Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path



One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God! www.maitreya.org

Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya (not related to other Maitreya groups) has opened the Seven Seals, unified the religions of the world, revealed the full Mystery of God, and fulfilled the prophecies of his coming (expectations of a Prophet, Teacher, or Messiah to come found in most world religions and cultures). For more information on Maitreya's teachings, the prophecies he has fulfilled, etc., see the Mission of Maitreya website: www.maitreya.org We also have a group on Facebook dedicated to answering questions about the Mission (please do not join to argue or push your own ideas, only if you sincerely would like to know more about what Maitreya teaches): http://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnMOM ... In cultures all over the world, there is a legend or expectation of a teaching/teacher that will come in the time of tribulation and great strife on earth to unify humanity and bring peace and tranquility. The great religions of the world also have prophesied such a Revelation/Revealer that will come and explain the mystery of the universe (God), synthesize the religions of the world, and end the old era so the New Order of the Ages (Golden Age) can dawn. This expectation is NOW FULFILLED! In his teachings, Maitreya explains the creation which began eons ago, and how the known history of humanity has evolved in the last 6,000 years (although in actuality it started 12,000 years ago, after the Flood of Noah). This history of the last 6,000 years is explained as a LESSON for humanity and at the same time, a period of PREPARATION for the conjunction which we have now reached. It also explains how SEVEN TRUTHS have been revealed to humanity in this same time period. Each of these truths has been presented to humanity as ONE OR MORE RELIGIONS. The first five of these truths have formed the mystical understanding of the five great religions of the world, namely, Far East religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and any other mystical teaching on earth), Judaism, Christianity, Islam and The Baha'i Faith. Maitreya explains that, although many basic truths are shared with all of them, each of these seven religions have ONE SINGLE OUTSTANDING MESSAGE, which when realized and combined with the six messages from the other truths, a great SPIRITUAL PATH will be revealed, and if followed, human liberation is GUARANTEED! This path is called the "Eternal Divine Path." In his teachings, Maitreya not only reveals a practical path to liberation, but also explains that each religion of the world has made a specific contribution to the greater truth and will realize completeness only when combined with other great religions. He teaches that not only are the great religions of the world not contradictory but actually are COMPLEMENTARY. With these new teachings, a great path (Eternal Divine Path) is revealed, and by accepting this path, humanity can be united and so benefit from all the revelations from God. So this will result in the UNIFICATION OF ALL. Maitreya also explains the reason for differences in some points between these religions. These differences occur because of the PEOPLE to whom the revelations have been revealed, the influence of the PERSONALITY of the Prophet, the misunderstanding of the FOLLOWERS of the Prophet, or the DOGMATIC IDEAS created by the followers. If these discrepancies are put away and the Eternal Divine Path is realized and followed, and if THE ESSENCE of the teaching of Maitreya is understood, then humanity will be unified. He also identifies the source of SUFFERING OF HUMANITY (individually and/or collectively) and gives THE CURE. For more: www.maitreya.org

Mission: 1. To worship and promote the worship of the Almighty God, proclaiming unity of all religions, nurturing of the immortal Souls, reaching out to all the earth to educate humanity through the Revelation of our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, and other materials and literature given by Maitreya and available on our website, www.maitreya.org, as well as through ordained Teachers, that there is One God and all the religions on the earth have come from Him, and to establish Communities of Light based on the teachings of the Church which is the Eternal Divine Path. 2. To make our religious materials available to the general public by means of books, writings, classes, electronic devices, including videos, CDs, TV, Internet, and any and all media made available in which one can participate. 3. To create an environment in which all people, regardless of race, color or creed, can learn to live and worship under One God in one world in unity.


"Sal-Om (we pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you) ...,

Is coronavirus (covid-19) from God?

One thing is clear that: God predicted that at the end time much suffering (Tribulation) shall come to earth (humanity). The question is: Are we at the end time?

For sure all Prophecies regarding this question have already been Fulfilled:

So, if all Prophecies are Fulfilled and we are at the end time, the next question is what happened to the Tribulation and why God will send us the Tribulation? We thought God is LOVE! However, God’s LOVE is a Corrective LOVE and has been at work all through creation and human history (His Story). In order to correct humans, He has predicted He has to shake them up because they are not following Ways that will Lead them back to God. He has no choice but to send Tribulation to wake up humanity. Those who see this and are awakened shall be Saved!

Now the third question is what God wants from us, what is it that we are doing wrong that we must correct? Here is the answer:

God wants humanity to create family units based on a male and female who will create children. He wants them to be Godly and bring up their children Godly. When children grow up, He wants them to follow the example of their parents and continue the family structure. Then there will be their brothers and sisters and their children and so become a large family based on God.

They also will have other such families and so their family will extend to the larger community based on God and His Ways. Such Communities shall be called the Communities Of Light (COLs). Other setups and the governments also should emerge from these bases and BE Godly. Any activities that divert human attention from this setup and God should be discouraged and stopped.

Now let us compare the desire of God from humanity and what humans follow at this end time. Let us see how the Covid- 19 (C19) has stopped the un-Godly activities God does not approve of!

1. (C19): Made many people think more about God than before. Many people now question if this is the Wrath of God (Tribulation). Remember, as the people of Nineveh repented and God forgave them and did not send His Wrath to them, the path is to learn, repent, and go back to God’s Ways!

2. C19: Made more people to spend more time with their family. We are sure, in the long run, they will be closer families with greater family bonds and many more children. That is what God’s Will Is.

3. C19: Closed places that take human attention from family and God to what God wants to happen (refer to number 2). Business, entertainment, and other activities besides home and family should be as minimal as possible. With the virtual world that God has created and the readily available entertainment in the Internet and on TV, the family can enjoy Godly Programs together and do God’s Will even in a greater degree. Even if they do not do it together, all the time, they will be in proximity to one another, and can interact easily and be closer.

4. C19: Has helped to create stronger families and communities. If humanity returns to God’s Ways, such strong Communities can be(come) as self-sufficient as possible. They will not rely on a system over which they have no control. If the centralized system of distributing the necessities of human life fails, there will be unimaginable suffering for them. Communities Of Light shall manage their lives so they will not be as dependent on the central mode of the present systems!

5. C19: Has caused great suffering in nursing homes. Many old people have died there, and the conditions and care is appalling. God wants parents to be attentive, Loving, and Sacrificing for their children, and when they are old, He (God) expects children to do the same for their parents. Sending them to strangers to take care of them, when they do not want to do it themselves, is a sign that they do not really care what happens to their parents. Older people also can be extremely helpful to children. They can teach them much, take care of them, and be a great source of wisdom (if they were brought up well themselves and want to Follow God’s Will)!

6. C19: Rendered powerful nations to be powerless. Many nations are proud of their war machines and their ability to dominate others. What if God uses this virus even in a greater degree and renders such nations (or for that matter, all nations) powerless. Would not that too be amazing as He has already partially done that, and if nations do not learn and would not create Peace and Unity (His Kingdom on earth) He might go further, and all powers would be HUMBLED!

7. C19: Pork-packing plants also have one of the highest numbers of covid-19 infected workers. God clearly has Revealed that pork is not created for human consumption. It is not kosher.

Drop your attachments to your culture, religion, nation, etc. and like the people of Nineveh, repent as a New Prophet has come to you and again God is calling you to return to Him and His ways. The end time is Truly here and the Prophet is legit, with impeccable credentials (all Prophecies are Fulfilled by Him: http://www.maitreya.org/english/PROPHECY.HTM), and more!

If humanity follows our Call (http://www.maitreya.org/english/Letters/Leaders/letter_to_leaders.htm), they shall escape the Tribulations Planned for them. If they will not, the Plan shall go on!

The coronavirus is just a tap on the shoulder!"

- Maitreya (www.maitreya.org)

"Note 1: Another important reason for humanity to come together and create what God has demanded to establish is that: We live in a very dangerous and unstable universe, a universe that humanity knows very little about. There are so many dangers threatening human existence that it is amazing that they (humans) are in the delusion that they are safe and the earth will last forever (or at least for a long time). In fact, it is not "if" the earth shall be destroyed but "when"! Humanity has to come together, combine their resources, and in a peaceful environment, learn about the universe and what will threaten earth and humanity and how to avoid them. With continued petty bickering and lack of vision, as the earth is now, humanity will be destroyed in a not such a distant future! This Revelation is indeed their Salvation.

Note 2: This was a general explanation of what is happening. We are sure there are much more situations that were affected by C19. If you have more ideas on how C19 affected humanity (for example: Air pollution is down, etc.) add them to this list by replying to this post and listing them."





Cultures, and attachment to them, are one of the most powerful obstacles in human's Spiritual Progress!"

- Maitreya (www.maitreya.org)



THOTH Synthesis Session this Sunday!

THOTH Synthesis Session this Sunday!




There is only one Pranayama technique:

Recently we posted a message in Facebook (on this page) about how Pranayama can help to strengthen people's immune system and even help those who have Covid-19 (by breathing deeply and increasing their lung capacity). Apparently, there was a confusion about how many Pranayama techniques are there. The question was: There are many ways to perform Pranayama in India’s Yoga teachings: Is the Mission referring to all of them, and all of them are valid? As it seems in THOTH the word "techniques" (with an "s") is used!

After a long discussion and explanation, the person who asked that question stated:

'I think the greater source of confusion, Maitreya, is how Pranayama is taught nowadays by Hinduism and American yoga. I think anyone who comes to the Mission at this point will assume Pranayama is a whole variety of techniques, unless it is clarified otherwise to them. I would renew my request for a clarifying writing about this from you.'

Here it is the explanation of why Pranayama is recommended and how it is done:

First, why Pranayama is recommended:

Pranayama is performed to awaken the Spiritual Forces, of the kundalini, to the Higher (and eventually Highest) states (chakras) of the practitioner. Originally (in the beginning) it was used to make a person to create greater awareness of The Word (the Name of God: http://www.maitreya.org/english/HOLYNAME.HTM) and eventually become One with It. However, like almost everything else, the Yogis and their practitioners not only have forgotten The Word, they have forgotten what Pranayama was used for and what is the True Purpose of it! Again, like many other things, humanity has forgotten and/or does not Know what they mean. This is now (here) explained to humanity. The Mission indeed has Revealed the Mystery of God to man.

Second, the Only Pranayama Technique:

The slower and the deeper the Pranayama is performed, the more effective it will be. Those who perform it fast (like in some Hatha Yoga) create too much heat in the body, and heat is something a Spiritual aspirant will avoid (the cooler the body the better, especially for young people).

The technique: Close one nostril (depends on if you are right or left-handed) with the thumb. Breath in as deeply as you can inhale. After finishing inhaling, close the open nostril (the one you just inhaled through) with one of your other fingers (usually the middle finger) and exhale through the other nostril and let the air out of your lungs to the max. Then inhale from the same nostril as deeply as you can. Close the nostril you just used (with your thumb) and let the other nostril open at the same time. Breath out from the open nostril (all the way) and inhale as deeply as you can. Close the open nostril, open the other one, breath in and out, close that nostril, etc.

This is the basic technique of Pranayama. However, this is not the most important part. The most important part is to match your breathing in and out with The Word (http://www.maitreya.org/english/HOLYNAME.HTM). However, if you have not been completely initiated by The Word (Name of God) you should use our Universal Mantra to inhale and exhale. Breath in slowly and deeply: Haree Om Shrii Hung (The Goal of life is to Be-come Divine), breath out slowly and deeply: Om Nam Kevalam (That Divinity or God is Everything). Although using the whole Word is the most effective, those who use our universal Mantra will also greatly benefit.

Now the question might arise: Why the "s" is used at the end of Pranayama Technique(s)? The answer is: You can perform this technique by using The Word or HOSH mantra. You can perform it as slowly as you want and/or a little faster. So these can be referred to as many techniques. We are not endorsing all the techniques that are out these. In fact, we discourage rapid breathing that creates too much heat and might damage the brain and chakras.

Someone said: If our teachings are not exactly as Hindus believe, they might not accept it. The answer was: We are not teaching Hinduism (or any other religion). We are teaching the Eternal Divine Path (EDP) We are not concerned about who will join us or who will not. All the old religions have to understand that they are not perfect, and their original teachings have been lost. Hinduism (no religion on earth) does not even know the True Name Of God (The Word, no one would until the Seventh Angel comes). So, we are not here to bend backwards for anyone. If someone does not see these Facts, we Leave them to God. If they resist God: They shall not reincarnated for a long time, no matter who they are. This Mission is not a joke. It is Truly Serious at this time of human existence!"

- Maitreya (www.maitreya.org)




"Sal-Om (we pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you) ...,

Practicing Pranayama and covid-19 virus:

Pranayama is a Spiritual practice of deep breathing, although it also has physical significance. In this time period that we have a virus that affects the lungs and is fatal to those with a compromised immune system and elderly people (who also might have weak lungs and immune systems), the physical benefits might be more useful than Spiritual (although this part also will benefit).

The process of Pranayama is simple: You close one side of your nostril channel with your thumb, breath in deeply and slowly through the open nostril, until you have all of your lungs filled, even the very bottom of the lungs. Breath so deeply that all of your lungs are filled, and your shoulders are pushed to the highest level (even the bottom that is usually used very little). Then you close the open nostril channel that you just inhaled through, with the mid finger, and let the other channel be open. Breathe out deeply (completely empty the lungs so that almost no air is left in the lungs). Then breath in the same way as the first time but through the nostril you just exhaled, very deeply as before. Then you close that channel you just breathed in and open the other one breathing out deeply, and then in, close breath out and in with the other channel, etc. Do this until you feel oxygenated and a little dizzy (maybe between 5 to 10 times).

If you like you can use our Universal Mantra to breath in 'Haree On Shree Hung' (slowly) and then breathe out 'Om Nam Kevalam' (slowly). Our Universal Mantra means: The Goal of life is to be(come) Divine, That Divinity, or God, is Everything. If you are meditating using our Official Mantras (The Word) for the initiate (http://www.maitreya.org/english/HOLYNAME.HTM) you can breathe in and out using that.

Pranayama practice will strengthen your lungs and immune system and so this virus will have less ability to affect you deeply.

TG (Thanks God)."

- Maitreya (www.maitreya.org)

maitreya.org     Maitreya also reveals the true pronunciation of the sacred name of the Lord (Father) and His Son in four initiations.  These names can neither be pronounced nor written in the material world.  When they merge INTO ONE (the Son and the Father become One), it is called THE WORD (), "...but sp...

[04/15/20]   "Sal-Om (we pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you)...,

Continue social distancing!

Even after the Coronavirus pandemic period we suggest humanity to continue the practice of social distancing, as much as possible. This will surely make a much healthier earth and also diseases like Covid-19 will have a harder time to wreak havoc on earth.

One of the easiest and very effective ways to do this is to use our universal greeting (which almost includes all cultures on earth). The process of this greeting is very simple: You bring your hands together (like Indian people in India do, almost like hands together in prayer) and utter Salute-Om (Salute to the Divinity within you = OM). It also is very close to Shalom (in the Jewish faith/culture), Salam (in the Muslim culture), and of course salute which is a universal greeting and wishing for health and prosperity for others.

To make this even simpler, you can abbreviate Salute-Om to Sal-Om.

For more information go to: http://www.maitreya.org/FILES/THOTH/ESSAYS1.HTM/Essays1-1.html#Sal-Om%20(Salute-Om).

We also recommend human activities, as many as possible, to be conducted online. The Mission (of Maitreya) started more than 35 years ago and its activities have been, mostly, online!"

- Maitreya (www.maitreya.org)


Mission Of Maitreya, "Eternal Divine Path"

maitreya.org Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya (not related to other Maitreya groups) has unified the religions of the world, fulfilled the prophecies, and brought the final Revelation of God to humanity.


Mission Of Maitreya, "Eternal Divine Path"

"Sal-Om (we pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you)...,

Do not underestimate the Power of God:

No matter how powerful humans think they are and/or can be in the future, it is nothing in comparison to the Power of God!

Humanity in the 20th century became way more powerful than they have ever been in their history. This has given them the idea that they are powerful enough to put God out of their lives (as people in Babel did). They have created their own tower of ego and want to destroy God and replace Him. Cannot be done!

Humans keep underestimating the Power of God and every time they do that, they pay for it dearly. The only time humans escaped the punishing power of God (Tribulation) was the people of the city of Nineveh. They listened to the Prophet God had sent to them (Jonah), Submitted to the Will of God, and repented of their Un-Godly ways. With these they escaped the destruction of their city and culture. This pandemic (COVID- 19) is not the end of the Tribulation coming to man. It is just a small sample of what is to come if humans do not do what the people in Nineveh did.

With one little virus God has humbled humans and stopped their activities and egoistical pursuance in their tracks. That is the Power of God. Know that if you do not use your powers and what God has given you according to His Will, you shall not succeed and He can destroy what you are so proud of, in a blink of an eye. His True Nature is completely opposite to this approach, however, but His Goal is much more important than being nice.

If your (human’s) Goal in life is not to Be(Come) Divine (follow the Eternal Divine Path), destroy your ego, etc. (our Teachings) you are going against God's Goal (WILL). Repent and Return to His Ways.

This is a call to ALL HUMANITY (THE TRUMPET)!"

- Maitreya (www.maitreya.org)

maitreya.org Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya (not related to other Maitreya groups) has unified the religions of the world, fulfilled the prophecies, and brought the final Revelation of God to humanity.

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