Sarah Beckman, Author and Speaker

Sarah Beckman, Author and Speaker


Congrats, Sarah! You & your speaking ministry are being featured today on the front page of! LOVE how Jesus shines through you!
I haven't posted much on our Launch page, although I was going all of our assignments. I kind of miss those frequent check-ins. But the work continues. While we were in Arizona, the books I ordered from Amazon arrived, along with a copy of Alongside. Today, I read a post from a friend who is going through a very difficult cancer challenge and has had people posting very negative things. I immediately texted her and told her I had the perfect book for her and was putting one in the mail on Monday. Sarah, thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this wonderful book. You are a Godsend!
Congrats, Sarah! You are one of the most-requested speakers at this week! LOVE how Jesus shines through you!
Good morning, sweet Sarah!! Today's the day!! Could you even sleep last night?? Praying that you have a wonderful day and will feel so blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing us with your writing. As we drove through NM yesterday, it was such a temptation to look you up!!
Love to see you in the videos! (Cute shoes in the “Profile of a Servant”. ☺️)
Congrats, Sarah! You & your speaking ministry are being featured today on the front page of! LOVE how Jesus shines through you!
Thank you to speaking to us today!
And thank you for this verse. :)
Sarah, I'm reading your book alongside. I've been reading during the day time til husband gets home from work. I'm so blessed I'm reading it. I understand the stories and God's wisdom of helping at hardships, trials, and taking care of yourself. It's not about you. (yourself) I'm enjoying all of the aspects of life, and hardship trials. Your book is inspirational, inspiring, and comforting. I'm almost done reading it. I cried when I started reading the chapter of when someone is aging. I'm going through this trial now. (my grandma) It's been tough, and hard times. My husband and I are doing everything that we can do and help. I want to say God Blessed you and your family. I'm so blessed to have you as my sister in Christ. You're inspirational to me. I'm shining my light for him always. Galatians: 5:14. May God Blessed!💖🙌💖🙌
Last Sunday I had the chance to deliver the message at Journey Church. What a gift and honor. Amazing, God loving, other loving, people in that community! In case you want to tune in {watch your toes, they might get stepped on!} here it is...

Bestselling Author of Alongside. National Speaker. Click LIKE to receive updates from my official page. Visit my blog Sarah Beckman inspires people from the stage and on the page.

Bestselling author of Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving your Neighbor in their Time of Trial. Event Keynote and Retreat Speaker. Blogs at about loving people well and how to come alongside. Certified Speaking Coach with SCORRE™, helping people learn how to prepare, present and deliver powerful messages.


My new life: Pastor of a church in Maui. God has been doing such amazing things. My motto has been “We show up; God shows off!”

Amazing hearts of volunteers loving people well in hard places. Who knew God was preparing me for such a time as this? Never underestimate Gods plan for your life. It might be bigger than you thought but he is by your side as you learn how to walk in obedience.


Live at 5 with Dr Barbara and Sarah Beckman

Live at 5 with Dr Barbara and Sarah Beckman


He is RISEN!


Citizen Church Maui

An alternative to Shelter in Place. This is a devotional I shared for my church this week. May it encourage you!


Ready for Church!

It’s almost time!⏳
Join us online at 10:30 AM.


Honored to serve with Citizen Church Maui and love our island in this great time of need! #coronawontstopus #lovingourneighbor #alongside #hopeinthehardplaces

In the last week, we've had an amazing opportunity to BE the Church as we serve our local community. Thanks to extremely generous donations from @sysco_corp, we were able to offer drive up grocery distribution to help over 150 families in our church family and beyond. So proud of this effort to come together, in safe conditions with a small team of people, to serve our island in this time of need.


Maui Friends, here's how you can watch church TODAY!

Join for church online Sunday, March 22nd!


These people are the 💓 of @ctzn.maui church. I miss them all!! But what an amazing few weeks we had in early February.

What I’m learning is that even when you don’t understand the path that God asks you to step on and walk forward in’s important to do it anyway. Obedience looks a lot like loving people, putting your own desires second, and trusting God to make it all clear. And as I’ve been blessed to know each and every one of the people at this church in Maui I think “what if I’d never said yes?!”

God is good. And he’s working out all things even if we don’t see it or understand it.

I get to see all of my peeps in just 8 days!!

#maui #churchlife #citizenmaui #dreamteam 01/06/2020

Hope In The Hard Place - HIM4Her Radio: Women's Hot Topics with Shug Bury -

With the holidays I didn't get a chance to share this interview. HIM4Her Ministries has a great mission and I loved spending time with Shug Bury the host. If the beginning of 2020 has you in a difficult place emotionally, physically or spiritually, check out this out. Guest Sarah Beckham How do you seek and receive help when your world feels out of control or you’re at the end of your rope? If you are in a hard place, or walking beside someone who is, this show is for you. Listen to gain perspective and find freedom as you wrestle with God in your struggle. You...


Travel essentials. On my way home after an east coast swing and a speaking engagement in my beloved Wisconsin {P.S. THE BADGERS ARE IN THE ROSE 🌹 BOWL!}

Ready to be home and rest and receive my birds back to the nest after finals are over!! Can’t wait to see my girls!


He’s all I want for Christmas!

We got to spend quality time in NYC with my son and his wife this weekend. Now I’m off to WI for a speaking event. Can’t wait to share about loving yourself and others during the holidays at Thirst church!

{PS son and wife not pictured. This is my hubby! ❤️}


That’s a lot of water. 😂🌊


Wisconsin Friends: Would love to have you join us for this event December 9, 6:30-8:30. Dinner and an inspirational message! Get your tickets here: Http://


Heading to Maui repping my merch. Can’t wait to spend several Sundays with our @ctzn.maui fam!!! 🌴🌈🐠🐳🌼

#travellife #churchlife #citizenofheaven


Michele Cushatt, Author

This book will change you. It’s truth and it’s author are so real and authentic that you will find yourself in its pages. Watch the trailer and order the book- you won’t be sorry!

Are you aching for a Love that will never leave, a Presence that pushes back the dark? If so, I have good news for you.

God’s love is Relentless, even when your faith isn’t.

If you pre-order Relentless *before* November 12, you'll receive $150 of FREE resources. Here's whatyou need to do:

(1) Order Relentless:

(2) Enter your info here:



Refueling my spirit for ministry. I love this book!! If you are in ministry as a pastor, staff or volunteer there is such wisdom from @galenwoodward of in these pages. Leadership advice, vision casting, spiritual accountability and encouragement!! I am almost done and I started today 😂

#amreading #ministry #churchvolunteer #itsnotaboutyou #nextgeneration #changingchurch


What fun to be with @susielarsonauthor today in the studio at KTIS on my faith Radio! I adore her and we had a great conversation. Here is the link: 10/21/2019

Middays with Susie Larson - Faith Radio

Today (Monday October 21) I’m on the air live with Susie Larson on Faith Radio at 12 noon CT talking about #hopeinthehardplacesbook

If you want to tune in you can listen online or find your affiliate station (Midwest!) by clicking link below.

There’s a spot to listen live on your computer or search for your local radio affiliate if you scroll down the page.

You can even call in to the show by dialing 877-933-2484 !! Engaging in conversations that bring Scripture to life, Susie Larson offers practical ways to live out your convictions and inspire you to a deep and active walk of faith.


What a gift @sarahwbragg is to the world! I’ve been on her podcast twice now and she’s real, faithful, wise, insightful and a fabulous interviewer!! I love how she gives practical tools for “surviving” in our every day lives. And this conversation helps you see how to survive in the middle of #pain #grief #hardtimes #trials or whatever life throws your way. This is just an excerpt but you can find our chat online at or check out the link in my bio to go direct to our conversation!


In case you’re wondering why I’m traveling to Maui on.

God has called me to help my ABQ church as we launch our new campus @ctzn.maui. In that vein one of the responsibilities I had was to help with our church’s vision to serve outside our walls.

A few days ago our citizen family (Ohana) held a #serveday19 to love our new neighbors on the island of Maui in the area of Lahaina. We had five different serve areas in one day : schools, elders, first responders, homeless and Salvation Army. We had around 100 volunteers of all ages and who truly embodied our vision of being citizens of heaven where there are no outsiders or foreigners. Where everyone is worthy of our love and compassion and each person matters.

This. Is. The. Church.

And the more we can see this, embody this and live it out, the more aligned with Christ’s vision for the church we will be.

I’m honored to be part of this small and mighty movement. And I’m proud to serve and carry the vision of all my amazing pastors!! @dustin_woodward @mandyjwoodward @nick_camacho @justintylerperez @kategperez
@galenwoodward @kkwoodward @brandonwoodward @delaneywoodward


Heading back to Maui for the second time in a month ...can’t wait to celebrate with our Ohana at @lcfmaui as we officially launch!! And excited to serve the island with our first official #serveday on Saturday! 🌈🌴🌊🙏🏻


My boy got married. 🤵👰 My favorite part of the whole day was this moment... when both sets of parents prayed over them.🙏🏻 Friends, don’t give up on parenting your people. Don’t ever stop leading them in Gods ways or directing their path toward faith. Even if it’s hard, or you don’t feel like it’s making a difference. ✝️ Because before you know it they’ll be in a place that they have to claim their own faith, and forge their own path. And by the grace of God you might be standing at the base of a tree with its towering branches and deep roots reminding you that you watered, and pruned, and tended for years so you might arrive at this day. ❤️ “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
‭‭John‬ ‭15:5‬ ‭NIV


Two women I respect and admire SO MUCH, Kathi Lipp and Michele Cushatt, Author interviewed me for their amazing podcast "Communicator Academy." If you've ever thought of writing a book, or want to get an inside peek into the publishing journey, TUNE IN here:


If you’ve read my book “Hope in the Hard Places” you might know I talked about my little patch of green🍃 in the desert 🌵 that brings me joy and solace.
It’s been a season, friends.
Two kids graduated, many miles traveled, parties thrown, family visited, preparations made, the remnants cleared.

And now... I’m resting and refreshing and finally being still a moment. Until... What’s coming next is a whirlwind of two weddings 💒 in two weekends. {my nephew and my very own SON!} So today, I’m here. Praying. Preparing. Breathing.
And it’s good. 💫


It's not too late to JOIN US for the 15 days of HOPE challenge. Click this link to sign up: 05/05/2019

15 Days of Hope Challenge - May 2019

Tomorrow begins the 15 days of HOPE challenge. Sign up to be part of it here: 15 Days of Hope Challenge - May 2019 Email Forms 05/03/2019

A New Blog post from Sarah Beckman

A New Blog post from Sarah Beckman - After this many years, Kelley’s still teaching me. Her five year battle with leukemia was heroic to say the least. She fought valiantly, far exceeding her initial “months to live” diagnosis. All the while, she was brave, faith-filled, gracious, funny, strong, and a beacon of Hope. 05/03/2019

New Post from Sarah Beckman

New Post from Sarah Beckman - Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday. Only, she’s been in Heaven for almost a decade celebrating. Her name was Kelley, and if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ve heard about her. Or if you’ve read either of my books you probably feel like you know her already. She’s...


YOU'RE INVITED: If you want to find hope in whatever you're facing sign up for my FREE "15 days of HOPE Challenge" by using this link:

[04/29/19]   We love because he first loved us. Now get on out there and show someone today. 04/22/2019

Choosing Faith Over Fear

I didn't get a chance to say this over the Easter weekend, but I think this article expresses my sentiments. HE IS RISEN, INDEED! May this week be a fresh start as you begin walking out the miracle of life you were given on Resurrection Day!


Get your signed copies of #hopeinhardplacesbook at @barnesandnoble !! The staff are so kind and helpful they specifically ordered books and asked me to come in and sign them! If you know someone who needs hope in this season of their life get on it! (Even if it’s you...) 🌼


Went to London with my hubby to attend a water conference. We presented together for an award the company was nominated for and we WON the people’s choice! 🥇

I gotta say even though I speak for a living I was so nervous for the presentation because it was very technical information. But it was good for me to get out of my normal box and push myself this way. We worked hard practiced A LOT, and it payed off! 🏆

When’s the last time you stepped out of your box and did something that scared you?😱


I’m an Irish girl... and this is me in the Irish countryside in a tiny town in front of the gas station of my namesake. So fun! 💚☘️🇮🇪


Princess for a day.

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Live at 5 with Dr Barbara and Sarah Beckman
What a gift @sarahwbragg is to the world! I’ve been on her podcast twice now and she’s real, faithful, wise, insightful ...
Friday update and discussion of Chapters 10-14! 4 days until launch!  CAN'T WAIT!
Hope in the Hard Places Book Trailer
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to make a decision to invest in your Marriage!  What better way than on an Alaskan C...
Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. 🎁After my books arrived today at noon I waited all day to be with my people to open them...
Serving meals today to the community in Fayetteville. Love seeing my daughter @moranda.b out here loving people and #fee...
We are on site at in Fayetteville NC. Lots of road closures for the team that drove in from Virginia but w...
Hillsong NYC 🔥
Profile of a Servant by Sarah Beckman



Albuquerque, NM
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This is an American Hindu Temple, following our gurus' mission to bring the practices, rituals and philosophy of Sanatana Dharma to the West. We are at 136 Washington Street SE, G, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108. Events are listed at the Meetup link.

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Mountain View FWB Church is focused on magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ while evangelizing our community, energizing our church and exercising our faith.

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WE teach basic Thai music, dance and culture and a basic understanding of their Thai ethnic origin.

Albuquerque Chinese Baptist Church Albuquerque Chinese Baptist Church
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Sandia Presbyterian Youth Sandia Presbyterian Youth
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We want to create disciples of Jesus Christ who are positive examples to those around them through service to God and others, Bible study, worship, and prayer. We come alongside parents in support as their children enter a time of emergence into adulthood

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Albuquerque, 87108

FreshPath Ministry Inc. is a faith based 501(c)3 non-profit organization and health care agency serving the greater Albuquerque community since 2001.

Albuquerque Community Chaplains Albuquerque Community Chaplains
Albuquerque, 87113

Community Chaplains serving in all areas of New Mexico