Veil By Tradition

FREE CHAPEL VEIL/ CATHOLIC MANTILLA, invitation to sisters in Christ to promote the Roman Catholic tradition of women veiling at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass & in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist!

A outreach mini-apostolate to catechize Catholic women and girls on the theology of the veil, promoting this beautiful pious devotion through tradition to bring back reverence a Holy Mass, Adoration, Marian and Christ The King processions. Distributes 20+ color veils for FREE , the *$5 s&h, no taxes, includes catechetical pamphlet that contains nothing contrary to Catholic teaching. All practicing faithful Catholic women and girls ***ought*** to veil at Mass if they understand the theology of the veil.

Grandma "Abuelita" is Church Lady Extraordinaire!! She's been around for 2,000 years, and her ancestral peeps even before then! Grandma is doing her little part in fostering the pious Catholic tradition of women wearing the veil. A tradition can't die if it is carried on! VEIL BY TRADITION is a one-Granny mini-ministry bringing women closer to Christ one head at a time. Humility, Humility, Humility. Women play a SPECIAL and ESSENTIAL role in The Church.

Mission: Roman Catholic Church, reverence, Holy Mother Church, Holy Mass, 'little 't' tradition," mantilla, veil, chapel veil.

Catholic Modesty

Hats are great too!!

This is AWESOME!!!!


About a 20 min listen.

Check out for more Audio and PDF titles.

SALMON/PEACH color Sheer Rose lace pattern.

Traditional Catholic Femininity

God gives you a little nudge....

Thank you to the Fit, Fearless and Faithful Mom for linking to my website.
It warms my heart to see REAL Catholic women who are faithful to veiling, as our Lady would.

ELVIS PRESLEY and veiled ladies at Mass 1969.

This scene captures the transition from TLM to NO in history in a movie.
The “Fruits of V-II” have seeds, and today we are seeing a reversion back to Reverence!

Dr.Taylor Marshall writes, “The video above is the from the 1969 film “Change of Habit” starring Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore who plays a nun. Please take a moment to watch the video before reading what follows below.
This liturgy is what was considered by some as “cool” and “relevant” during the late 1960s. The Mass depicted on screen here is not the 1962 Missal since it depicts lay people “carrying the gifts” to the altar.

Prior to this time, the laity did not enter past the altar rail except for one very important sacrament – matrimony. This marital entry into the inner sanctum symbolized that the couple were like a new Adam and new Eve embarking on a grace-filled union to be fruitful and multiply. Regrettably this symbolism has been lost – probably since 1965
Ominously, this film foretells the exodus of consecrated women from the religious life in the context of liturgical changes and updates. This video pretty much says it all. I find it interesting how the presumably secular director prophetically captured the problem by showing the vocational angst of Mary Tyler Moore while interchanging scenes from traditional images of Catholicism (saint statue, crucifix, statue of Mary) with the novelties of the era (Elvis, guitars, dancing Gospel choir).”

For Dr. Marshall's mention of the above, click

For the entire movie, click
For the scene of Elvis singing LET US PRAY click

Married Priests: IMMINENTLY😫
Ordination of Women: IMPOSSIBILITY
Veiling Ladies: IMMACULATELY


Let our Blessed Mother help us to pray with her and to pray like her ,,🙏✝️🙏

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MARCH FOR LIFE @ DC Catechizing on the theology of the veil with OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE, Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of God, His first Tabernacle, our ultimate icon and guide to perfect, traditional catholic femininity.

Enjoy the pictures of mission in action catechizing everywhere we went! Join us next year!

[01/27/20]   cristinaballestero
“I wanna tell a story about the time I met Kobe Bryant. I was sitting in the very back of Holy Family Cathedral in Orange, CA, on a WEEKDAY mass. At the time I was very into wearing veils and on this particular day I had a scarf I used as veil. Right as mass begins I see a huge shadow in my right peripheral vision and hear a decently loud creak from probably a big man. I double took to see... it was KOBE BRYANT IN THE SAME PEW AS ME ON THE OTHER END! I just went about my normal praying and singing as usual cause he like all of us came to pray. Thank God I had the veil so I could stay focused on Jesus not this insanely talented Basketball player my whole family has looked up to and watched our whole lives. As we went up to communion, he waited for me to go. If you grew up in the Catholic Church, you understand this is a respectful thing men do in church as a sign of respect to women. He said I have a beautiful voice. I said thank you and went up to communion. @marydallal @mandymissyturkey and a couple other friends saw him standing behind me going to receive Jesus. And we talked about it after mass and freaked out together. It was such a cool experience to receive Jesus right before him, and also, to walk up to receive Jesus together. It was also cool to see him come for a weekday mass. He said in his GQ interview how a Catholic Priest helped him through the tough time he went through in the media. He also talks about how his faith is important. His most inspiring trait was his decision to turn to his faith in God and receive God’s mercy and to be a better man after a regretful decision. Him and his wife do so much great work with their foundation. I’m heartbroken at the news of his death, alongside his daughter Gianna. My prayers go out to his Family, friends and loved ones. Eternal rest grant unto him, and her oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they Rest In Peace, Amen. We love you Kobe & Gianna. 💔”

Consecration of Virgins Living in the World From a gift to a blessing.

St. Agnes, virgin and martyr - patron Saint of young girls.
There is a GROUNDSWELL among the holy youth!

Almighty and eternal God, you choose the weak things of the world to confound the strong. May the virgin martyr Agnes intercede for us who celebrate her feast. Through our Lord... Collect for the January 21 in the 1962 Missal. January 21 is the memorial of St. Agnes, virgin and martyr - patron Saint of young girls.

Catholic bishop defends allowing ‘ordination’ of Episcopalian female ‘bishop’ inside Catholic church

“Ecumenism” is GREASING THE WHEELS on Holy Ground. Yikes!

Catholic Ladies...Veil Up!: It’s an antidote to diabolical disorientation.

No “ordained” woman would dare submit to the order of God’s creation by wearing a chapel veil. They want to be equal to men but they just can’t be FATHERS. It’s that simply profound. The Episcopalian Church also supports same-sex marriage and the LGBT cause.

Hey, doilies anyone?

Catholic Modesty

TOTALLY worth your time. Sit and read full article w/a coffee break:
...”Women can never carry out a ministry in the person of Christ. Women cannot be ordained deacons either, because all other ranks of ordained ministry are ordered after the ministry of the High Priest. Women’s role is fashioned after that of the Spouse of Christ, the Church, who is the fruitful mother of souls that are borne to Him. “

"Catholic woman: We’ve been used and betrayed by various revolutions. Here’s how we fight back
The culture of death has targeted women to aid in the destruction of morality. It’s time for the counter-revolution."

MARCH FOR LIFE, DC. Jan 24, 2020. Hello New Mexico Catholic Ladies! Join us as we process with OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE. See you there!

National Shrine:
The annual (2019) Memorial Mass for Father Vincent R. Capodanno, MM, United States Navy Chaplain and Vietnam War hero, on the 52nd anniversary of his death on a battlefield in Vietnam. His Excellency, the Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, J.C.D., Archbishop for the Military Services, USA was the celebrant and homilist.

Regina Magazine

Explains TLM and NO terminology to kids-just so they know 😇.
“Loved your veil demo,” says Grammy!


The modernist clerics' worst nightmare come true! How are they going to argue that the Mass is 'boring, out-dated and only for old weirdos' with THIS?

What really happened to the veil besides that the “black habits were often uncomfortably hot to wear”?

“The sisters do not expect there will be women priests in the Catholic church in their lifetime but Sister Diana is fine with anyone who would seek that position though it would not be something she would want.”

Double YIKES -can’t be wishy-washy on being fine!!


Just precious!!!

Chuck Zimmerman, center, of Poynette, tends to his daughters -- from left, Virginia, 7, Beatrice, 5, and Kateri, 10 -- during the funeral Mass for Bishop Robert C. Morlino who died Nov. 24, at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church in Madison, Wis., Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018.

Archbishop Pierre the Vatican ambassador-apostolic nuncio-to the U.S., Cardinal Mueller, Cardinal Chaput, ArchB Aquila, said Mass at FOCUS SLS20 conference for over 8,000 Catholic University Students this past week in Phoenix. V byT was one of many sponsors and catechizing on the Theology of the veil!
Kansas University chics at New Year Eve: YOU GO GIRLS!!

RANCHOS GUALALUPANAS @ St. Francis De Asis Church in Ranchos De Taos, Taos, New Mexico. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!
(VbyT OLG green color chapel veil).

In The Philippines. Circa 1800s.

Ganito ang suot dati kapag magsisimba ang mga kababaihan :)

Photo credits to DML PHOTO
photo colorized by truly yours..

SSPX News: Society of St. Pius X

In the name of secularism in public areas, a Catholic nun was refused access to a retirement home because she wanted to keep her habit. The media coverage of the case has once again demonstrated the contradictions of the 1905 law and the duplicity of a part of the political class that intends to give equivalent treatment to Islam and Catholicism.

Raising the next generation of “church ladies” under Mary’s mantel. Too cute!

Preparing for the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe...

Catholic Media

We Need to Talk about the way Women Dress at the Latin Mass

Lizzie Reezay

Part 2

NEW VIDEO!!! 50 Reasons Catholic Women Veil at Mass!

DO I VEIL AT MASS? | Catholicism and Chapel Veils

GO LIZZIE! Reaching & Teaching your audience. Great job!!

The Catholic theology of Veiling!!! Buy theology books on my Amazon affiliate page & you'll be donating to my channel:

SHOCKED?! This is nothing “new.”
#weartheveil -it’s an antidote to all this confusion. Pray for all the “Susans” trying to fully understand God’s Divine Order.


Susan from the Parish Council takes her rightful place on her way as a crucifer -- one step closer to becoming a Deaconess.

Spotted in North Carolina recently. Yep, in a Catholic Church.

Papa Frank!!!
The church ladies are praying for you 25/8/366 overtime!!

...immaculate baby steps...

En la Misa Tradicional celebrada en la Basílica de San Pedro durante la peregrinación Summorum Pontificum.

American women evangelize Rome with the traditional Latin Mass

You go girls! Promoting this TLM book during the Amazon Synod happenings...

“Would you like to see the book Treasure and Tradition make its way into the hands of someone around the globe who might not otherwise have found it?

We are currently assembling a grassroots effort to distribute copies of this book in English, Spanish and Portuguese during the Pan-Amazon Synod in October, but we need your help to make this a reality!

To help us out, we ask first of all that you pray for the success of this endeavor!

If you would like to volunteer to distribute copies in Rome during the Synod, or can help us with planning or logistics, please contact us.

And to sponsor the cost of the copies we will be distributing, you can either contribute to our WonderWe project here, or you can simply add this "product" to your cart for each $5 increment you'd like to donate.

Here's the best part: if you donate at least $25 (i.e. add 5 of these $5 donations to your cart), you automatically get $5 off when you order your own copy! So by sponsoring a stranger's copy, you can save money on your own!

Thank you for your generosity and God bless you!”

In this special report, meet two homeschooling moms that have taken Rome by storm. The New Evangelization with an ancient twist!


She won’t leave the house without it...

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Be still my heart
My daughters reflect the values of my wife and I.

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Quiz: No Italian Catholic Has Scored 13/15 On This Test. Can You?

Could of been 100 questions for more holy fun! Maybe 1,000 to levitate! Are you as holy as you think you are? Prego!

Pray for their conversion to Catholicism.
Baby steps...Kim: Keep Going!!

@kimkardashian 🙏🕊 “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.” -Saint John Paul II
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Holy veil? Read the captions on this video. Very informative.

...”More specifically, I believe it will depend mostly on faithful and courageous Catholic women. They are the living icons of the Church, the bride of Christ, and they, in union with Mary, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church, will birth anew, in the Holy Spirit, a holy Body of Christ.” -
Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap.

A veil lives on for SUSAN OF THE PARISH COUNCIL. (Check out this page for fun!)
There is HOPE!
Toodles for now. Wink, Wink!
P.S. There’s a gorrrrrgeous silver mantilla just one for you, Susan! (pm me!)

BVM pray for us!
She shows us the way, ladies!
Reclaim it!
Request any quantity!
(s&h nominal)

**NEW** Yellow (Sheer Rose)!

**NEW** Sheer Rose BABY PINK!!
Request any quantity for anyone interested in promoting this beautiful feminine devotion!

Our Story

Grandma "Abuelita" is Church Lady Extraordinaire!! She's been around for 2,000 years, and her ancestral peeps even before then! Grandma is doing her little part in fostering the pious Catholic tradition of women wearing the veil. A tradition can't die if it is carried on! VEIL BY TRADITION is a one-Granny mini-ministry bringing women closer to Christ one head at a time. Humility, Humility, Humility. Women play a SPECIAL and ESSENTIAL role in The Catholic Church.

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