North Church ABQ Video April 8, 2020, 2:34pm

Videos by North Church ABQ. Sunday Services at 10am this summer in The Lobo Theater while we renovate our new home at 3715 Silver Ave.

For Those Suffering From a Nervous Dread of Illness - By Charlotte Elliot

For Those Suffering From a Nervous Dread of Illness - By Charlotte Elliot - The Invalid’s Hymn Book (1834)

1 Why should I take such anxious thought,
Fearing this fragile frame’s decay?
When, “Strong in faith” shall I be taught
Just to live simply by the day?

2 Why mark each sign so anxiously,
Lest fatal mischief be begun?
Soon, at the latest, I must die—
An hour-glass has not long to run!

3 But He who formed this mortal frame,
“Fearfully, wonderfully made”
He bears a Father’s tender name;
Why is my fluttering heart afraid?

4 His word commends me not to fear
Those who can kill this body frail;
Nor aught that I may suffer here –
Then why should unbelief prevail?

5 He will not lay upon me more
Than he will aide me to sustain;
And soon, my term of suffering o’er
For me “there shall be no more pain”

6 And whether sudden or prolonged,
Gentle, or sharp, my final pain,
My soul, which never to earth belonged,
Through it, her glorious rest will gain.

7 Be coward fears no longer mine,
Faith trembles not at pain, or death;
Clothed with its fullness divine,
In peace shall I resign my breath.

8 Saviour! In my expiring hour,
Show that thou art indeed my life,
And make me by thy glorious power,
A conqueror in that awful strife.

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For Those Suffering From a Nervous Dread of Illness - By Charlotte Elliot
For Those Suffering From a Nervous Dread of Illness - By Charlotte Elliot - The Invalid’s Hymn Book (1834)1 Why should I...