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Mark your calendars, spread the word + invite your friends — WAKE is back for another semester of community + growth on January 16th 🤟🏻

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This is a place for EVERYONE — You are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow CITIZENS with God’s people.

The most Monday-est news, like, EVER... It’s independence week (is that even a thing? Cause it is now 💥) and there will be no Wake Day this Wednesday 😢

It’s PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME 🥜🍇 Whether you like grape jelly or strawberry jelly, or crunch or creamy peanut butter, there’s something for everyone at our PB&J bar! What’s the ultimate PB&J combination? ⤵️

Have you heard? It’s #NationalOreoDay! So we have got Oreo’s for all after service 🙌🏻🤪

GOOD GRACE, GOOD GOD — Worship tonight about to be like 🙌🏻

CREATE SOME SPACE — Get your week started on the right note and take a listen to last weeks message ‘What’s In A Name?’ Link in bio! 🔗

You’ve heard a lot about Jesus - can you believe the hype? In this series, BELIEVE THE HYPE, we will be learning how Jesus, and all he brings, is even BETTER than we could have ever thought 🌀

ONE WEEK, a whole seven days until #TheRally19 at Copper Pointe Church 💥 — #TheRally19 is coming up quick. On January 26th & 27th Wendy Perez, @markfrancey, and @chadcveach will be with us in a jam-packed 24 hours with the intention to encourage, revive, and refresh you spiritually. As always, this is an entirely free event. So save the date and invite someone to join you!

“This Year I Will...” now available to watch through the link in our bio 🔗 P.S. Check our Instagram Story for some sweet wallpapers for this year 🤟🏻

Mark your calendars, spread the word + invite your friends — WAKE is back for another semester of community + growth on January 16th 🤟🏻

#WWR19 is coming up quick + spots are still available! Don’t wait any longer to join in on a couple of days in the mountains with the Wake Fam. Register now through the link below 🔗 https://copperpointechurch.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/242/responses/new

GAME OVER — Brandon Woodward Another 🔥 message to add to this series, The Game 👾

#throwback to the first week of THE GAME and a message on singleness. Raise a 🙌🏻 if you’re ready for another strong word from @brandonwoodward tonight!

Let’s pack these Thanksgiving meals! We are starting up at 6:30PM.

Get to WAKE early, stop by the cafe and get 50% off selected seasonal drinks from 6:30PM — 7:00PM tonight.

Expectant for God to touch peoples lives tonight! Here is the SETLIST 💫 More Of You — Hillsong Young And Free Reckless Love — Cory Asbury Tremble — MosaicMSC


First week of THE GAME was 💥💥 Brandon Woodward’s message titled ‘Single Player Game’ is now available to view on our YouTube channel. Subscribe + watch via the link below 🔗 — https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s5dc4LdrK-E

THE GAME is a relationship series where we are going to unwrap topics of singleness, marriage, sex and more. Tonight we are kicking off the series with The Single Player Game! Invite and tag a friend or two that you know needs to get in on this series. — 📍 10500 Copper Ave 🕘 7PM

Have you snagged a ticket for you and a friend to the Hope Is Here tour tomorrow night? ⤵️ https://www.premierproductions.com/tour/hope-here-tour/albuquerque-nm

This past week’s message ‘Different Expectations’ is now on our Youtube channel. 🔗 below! www.youtube.com/wakeabq

Did someone say... Back To School Giveaway?! We sure did + it includes all of the items photographed below. — HERE IS HOW TO WIN ⤵️ 1. SCREENSHOT one of the posts from our Instagram story 2. REPOST the screenshot on your own Instagram story or feed 3. TAG @WAKEABQ #WAKEABQ 4. GET TO WAKE on Wednesday night and invite someone to join you! We will be announcing the winner during WAKE this Wednesday, August 15th.

If you missed this past week of DIFFERENT or any previous series at WAKE, click on the link below 🔗 www.youtube.com/wakeabq

Who all is joining in on the 5PM service at Copper Pointe? 🙌🏻

“When it comes to the things of God and of life, what is your perspective? Does it look impossible and then you give up, or do you realize that it is impossible but ultimately you need God to step in?” — The first week of our series DIFFERENT was SO GOOD and we can’t wait to continue this series tomorrow night 🔥

Are you coming? Purchase your tickets today and tag a friend that needs to join you. — On August 29th Copper Pointe has the exciting opportunity to host the Hope Is Here tour with Chad Veach and #MosaicMSC. Tickets are on sale NOW through the 🔗 below. Grab a ticket for you + a friend fast! This is going to be one of those fully energized nights that is filled with expectancy and the power of God that you are not going to want to miss out on, and we are expecting to have a packed house on the night of August 29th! https://www.premierproductions.com/tour/hope-here-tour/albuquerque-nm

7PM — Copper Pointe Church

Knocking out some finals study-time at Zimmerman tonight? We will be hanging out at 9:30PM with some 🍕 + 🍪 . Get some studying done, hang out with us for a bit, and make plans to join us at WAKE tomorrow night!

CHEERS to #WakeDay + pizza after service 🍕🍕🍕

W A K E is...
WAKE isn't just a once-a-week event, WAKE is a community of college students & young adults that are united in pursuing Jesus, growing together, and living for the sake of others. #WAKEabq #FTSO #liveFTSO

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