Calvary Baptist Church, Alexandria, LA

Calvary Baptist Church, Alexandria, LA


Thank You Mrs. Sheila for the beautiful message today. Thank You Calvary Family for all that you do!!
I have a Natural Disaster Search and Rescue Group “Cajun Navy Foundation” that is in desperate need of volunteers to help in your city and also your surrounding cities. Both during and after Hurricane Delta. If interested please click on the link and then again on volunteer. Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To our Calvary friends who cleared our yard from hurricane Laura debris. So many people are experiencing far worse than our new skylight and 2 felled trees that I was reluctant to mention this. But Laurilee and I have to thank Dr. David Guillot, Dr. Mike Areingdale, Trent Guillot, Wade Dickson, and Ethan Reese for their hard work today! As my Grandma would say, "Stars in your crown"!!!
Enjoying yor message. Shirley and Lamar
Good morning! Grab a cup of coffee. PM the people on fb and invite them to join us this morning. See you soon.
Will y’all b giving out the crosses tomorrow
Prayers needed, please. Thursday night we lost our beloved daughter, Amanda Lovern. It was so unexpected. She just fell asleep and didn't wake up. She fell ill just a few short days prior. She showed symptoms of the covid19 virus. She was tested and we are waiting on the results. On Thursday she had gotten worse but she didn't say anything to me. She never wanted to stress anyone out. She held her pain inside. She went out to our living room with her daughter Bella and turned the tv on for her. She then laid down on the couch. It was there she took her last breathes. My baby girl came into this world in my arms and left it in my arms. I pray that she is with our Father in Heaven. Amanda had a heart of gold. She gave her everything to everyone around her. I just can't imagine life without her in it.
I’m ready to watch Calvary’s live feed stream on my jammies🙌.
Thank You God for waking me up this morning. I am starting my Bible Reading Plan for 2020. Have a Blessed Year Everyone!!
Discipleship Training Material

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Hello and Greetings from Carman, This is just a friendly reminder that Carman that Carman will be in your area Thursday night!!!
We wanted to personally invite you and your church family out to a night of ministry and music as Carman comes to town in “The Legacy Tour”. Carman will be at Leesville First Assembly of God, 1204 S. 5th St, Leesville,La. 71446, on October 11 at 7:00pm. We would love to have you all there to worship with us. This a FREE concert, NO ADMISSION / NO OFFERING !! For more info please contact Leesville Assembly of God (337) 239-6550. We look forward to see you and your church family there.

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Calvary is a Place to Begin Again. Everyone is welcome! Watch us on Sundays at 10:00am on KALB Channel 5.

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