INeighborhood, Alexandria, VA Video December 3, 2019, 11:00pm

Videos by INeighborhood in Alexandria. Our Vision: As we work together to connect our neighbors to Jesus, lives are transformed and God's Kingdom grows.

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Music Video for Worship

A New Thing
Rev. Peter Couser discusses a New Thing happening at Concordia Prep!

Hybrid Learning
[email protected] - The Hybrid Sunday School

Households of Faith Part 2
Part 2 of Households of Faith - with Rev. Dr. Tony Cook from Lutheran Hour Ministries

Households of Faith
Households of Faith - with Rev. Dr. Jason Broge from Lutheran Hour Ministries

Reggie McNeal at Southeastern District Annual Summer Outreach Conferrence.
this year's conference goes virtual and will be held in 3 sessions: Thursday, July 30 (7-8:30 pm), Friday, July 31 (7-8:...

ROC with Reggie McNeals
iNeighborhood is a vision where everyday missionaries are serving in their homes, neighborhoods, workplace, and through ...

Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder
A devotional thought from Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder.

Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder
A word of encouragement from Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder.

Holy Lord, you scattered the darkness, bringing the light of life into our lives. You opened heaven, bending low so that...

Advent 4
Lord God, let the trumpet sounds of hope fill our neighborhoods, calling us to come together to celebrate the great news...

Advent 3
Heavenly Father, you sent your Son to be with us, living in th places and walking in the very paths we travel. Thank yo...

Advent 2
Gracious Lord, thank you that the precious gift of salvation is for all people wherever they may be. Grant us eyes to se...