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We are investors (not realtors) who can close quickly for cash with NO commissions. Cash offers on houses in any condition. Facing foreclosure, late on payments, divorce, probate, bad tenants, rehab work needed, mold??? Contact us now, we can help you!

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Nicole helped another family relocate to a beautiful #newhome in #CentralFlorida Welcome home, Matt and Jessica! 05/26/2014

Know anyone who is moving to the Orlando/Central Florida area? My daughter Nicole can help! She is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, and she specializes in new home construction sales as well as MLS homes. Contact her at Nicole Johnson is a local real estate agent at the Coldwell Banker Winter Park office in Winter Park, FL. 05/22/2014

Animal House Style

Decorating with your pet(s) in mind
Pet experts — Julia Szabo, columnist for the New York Post and author of Animal House Style: Designing a Home to Share With Your Pets(, and Chicago interior designer Nan Ruvel, who designs pet-friendly interiors for her clients — share tips on pet-friendly decorating.
"The key is choosing the right materials and accommodating your animals' needs," says author Julia Szabo, who shares her digs with a dozen rescued dogs and cats. She says an animal-friendly house is more comfortable for humans too. "If a house doesn't work with dogs, it won't work with children or guests either."

Check out our Blog on for full article! 05/14/2014


Open to see my Coastal Idea Book from Houzz. Many great pics and ideas if you like Coastal/Beach style. ENJOY!


Pallets never looked so good!

Créez vous même votre propre salon de jardin ... à partir de #palettes ! Qui serait capable de faire ce#diy ^^ ? #deco #home #decoration #doityourself

D'autres idées déco avec des palettes =>

Instructions to make your own Pallate Couch : 04/18/2014

Make Your Own Barn-Style Door — in Any Size You Need

I love the sliding barn door are instructions to DIY for under $150! Low ceilings or odd-size doorways are no problem when you fashion a barn door from exterior siding and a closet track

[04/12/14]   ***Find Me a Home to buy in Central FL, and I’ll Pay You $1000***
Hello Everyone
I NEED MORE HOUSES to flip or rehab! How does $1000.00 “Finders Fee” sound? If I buy a property, thanks to you, that’s right…a check for $1000.00 with your name on it!
***Here are some ways to locate them:
“For Sale By Owner” yard signs
If you see an ad on craigslist, online sites, FaceBook, in the newspaper, or through a personal contact…
If you notice properties that clearly look vacant, abandoned, or distressed (sure sign landscape has been neglected, vandalized)
If you know of someone wanting to sell their house, or hear of a divorce, death of an owner, estate sales, etc…
Know of someone unable to pay their mortgage payments? Why risk losing their home, receiving nothing in exchange, and destroying their credit? Even if they owe more on their house than it is worth, I have a solution…
I assure you this will be one of the easiest and most lucrative phone calls, emails, or messages you will ever make!

The more info you can supply, the better. On vacant or distressed properties I know that only an address is available. If you can take pictures of the property, email them to [email protected]. Or call 407-900-4628


Moving with a pet? Make it easier:
The day of the move is usually stressful for everyone involved, and your pet can pick up on all the expectant energy in the air. Be sure to keep your routine as normal as possible, while keeping your voice and body language as calm as you can. Plenty of affection and praise will assure your pet that nothing bad is happening.
Moving days also offer the opportunity for anxious pets to bolt out an open door. Choose a room in the home you’re leaving and make it your pet’s base while everything is moved out. Make sure to keep the door closed (warn friends and family members to do the same) and to supply your pet with food, water, a favorite toy and the crate, if you’re using one.
Depending on the size and duration of your move, you might want to board your dog at a kennel during the tumult, and pick her up in time to get in the car or plane, en route to your new rental home.
When you arrive
Getting used to a new home can be as unsettling to a pet as leaving the old one. Keep your pet in his crate or in a closed room until everything is moved in, and you can begin to create order. As with your exit strategy, supply your pet with everything she will need upon arrival—familiar food/water bowls and favorite toys. Now your pet can begin the process of exploring this new territory comfortably. 04/09/2014

Houzz Tour: Lovingly Resurrecting a Historic Queen Anne

Love this rehab; kitchen is great. Not so fond of furnishings, but porch is nice (I'd add some potted plants, and landscape the front.) oh, and that house number sunburst has to GO! lol Dedication and a keen eye turn a neglected eyesore into the jewel of its Atlanta neighborhood 03/23/2014

Welcome Back the Front Porch

Do you remember the front porch? Sunday seems like a good day to discuss the front porch. Even a small one adds character, warmth and welcome to a home. Ultra modern architecture is the only style that does not lend itself to a front porch, in my opinion. What do you think? By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine Traditional Porch by Chappaqua Architects & Designers Fivecat Studio | Architecture The front porch is... 03/23/2014

10 do-it-yourself home projects you can finish in a weekend The home you bought years ago is looking a little dated, and you don't have the money to hire someone to give it that much-needed face-lift.


This is like real estate investing...some do, some don't, some will, some won't...

[03/21/14]   Have a question about Real Estate Investing? Or about how regular people make 12% interest as private money lenders on secured by real estate loans? I can send you information, or answer questions for you on here or privately.


Scytale Group

Good news for Nicole Johnson-Realtor (specializes in Orange County and Windermere and Winter Park, including luxury homes) and Sara Rose-Realtor, too!


37.5 million Americans plan to move this year
NEW YORK – March 19, 2014 – According to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, more Americans intend to find a new place to call home in 2014 – with 16 percent planning to move compared to 10 percent in 2012.

Among those looking to pull up stakes, buying has become more popular than renting, with more than 17 million people planning to purchase a house, condominium or co-op, versus 16 million who expect to rent their new residence.

Homebuyers might have to pay more to get what they want, however. Seller optimism is on pace to reach a four-year high, according to the researchers. The Tracker finds that 65 percent of potential home sellers are confident they will get their asking price, a 25 percent increase since 2010.

“All of the costs associated with moving can really add up, but more consumers are feeling confident that they can afford to put down new roots,” says David Rabkin, senior vice president of Consumer Lending Products for American Express. “With more people looking to purchase a home this year instead of rent, and with seller confidence on the rise, it will create an interesting push and pull as buyers and sellers negotiate.”

There appears to still be room for concessions. Of prospective sellers, 71 percent say they’re more willing to sweeten the deal – an increase from 60 percent in 2010.

Source: Herald Online (03/18/14)

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[03/19/14]   Interesting excerpt about a new "bubble"...what do you think?

"If you look at Trulia's (TRLA) estimates of price per square foot, you see things much more clearly: San Francisco, New York, Washington and Boston now have prices above their 2008 levels. San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago don't. Which is why occupants of the former cities are spending so much time complaining about the crazy cost of real estate.

Now, I thought we all agreed that in 2008, prices were too high, and there was a big bubble. What are we to think of even higher prices in 2014, when the economy has been staggering along on life support for six years?"


Wow, these guys do it all!!!

Property Managers are very important to our business. We provide whatever service they need. Normally we are cleaning storm or sanitary sewers with our jetvac trucks or rebuilding retention ponds. But here we are at a condo that has extensive water damage. We replaced 4 sliding glass doors, required framing and siding repairs and topped it off with trim, drywall finish and texture and finally painting. 02/01/2014

Free Estimate on Drain Cleaning, Sewer Repair, and Other Services

For other rehabbers who may need these services too Need Jet-Vac or Video Pipe Inspection? No problem!


Concrete Slab Pressure Grouting using foam

Glad to find a local company for these issues...

Cloud 9 Services is Underground. Not only with the jetvac and utility work but with building foundation repairs. For Property Managers and homeowners we prov... 12/13/2013

Heroes Among Us: Florida Woman Matches Rescue Dogs With War Veterans

What a special program. God bless her, the soldiers and the dogs! Organization helps abused dogs and soldiers suffering from PTSD build new lives together 12/05/2013

Van Singel Lake 2

Love this "mudroom" Van Singel Lake 2 - traditional - entry - grand rapids - by Rivertown Homes by Design

Faith Builder Homes 11/18/2013

Founded in 2013...

Founded in 2013... 11/14/2013

8 Kitchen Trends for Remodelers Photo credit: Taylor Lombardo Architects By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR(R) Magazine Houzz 1. Bigger isn?t better: 2. Wide open: 3. A love for granite: 4. Mix and match: 5. Conservative with color: 6. Style varies by age: 7. Flooring favorites: 8. Being green: Your email address will not be publ... 10/27/2013


Our website is up and running! Check it out and let us know what you think! You can have faith in us! Faith Builder Homes, LLC truly cares about our clients, be they homeowners suffering financial difficulties and needing to sell their homes, or investors looking for a secured, higher rate of return on their investments. We only do win-win transactions with clients. 10/06/2013

A cheap and fast way to transform your kitchen You watch all those home renovation shows that inspire you to transform your kitchen into something modern, sleek, and sexy. As it is right now, sexy definitely doesn't describe your marred-up and pitiful cabinets with loose hinges. To help, you may want to consider refacing your kitchen cabinets.

[09/16/13]   Great investment seminar with Chris McClatchey on Saturday. I will be defining my "portfolio objective" before I look to purchase anything. Will put everything I learned there into practice right away!
Thanks Chris for the great seminar!!!

[09/10/13]   FHA ANNOUNCEMENT: In an effort to more fairly treat borrowers whose credit reports contain collections actions and disputed debt accounts, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has eased previous rules that would have led to large numbers of application rejections.
The agency also released guidance to lenders instructing them on how to handle “extenuating circumstances” claimed by borrowers who experienced serious economic setbacks triggered by the recession, but who are now employed, paying their bills and seeking FHA financing.
On Friday, FHA issued two mortgagee letters spelling out its new approach to widespread credit issues affecting applicants for its low down payment loans. That guidance, which required payoffs of collections or disputed accounts totaling an aggregate $1,000 or more before applicants could go to closing on an FHA loan, triggered intense criticism from lenders and community groups.
The rules, which take effect Oct. 15, exclude consideration of all medical collection and charge-off accounts, and “do not require resolution” for applications to move forward.
FHA’s approach to “extenuating circumstances” that may have triggered steep drops in applicants’ credit scores. Far more so than conventional market investors or insurers, FHA historically has been more willing to consider the contributing factors that make credit-impaired applicants look more risky than they really are. The new guidelines emphasize that “FHA recognizes the hardships faced by … borrowers (hit by recession events) and realizes that their credit histories may not fully reflect their true ability or propensity to repay a mortgage. Extenuating circumstances are important to FHA in evaluating whether a borrower who experienced a foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu, bankruptcy or other event in the past but is now employed and paying credit accounts on time should be considered eligible for a new FHA-insured loan. 08/23/2013

Google Glass real estate app enables house hunting on the go

Great idea! News Article 08/19/2013

Property Brothers: Don’t Buy a House Without Checking These 5 Things

Great advice from two of my favorite guys! Here's the essential checklist of five things every homebuyer should look for to avoid buying a lemon.

[08/05/13]   Ready for another week of growing and helping others. We pay it forward. Have faith and a great week all!



#Infofraphic: Top 10 Home Features Buyers Will Pay More For - Read more:

[07/30/13]   Welcome to Faith Builder Homes! Whether you are looking to buy or needing to sell, we are here to help! Ca$h offers and expedient closes set us above others.


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Rte 50 John Mosby Hwy
Aldie, VA
Other Religious Organizations in Aldie (show all)
Vine & Branches Lutheran Church Vine & Branches Lutheran Church
25615 Lennox Hale Drive
Aldie, 20105

Passionate followers of Jesus, the Vine. Celebrating life together in God’s love. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.

Church of Our Redeemer Aldie, VA Church of Our Redeemer Aldie, VA
39518 John Mosby Highway
Aldie, 20105

If you are looking for a place where you can find peace and sanctuary, comfort and compassion, forgiveness and fellowship, and yes, fun too – then welcome to Church of Our Redeemer (COR). We offer 2 Sunday services - 8am & 10am.

The Church of Our Redeemer The Church of Our Redeemer
39518 John Mosby Hwy
Aldie, 20105

We are thrilled that you chose to visit our home on Facebook! If you have not already visited with us in person, we hope you will consider doing so soon.

Hope Design Ministry Hope Design Ministry
42076 Porch Light Dr
Aldie, 20105

Hope Design Ministry Connie Mertan created Hope Design Ministry to support the San Isidro community and the drive to build a new church. Her passion is to provide Christian-based care to this impoverished community through her jewelry sales.

Wat Pananachart Temple Wat Pananachart Temple
40539 John Mosby Hwy
Aldie, 20105

Wat Pananachart Buddhist Temple, Aldie Virginia is a Theravadan Buddhist Monastery founded in 2001

Aldie United Methodist Church Aldie United Methodist Church
39325 John Mosby Highway, PO Box 343
Aldie, 20105

Church building built in 1882. Prior to that, met in a buiding where the Aldie Presbyterian Church now stands. All are welcome.

CrossPointe Church CrossPointe Church
40915 Braddock Road
Aldie, 20105

CrossPointe is a straight forward Gospel focused church in Loudoun County. We are a Bible-based, casual community.

Little River Baptist Church Little River Baptist Church
40385 Braddock Rd
Aldie, 20105

Your neighborhood church that promotes the spread of the Gospel message for over 250 years