St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Albuquerque, NM)

St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Albuquerque, NM)


Christ is risen! Services for St. George, our patron saint, will take place tomorrow morning, April 23rd. Orthros: 8:30 am Divine Liturgy: 9:30 am You can participate via the church's live-stream, either on our website ( or our YouTube page.
The faithful of all ages are learning to chant!
Χρόνια πολλά, και καλή εορτή! Many years to everyone in Albuquerque for the patronal feast!
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Come and experience the fullness of the Christian faith! Join us for our liturgical services Orthros on Sundays at 8:00 am, Divine Liturgy on Sundays at 9:00 am

Mission: To witness the love of the Holy Trinity in our Church, in our families and in our lives.

Operating as usual

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, O God of every merciful kindness and compassion, Whose mercy is without measure, and Whose love for mankind is an unfathomable deep! Falling down before Your greatness, with fear and trembling as unworthy servants, and humbly rendering thanksgiving unto Your loving-kindness for Your benefits bestowed upon us, we glorify, praise, hymn and magnify You as Lord, Master and Benefactor, and falling down again we thank You! We humbly pray to Your ineffable merciful kindness: as You have now accepted and fulfilled our supplications, so also grant that henceforth we may increase in true love of You and in all virtues, and that we may ever offer thanksgiving unto You and glorify You, together with Your unoriginate Father, and Your most holy and good and consubstantial Spirit. Amen.

We suffer because we have no humility and we do not love our brother.
From love of our brother comes the love of God.
People do not learn humility, and because of their pride cannot receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, and therefore the whole world suffers.
+ (St. Silouan the Athonite, Writings, XVI.4,6)

Where the Savior is named, there every demon is driven out. Again, who has ever so rid men of their natural passions that fornicators become chaste and murderers no longer wield the sword and those who formerly were craven cowards boldly play the man? In a word, what persuaded the barbarians and heathen folk in every place to drop their madness and give heed to peace, save the faith of Christ and the sign of the cross? What other things have given men such certain faith in immortality as have the Cross of Christ
and the resurrection of His body?
St Athanasius the Great On the Incarnation, Chapter 8, 50

By Your Cross, O Christ our Savior, death's dominion has been shattered; the devil's delusion destroyed. The human race, being saved by faith, always offers You a song. All has been enlightened by Your Resurrection, O Lord. Paradise has been opened again. All creation, praising You, always offers You a song.

We glorify the power of the Father and the Son. We praise the authority of the Holy Spirit: the undivided, uncreated Godhead, the consubstantial Trinity which reigns forever. We bow down in worship before Your precious Cross, O Christ, and we glorify and praise Your Resurrection, for by Your wounds we have all been healed.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen

The Tree of true life was planted in the place of the skull, and upon it, eternal King, You have worked salvation in the midst of the earth. Exalted today, it sanctifies the ends of the world. Angels in heaven greatly rejoice, and men upon earth make glad, crying aloud with David and saying: "Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His footstool, for He is holy and grants the world great mercy!"

The Cross is exalted; the demons are driven away. The thief opens the gates of Paradise; death is slain and openly despised, as Christ is magnified. Therefore, rejoice, all those born on earth, for the curse has been lifted.

Come, all who love God, beholding the exaltation of the precious Cross, let us magnify it together, giving glory to the one Deliverer and God as we cry aloud: "As You were crucified on the wood of the Cross, do not turn from us who pray to You!"

As we, the faithful, ever make the sign of the Cross mystically in our hearts, we are saved by its might.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen

By the tree was Adam forced to depart from paradise; but by the Tree of the Cross was the thief made to dwell in paradise. For the one by tasting, broke the commandment of the creator; while the other, crucified with Him, confessed the hidden God, crying out: Remember me in Your kingdom!

O Lord Who was lifted up upon the Cross, Who has destroyed the power of death and as God has destroyed the record of our sins, grant also the repentance of the thief unto us who faithfully serve You and cry out to You, O Christ God Who alone loves mankind: Remember us also in Your kingdom!

On the Cross You tore asunder with the spear the record of our sins; and, numbered among the dead, You bound the tyrant of hades, O Lord Who loves mankind, Who by Your resurrection has delivered all from the bonds of hades. Thereby have we been illumined, and we cry to Your: Remember us also in Your kingdom!

O You Who alone art immortal, Who was crucified and as almighty did arise from the tomb on the third day, and has raised up Adam, the first created: Vouchsafe that I also may turn to repentance with my whole heart, and may ever cry out to You with fervent faith: Remember me, O Savior, in Your kingdom!

For our sake He Who is without passion became a man subject to the passions; and, nailed of His own will to the Cross, He has raised us up with Himself. Wherefore, we glorify His Cross, passion, and resurrection, whereby we have been refashioned and whereby we also are saved, who cry out: Remember us also in Your kingdom! Amen.

O Lord and Master who loves mankind:

give us intellect to understand You;

give us reason to discern You;

give us diligence to seek You;

give us wisdom to find You;

give us a heart to meditate upon You;

give us ears to hear You;

give us eyes to see You;

give us a tongue to proclaim You;

give us patience to wait for You;

give us perseverance to look for You.

O Lord, guide instruct, uphold, strengthen and confirm us on the unshakable rock of the Faith, the rock of Your divine commandments, so that having put off the old man of sin and put on the new man in Christ, we may live the remaining time of our life in chastity, holiness, justice, piety and in God pleasing manner and be made worthy of Your Heavenly Kingdom; may we all attain this through the prayers of Your most pure Mother and of all Your saints. Amen.

Now the Church of Christ greatly rejoices, for she has you and your holy children as her pride and joy, and cries out extolling you, "My sacred boast are you, O wise Saint, together with the holy relics of your daughters, which we all revere." Glorious of ascetics bow down, adoring you! We all glorify Christ Who was crucified on you!

As the Psalm says, you grew as a fruitful olive tree in the courts of the Lord, O Sophia, righteous Saint; and you offered unto Christ, by contests of martyrdom, the blessed offspring of your womb, as if sweet and pleasing fruit, Faith, Hope and Love, your three daughters. Now we entreat you to pray Him, on behalf of us who honor you.

Now the Church of Christ greatly rejoices, for she has you and your holy children as her pride and joy, and cries out extolling you, "My sacred boast are you, O wise Saint, together with the holy relics of your daughters, which we all revere." Glorious Martyrs, Sophia, Faith, Hope and Charity, to Christ our God pray fervently, entreating Him to save our souls. Amen.

Today we have assembled to praise and honor the memory of illustrious Euphemia. For, since she held on to the definition of true and Orthodox belief, which she received from the Fathers, she made the Orthodox famous.

The choirs of the Fathers have assembled today, for the sake of Christ; and they bring you the Tome of the Orthodox Faith, O all famed Euphemia. You have taken it into your honorable hands, and you preserve it till the end. We also, the choirs of mortals, have come together, to honor your contest, and piously we sing to you: Rejoice, O all-famed one, for you kept the Orthodox Faith, which was delivered to us by the Fathers, free of harm.

The church of the all-famed Euphemia has become a Garden of Paradise, for it has in its midst a tree of immortality, namely her holy body. Whoever enjoys its luscious fruit is quickly sanctified. They marvel when they see that a dead body pours out blood, as if alive, spreading a fragrance on all. So, everyone, eagerly come with me, the lowly one, and let us be cleansed of every stain, and let us embrace it, and profit by the grace of her miracles.

All praised Euphemia, you completed your struggle well! Even after death, you pour out healing on us for our sanctification. We stand beside your venerable relics to honor your holy dormition that we may be delivered in faith from the weaknesses of our nature and profit by the grace of your miracles!

To the Orthodox you brought elation, to the unorthodox, humiliation, O Euphemia, the beautiful virgin of Christ. For what the Fathers of the Fourth Ecumenical Synod decreed well as dogma you ratified. Pray to Christ our God, O glorious Martyr, fervently, entreating Him to grant us His great mercy. Amen.

Am I a soldier of the cross, A follower of the Lamb?And shall I fear to own His cause, Or blush to speak His name? Must I be carried to the skies On flowery beds of ease, While others fought to win the prize,
And sailed through bloody seas? Are there no foes for me to face? Must I not stem the flood? Is this vile world a friend to grace, To help me on to God? Sure I must fight if I would reign; Increase my courage, Lord;
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, Supported by Thy Word. Thy saints in all this glorious war Shall conquer, though they die; They see the triumph from afar,
By faith's discerning eye. When that illustrious day shall rise, And all Thy armies shine In robes of victory through the skies, The glory shall be Thine.
To the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

The Lord accomplished our salvation by His death on the Cross: on the Cross He tore up the handwriting of our sins; through the Cross He reconciled us with our God and Father; and through the Cross He brought down upon us grace-filled gifts and all heavenly blessings. But this is the Lord's Cross itself. Each of us becomes a partaker of its salvific power in no other way than through our personal cross. When the personal cross of each of us is united with Christ's Cross, the power and effect of the latter is transferred to us and becomes, as it were, a conduit through which every good gift and every perfect gift (James 1:17) is poured forth upon us from the Cross of Christ. From this it is evident that the personal cross of each of us, is as essential to the work of salvation as the Cross of Christ.
St. Theophan the Recluse

As the Cross is lifted on high, it urges all of creation to praise the undefiled Passion of Christ, Who was lifted up on it. For by the Cross He killed the one who killed us, and brought us back to life when we were dead. He adorned us in beauty, and in His compassion made us worthy to live in heaven. Therefore we rejoice and exalt His name, and magnify His infinite condescension.

Moses prefigured you, O precious Cross, when he stretched out his hands on high, and put the tyrant Amalek to flight. You are the boast of the faithful, the support of those who suffer, the glory of the Apostles, the champion of the Righteous, and the preservation of all the Saints. Therefore, beholding you raised on high, creation rejoices and celebrates,

glorifying Christ Who has joined together through you that which was divided in His infinite goodness.

O most venerable Cross, attended by ranks of rejoicing Angels, as you are exalted today at the divine command, may you lift up again all those who through the stolen food had been cast out and were sunk in death. Therefore, as we venerate you in faith with heart and lips, we draw sanctification from you and cry aloud: "Exalt Christ, the God transcendent in goodness, and venerate His divine footstool!"

Come, all you nations, let us fall down in worship before the blessed Tree, by which eternal justice has come to pass! For he who deceived Adam by a Tree is caught by the lure of the Cross; and he who held under his tyranny the creature endowed by God with royal dignity is brought down in a headlong fall. The serpent's venom is washed away by the blood of God, and the curse of just condemnation is undone when the Just One is condemned by an unjust judgment. For it was fitting that the Tree should be healed by a Tree, and that by the Passion of the passionless God what was wrought on the Tree should destroy the passions of man, who was condemned. But glory to Your dread dispensation for our sakes, O Christ the King, through which You have saved us all since You are good and the Lover of mankind! Amen.

Exaltation of the Cross - Orthros and Liturgy

Orthros and Divine Liturgy for the Exaltation of the Cross will take place at 8:30 am (Orthros), 9:45 am (Procession of the Cross) and 10:00 am (Divine Liturgy).

You can participate via the live stream via our YouTube channel:

Or on our parish website, which includes the text of the service:

You can read more about the feast here: Text of the service: Learn about the feast: https://www.johnsanido...

Live Streaming With English and Greek Service Book – Coronavirus Resources

Vespers for the Exaltation of the Cross will begin shortly, at 5 pm.

You can participate via the live stream via our YouTube channel:

Or on our parish website, which includes the text of the service: HomeCoronavirus Resources Discovery ClassParish CalendarLive Streaming With English and Greek Service BookOnline Narthex (Below livestream) Tap Here for YouTube Live Streaming Church services are once again open for in-person attendance! To register to attend a service, simply click here,Or call our...

Sunday Orthros and Liturgy

Sunday Orthros and Divine Liturgy will take place at 7:45 am (Orthros) and 9:00 am (Divine Liturgy).

You can participate via the live stream via our YouTube channel:

Or on our parish website, which includes the text of the service: Follow along with the service:

We magnify You in songs of praise, O incarnate Christ and Savior. By accepting the Cross and death for our sake, as the Lord and Lover of mankind, You overthrew the gates of hell, and arose on the third day, saving our souls.

By being pierced in the side, O Lover of mankind, You have poured out drops of life and salvation for all. By accepting death in the flesh, You have granted us immortality. You have freed us by being placed in the tomb, and have resurrected us with Yourself in glory, as God. Glory to You, O Lord and Lover of mankind!

Your crucifixion and descent into hell are awesome, O Lover of mankind. You have captured it, releasing the ancient prisoners. You have opened Paradise and given it to us. Grant us purification of sins, who glorify Your Resurrection on the third day! Make us worthy of Paradise and save us, O Lover of mankind!

For our sake, You accepted death in the flesh, to rise from the dead on the third day. Heal us from our earthly passions, and restore us from our evil transgressions; and save us, O Lover of mankind!

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Saturday Vespers

Saturday Vespers will begin shortly, at 5 pm.

You can participate via the live stream via our YouTube channel:

Or on our parish website, which includes the text of the service: Follow along with the service text:

September 14 — Orthodox Christian Education Resources — Universal Exaltation of the Cross — Saint Kosmas Orthodox Christian Education Association

A few resources for contemplation this weekend as we prepare to celebrate Monday's Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross... Christine Hall September 14, 2020 Orthodox Christian Education Resources for September 14 Christine Hall September 14, 2020 LESSON FOR CHILDRENILLUSTRATED SYNAXARIONHYMNOGRAPHYSCRIPTUREBOOKS FOR CHILDRENCOLORING PAGESAUDIOSVIDEOSThe Annual Visit of the Holy Cross(Fr. Peter Heers, Postcards from Gree...

Most glorious wonder! The unwedded Mother of God springs forth from a childless and barren womb, as a stem bearing a flower, coming from the righteous Joachim and Anna. Therefore, the councils of the Prophets and the whole assembly of the Patriarchs, rejoice at her nativity!

David rejoices and Jesse dances! Levi is magnified and the righteous Joachim leaps in spirit! The barrenness of Anna is openly loosed by your birth, O pure Mary. The company of Angels and all mortals call your divine womb blessed, O unwedded One.

Rejoice, union of earth with heaven!
Rejoice, temple of the Lord!
Rejoice, unwedded Mother!

You have most gloriously loosed Anna's barrenness and by your birth have given remission of sins to mortals.

Rejoice, all-immaculate one!
Rejoice, divine temple!
Rejoice, tabernacle in which our Creator and Lord made His dwelling place! Amen.

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