Gods mighty warriors ministries

My name is Eddie Castillo Jr. Im the pastor for Gods mighty warriors ministries is located here in tinian, nm. We are license under aenon international.

[06/15/17]   Wat is a Christian?
A person who served God?
A person who is compassionate?
A person of faith?
A person who sees others and helps?
A person who lives right?

If we are who we say we're are,then why is there hate,anger,pride, jealousy,and doubt in anyone who claims they are?

I see churches collecting offerings. I see them asking for more then the need? Yet many people are still need of help,many are hungry, starving. Many are trying to make ends meet.

They look like they are high as an angel?
But yet nothing to give back to the people? They don't go to ends meet to help many community that need it? I don't see any who give back 110% and stand there with nothing?

Nothing is something in the eyes of God. When a rich man asked God how he could get to heaven,he was told let go of all your riches. Yes you give your 10% Everytime. But those who have nothing to give,give everything they have? Why? Hope,faith and compassion for God.

Trusting in him faithfully and with no doubt then we are truly blessed in his name. My father once told me,son don't hold one to ur money,money is meant to be used. If you hold on to it,greed will take and consume your heart.

Here's a story bout me. I was raised in NM. My father was a pastor here in tinian,nm. Before there were preachers coming from everywhere. The first church was build here,which was made and build by the direction of God. Many in community know this as they were a part of it. Grand parents, parents,our brothers and sisters. Like a tree this church has roots that expands all over. Like a tree it's branches have grown as well.

After my father passed on. My mother took over the ministry. It was hard at first,but she got it going. through those years of serves to the Lord she was called back too. Many miss her as I do. I wish she was with me now cuz wen I fell she took my arms and pulled me back up.

As in days wen the apostles were sent out to the world to preach to the world,they were sent in pairs,why cuz Jesus said I shall send you out together so wen on fall the other will raise the other up.

My parents did so much for their people. They gave their heart and love to them. They helped in every possible way they could.
To this day I haven't seen another do wat they did?

To serve God is to let this world go.,for you can't serve to masters? You either live in the world or you stand by God. I myself am not my parents,I'm still trying so hard.

Jesus said if you follow me they will hate you as they hated me. I am not a saint,I am only a person. I have nothing. I am nothing in sight of God. The world judges me on my actions,but who will judge them for theirs?

I am waiting, for my father told me wen I was ready I would know. I am Eddie Castillo jr,the son of Eddie Castillo sr. and Rose Castillo.grandson of Nettie Bainbridge and Ned Bainbridge. I am a server of God,I am a child of God. I believe Jesus is my Lord and savior. My faith is in him and only him. The world rejects me but my father accepts me. I am a sinner. I am free. I struggle,but the Lord leads me on.

I say on to you, my brothers and sisters..
Are you a Christian?
Are you a child of God...

Christ said if you deny me,I will deny you in my father's presence. I not ashamed of telling you this. Be free from this world,because it's not the world we want but ever lasting life.

God's mighty warrior ministries is closed. Like Moses time,doors are opened,but for how long? My body may not be strong but my faith in Christ is stronger then my body. The day will come wen the world will think I am dead but I tell you I will not be. Does a catapiller die or does it grow to something more beautiful created by God? Our bodies are temporary,but our soul is everlasting life.

I ask you again are awake or are still asleep? We all make choices in life. My advice,let go of the world. Many will take the wide and easy road but few will take the narrow road.

The choice is yours....
God bless you all. Have a blessing day as well..

[11/08/16]   Im gonna tell you lil story. Its bout time i was lil kid.

Yesterday my sister and i were goingto town. We talked bout what our dad said to us as kids.

You see my dad was a pastor. He was close to god. He fasted in the time he was here. Sometimes 2 weeks with no food. In that time god spoke to him. There are too many to tell you so ill just tell you a few.

One day he came back from fasting. We were all with him as he talked to us of what god showed him.

He said as he prayed god walked up to him. He said he fell to his feet. His body was like it was dead. He couldn't move.

He was told to follow him.as he did god showed him of whats to come. As they walked for awhile the went into the ground. As he followed him he saw great monsters laying under ground. My dad asked him why they were sleeping? He was told they will wake wen the time comes. Before then he said his gonna come for his children first.

As they keep walking they came out of the ground. He saw a great city. As he looked towards the city it was destroyed in an instance.

He told my dad that this city wud be destroyed by hate and evil. This was back wen i was ten yrs old. Back in the 80s !

Then he saw other cities being destroyed. Ppl were running for their lives.

An army came into homes and took families out as they were brought to one place. They were in prison.

My dad asked why his being shown this? He was told its to show him that he needs to prepare for it. It was too much for my dad but he keep following him.

As he told us,something inside felt need to get ready. As they went to other places he was shown that for the first time in history a woman would become our leader.

Ok the reason im tell you this is that ive heard all the stuff god has shown my dad.

Everyone that knew him has heard wat i said. He told us that NYC would be first to be hit. Then in 9/11 it happen twin towers were hit. When that happen everyone was struck in the heart. Dont tell me you didnt felt that sinking feeling that something has come in to our land. A great evil.

My dad never saw this because he passed away in 95. Now im looking at the news and all that is happening, everything he told us is happening now. Ive been told ever since i was a child. I never thought I'd still be here wen it happen?

You've been hearing it for so long but i say time is almost here. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Its a choice that you have to make for yourself and no one else.

The world shakes and rumbles at our feet.we've seen signs and wonders. Weather is changing. Look closely deep down in your soul. Are you ready? If christ came tonight,would you be ready to go with him?

We're all sinners. No one isnt perfect. Only jesus is. He is the way into heaven.
My friends and family. I know deep down in my heart gods telling me to hurry.

Evil is everywhere,but so is god. Where ever theres darkness light shines from depth of it. Let the holy ghost fire burn brightly in your soul!

In the days of noah. They were told to prepare but they laughed at him. Door was open, but when they realized wat has happen it was too late. The door was shut.

Dont Let the door close on you. There's still time.

3 things i go by.
1. Think big
2.believe big
3.walk in faith

God will move mountains for you!
Theres nothing to big for him.!

My name is Eddie Castillo Jr. Im not ashame to say i believe in christ. Im a child of god. My mind,body and soul walk with fire of holy ghost and with my faith in him.

i know and believe he is my Lord and savior! Through him anything is possible!

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