Meditation Center of D.C.

World Peace Trough Inner Peace. This is a place for anyone interested in meditation, inner peace and mental well-being.

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[05/08/21]   Dear friends, we just accidentally hosted the meditation session to somewhere else and we are sorry about it. If you are still waiting or want to do it later, here is the link and enjoy:


Mindful Relaxation

Rerun: Online Meditation
Monday 3, August 😌
“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”
- Lord Buddha -


"Change The World" by One Million V-Star Children & Howard McCrary

🌟We could bring peace to this world just simply let peace Be inside you ! Then you can bring peace out to the world 🌏

Now the new historic world event on Saturday December 11th, 2010 has been the talk of the world when over 1,000,000 children gathering to do good deeds at Dh...


Peace be with you🙏


Meditation Right in D.C.


Meditation Center of D.C.

How fortunate are we to have this human body? How much wealth and opportunities do we have to know the center of the body? The richest people on our planet earth still don’t know it, so how rich we are then. This wealth we have, can be brought with us over…over…and over again, many lifetimes.


Saturday 7/11/2020 at 3:30 pm EDT USA

We will use our knowledge of meditation from many other sessions for this session on Saturday. We will meditate more and combine our refined energy together to make us better in meditation and for better and better in many things. Don't miss it.


Some able explanation:
Just that simple practice, not only when you sitting down but also while doing other things. Your life will begin to walk to a happy and successful direction.

[07/11/20]   Only the human body can make the Perfection.

We were born to improve life’s qualities, so we must put in effort to the fullest without hesitation. Because human life is very short, soon we will die from this world. Each rein carnation in the cycle of existence, human is the only type of body that can make perfection. In other bodies, other realms are difficult.

Luang Phor Dhammachaiyo
Meditation Master-Teacher
January 22, 2016

Meditation; Live Stream with Buddhist monk. No cost. Link.
• Wednesday & Thursday from 5 to 6 pm, and 8 to 9 pm EDT
• Saturday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. EDT
To join, click at the link above. For the True Happiness.

Why are we here?

We have learned our meditation technique from our great meditation masters. These masters should rather enjoy supreme happiness from their achievement and kept themselves in private life instead of spending time in cities trying to share their rediscovery. It wasn’t easy to reach and no way for anyone to buy said accomplishment, even if there maybe a person has absolute power and wealthiest to rule our world. So great the knowledge of center of the body and technique to practice, said master.

With their compassion, they have asked us to share this invaluable knowledge to people anywhere on earth. Those who have human bodies which completely function or not, but are not mad or crazy and willing to learn, are likely able to make it.

Therefore, we are here to share the teaching we have learned as best as possible. Hopefully, some capable persons would see its value and giving us hands. With our perseverance and your patience we could accomplish our goal; true peace and happiness thru meditation for everyone.

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