mouth of Cole's Creek about 18 miles above Natchez.

Twelve years past, in 1792, before Fort Southwest Point was built at this attack's location. Fort Southwest Point was situated on a hill overlooking the Tennessee River's confluence and the Clinch River. The Cherokee used this hill as a lookout to guard their land. They had lived and hunted in the area for centuries. In 1792 a blockhouse was also constructed about 1/2 mile upstream from Fort Southwest Point. It was constructed at the boundary between the U. S. Territory and the Cherokee Nation, as defined by the 1791 Holston Treaty, where the Clinch River flows into the Tennessee River.

During Curtis's trip, in 1780, the Cherokee–American wars (1776 to 1795), also known as the Chickamauga Wars, was raging between the Cherokee (Ani-Yunwiya, Tsalagi) and the Americans on the frontier. Not far from there and just five years before, in 1775, Daniel Boone set off from the Long Island of the Holston River, a sacred Cherokee site located in present-day Kingsport, Tennessee.


The stage was now set for a second trip, in 1798, by Richard Curtis on the same rivers he had traveled in 1780. This time he would bring along a friend, Joseph Willis (a half-Cherokee) who planned to go farther than Curtis had ever dreamed—the Louisiana Territory and even into "No Man's Land," between the lawless Calcasieu and Sabine rivers.

At Natchez, in 1798, Joseph Willis crossed the mighty Mississippi River into the Louisiana Territory. The Code Noir, the "Black Code," ruled the Louisiana Territory. This decree from King Louis XIV regulated, among other things, the condition of slavery and the activities of free people of color. It also restricted religion to Roman Catholicism, forbidding the exercise of any other religion. The Black Code was in effect by law until the Louisiana Purchase on April 30, 1803. In reality, it was a hindrance to the preaching of the Gospel for many decades after the Louisiana Purchase.

Joseph Willis swam the mighty Mississippi River at Natchez at the peril of his own life, riding a mule! He would ride that mule into the heartland of the Black Code, south Louisiana. It almost cost him his life.


In the Louisiana Territory, Joseph Willis would:

✯ In 1798, he enters the hostile Spanish-controlled Louisiana Territory when the dreaded Code Noir (Black Code) was in effect. It forbade any Protestant ministers who came into the territory from preaching.

✯ He preaches the first Gospel sermon by an Evangelical west of the Mississippi River.

✯ On November 13, 1812, Joseph Willis constituted Calvary Baptist Church at Bayou Chicot, Louisiana. He went on to plant over twenty churches in Louisiana.

✯ On October 31, 1818, Joseph Willis (and others that had followed him from the Carolinas) founded the Louisiana Baptist Association, at Beulah Baptist in Cheneyville. Joseph had also founded all five charter member churches.

✯ In 1827, Joseph Willis began to establish churches in "No Man's Land." Because it was so dangerous there, the Roman Catholic Church waited for another half-century to do so.

✯ After overcoming insurmountable obstacles, he blazed a trail for others for another half-century that changed American history.

✯ His accomplishments are still felt today.


Randy Willis is a fourth great-grandson of Joseph Willis and his foremost historian.

From Randy Willis's book, Destiny. It is available at https://www.amazon.com/Destiny-Randy-Willis/dp/1792724470


Amazon author's page:
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Louisiana Baptists church planting strategist Lane Corley explores what makes the Great Commission so great. You can access it by clicking here: https://baptistmessage.com/whats-so-great-about-the-great-commission/


Happy Easter!

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Notables - Baptist Message

Lots of Easter events headline the latest Louisiana notables.

baptistmessage.com EDITOR’S NOTE: Do you have a Revival, Homecoming, a new pastor, a community outreach or a concert? The Baptist Message would love to share your church news with the rest of the state. It is very easy to do, just send in your information (who, what, where and when) to [email protected] or c...

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Basketball goal a slam dunk gift for Upward player - Baptist Message

baptistmessage.com By Brian Blackwell, Baptist Message staff writer PINEVILLE, La. (LBM) –For several months Jeremiah Williams had used a makeshift goal to train for Upward basketball games at First Baptist Church in Pineville, but a passerby who drove by the young man’s home in mid-February decided he needed a re...

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Women ‘Embrace’ hope at Pineville conference - Baptist Message

baptistmessage.com By Baptist Message staff PINEVILLE, La. (LBM) – Christ’s hope, peace and power can carry believers through difficult circumstances, keynote speaker Andrea Lennon said during the 2021 Embrace women’s conference, March 20. “God loves you and God has a plan for your life,” Lennon told just un...


Wilda Baptist Church, Boyce: Revival, March 21 - 24, Sunday10 am & 6 pm, Monday – Wednesday 7 pm. Evangelist: Todd Allen. Music: The Allen Family. Pastor: Joey Rudisill.


A nice crowd is attending the revival at First Baptist Church in Pineville. Stephen Rummage, pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Okla., will bring messages today to Wednesday at 6:30 pm nightly. If you can’t make it, you can catch the revival at http://www.fbcpineville.net/stream

voterportal.sos.la.gov 03/20/2021

Voter Portal

Polls are open until 8 pm today for the special election.

voterportal.sos.la.gov This secure web application can be used to find voter registration and elections information. A search by address option is also available if desired. Searching by address provides information about all voters at an address.


“Biblical hope changes everything.”
- Andrea Lennon, Embrace


Louisiana Baptist women are gathering today at First Baptist Church in Pineville for “Embrace,” an event for ladies of all cultures and generations to realize their God-given value and purpose.

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Beth Moore announces she is parting ways with LifeWay - Baptist Message


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SBC EC ousts four churches, hears trustee matters at LW, SWBTS - Baptist Message


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LC signs articulation agreements with SWBTS, SEBTS - Baptist Message


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Mike Stone: Grassroots Southern Baptists must vote in Nashville - Baptist Message


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Baby bottle fundraiser on record pace - Baptist Message

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Smith Scholars: Anna Matherne’s long road to LC a true miracle - Baptist Message

baptistmessage.com By Kylei Cornelison, Wildcats Media EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part 1 in a series about Louisiana College’s Smith Scholars. PINEVILLE, La. (LCNews) – At Louisiana College, an annual competition is held to determine the winner of the Smith Scholarship, a full ride to LC for four years—the only fu...

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