Albuquerque YAV Program

Young Adult Volunteer Program, located in Albuquerque, NM Presbytery of Santa Fe 217 Locust Street, Albuquerque, NM 87107

The ABQ Young Adult Volunteer program gives young adults the opportunity to experience New Mexico’s historic convergence of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo communities. Living in Albuquerque, YAVs will experience the beauty of the high desert and Sandia Mountains juxtaposed with the high levels of poverty and daily challenges faced by many New Mexicans. Volunteers will work with a variety of local nonprofit organizations engaged in education, outreach and social justice, while also learning about and building relationships with diverse communities across New Mexico. ​ABQ YAV is a site of the Young Adult Volunteer Program of the PC (USA).

Mission: A year of service, for a life-time of change

Throughout the year, ABQYAVs have used these feelings cards to help express our feelings and longings to the group. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing in place, there are a LOT of feelings in the ABQYAV house right now as we have shifted schedules and work assignments as a result of COVID-19. ⁣

Wherever you are, we hope you're safe, and allowing yourself to feel whatever it is you're feeling in the current situation. And, it's ok to feel a mixture of things! ⁣

📍the ABQYAV house lies on the ancestral lands of the Pueblo peoples⁣

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Happy birthday today to ABQYAV Tristan Wall! Tristan, we are so glad you are in ABQ, and for the gifts of humor and vulnerability you bring this community. We hope today is full of @theavettbrothers music and episodes of @theofficenbc to bring you some joy, even in this social distancing world!

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Yesterday for community day we had our annual "tie-dye party," dyeing shirts, socks, tote bags, aprons, and shoelaces with beautiful swirls and swaths of color. Thanks to Rick and Ginger Rembold for lunch and tie-dye instructions! -------------------------------

📍 Albuquerque is located on the ancestral lands of the Pueblo peoples.

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It's never too late to celebrate a YAV/YAVA get-together! With YAVA @sandramooners from @louisvilleseminary in town for the presbytery meeting, we gathered current YAVs and local YAV alums for a great evening of New Mexican deliciousness! Thanks for joining us, Sandra!

📍 Albuquerque, NM rests on the ancestral lands of the Pueblo peoples.

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For yesterday's ABQYAV community day, @caitlinacamper organized a trip out to La Ventana Arch, in the El Malpais National Monument. Understanding our relationship with the land is crucial to life in New Mexico, and El Malpais is filled with stunning landscapes!

📍El Malpais National Monument is located on the ancestral lands of the Zuni and Pueblo peoples.

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"With no one around, no mechanized contraptions to help us, we were required to show the utmost respect to the terrain and the land. Respect stemming from appreciation of natural power and beauty, rather than a want to dominate, harness, or control that power, and exploit the land around us. It is respect indicating that we are from, and belong to, the Earth."

As we begin our Lenten journey, Tristan reminds us that we are from the dust of the Earth, and will one day return to that dust.

To read @t_wall19's full blog post, head over to our bio.

📍Apache Kid Wilderness area lies on the ancestral lands of the Pueblan, Mescalero Apache, and Chiricahua Apache people.

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@ Apache Kid Wilderness

This weekend, the ABQYAV board gathered for a board retreat, reflecting on and dreaming about the ABQYAV program. We are so grateful for their vision, leadership, and support!

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In the midst of a YAV experience (and life!), we go through grief and loss--whether that is a loved one's death, a change in relationship, or reckoning with a new call. For today's community day, ABQYAV board member (and local chaplain) Kelly Gregory took us through a grief processing exercise, inviting us through creativity to explore where we have felt grief and loss over the past few months. Since we all process grief differently, we all created different things!
Thank you, Kelly, for a meaningful time to share together.

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[01/15/20]   This past weekend was our ABQYAV reconnecting retreat, gathering together after the holidays to share our experiences away, reflect on the year so far, and set goals for the coming months. We enjoyed incredible hospitality from Embudo Presbyterian Church, snuggled with newborn lambs, and made personal pizzas as a group!

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📍Dixon, NM is on the ancestral lands of the Ute and Jicarilla Apache tribes, as well as numerous Pueblo communities.

College Conference at Montreat: “We are not going to change the world. God is”

That guy looks familiar...

ABQYAV Nate Williams has been a part of the planning team for the Montreat College Conference, and that included the opportunity to sit down for a conversation with Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, the Director for the Office of Public Witness for the PC(USA).

Sounds like a great experience at Montreat, Nate, and we are grateful for your service to the larger church! MONTREAT, North Carolina — Before delivering the final keynote address to the Collegiate Conference at Montreat Saturday, the Rev. Jimmie Hawkins addressed the elephant in the room: the fact that the nation could well be on a path toward war. Hawkins, director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency’...

The first community day of 2020! Today we met with representatives from the local Science on a Sphere and Presbyterians for Earth Care to discuss global climate change as we observed in-time weather patterns and centuries of data showing everything from carbon emissions to seawaters rising along our coasts. How do we, as those who seek to follow Christ, respond both individually and collectively to preserve and care for all of Creation? (Yes, that is a 6 foot floating sphere behind the group).
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📍Santa Fe Community College lies on the ancestral lands of the Pueblo and Jicarilla Apache peoples.

Merry Christmas to our ABQYAV supporters near and far! Let us continue to work for peace with justice in this precious world.

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A week from today, the ABQYAVs are hosting a Christmas open house/fundraiser, and we'd love to see lots of folks there! Please RSVP at

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Happy Thanksgiving from the ABQYAVs! As we celebrate the many things for which we are thankful, we also acknowledge our presence on native land, and confess our complicity in the narrative of this holiday.

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Our final two days on the U.S./Mexico border have continued to bring new experiences and opportunities for reflection. We've walked migrant trails in the desert, we've toured and learned about the coffee cooperative Café Justo, and we've enjoyed the hospitality and teaching of the DouglaPrieta Trabaja women's cooperative.
Throughout, we mourn the border wall and the separation of people and wildlife, even as we celebrate the examples of resilience and hope present here in the borderlands.

Next, we're on to Tucson!

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With the conference over, our Southwest YAV border delegation with friends from @tucsonyav and @ayavahouse began in earnest yesterday! Through conversations with our partners at Frontera de Cristo, and digging deeper into the causes of migration through our Free Trade skit, we are continuing to learn more about this place that is the border, and challenging our own assumptions about what it means to live in the borderlands.

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This weekend ABQYAVs were able to enjoy fall at Ghost Ranch for a meeting of the Presbytery of Santa Fe, followed by a mini-retreat. Plenty of time outside, good community conversations inside, and even an opportunity to hear from Fr. Richard Rohr!

Frankly, the pictures speak for themselves.

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📍Land of the Ute and Jicarilla Apache, as well as the Ohkay Owingeh, Picuris, Santa Clara, and San Ildefonso Pueblos. @ Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center

In New Mexico, we are daily invited to recognize that the land we now live on is the ancestral home of our 19 independent Pueblos and 3 reservations. As we attended Indigenous People's Day in Santa Fe today, we witnessed the tension in the cultures and traditions of this place, and sought to notice the ways in which we are complicit in systems that continue to oppress our native siblings.

One exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts asks guests: "How do we continue to coexist and tell the truth of our harsh past in order to begin healing in an unbalanced world?"

As guests in this Land of Enchantment, we seek to courageously face that question, to confess the sin of the Doctrine of Discovery, and to work for healing.

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Today's community day was all about play and being creative together, and so we played! Whether adding some chalkboard space to the dining room, Pollocking an intergalactic-looking coffee table, or relaxing in the park, we enjoyed taking the time to breathe and laugh together. Also a big thanks to board member Craig for hanging out with us for part of our playday!

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We've been busy here in ABQ over the past month. Between the Pilgrimage for Unity, the Climate Strike, Nate moving back into the YAV house (yay!), a Laguna Pueblo Feast Day, or examining local monuments, ABQYAVs have continued to be both challenged and welcomed as they learn more about this place (and themselves).

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It's our first birthday of the year! Happy birthday, Caitlin! We're so glad you're here in ABQ, and for the thoughtfulness and joy you bring to those around you. Blessings for the year ahead!

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Today was our first community day of the new YAV year! We spent time in reflection on the past week, shared in encouragement for the practices each ABQYAV is living into, and enjoyed some time in the beautiful outdoors.

Still missing one of our crew. Can't wait until @nate_oh_the_mashed_potato is able to join us!

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With the YAVs off to work today, we are waving goodbye to ABQYAV orientation. It has been a hard orientation for us: @nate_oh_the_mashed_potato has been in the hospital the last week after being struck by a vehicle while on his bicycle last Thursday (resulting in a broken leg and two fractured wrists). We've done a lot of face-timing and hospital visits in addition to our normal orientation stops! And, we've striven to learn more about this place even though we've been a little distracted. From exploring mining towns to checking out @newmexicoutd, visiting Laguna Pueblo and engaging in community conversations around covenant, it has been a full past 10 days. We remain ever grateful for the opportunity to be welcomed as we explore and experience this place.

Please say a prayer for continued healing for Nate!

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Come join us tonight, First Presbyterian Church ABQ, from 5-7 pm!

Don't miss the ABQYAV Welcome Dinner & Housewarming Party TONIGHT from 5-7 pm at First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall!

Please join us in welcoming our new group of ABQYAVs to the Presbytery of Santa Fe, and bless their new living space with housewarming gifts (things like plants, artwork, and other things to make the house feel like home)!
If you can, bring a potluck item to share in this fun evening together.

The sun has set on day 1 of ABQYAV orientation! Today's highlights:
settling into the new ABQYAV house and making it feel like home;
vulnerable conversations as a community, processing their past week of national orientation;
getting out and experiencing the beauty of this place we call the Land of Enchantment.

And that's just day 1! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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Today is the day! We are so excited to welcome our new group of ABQYAVs to New Mexico. The next week+ will be spent learning about the Land of Enchantment, building community relationships, and preparing to begin partnership with our work placements!

Read more about our '19-'20 ABQYAVs at (link in bio).

[08/20/19]   ABQ supporters: we are looking for a washing machine for the YAV house! If you know of anyone that might be interested in donating a used washer, please let us know!

What's next for ABQYAVs?

Lauren LaMonica is staying in ABQ to finish her degree in sociology while following her passion coaching middle school athletics at Menaul School. She hopes to maintain her relationships at Second Presbyterian Church and remain open to new possibilities of what might be next after spending the last two years with the YAV program.
Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your gifts of laughter and honesty with us this year. We are excited for this next chapter of your life in ABQ and to see you continue to pursue your passion!

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What's next for ABQYAVs?

After YAV, Kim North is returning to her home state of Minnesota. She is looking forward to spending some quality time with family and friends while figuring out what’s next. Kim loved her experience in New Mexico and feels her time might not be done in the land of enchantment so she will be pursuing employment opportunities in both Albuquerque and Minneapolis. In the meantime, she'll be enjoying the land of 10,000 lakes!

Kim wrote a final blog post before she left ABQ, check it out here:
Kim, we are grateful for your continuous optimism and enthusiasm throughout this year! Many prayers as you continue to discern what is next on your journey.

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What's next for ABQYAVs?

Julie Woodson is returning to South Carolina to pursue her passion for the arts, education, and community-building. While she takes some time to discern her next steps, she is looking forward to being closer to her family and friends, returning to her favorite local restaurants, breweries, and coffeeshops, and finding opportunities to continue being involved with social justice and advocacy groups. She is excited for the future and hopes that the next year is full of just as much adventure, growth, and intentionality as this past year!

Thank you, Julie, for the joy, intentionality, and vulnerability you have brought to us this year. Many prayers for the discernment ahead of you!

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What a final retreat! From exploring hot springs, to time on the lake, to reflecting on the past year, we had an incredible closing retreat up in the Jemez together.

Transitions are hard work: seeking closure and holding the tension between loss and excitement is exhausting, but our ABQYAVs have striven to follow that process with intentionality and integrity.

Stay tuned to find out what Julie, Kim, and Lauren are up to next!

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It is the season of good-byes and "see-you-laters" here in ABQ. We are so thankful for these three women that spent their year with us--for their perseverance, for the gifts they brought this community, and for their strength through many obstacles.

We've taken time lately to share those good-bye moments with the ABQYAV board, with cherished friends, and with one another.

Still coming: final retreat, and previews of what Julie, Kim, and Lauren are up to next!

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