NM Conference - UMC

NM Conference - UMC


Good morning everyone and happy Monday! I'd like to do some crowd sourcing with y'all. I have the privilege next week of going to the National Council of Churches (NCC) annual gathering in Newport News, Virginia. I serve with the "Christian Education, Ecumenical Faith Formation, and Leadership Development" convening table. I will be sitting on a panel discussing faith formation across denominations/communions associated with the NCC. They have posed three questions to guide this discussion and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the prompts below from a UM perspective. I am honored to be able to serve in this capacity through the Council of Bishops and want to represent well. Thanks for your passion and your consideration! Please feel free to DM me too with any thoughts you might have. Have a great week! 1) Offer an example or two of the practices and processes that meaningfully engage faith formation in your denomination/communion. 2) As you consider the practices and processes (identified in #1), what do you notice that is consistent with approaches to faith formation used within your communion in previous generations? Where do you see evidence of innovation and seeds of transformation in your communion’s approach to Christian education and faith formation? 3) How might your response to #1 and #2 help to articulate a question that the Church needs to address in 2019 and beyond? How are our questions different from the questions asked and answered in previous generations?
Episode 20 - Meet Linda! Linda shares her heart as she talks about her passion for the coaching ministry. Moving and a new appointment makes for a new way of living as she splits her time between places. Join me for my conversation with Linda. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes! And if you are interested in sharing about your ministry, email me and come on the show :) [email protected] https://www.clergyspouses.com/episode-20-coaching-ministry-meet-linda/
Looking to try something new for Jesus? Check this out...
Stop by and listen to Episode 15! You can subscribe in iTunes and please leave a review :) https://www.clergyspouses.com/episode-15-a-time-for-everything/
https://www.clergyspouses.com/episode-14-meet-leann/ Episode 14 - Meet LeAnn Robine. LeAnn is a UMC pastor in the Midwest who brings joy to those she is around. Her passion for ministry is obvious and her heart for people is amazing. And she has a Biblical "BFF!" Come and listen to our latest episode and subscribe on iTunes. For more information email [email protected].
This is an urgent request for Spanish-speaking clergy / religious to offer a ministry of presence and compassion for families that were separated and are now being re-united. Beginning today, groups of reunited families will be arriving in ABQ hosted by Lutheran Family Services Refugee and Asylee program (LFS). They are here for only a brief time (24-36 hours) as they transit to their final destination with family and friends in the U.S. Spanish speaking clergy/religious are asked to volunteer to provide a ministry of presence. LFS would like to offer companionship and comfort on this leg of the immigrant journey. The most important goal is to make sure that this process is quick and as painless as possible. Media will not be invited as we want to respect the privacy of the families. If you are willing to be a presence, please call or text Rev. Susan Quass 505-290-7661. She is collecting contact information that will be given to LFSRM. You will be notified of specific times and places for meeting immigrants. If you can volunteer a few hours or for the entire week, we need you. Other parts of the work are being done by other groups. Temporary housing & food are covered. Congregations have been asked to donate personal items and funds for other needs are being solicited (see below); legal/health referrals, and arrangements for transportation are being made. You can help: * If you are Spanish-speaking clergy/religious, please call and volunteer. Call or text Rev. Susan Quass 505-290-7661. * If you know other Spanish-speaking/women religious, please share this invitation with them. Everyone can help: * Donate Funds-LFS will not be receiving any financial support from government agencies for this work. Our ability to help relies on support from donations we receive from national partners and you. Donate HERE or https://nam05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lfsrm.org%2Fdonate-family-reunification%2F&data=02%7C01%7C%7Cc3f2b53915f347521da108d5f014372a%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636678891965781082&sdata=KivN893v4etLCF0S%2Bc42GOXOMPYdZj2zuw17yqRrWGo%3D&reserved=0 * Donate specific items that are needed locally. Drop items at Albuquerque Fire Station #2 at 2401 Alumni Dr. SE, Albuquerque NM 87108which is open late and always has someone available. ? Walmart gift cards (so families have options). ? Food and Water - easy to pack cookies or crackers, fruit, bottled waters, paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins ? Clothing - ages 6 and up for children and small or medium men's clothing (t-shirts, shorts underwear, socks), shoe laces, flip flops. ? Backpack for children and adults ? Toys and stuffed animals ? Hygiene products- soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, small shampoo, etc.
Episode 10 - Meet Andrea! Andrea is the light in a dark room. She serves as the financial chair in her church and is involved in Celebrate Recovery. Her passion for her family, work and friends oozes out of her. She encourges people to serve because they are indeed enough. Listen at https://www.clergyspouses.com/episode-10-meet-andrea/ If you like what you hear, please subscribe on iTunes and leave a rating. If you are interested in coming on the show, email me at [email protected].
Come join us Friday, March 16th at 7:30 pm at Asbury UMC in Albuquerque for an evening of fun! NO CHARGE! See you soon!
Prayers for the community of Centenary Untied Methodist Church in Winterpock, Chesterfield County, Virginia. It has burn down to the ground. It's my friend's church. I have attended services there. Thank you
We are all reeling with the need the storms have caused and are concerned about the upcoming monster. St. Paul's in LC is considering assembling flood buckets for the upcoming need from Irma. The challenge is getting the buckets where they are needed. Is there an effort within the conference to transport buckets ready to be distributed?
Pastor Ross Whiteaker offering the children's moment at the back-to-school Sunday services at Morning Star UMC, Las Cruces. Behind him are over 100 backpacks and lots of school supplies donated by the congregation!

The NM Conference is comprised of United Methodist churches in NM, east TX and parts of AZ.


Conference News - April 21 - 28, 2020

This week's Conference Newsletter is packed with new appointments, financial assistance, articles and updates.


Something to post on your summer calendar

Odessa FUMC
(415 N Lee Ave, Odessa, TX 79761)

Basic and Advance Training
July 18
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Basic- Lay Servant Ministry
Advance- From Pew to Pulpit
Books are at/with Odessa FUMC- Susan H
and Rev. Dare Stevens.


Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Missions: Learning to Love Your Neighbor from Six Feet Apart. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Register NOW! The webinar is scheduled for 2 pm MT TODAY.

zoom.us Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Missions: Learning to Love Your Neighbor from Six Feet Apart. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

I've been thinking about all the Holy Week traditions that we won't be able to celebrate the same way this year. But, as a former children's choir director, I thought of this one that children's ministry staff and volunteers won't be completely heartbroken not to have to referee. Hope you get a giggle amidst the anxiety we're all feeling.


Five Tips for Managing Your Church Budget During the COVID-19 Crisis

Very helpful tips and guidelines from Discipleship Ministries re: budget and finances during this crisis.

umcdiscipleship.org People around us are in unfamiliar territory, stumbling in the darkness, but the light of Christ is in us. Let that light shine, and don’t let our economic worries overshadow our call to be in ministry where Christ would be in ministry. Here are some tips that I hope will help.


nmconfum's podcast: Hosanna in a Busy World - Hollie Granger-Harris

For this Sunday in Lent, Hollie Harris shares some ideas about persistence in the face of an onslaught of distractions.http://nmconfum.libsyn.com/hosanna-in-a-busy-world-hollie-granger-harris

nmconfum.libsyn.com Hollie Granger-Harris shares a story about how she keeps Lent holy.  


United Methodist Traditionalists, Centrists, Progressives & Bishops sign agreement aimed at separation

unitedmethodistbishops.org A diverse group of representatives from United Methodist advocacy groups with contrasting views and bishops from around the world has collaborated on a proposed agreement for the separation of The United Methodist Church (UMC) that has the unanimous support of all the parties involved. The agreement...

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Summit leads United Methodists to heart of border woes | United Methodist News Service

Thanks to UMNS for covering the summit. Share the story.

umnews.org The United Methodist Immigration Task Force traveled to El Paso, Las Cruces, and Juárez to see effects of immigration policy that is keeping migrants stuck in Mexico.

Advent - Prepare our Hearts!

NM Conference - UMC's cover photo

NM Conference - UMC's cover photo


WCA looks toward new, traditionalist church | United Methodist News Service

WCA held a global gathering this past weekend. Find out what transpired according to UMNS.


You're invited!

El Calvario UMC is still serving the folks at the Mexico/USA border.

Today our volunteers prepared burritos to take to our families in Juarez, and they also got a special treat thanks to the Church of the Latter Day Saints for baking 1000 delicious cookies

Our Provost, Randall Partin joined Chrisie & Adam for their Instructions For Living a Life podcast. They talked about the anxiety that the church is experiencing, how being "jaded" isn't necessarily a bad thing, and how the work of the local church (and a grad class in medieval history)can give us hope...among many other topics.

Ep. 48 "Gaining New Perspective" with Rev. Randall W. Partin

If you, dear listener, are unaware, The United Methodist Church is experiencing an acute time of upheaval. For decades now, people have been wrestling with differing understandings of human sexuality, Biblical interpretation, and the communal shared life (and welcome) of the church, particularly as these relate to and shape United Methodist doctrine, polity, and faithfulness. These differences have come to a head within the past few years, leading the United Methodist denomination into a time of significant stress, difficulty, and change. It is a time of great possibility, but also great exhaustion and uncertainty.

As a United Methodist Elder, pastor, and church leader, Randall Partin daily works to encourage pastors and congregations to grow in health and vitality. Especially of late, these conversations have involved holding faithful, prayerful space for others to process the anxiety, grief, and fear they feel regarding what is happening and what is to come in the church.

In this episode of Instructions For Living a Life, Randall explores both how he works to avoid cynicism and burnout and what he is learning about the faithfulness of God, even in times and spaces like these.
The Rev. Randall W. Partin is an ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church and serves as the Provost of the NM Conference - UMC. He is married to Susan Brumbaugh and they have two daughters, Elisabeth and Sophie.
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UMC top court throws out administrative process for involuntary leave; rules on effective date of disaffiliation paragraph


unitedmethodistbishops.org The Judicial Council, the highest court in The United Methodist Church, has released decisions from its October 2019 decisions. Here are some of the key rulings:

Don't Forget! Your HealthFlex annual enrollment period starts this Wednesday, October 30th.

The Conference Staff did a half-day retreat where we discussed our DiSC personality styles & how to use this knowledge to work better with each other and those we serve. If you've worked with DiSC, how does it help you? DOES it help you?


UMCOR, partners start asylum seekers project | United Methodist News Service


umnews.org The three-year, $2 million pilot project also will engage local church members on a community level as they embrace the biblical mandate of welcoming the stranger.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use social media more effectively. To RSVP, call Josh Kouri at (505)898-3506.


International Disaster Response | Global Ministries

umcmission.org UMCOR provides funds to our partners to distribute food, hygiene supplies, shelter and other basic needs to ease human suffering. In the long-term, we work with local partners towards recovery and reconstruction.


World Humanitarian Day: Here are 13 real-life heroes you should know

Las Cruces makes the humanitarian heroes list!

usatoday.com In acknowledgment of World Humanitarian Day on Aug. 19, 24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of 13 hero humanitarian workers you should know about.


Plans canceled for GC2024 in Philippines | United Methodist News Service


umnews.org The 2024 gathering was expected to be the first time The United Methodist Church’s lawmaking assembly met outside the United States.

South Central Jurisdiction of the UMC

A word from our friend, Dr. Socorro de Anda, President of Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso

A word from Socorro de Anda with Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso –

“We teach love and respect to all regardless of race, religion, national origin, or any other God given grace unlike our own. We are exactly what is so badly needed in our communities. We are uniters not instigators of racism and bigotry. At a time when religious ministries and community programs are at a decline in our country, we stand steadfast. Our students disperse throughout the countries of the US and Mexico after graduation. Wherever they go, they spread the love of Jesus in their daily lives and their relationships with their fellow brothers and sisters. This is what we send out. This is what we teach. That is what is so badly needed.

Sadly, I found out yesterday that the father of three of our past students, Alexander Hoffman, was a victim of Saturday's shooting. Keep praying for us.”
Dr. Socorro de Anda, President, Lydia Patterson Institute, El Paso, TX

Since 2014, our Conference has held several conference-wide workshops with Rebekah Simon-Peter regarding the DiSC Personality Assessment and several churches have participated in the Creating a Culture of Renewal training, which includes the DiSC Assessment.

We have a rather large pool of people who have worked with DiSC, so we wondered how/if it has made a difference. Do you recognize the different styles in people with whom you interact? Has it been helpful in dealings with co-workers, family members, on teams/committees? On the other hand, do you find that it just gives people license to be Demanding/ill-prepared/Stuck/Critical or have you found it to be generally unhelpful? We want to hear from you. Please email Alli Newsom (Si), Communications Director at [email protected] with your thoughts. We will compile them and report what we find. Thanks

NM Conference - UMC

Psalm 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

As a country, we have experienced yet another crisis involving gun violence. This time it happened in one of our beloved cities in the New Mexico Conference. A young man bent on hatred and bigotry, walked into a local Walmart store to enact murder and bloodshed upon innocent victims. What do we do with the remaining grief, anger, and feelings of vulnerability in which so many other communities in our country have had to reconcile? How do we make sense of our loved ones ripped from this world by senseless violence? As a bishop of the church, as well as a husband and father, I struggle with this, too. I am heartbroken and grief stricken by these senseless acts.

For many years now, the El Paso area has been besieged by the controversy over immigration, and yet our faith communities have worked together to respond to the needs of those seeking asylum and a better way of life for their families. I want to thank all our churches that have given of their time, resources, prayers and love. Many of you have been the hands and feet of Jesus for “The Stranger” among us. I’m sure that many have heard stories from people who have faced intolerable circumstances in their home countries, and you have responded with grace and love. The irony of how mercy on one hand is met with hatred and violence on the other is very painful to bear. Now, we ask what can we do to ease the suffering? What can we do to lift “crushed spirits”?

In the coming days, family members will bury their loved ones and care for the injured. At last count, approximately 25 people will heal from wounds that can be seen, but the community of El Paso will need to move forward with wounds and scars that cannot be seen. My fervent hope is that you can tangibly feel the passionate, heartfelt prayers of so many lifted to God for the many families and friends caught up as victims in this senseless act. I pray that God grant strength and renewed hope to get through the immense grief and uncertainty. I also encourage all of us to get involved in helping to bring about peace and racial reconciliation for the sake of community. Remember, the Spirit of Christ always stands with those who are hurting and grieving loss, reminding us that we are never alone in our grief nor are we forsaken during times of tragedy.

May God bless each and all!
Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe

The NM Conference is comprised of United Methodist churches in NM, east TX and parts of AZ.

NM Conference - UMC's cover photo

El Paso District United Methodist Church

We send our sincere condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Tom Anderson. Please see Eddie’s post for more details.

Dear Partners in Ministry in the El Paso District, it is with great sadness that I share with you the news of the unexpected passing of Tom Anderson, one of our pastors in our District. He passed away yesterday from a heart condition during a trip to Central Texas.
Tom served as the Pastor in charge at First UMC in Anthony, TX. We will keep you posted as to the funeral services. In the mean time I ask that you keep his wife Beverly in your prayers as well as the brothers and sisters from Anthony UMC. May the God of peace continue to work in our lives as we continue to serve in God’s Kingdom.
Eddie Rivera
District Superintendent

United Methodist News

Annual Conference season has begun. Keep up with the latest UMC news - like, follow or subscribe to the eNewsletter.

United Methodist News — The official news service of The United Methodist Church https://www.umnews.org

The McCurdy Ministries campaign received their first donation from Christ UMC-ABQ. Thank you for your generosity!

We celebrate all who made the ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day.


Church future focus of annual conferences | United Methodist News Service


umnews.org Ministry with LGBTQ people could be the No. 1 topic at United Methodist annual conferences, judging from resolutions filed about this issue.

Council of Bishops - The United Methodist Church

Bishop Bledsoe at the Council of Bishops Meeting as it continues

Centering and prayer opens and closes every session of the Council of Bishops. We wanted to share Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball's closing prayer from Tuesday's session with you. "Help us clothe ourselves with love..."

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Advent - Prepare our Hearts!




11816 Lomas Blvd. NE
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Other Religious Centers in Albuquerque (show all)
Highland Baptist Youth Highland Baptist Youth
417 Palomas Dr SE
Albuquerque, 87108

A small little group striving to glorify our Savior, Pray for us as we continue to grow and flourish

Archdiocese of Santa Fe Seminarians Archdiocese of Santa Fe Seminarians
4000 Saint Josephs Pl NW
Albuquerque, 87120

This page is a place for the seminarians of the Archdiocese to share their experiences and prayer intentions with one another and all those who support us

Eternal Life Ministries Eternal Life Ministries
Albuquerque, 87107

Spark Student Ministry Spark Student Ministry
124 Texas St NE
Albuquerque, 87108

A Student Ministry that is focused on becoming a "spark" among friends, family, and others around us.

New Path Ministries New Path Ministries
511 Madiera SE
Albuquerque, 87108

We are a six-month residential discipleship program, a Christian home in Albuquerque. Our goal is to train men to live Courageously and be able to say as Joshua said in Joshua 24:15, As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

St. Anne Religious Education St. Anne Religious Education
1400 Arenal Rd SW
Albuquerque, 87105

"Where kids and teens gather to learn, share, and grow in faith hope and love of our Lord Jesus Christ"

Immanuel Lutheran Preschool Immanuel Lutheran Preschool
300 Gold Ave SE
Albuquerque, 87102

Immanuel Lutheran Preschool is a New Mexico license four star program for three to five years old children.

Cross Christian Fellowship Cross Christian Fellowship
6721 Edith Blvd NE Ste B
Albuquerque, 87113

Cross Christian Fellowship was formed as a fellowship of local believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are a nondenominational Christian church

Centerpoint Fellowship Church Centerpoint Fellowship Church
401 University Blvd NE
Albuquerque, 87108

Centerpoint Fellowship Church is a new church in Albuquerque.

Gayatri Temple, Sanatana Dharma Satsang Gayatri Temple, Sanatana Dharma Satsang
136 Washington Blvd, G South
Albuquerque, 87108

This is an American Hindu Temple, following our gurus' mission to bring the practices, rituals and philosophy of Sanatana Dharma to the West. We are at 136 Washington Street SE, G, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108. Events are listed at the Meetup link.

Juan 3 16 Assembly of God Chur Juan 3 16 Assembly of God Chur
7717 Zuni Rd SE
Albuquerque, 87108-3216

Legacy Church East Campus Gym Legacy Church East Campus Gym
4701 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, 87111

This is a page that is dedicated to "The League" for the city basketball league and the open gym group that is hosted at Legacy Church East Campus Gym