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Hello Coyote Willow CUUPS! Sharing our chapters newsletter with you! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!! 💚
Blessed Belated Beltane to everyone at Coyote Willow CUUPS from the Wyoming Valley CUUPS Community (in Northeastern PA)!

We wanted to share our online events with you. We hope to connect with you at your online events as well! As UU Pagans, we are stronger together. All of our events are free and open to all. At this time, cultivating connection to like minds and hearts is more important than ever. Please join us as we stay connected and come together to honor the Earth, Gods, Ancestors, and Wheel of the Year.

Hope to see you soon. Stay safe out there.

With Love,
🌙 Wyoming Valley CUUPS 🌙
I wrote this after a huge argument with my husband..this was 15+years ago... I realized it was a spell on myself... I recast it every year in February...and renamed it... Valentine for Charisiel...
You are welcome to use it for yourself. 😊❤️💜💜❤️💜❤️


I will not, cannot, love you for some "reason",
Just a momentary season,
For a minute, or an instant,
Or a solitary in-tent,

I must love you past all heartaches,
Past all tortured conversations,
Past all weary speculations,
Beyond fearful hesitations,
Or the petty persecutions of electric elocution,

I must love you
With a mindful meditation,
And a willful integration
Of our contradicting natures

I don’t need it to be easy, superficial, skimming, breezy,
I need love that keeps on asking,
Keeps on proving, keeps on moving,
Past the walls of my defenses,
Closer to the core of being,

I need love that keeps on seeing,
Keeps on being, keeps believing,
Minimizing motivations manipulations,
Pressing on to destinations,
Purified by conflagrations,
Sanctified by pure sensations.

Sherree Bailey
To any who would like to send healing
It seems so long ago but at our last ritual together we explored sigil-making. Maribeth is an excellent mage and healer so I am sharing this class for anyone who might be interested in attending.
I was sent this link.
Omg, that is scary! Those kids must be terrified.

I was sent this link.
Omg, that is scary! Those kids must be terrified.

Coyote Willow CUUPS is a chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and is located at the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque.

Coyote Willow CUUPS (CWCUUPS) supports the practice and understanding of modern Pagan and Earth-centered spirituality, with a focus on Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources. Located at First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, we are an Albuquerque chapter of the national Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans organization. We welcome Pagans, Unitarian Universalists, and Pagan-friendly people.

Operating as usual


Anti-anxiety Spell

Whenever you are feeling anxious, take several deep breaths and repeat the following until you have calmed down.

Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Lord and lady, soothe my head.
Bring me to your calming peace
as I will, so mote it be.

Borrowed from a brother from another page

Anti-anxiety Spell

Whenever you are feeling anxious, take several deep breaths and repeat the following until you have calmed down.

Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Lord and lady, soothe my head.
Bring me to your calming peace
as I will, so mote it be.

Borrowed from a brother from another page

Pagan Pride Day 2021 Fundraiser, organized by Michelle Cassella 06/28/2021

Pagan Pride Day 2021 Fundraiser, organized by Michelle Cassella

Please consider donating they are still pretty far off their goal! You can make a difference with even a small donation. It would be so great if you could share this with any like minded groups and on your personal page!!

Pagan Pride Day 2021 Fundraiser, organized by Michelle Cassella Merry Meet!! The 2021 Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day is on!! Scheduled for Sunday, Se… Michelle Cassella needs your support for Pagan Pride Day 2021 Fundraiser


[05/07/21]   Spell to Banish Personal Negativity

Tools Needed:
Bowl of water
Altar with altar cloth

The Spell:

We have all from time to time experienced feelings and thoughts that there is a negative force around us. To banish these feelings you will need a bowl of water and some salt. Sprinkle some salt on the altar cloth and, using your finger or your athame, say,
"I bless this salt to make it fit for my rites. Blessed Be."
Now add a little salt to the water and hold the bowl up towards the sky. Visualize your deceased relative or the Goddess being present and say
"I ask the relative/Goddess to let this bowl be the receiver of all my negativity, so that I can cleanse myself and became whole again once more. Blessed Be."
Place the bowl down safely, dip the fingers and thumbs of both hands into the water, and visualize all your negative thoughts and feelings moving through your body, down through your arms and out of your hands into the water. As you do this be aware of yourself becoming lighter, of losing the weight that has been on your mind.
When you are sure that this is completed, remove your hands, shaking the last drops of water from them into the bowl. Take a moment to center yourself once more, and again, holding the bowl up, say,
"I ask the relative/Goddess, to take this negativity through the power of the Elements to keep me safe in their hands. Blessed Be."
Now throw away the contaminated water into the earth, but not near any plants that you are trying to grow, or down the drain.

Photos from Coyote Willow CUUPS's post 03/08/2021



What it does:

When you feel tired or a lack of energy at home, this ritual will help you get rid of bad energy by cleansing.

What you need:

● Incense (purifying scent)

● Chalice of Saltwater

● Cleaning Supplies

● Broom (if available)

When to do it:

Whenever you feel the need.

How to do it:

Step 01: Get rid of clutter

Clutter blocks energy in your home.
Throw out everything you haven’t used for the last 6 months and don’t think you’ll use for the next 6 months.

If you are in doubt about some items, put it in a box , write todays date on it and revisit it in 6 months from now.

Step 02: Clean your home.

Clean your home. Begin by thoroughly cleaning your home. Get behind that fridge, sweep away those cobwebs on the ceiling and vacuum the floor.

It wouldn’t make sense to cleanse a dirty home. Your old items, dirt and dust stores a lot of negative energies.

Step 03: Cleanse.

Begin by opening all your windows and doors to allow fresh clean air in.

Pick up you broom and visualize yourself sweeping all the negativity out of the house through the open doors.

Begin with the farthest room from the front door so that all the negativity eventually finds its way outside.

When you feel that your home has been thoroughly cleansed, say in a strong, clear voice:

­ “My home is cleared of all negative energy.

­ Let it be a place of peace, serenity, love, and prosperity.”

Step 04: Sealing your home.

Light some incense indoors and sprinkle saltwater outside your house.
This will help keep evil spirits away.

Finally, use your wand or your finger to sketch a pentacle in the air, in the direction of your home’s entrances (windows, doors, basement and garage).


[02/05/21]   Healing Spiritual Illness

A spiritual illness can be felt in a variety of ways. There may be a feeling of being totally drained, usually a result of depression (which is an illness of the spirit as well as of the mind), there may be addictions, there may be a string of bad luck, poor social relationships etc. Spiritual illness can also produce physical illness.

If it is you that is suffering from this illness, cast a circle and then visualize white light streaming from above into you. You should be able to feel this light like a warm wave of love. It is the love of The Goddess and of the spirits of your ancestors and guardians that you carry with you always. Concentrate on realizing that you are a Star of God sent into this world for spiritual experience and that the difficulties you are experiencing are only temporary and are a necessary part of your journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Great Goddess and all you spirits of love that surround me, bring me blessings.
Be with me now and forever.

If this healing is for someone else, you will of course have to persuade them to be involved in this-if the person is a big cynic, this can be a difficult task, so perhaps one of the other healing spells would be a better choice. But if the person is into it, cast a circle, then, as before, visualize white light streaming from above, into your head, and through your body. Then lay your hands (which will probably have a slight to moderate tingling feeling) on the person and send the energy flowing into them.

You are filled with the white light of The God/dess.
You are a Star of God.
You are surrounded by loving spirits.
Great God/dess and all you spirits of love that surround (person's name), bring him/her blessings.
Be with him/her, now and forever.

Borrowed from another page and friend


[01/30/21]   Banishing Grief Spell

This spell is said to help one let go of painful feelings of grief. It is for those times in life when it seems impossible to feel joy again, such as after losing someone close to you.

Items Needed:

A smoky quartz gemstone
Bowl of water
Three tablespoons of sea salt
The Spell:

Begin by holding the stone in your power hand. See your grief in your mind's eye. Visualize the grief moving from within yourself and through your hand to the stone. As you do this, say:

Banishing stone,
Fill yourself with my grief,
so that I may feel joy again,
So be it, blessed be!

Stirring counterclockwise, mix the sea salt into the bowl of water, then add the smoky quartz stone. Swish the stone around three times in a counterclockwise motion. Leave the stone in the water for a few minutes, then take the stone outside and safely throw it as far as you can away from yourself.

Borrowed from another page.


[01/27/21]   Make Someone Happy Spell-

You will need the following items for this spell:

Items needed:

1 Blue candle-
Picture of person-

Get a picture of the person you'd like to make happy. Set it down somewhere and place the blue candle in front of it, so it's the picture first, the candle next, and then you behind the candle.

Close your eyes and imagine the person laughing and being happy and smiling and anything good you can think of.

Now open your eyes and stare at the candle, but in the background make sure you see the picture of the person behind the candle.

Now say the following:

"Happiness and glee,
Make their anger flee.
Longlasting and forever,
Make their happiness ever so clever.
Everlasting and joyful,
This spell will last.
Make their happiness come up fast."
So Mote It Be.

Extra information- If you're concerned about free will, ask the person if it's okay for you to use this spell on them.

Borrowed from another page.


Best of Blessings for a Samhain full of memories of loved ones present and passed from your friends at CUUPS!

Vikings may not be who we thought they were, DNA study finds 09/17/2020

Vikings may not be who we thought they were, DNA study finds

Vikings may not be who we thought they were, DNA study finds Researchers have found something unexpected in the ancestry of ancient Vikings. 09/06/2020

Confusing Cultural Norms With Eternal Truths Every religion must have its non-negotiables, the things that make it unique and thus give it a reason to exist. But what do you want to make non-negotiable in your religion? A cultural norm that changed long ago? Or the values and virtues of our Gods and ancestors? 08/15/2020

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg on Twitter

Our chalice lighting for our meeting tonight:

Pause to honor all the ways you’ve been brave this week.

Pause to honor all the ways you’ve been kind this week.

Pause to honor all the ways you’ve been resilient this week. “Pause to honor all the ways you’ve been brave this week. Pause to honor all the ways you’ve been kind this week. Pause to honor all the ways you’ve been resilient this week. ❤️ Shabbat Shalom.”


Coyote Willow CUUPS's cover photo

[07/16/20]   Apologies for a million uploads of the cover photo. Trying to get the wording positioned so it shows up on a phone screen properly from the computer is a bit tricky.


Coyote Willow CUUPS's cover photo


One of the symbols shared in common between Unitarian Universalists and many pagans is the chalice. While the original UU flaming chalice symbol represented sacrifice and love to its creator, it may now symbolize religious freedom, the light of reason, the warmth of community, and/or the flame of hope. Lighting a candle in a chalice is often the start of UU gatherings or meetings, and a formal chalice lighting is usually part of UU services. For pagans, the chalice usually represents the element of water (and all water's associated aspects), the sacred womb/femininity, and may be used as part of ritual for cakes and ale. Here are some of the chalices used by our Coyote Willow CUUPS members. 07/09/2020

Ward Against Random Racists & Bigots This sigil is a ward against random harmful encounters with prejudiced individuals, by protecting, averting harm, and supporting availability of aid. 07/04/2020

Beyond Binary Witchcraft: Essential Reads for Q***r and Trans Witches (and Especially Allies) Here's a small reading list, both for my fellow q***r and trans witches, and - perhaps especially - for my cisgender and/or straight witch peers.


Albuquerque Pagan Pride

Dear Albuquerque Pagan Pride Family,

After much consideration, the decision has been made to cancel Pagan Pride for 2020. As much as we want to gather in sacred community, doing so at this time is risky for too many of us. During times of stress, we often reach for the comfort of our magical/pagan family, so this decision was not made lightly. However, even if everything were open by the date PPD was scheduled, we have not had the opportunity for any fundraisers to cover the rather significant expense required to hold our event. It simply can’t be done in time. If you would still like to honor the spirit of the Harvest Festival Food Drive, please consider a financial donation to the Food Pantry. You can send checks to First Unitarian, 3701 Carlisle NE, Albuquerque NM 87110, and write Food Pantry in the memo line. May we gather in sacred community again as soon as it is safe to do so, and until then may you be well, and may you be blessed. -Your Albuquerque Pagan Pride Team 06/15/2020

Worship Is More Than Words & Offerings

Not all of our members are theists, poly or otherwise. However, for those of us who are, enjoy! Worship is not something we do simply with words or offerings. Worship occurs when we acknowledge and appreciate the higher powers among us. 06/14/2020

Editorial: The Pagan Imperative of Transgender Rights | Editorial, News, Paganism, Perspectives, Politics, U.K., U.S., Witchcraft Witchcraft & Pagan News - Weekend Editor Eric O. Scott shares an editorial discussing how Pagans will be on the right side of history by supporting transgender rights. | Editorial, News, Paganism, Perspectives, Politics, U.K., U.S., Witchcraft




3701 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM
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