Sagebrush Autocross

Race your vehicle against the clock in a controlled environment. Enjoy the evening, watching or racing. As always, this is a free event.

Operating as usual

[07/11/12]   Aight peeps, still no word on a new autocross site.
But for those of you that are interested and have the coin to throw around, a few of us will be going out to the albuquerque dragway this Friday night. Yes this is Friday the 13th!! HAHAHAH! anyways, the cost for spectators are $10.00 a person.
Drivers are $15.00
Kids 10 and under are free
gates open at 6pm.
THIS IS NOT AN AUTOCROSS NOR IS IT FREE! AND THIS IS NOT RELATED TO THE CHURCH. This is just a few of us getting together to let our cars breath and to burn up some of our tires.
Maybe we will catch some of you out there.

[05/15/12]   Ok so the bbq is on like donkey kong! It all starts around 6pm, free drinks and free hot dogs. Come on down and chill, we are going to be talking about what the future for our free autocross is, bring ideas if you have any. Thanks guys, hope to see everyone there, and bring your cars to show them off(just not in the racing fashion we have been)

[05/07/12]   Well peeps,
here is where we are at. After much debate, we will not be autocrossing at the Sagebrush Church any more. We will be doing a BBQ on the third Friday of this month at Sagebrush Church in place of this months autocross. Come ready to show your car (as we are hoping to turn this into a mini street car show) and enjoy good food (dogs and burgers while supply lasts) and music. We may be holding a cruise after the BBQ depending on how many want to participate in a cruise with us Friday night. This is kind of a goodbye to Sagebrush autocross. This is another attempt to do something with everyone and maybe get some ideas on what to do from this point out, if anything. As always this will all be completely free. Pictures will be taken of a lot of the cars that attend and posted on the page. We are still looking into what it might take to keep a free autocross going, just not at the Church. Location suggestions are appreciated but we aren't even sure if we can keep this going without the Church, but what the heck, we are going to try. Thanks for everyone participation in Sagebrush autocross, it was fun while it lasted...

[05/01/12]   Aight peeps,
We have some very very bad news. As most of you know, we have had the cops called on us every month this year and what seemed like every other month last year. Well this year, whom ever was calling the cops took it one step farther, because APD was cool with what we were doing every month, and they called the city of Albuquerque. The City of Albuquerque has issued a cease and desist order on our Autocross event. They claim that the Church is not zoned for "RACING" and it would cause serious issues with the Church zoning if we try to get it rezoned. This is not the Church shutting us down, but the City of Albuquerque. We are working on a few things to try and keep this all going, but its looking like it would take and act of GOD or Congress to keep our event going every month at the Church. So we are asking for all the prayers and support we can get. Unfortunately until further notice, Sagebrush Autocross has been cancelled. No Autocross on May 18th.

[04/26/12]   Well we have some bad news...
We recieved a call from the City of Albuquerque about safety issues with the Drifting event, along with the amount of noise being made on the north side of the Church building against our neighbors houses. The amount of damage to the Church parking lot was also becoming an issue. The Church is now looking at possibly restriping the parking lot, along with cleaning up all the rubber debris from the tires. So after descussing our possibilites with the Church elders, we are sorry to say that the Drifting event is being cancelled. We are sorry about this and know this is a bummer, but we just can't keep this event going. For all the Drift drivers, please fell free to come out and autocross your cars, but PLEASE be aware this is not a "DRIFT" course, and we cannot Drift on this course, as this will be the normal type of autocross course that we usually have.

Autocross will continue as usual, every third Friday of the month. This coming months Autocross will be on Friday March 18th.
Hope to see everyone there!

[04/25/12]   April 2012 Top 10 lap times

19. Andrew M. – MR2 – 57.62

9. Joel O. – BMW – 58.13

26. Jerred W. – SEZ – 59.06

14. Michael P. – M3 – 59.90

31. Tate M. – Mitsubishi – 61.58

21. Brice J. – Civic SI – 62.64

1. Alejandro – Neon SXT – 63.42

18. Andrew K. – WRX – 64.01

8. Tony S. – Eclipse GST – 64.70

7. John C. – Sentra – 65.12

[04/25/12]   April 2012 lap times

1. Alejandro – Neon SXT – 63.42

2. Dave V. – Mustang – 69.42

3. Nate S. – Miata – DNF

4. Daniel G. – Sentra – 98.03

5. David B. – Volvo – 78.13

6. Chuck T. – 97 Neon – 68.41

7. John C. – Sentra – 65.12

8. Tony S. – Eclipse GST – 64.70

9. Joel O. – BMW – 58.13

10. Andreas E. – VW – 68.18

11. Jake S. – SRT4 – 68.34

12. Brent W. – 86 BMW – 70.42

13. Coty S. – Dodge 2500 – 82.15

14. Michael P. – M3 – 59.90

15. Eric V. – 97 Civic – 65.60

16. Scott K. – STI – 75.61

17. John B. – RX8 – 65.99

18. Andrew K. – WRX – 64.01

19. Andrew M. – MR2 – 57.62

20. Adam M. – Celica – 73.44

21. Brice J. – Civic SI – 62.64

22. Brandon G. – RX8 – 69.24

23. Gabe E. – RSX – 67.68

24. Steve H. – STI – 67.55

25. Mick G. – Civic SI - DNF

26. Jerred W. – SEZ – 59.06

27. Matt R. – 300ZX – 66.27

28. Manuel G. – Lancer – 77.44

29. Cameron L. – Subaru – 72.57

30. Naomi C. – RSX – 73.54

31. Tate M. – Mitsubishi – 61.58

32. Richard L. – Cobalt – 78.59

33. Joshua P. – Prelude – 73.34

34. Josh N. – Civic - DNF

35. Jay S. – Subaru – 66.01

36. Laryssa S. – RSX – 76.10

37. Alex R. – G35 – 80.20

38. Tyler W. – Mach 1 – 67.69

39. Dennis O. – Mustang – 76.30

40. Fabian D. – Honda Hornet -DNF

41. Zack L. – VW – 65.87

42. Andrew G. – CRX - DNF

43. Kirt H. – Lancer – 77.48

44. Tyler M. – Ta**us – 76.45

45. Ezekiel E. – Civic - DNF

46. Joe M. – Corolla – 72.22

47. Dao C. – Acura – 144.02

48. Jordan L. – Audi – 77.63

49. Kyle S. – Civic – 67.75

50. Kevin C. – Camaro – 86.15

51. Dan P. – Camaro SS - DNF

[04/23/12]   Sagebrush autocross was a blast Friday night! We had the largest turn out we have ever had, we had 51 cars racing and cars lining the street beside the full parking lot, trying to watch! Lots of people, good food, and an all around good time! Albuquerque's finest came out to enjoy the show as well! Thanks to APD for being so cool about what we do out here! We have mad respect for all the men and women that put thier lives on the line to enforce the law and keep the public safe! We will have the times posted soon, and hopefully we can get some pics up as well. Thanks to everyone that came out and helped set up and tear down! We know that we all didn't get to run as many times as we all would have liked, but we are taking steps to try and get some more runs in next month. Speaking of, Lord willing, the next autocross will be on Friday May 18th. Hope to see everyone there.

[04/20/12]   Autocross tonight! Set up starts at 4pm, registration starts around 6pm and take down starts at 10pm. Please remember we need as much help running the course as we do setting up and taking down. Hope to see everyone there!

[04/17/12]   Autocross/drift will be this Friday April 20th. As always we need help with setup starting at 4:00 and tear down at 10:00. We also need more help with marshaling the track. Please have your drivers license and vehicle insurance information ready. We will be requiring everyone to fill out an Autocross waiver every month, this includes drift drivers as well. Racing starts at 6:00pm, hope to see everyone there!

[04/04/12]   Aight peeps! Its Easter! This doesn't mean that a giant rabbit come and lays eggs in a basket for you, although this may happen. This means that Jesus Christ died on a cross for your and my sins.

If you are looking for a church to attend this Easter weekend,
Sagebrush Community Church is having services on:
Friday at 6:00 and 7:30pm
Saturday at 2:30, 4:00 and 5:30pm
Sunday at 8:15, 9:45, 11:15 and 12:45pm

We are located at
6440 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque NM, 87120
Hope to see you there!

[03/19/12]   Everyones best time for the night.

1-- Cody Neri-- Integra-- 53.51

2-- Keith Nelson-- 240SX-- 59.01

3-- Nick Briggs-- 325i-- 58.73

4-- Kyle Coleman-- Civic SI-- 53.70

5-- Carson Hale-- SC400-- 62.72

6-- Aejandro Aular-- Neon-- 55.69

7-- Brett Webb-- Mazda2-- 52.29

8-- Tony Segley-- Eclipse GST-- 53.50

9-- James Hare-- 350Z-- 76.91

10-- Tom Reynolds-- Genesis-- 52.14

11-- Bryce Jacobi-- Civic SI-- 53.32

12-- Jonny Herrera-- Sentra-- 54.56

13-- Coty Snow-- WRX-- 53.21

14-- Andre Zallas-- Accord-- 59.67

15-- Gabriel Espanosa-- RSX-- 56.52

16-- Katrina Martinez-- Firebird-- 65.99

17-- Cole Talbert-- TL-- 82.58

18-- Nevin Garcia-- Neon-- 58.86

19-- Edgar Ruvalcaba-- STI-- 53.98

20-- Blaine Hutcherson-- Turbo Coupe-- 60.86

21-- Adriana Quintara-- Mazda6-- 67.20

22-- Adam Moss-- Celica GTS-- 66.53

23-- Leo StJean-- Forester XT-- 50.64

24-- William Walter-- Miata-- 56.29

25-- Desmond Spikes-- Maxima-- 79.72

26-- Charls Torrs-- Neon-- 55.81

27-- Eric Madina-- Civic SI-- 58.80

28-- Chris Doyle-- Sentra SER-- 80.72

29-- Cody Carson-- Neon SRT4-- 63.91

30-- Andrew McGibbon-- MR2-- 49.44

31-- Chinh Dao-- Integra-- 62.88

32-- Joe Miera-- Corolla-- 75.35

33-- Al Lerma-- Conquest-- 55.75

34-- Josh Evans-- Prelude-- 59.27

35-- Mark Smotherman-- G35-- 54.09

36-- Josh Alwood-- C10-- 67.93

[03/19/12]   Top 10 Times for the night!
1-- #30-- Andrew McGibbon-- MR2-- 49.44

2-- #23-- Leo StJean -- Forester XT-- 50.64

3-- #10-- Tom Reynolds-- Genesis-- 52.14

4-- #7-- Brett Webb-- Mazda2-- 52.29

5-- #13-- Coty Snow -- WRX-- 53.21

6-- #11-- Bryce Jacobi-- Civic SI-- 53.32

7-- #8-- Tony Segley-- Eclipse GST-- 53.50

8-- #1-- Cody Neri-- Integra-- 53.51

9-- #4-- Kyle Coleman-- Civic SI-- 53.70

10-- #19-- Edgar Ruvalcaba-- STI-- 53.98

[03/19/12]   Thanks to everyone that helped out with this months autocross! We had a great turn out with 36 drivers autocrossing and even more drifting. I am working on posting the lap times for everyones best time, and the top 10 times. Hopefully will be up tonight.
Thanks to everyone who donated to the autocross cones fund. We put a good dent in the cost of the new cones with all the donations, we pulled in just over 10% of the cost of the cones!

[03/14/12]   The cones have arrived! FRIDAY NIGHT IS ON!

[02/03/12]   As a special request, we are asking for donations to help fund the replacement of our cones for our events. As many of you have heard, someone stole our trailer and cones from the location we were storing them at. We lost about 80% of our cones. Praise the Lord that our electrical equipment was not on the trailer. We will be accepting donations at our first event of the year on Friday March 16th.

[02/03/12]   This years autocross season will begin on Friday March 16th. We will be setting up at 4pm and will be racing from 6pm-10pm. As always, we need help with the set up and tear down. Run times, pics and videos will be posted here on this page for your viewing pleasure and bragging rights.
We are located at Sagebrush Community Church
6440 Coors Blvd. NW 87120





6440 Coors Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

7:30am - 12pm
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