Paradise Hills UM Church ABQ

Paradise Hills UM Church ABQ


Yay!!! Great service, everyone. Thank you to all the gifted musicians that bring their gifts to worship our Awesome GOD! It felt so good to be back with all of you again this week. I really enjoy getting to sing both hymns and contemporary songs. It is a blessing for both sides of my soul. Good stuff ;) Jay, I really enjoyed your children's sermon and the message you and GOD brought to us. It was very hopeful and uplifting ;) GOD bless you guys, all our families, our church, our communities, and our world. GOD is good all the time and all the time, Yes, GOD is good!!! Love you all. xoxo🙏♥️
TBN has Chris Tomlin,Pat Barrett, Matt Maher, etc. It is Awesome!! Tune in with me;) xoxo🙏💓
Take a moment, my brothers and sisters. Sunday is coming!!! I love and miss you all so much. May GOD bless, comfort and keep you and your families safe in HIS arms. xoxo🙏💓
We started attending PHUMC earlier this year and love it! When we moved to the west side last year, I prayed we would be guided to wonderful church. As we often drove past PHUMC, the name Paradise just kept calling me. After a bit of research, we attended a few services, met some of the members, felt extremely welcome and comfortable, loved Pastor Jay's sermons and the weekly format, started to be more involved, and now we are hooked! We thank the Holy Spirit for guding us here and hope more people find their way through these doors!
Will you be having vbs?
For everyone that knows Andrew English he passed away. We will miss him greatly. 😞

Worship Service Times Online at 10 a.m. Until further notice.

Worship Service Times Blended Sunday at 8:00 am Contemporary Sunday at 9:30 am Traditional Sunday at 11:00 am This is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice, and be glad in it! We look forward to seeing you. Please join us in the gathering area for coffee and fellowship following the 8:00am and 9:30am services. The Nursery is available for newborns to 5 years old during all worship services, and for infants up to 2 years old during Sunday School. The Nursery is located in Building 4, near the Fellowship Hall. We invite you to join become a part of the community of Paradise Hills United Methodist Church, where we are called to seek, make, and grow followers of Jesus Christ. Established in 1963, our congregation has a long history of traditions. We offer also contemporary ministries that reach out to a hurting world. Through worship, fellowship, discipleship, and outreach, we seek to serve the needs of our community. Linked Pages:

Dear Paradise Friends,
The last two Sundays Pastor Jay has talked about the wind—when it’s in our face and when it’s
at our back. While we’d probably agree that most of us would rather have the wind at our back,
there are both good things and bad things that can come of difficulties in our lives (wind in our
face) and when we seem to be problem-free (wind at our back). While we are going through a
“wind in our face” time in our nation and in our church, we have had to deal with plenty of
negative things, but there have also been positive things that we have all seen. From my
perspective, it’s been tough not being able to see you and to worship together. But from a
positive perspective, our church has been able to provide quality worship services which
members of our congregation can view, including some who had previously not been able to
attend worship services due to health issues. Another positive is that you have continued to
remain faithful in your giving to the church. I thank you so very much for the tithes and
offerings you have given over the last couple of months.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for being with us through this pandemic. I thank you for
protecting the members of our congregation from the coronavirus, and I thank you for being with
us and comforting us as we have had to separate ourselves physically from one another. Please
bless the offering that will be received this week. Help our church to use the offering to fulfill
our mission of bringing others to a relationship with your son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
and to meet the needs of the community we serve. Please help each of us use our time, our
talents, and our resources to serve you. In Jesus’s name we pray, amen.
I hope that each of you has a wonderful week. Stay safe and healthy!

In Christ’s Love,
Mike Bowman

Sunday May 3 Paradise Hills

5/3/20 Service

Good morning!
Here is the link for today's service. Tap the picture and go! COMMUNION SUNDAY, join us either during service or come by the church between 11:30am and 12:45pm for the parking lot car communion.
See you there.

Isaiah 41:10: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

It is such a blessing from God that he gives us the ability to feel the experience of Him and His love. However, Hebrews 11:1 reminds us to not just rely on those feelings: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Even when we can’t see God, scripture calls us to have faith anyway. God wants us to have confidence in who He tells us that He is, rather than what we can perceive of our circumstances. This includes our feelings.

Even when we don’t feel God, He is still right there. He is with us. He strengthens us. He holds us up by His own hand. With God’s help, we can know this truth in our hearts, even if we cannot at that moment emotionally connect to it.

Following is a prayer to help you through those times.

Dear Father in Heaven,
Thank you for your steadfastness and continual presence in our lives. Sometimes, we can feel you right next to us. But sometimes, it is hard to know that you are there at all. Sometimes life gets so difficult that our hearts just cannot feel you through the pain. Sometimes you take away those feelings so that we may seek you even more fervently. I pray today, Father, that I may rely not on my own feelings but rather on your love for me. May I rely on your Word to be the truth that rules my life over my own understanding. Help me to see you and believe in your character even though my feelings may tell me otherwise. You are kind, you are good, and you are gracious. You are both all-powerful and all-loving. You care deeply for me and for my loved ones. Be with me as I live out these truths no matter what my circumstances are today, Lord, as we walk forward together. I love you and pray all of these things in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

No school shootings.
TRAFFIC is gone.
GAS is affordable.
BILLS extended.
KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES.
PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN.
Hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS, REST, and RELAXATION.
The AIR seems CLEANER.
The WORLD is quieter.
PEOPLE are conscious of HYGIENE and HEALTH.
MONEY doesn't seem to make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore.
DOCTORS AND NURSES are being praised and recognized instead of athletes and celebrities
And WE now have TIME, finally, to STOP and SMELL the ROSES.

I'm pretty sure this was God's way of telling us to slow down and focus on what is important! Amen!🙏

Dear Friends from Paradise,

In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Jay said that our church has been able to distribute some of our Shepherd’s Love Funds to the following: $5000 to Roadrunner Food Bank, $1000 to Rock at NoonDay (formerly Steel Bridge), $1000 to Christian Rehab, and $1000 to Four Corners Native American Ministries. None of this would have been possible without your faithful giving! For the last two years, I’ve led a Bible study that has frequently used video lessons from Ray Vander Laan. In one of the studies, Mr. Vander Laan talked about how God wants us to share His love and His word with others. I loved the way he put it: “We are called to BE the message, not just BRING the message!” Friends, your faithfulness in giving is allowing our church to BE the message! Thank you so much for your continuing to give your tithes and offerings.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the faithful giving our congregation has continued to provide so that we can reach out to meet the needs in our community and state and in doing so, to show Your love. We ask that you help each of us to BE the message to all with whom we come in contact. Please bless the offering that will be received this week, and please help us to use it to meet needs and to show Your love. In Jesus’s precious name we pray, amen.

At our Leadership Board meeting last Monday night (via Zoom), we started discussing how we will “reopen” our church and return to normalcy. When that time comes, things will be different initially as we ensure that we are using good health and safety practices, given that the covid-19 virus will still be present. A committee has been appointed to help us navigate our reopening. I can’t wait to be able to see you in person again!!

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 20. That is the date that we have set aside to celebrate Pastor Jay’s and Laura’s ministries at PHUMC. We will have a luncheon and a special program for them. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. We will provide more information as we get closer to that date.

Also, please continue lifting up Pastor Jay and Pastor Jeanie as they transition from their current churches to their new churches. I know that they will both be blessings in their new church homes.

Stay safe and healthy!

In Christ,
Mike Bowman

College Church Hallelujah Chorus

This should bring a smile to your face, enjoy!

Video created by Adam Billingham. Audio from April 2012 at College Church in Wheaton

Paradise Hills UM Church ABQ's cover photo

Jay Armstrong

Current weekly services on YouTube will be pinned to the top. If you would like to find any of the other services from previous weeks you can us this link.

Sunday April 26 Paradise Hills

April 26th Service
Here is the link for todays service:

Worship at Paradise Hills Church

It’s all in the perception ...

Child - "How old are you, Grandpa?"
Grandpa - "I'm 81, dear."
Child - "So does that mean you were alive during the Coronavirus?"
Grandpa - "Yes, I was."
Child - "Wow. That must have been horrible, Grandpa. We were learning about that at school this week.

They told us about how all the schools had closed. And moms and dads couldn't go to work so didn't have as much money to do nice things.
They said that you weren't allowed to go and visit your friends and family and couldn't go out anywhere.
They told us that the shops and stores ran out of lots of things so you didn't have much bread, and flour, and toilet rolls.
They said that summer holidays were cancelled. And they told us about all those thousands of people that got very sick and who died.
They explained how hard all the doctors and nurses and all essential workers worked, and that lots of them died, too.

That must have been so horrible, grandpa!"

Grandpa - "Well, that is all correct.
And I know that because I read about it when I was older.
But to tell you the truth I remember it differently...

I remember playing in the garden for hours with mom and dad and having picnics outside and lots of bbqs.
I remember making things and fishing with my Dad and baking with my Mom.
I remember making forts and learning how to do hand stands and back flips. I remember having quality time with my family.
I remember Mom's favorite words becoming 'Hey, I've got an idea...'
Rather than 'Maybe later or tomorrow I'm a bit busy'.
I remember making our own bread and pastry. I remember having movie night three or four times a week instead of just one.

It was a horrible time for lots of people you are right.
But I remember it differently."

Remember how our children will remember these times.
Be in control of the memories they are creating right now, so that through all the awful headlines and emotional stories for so many that they will come to read in future years, they can remember the happy times.

Author unknown 💕

Isaiah 25:6-9 English Standard Version (ESV)

6 On this mountain the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples
a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine,
of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined.
7 And he will swallow up on this mountain
the covering that is cast over all peoples,
the veil that is spread over all nations.
8 He will swallow up death forever;
and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces,
and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth,
for the Lord has spoken.
9 It will be said on that day,
“Behold, this is our God; we have waited for him, that he might save us.
This is the Lord; we have waited for him;
let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.”

[04/20/20]   Dear Paradise Friends,

Your faithfulness in giving continues to amaze me! Your ongoing offerings and tithes have allowed us to sustain the church’s ministry, and you have grown the Shepherd’s Love Fund. God bless you!

A big thanks goes to Becky Steinfeld, our church’s Finance Administrator, for all the work that she has done with our finances over the last couple of months! Becky asked me to pass along to you to make your checks payable to PHUMC, and if you wish to specify a specific fund in which you wish all or part of the amount to go, write the instructions on the memo line.

Again, if you or someone you know needs assistance from the church, financial or otherwise, please contact Pastor Jay. We would love to be able to share Christ’s love by helping out.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the faithfulness that our body of believers has shown by continuing giving their tithes and offerings. We ask that you bless these financial gifts and let us know how You want us to use them to show your love to this world. Please direct each of us in how we can use our time, our talents, and our resources to serve you. In Jesus’s name, amen.

I again want to thank Pastor Jay and the musicians who spend significant time each week preparing for and providing such a quality worship service for us. I know that they are helping each of us to draw nearer to our Lord through the worship experience.

As we get closer to the time when the stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, our church board will be discussing how we will “reopen” our church and celebrate being able to gather to worship and fellowship together in our meeting this evening (via Zoom). I can’t wait until I can see you again!

I hope that each of you has a wonderful week and that you stay healthy!

In Christ,
Mike Bowman

April 19 2020 Sunday Worship

Here is the link for the worship service. Be sure and like this post before clicking on the link. That keeps it at the top of the page.

Sunday Worship At Paradise Hills Albuquerque

April 19 2020 Sunday Worship

Today’s worship service is ready to view!

Sunday Worship At Paradise Hills Albuquerque

With the Covid 19 quarantines and social distancing, how do we worship without being in church? Because most people love singing in church, some churches are known and defined by the quality of their singing or the vibrancy of their praise and worship. But, have you ever stopped to consider what the Bible says about worship?

Because most churches begin their services with a time called praise and worship, the order of service probably flows out of Psalm 100:4 which says “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.” With that being said let’s define these terms.

Praise is acknowledging and thanking God for the things he has done in your life. We offer praise to God as thanksgiving, remembering the wonderful works he has done. The word praise in the dictionary means to express warm approval or admiration. When we praise God, we are expressing our admiration to him. But, anyone can give praise. You don’t have to be a Christian to offer praise.

Worship is something different. Though they are often grouped together, worship goes beyond praise. Worship happens when you apply great worth to something or someone. In essence, we worship God not just for the things he has done but because of who he is. Worship is a spiritual act that happens when your spirit connects with God’s Spirit.

Notice what Jesus says in John 4:24: “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.". Because of this requirement, worship is reserved for those who are in fellowship with God. Only those who are born again believers who belong to the body of Christ can truly worship God.

Real worship is not about the songs that you are singing, it is about your spirit connecting. When you understand who God is, when you see his wonder and greatness, when you recognize the awesomeness of his splendor and the beauty of his holiness, then worship will occur.

So during this time of social distancing, you are not separated from God. Worship him daily in your thoughts and prayers and remember this:

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast." When one is saved, he/she has been born again, spiritually renewed, and is now a child of God by right of new birth. Trusting in Jesus Christ, the One who paid the penalty of sin when He died on the cross, is the means to be "born again." "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come!" (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Easter Sunday April 2020

To watch the Easter service replay, click on this link


Easter Worship

Dear PHUMC Friends,

He has risen! He is alive! Hallelujah!! What a great worship service we had Sunday! A
special thank you goes to Pastor Jay and the musicians who worked hard to ensure that the
service glorified God and helped deepen our relationship with our Lord and Savior. A special
thanks also goes to Mary Spurlock for the beautiful banners that she made for the Lenten season!
I hope that each of you continues to be safe and well, and I hope that you are coping well with
the stay-at-home situation. It’s nice to know that the Comforter is with us through this time, and
we are never alone. Thank you to the people who are calling their lists of church attendees each
week to touch base. I have enjoyed the conversations of the people on my list, and I have
learned from them how much they have enjoyed the streaming services. One person said that
due to some medical problems, she had not been in church for a year and had not had
communion. She said that she really appreciated Pastor Jay’s having a communion time in the
Palm Sunday service. This is an example of how our streaming service is meeting a need that we
didn’t even know about.

We have had some more people come to Pastor Jay seeking assistance from the Shepherd’s Love
Fund. What a blessing it is to have some money to help these people in their time of trouble.
Again, if you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact Pastor Jay. Thank you also
for continuing to give your tithes and offerings to the church; you are an incredibly faithful body
of believers!

Heavenly Father, we come to you with thankful, grateful hearts for the unfathomable sacrifice
that Jesus made for us. Such love has never been seen! We rejoice at the empty tomb, for the
resurrection, for Your love for us! We are thankful for the tithes and offering which will be given
this week, and we ask that You bless it and guide us to use it to help us manifest Your love in this world. In Jesus’s precious name, amen.

I hope you have a wonderful week. If there is anything that the church or I can do for you,
please contact Pastor Jay or me. I also ask that you pray for Pastor Jay and Pastor Jeanie
Williams as they wrap up their ministries in their current churches and transition to their new

In Christ,
Mike Bowman

Our Story

WORSHIP SERVICE TIME Until Further notice Online at 10 a.m. @

After 10: a.m. you can still follow the link and watch the worship service. This is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice, and be glad in it! We look forward to seeing you. Please join us in the gathering area for coffee and fellowship following the 8:00am and 9:30am services. The Nursery is available for newborns to 5 years old during all worship services, and for infants up to 2 years old during Sunday School. The Nursery is located in Building 4, near the Fellowship Hall. We invite you to join become a part of the community of Paradise Hills United Methodist Church, where we are called to seek, make, and grow followers of Jesus Christ. Established in 1963, our congregation has a long history of traditions. We offer also contemporary ministries that reach out to a hurting world. Through worship, fellowship, discipleship, and outreach, we seek to serve the needs of our community. Linked Pages:

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March 29 Worship at Paradise Hills Church
Sunday, March 22 Worship at Paradise Hills Church




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