NM Conference - UMC

NM Conference - UMC


Calling all clergy!! Join us for our Rest and Renewal Retreat in Sacramento, NM! April 7-10. $100 registration includes room and food :) For more information, contact Kelly Jackson Brooks at [email protected] or Cazandra Campos-MacDonald at [email protected]. The deadline to register is Friday, March 26th. www.chrysalisconsultingcenter.org
Looking for help with youth ministry in your congregation? Check out this conference being held July 11th-17th in New Mexico. Scholarships available.
It's #UMMGiveDay2020 Help us raise funds to support youth serving ministries and men's ministries within the United Methodist Church. The first $7,000 has a matching donation pledged. Make your donation count twice by donating this morning.
We are expanding our mission to enable all the men of this denomination and all the youth we have in scouting to have an on-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As we re-tool our skills-sets to reach younger and more diverse men, and as we are expanding our resources for transformational small group experiences, churches are finding a treasury of life enriching outcomes. Additional funds will address and expand our opportunities in local, district and conference settings.
While Most are back To a New Year with your students. Our Eastern New Mexico University Wesley House students are doing on- line Classes, and many are working odd jobs to make ends meet and not be a burden on their parents. I have some Amazing Students! They work hard for Everything they have! Wesley House. Vili Kaufononga Fisiiahi, Joe Conway, Thanks Ernie and Vance!
We are Blessed!
Good morning everyone and happy Monday! I'd like to do some crowd sourcing with y'all. I have the privilege next week of going to the National Council of Churches (NCC) annual gathering in Newport News, Virginia. I serve with the "Christian Education, Ecumenical Faith Formation, and Leadership Development" convening table. I will be sitting on a panel discussing faith formation across denominations/communions associated with the NCC. They have posed three questions to guide this discussion and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the prompts below from a UM perspective. I am honored to be able to serve in this capacity through the Council of Bishops and want to represent well. Thanks for your passion and your consideration! Please feel free to DM me too with any thoughts you might have. Have a great week!

1) Offer an example or two of the practices and processes that meaningfully engage faith formation in your denomination/communion.

2) As you consider the practices and processes (identified in #1), what do you notice that is consistent with approaches to faith formation used within your communion in previous generations? Where do you see evidence of innovation and seeds of transformation in your communion’s approach to Christian education and faith formation?

3) How might your response to #1 and #2 help to articulate a question that the Church needs to address in 2019 and beyond? How are our questions different from the questions asked and answered in previous generations?
Episode 20 - Meet Linda! Linda shares her heart as she talks about her passion for the coaching ministry. Moving and a new appointment makes for a new way of living as she splits her time between places. Join me for my conversation with Linda. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes! And if you are interested in sharing about your ministry, email me and come on the show :) [email protected]

Looking to try something new for Jesus? Check this out...
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Episode 14 - Meet LeAnn Robine. LeAnn is a UMC pastor in the Midwest who brings joy to those she is around. Her passion for ministry is obvious and her heart for people is amazing. And she has a Biblical "BFF!"
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For more information email [email protected].
This is an urgent request for Spanish-speaking clergy / religious to offer a ministry of presence and compassion for families that were separated and are now being re-united.

Beginning today, groups of reunited families will be arriving in ABQ hosted by Lutheran Family Services Refugee and Asylee program (LFS). They are here for only a brief time (24-36 hours) as they transit to their final destination with family and friends in the U.S.

Spanish speaking clergy/religious are asked to volunteer to provide a ministry of presence. LFS would like to offer companionship and comfort on this leg of the immigrant journey. The most important goal is to make sure that this process is quick and as painless as possible. Media will not be invited as we want to respect the privacy of the families.

If you are willing to be a presence, please call or text Rev. Susan Quass 505-290-7661. She is collecting contact information that will be given to LFSRM. You will be notified of specific times and places for meeting immigrants. If you can volunteer a few hours or for the entire week, we need you.

Other parts of the work are being done by other groups. Temporary housing & food are covered. Congregations have been asked to donate personal items and funds for other needs are being solicited (see below); legal/health referrals, and arrangements for transportation are being made.

You can help:

* If you are Spanish-speaking clergy/religious, please call and volunteer. Call or text Rev. Susan Quass 505-290-7661.
* If you know other Spanish-speaking/women religious, please share this invitation with them.

Everyone can help:

* Donate Funds-LFS will not be receiving any financial support from government agencies for this work. Our ability to help relies on support from donations we receive from national partners and you. Donate HERE or https://nam05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lfsrm.org%2Fdonate-family-reunification%2F&data=02%7C01%7C%7Cc3f2b53915f347521da108d5f014372a%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636678891965781082&sdata=KivN893v4etLCF0S%2Bc42GOXOMPYdZj2zuw17yqRrWGo%3D&reserved=0

* Donate specific items that are needed locally. Drop items at Albuquerque Fire Station #2 at 2401 Alumni Dr. SE, Albuquerque NM 87108which is open late and always has someone available.

? Walmart gift cards (so families have options).

? Food and Water - easy to pack cookies or crackers, fruit, bottled waters, paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins

? Clothing - ages 6 and up for children and small or medium men's clothing (t-shirts, shorts underwear, socks), shoe laces, flip flops.

? Backpack for children and adults

? Toys and stuffed animals

? Hygiene products- soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, small shampoo, etc.
Episode 10 - Meet Andrea!

Andrea is the light in a dark room. She serves as the financial chair in her church and is involved in Celebrate Recovery. Her passion for her family, work and friends oozes out of her. She encourges people to serve because they are indeed enough.

Listen at https://www.clergyspouses.com/episode-10-meet-andrea/

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The NM Conference is comprised of United Methodist churches in NM, west TX and parts of AZ.

Operating as usual


New Mexico churches, Please be aware of the new requirements for public indoor spaces, effective on Friday, August 20th.

New Mexico churches, Please be aware of the new requirements for public indoor spaces, effective on Friday, August 20th.

August 10-16, 2021 08/10/2021

August 10-16, 2021

Your NM Conference news for this week

August 10-16, 2021 NM Conference News August 10-16, 2021 In this Issue Conference COVID Response Webpage Cultivating and Nurturing Pastoral Imagination - Podcast BeADisciple.com - A Life Worthy of the Gospel Take the He


Get your Health Check done before August 31st!

Get your Health Check done before August 31st!

August 3-9, 2021 08/03/2021

August 3-9, 2021

Get your NM Conference news for the week!

August 3-9, 2021 NM Conference News August 3-9, 2021 In this Issue Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People-CDC Four Corners School Supply Drive Free Worship Design Webinar with Marcia McFee B


Important Healthflex Information

Creating a Culture of Renewal 07/22/2021

Creating a Culture of Renewal

Ministry leaders, have you participated in Creating a Culture of Renewal, but were unable to complete all 3 Tracks. You are welcome to join the upcoming September cohorts and complete your program. Please feel free to contact me personally for more information. Adrianne Coleman
Creating a Culture of Renewal
Empowering church leaders to lead with

Creating a Culture of Renewal Empowering church leaders to lead with confidence.

To all the clergy with new appointments and lay people assigned to a church hear these words God gave his People as they arrived to the Promised Land:
“It is a land the Lord your God cares for; the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end.
So if you faithfully obey the commands I am giving you today—to love the Lord your God and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul— then I will send rain on your land in its season, both autumn and spring rains, so that you may gather in your grain, new wine and olive oil.” (Deuteronomy 11:12-14)
As churches and pastors start a new season of life and ministry, and for those churches and pastors continuing together, I pray that we all renew our love for God and serve others with all of our souls. May God then bring an outpouring of great blessings to all of our churches and the communities around them. So be it in God’s powerful name!

[06/18/21]   The Conference Office will be closed on Monday, June 21st following Annual Conference.


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2021 Retiree/Memorial Service 06/17/2021

2021 Retiree/Memorial Service

Please join us for our worship service to honor new Retirees and to mourn and remember those who have passed this past year.

2021 Retiree/Memorial Service During AC21, Retiree recognition and Memorial Service. Sermon by Rev. Karin Carlson.

[06/17/21]   The Retiree and Memorial Worship Service video will post on this page at 10:00 am MT this morning. Please share your thoughts, prayers and well wishes in the comments.

[06/17/21]   Commissioning of Reverends Cazandra Campos MacDonald and Katherine Salazar to provisional deacons. A clip of Rev. Karin Carlson's ordination on June 9th to full deacon is also featured.

[06/16/21]   We’ll post the recording of the first business session ASAP.

[06/16/21]   We’re having technical difficulty. Please check back.

[06/16/21]   We're having some issues with live stream. Hopefully, we'll be with you shortly.


Celebration of Karin Carlson's Ordination

Enjoy Rev. Karin Carlson's Ordination, which was held yesterday at FUMC-Odessa.

NMAC Delegation Response to SCJ Episcopal Supervision Announcement 06/03/2021

NMAC Delegation Response to SCJ Episcopal Supervision Announcement

The NMAC Delegation Response to the SCJ Episcopal Supervision Announcement

NMAC Delegation Response to SCJ Episcopal Supervision Announcement NMAC Delegation Response to SCJ Episcopal Supervision Announcement


Please read this important announcement regarding SCJ Episcopal Supervision.

Please read this important announcement regarding SCJ Episcopal Supervision.


Please share with your youth!

Space is limited so register today!



Happy Pentecost! May the Holy Spirit fill you and guide you and your church!

Happy Pentecost! May the Holy Spirit fill you and guide you and your church!

Easter Still Comes 03/11/2021

Easter Still Comes

A message from Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe

Easter Still Comes A message from Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe Easter Still Comes! Mid-March of this year marks the one year anniversary when most, if not all our churches went online to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ

Timeline Photos 02/25/2021

Rev. Junius Dotson visited the NM Conference several years ago to share the Discipleship Ministries See All the People Movement. We mourn the loss of this gifted and faithful servant of God.

The Rev. Junius Boyd Dotson, General Secretary of Discipleship Ministries, died Wednesday night after a battle with cancer. We mourn his loss yet celebrate with him the new life he now experiences in Christ.

Pastors in Pews Podcast - Jackson Brooks & Campos-MacDonald 01/26/2021

Pastors in Pews Podcast - Jackson Brooks & Campos-MacDonald

Check out this month's Pastors in Pews Podcast where Scott Sharp sits down with Rev. Dr. Kelly Jackson Brooks and Pastor Cazandra Campos MacDonald to chat about the barrage of challenges facing clergy and their families during the pandemic and ways to help.

Pastors in Pews Podcast - Jackson Brooks & Campos-MacDonald Join Rev. Scott Sharp, Rev. Dr. Kelly Jackson Brooks and Pastor Cazandra Campos-MacDonald as they discuss the challenges impacting clergy (and their families) during this time and provide some helpful suggestions.  They also discuss their nonprofit organization - Chrysalis Consulting Center.  


Council of Bishops - The United Methodist Church

The November meeting of the Council of Bishops closes today. You can watch the live proceedings this morning as the bishops make decisions on future of the UMC. The livestream starts at 10:15 am this morning here on this page.


NM Conference - UMC's cover photo

[10/17/20]   Today is Annual Conference day! We've been planning AC2020 for months. Bringing it online required a steep learning curve (most of you know exactly how that goes). The Executive and Laity Sessions were well-attended and went smoothly yesterday. We covet your prayers for this morning that the internet remains robust and that Annual Conference is both informative and meaningful. "See" you in a bit!



Launch: New Mexico is an opportunity to move forward in your ministry area through innovation and implementation. Space is limited, and the deadline for registration is Oct 14. Two Virtual Workshops will be held Oct 22 and Nov 12 from 6-8pm, and the in-person gathering will be January 29-30 in Santa Fe. Register here: https://www.launchcli.com/newmexico

Contact Blossom Matthews: [email protected] or Phil Huston: [email protected] for more information. Register here


NM Conference - UMC's cover photo


Bishops' Juneteenth Announcement - Dismantling Racism: Pressing on to Freedom

Dismantling Racism message from the UMC

https://www.umc.org/endracism Bishops of The United Methodist Church launch a multi-level effort to initiate a sustained and coordinated effort to dismantle ...

umc.org 06/19/2020

United Methodists Set to Unveil “Dismantling Racism” Initiative | The United Methodist Church

Big announcement at 10:00 am MT.



What is Juneteenth?

What is Juneteenth?

We're glad you asked...


Thank you, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference!

This morning was a pretty busy morning for Four Corners Native American Ministries. We were getting ready to receive folks from the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC) where for the past month or so have been collecting donations to bring to Four Corners. They arrived about 12:40pm and just in time for lunch. Rev. Shirley Montoya made lamb stew with steamed corn, Carmen Lee made the frybread and the Chair or our Four Corners Board Helen Cheromiah brought some watermelon for us. Everyone was so excited to have OIMC here. We gathered for lunch and after lunch we began to unpack the Uhaul. So glad other folks came to help such as Carolina Padilla and a young person Colton. We are so grateful to receive the abundance of supplies. Thank you so very much Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. Prayers and Blessings go with those who travel back now.


Discipleship Ministries

Excellent conversation here.

Live Webinar:
Our nation is grieving. We are lamenting the violent actions of authorities, racism, and systemic oppression that has been on display in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, most of us have not gathered in our church buildings for nearly three months during the global pandemic.

As we make plans to regather for in-person worship, this virtual conference is designed to prepare your congregation to navigate these challenges.

Discipleship Ministries invites you to tune in Tuesday, June 9th @ 10am-12:00pm CST.

The recording for this webinar can be found at umcdiscipleship.org within a week of the webinar ending.


NM Conference - UMC


Memorial Day...A Day of Remembrance.

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Advent - Prepare our Hearts!




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Paradise Hills UM Church ABQ Paradise Hills UM Church ABQ
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Worship Service Times: 9 and 11 am! Sunday School at 10 am! Online on our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSPy6NS9EbAx_aUSTg9VWlA

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New Life City is a Spirit-filled fellowship of believers united in a love for God, a passion for His presence, and a high value for solid Biblical teaching

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First Church of God is a community oriented church; which values fellowship, relationship & connectedness.

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Please join our Heights First Church of the Nazarene GROUP for comprehensive information about our ongoing ministries.

Psalm91 Wristband Ministry Psalm91 Wristband Ministry
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We are committed to making everyone aware of the power of Psalm 91

Celebrate Wesleyan Church Celebrate Wesleyan Church
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Visit The Wesleyan Church at the below link. http://www.wesleyan.org/

New Covenant Church of Albuquerque New Covenant Church of Albuquerque
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New Covenant Church of Albuquerque services every Sunday 9:00AM and 10:45AM

Luther House UNM & CNM Luther House UNM & CNM
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Luther House, shorthand for this place where Lutheran Campus Ministry happens, is a progressive and reconciling Christian ministry at the campuses of University of New Mexico and Central NM Community College.

Passion Church Albuquerque Passion Church Albuquerque
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