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Just Awesome Testimony of His Church

Fellowship Bible Church of NWA's Easter Celebration (Quarantine Edition) "And they sang a new song, saying: 'You are worthy to take the scroll and to open it... | Live Sermons & Sermon Audio Streaming

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Easter!! We are one week closer to things being back to "normal", but we still get to celebrate our faith in God and His Son, Jesus!

We will once again have our Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:45 via telephone Conference Call. I think everyone who has taken part has been blessed and I hope you will too. It is very easy. Just dial the number and access code listed below, followed by the # symbol. I will be waiting for you!

Join the conference call:

Dial-in number: (712) 432-0900
Access code: 486197

For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text "Help" to the Dial-In number above. Message and data rates may apply.

I have also attached the Bulletin for this Sunday for your use, even if you are kept from joining us on Sunday.

I continue to make my message for the week available for you, and this Easter Sunday is no different! I trust God will bless and speak to you through it. There are a couple of ways you can access it.

1. One way is to go online from any device to Once there, click on the For The Public tab,
then the Sermon and Ministry Search tab. Scroll down and search search by "Ministry/organization" for Rev. Scott
Tafoya. Scroll down to the bottom and click Go. You will see the message title listed, Our Faith In God Gives Us What We
Need. Click on that and enjoy! You can also search for it by Topic/Keyword.
2. The easiest way is to download their app,, and search for the same information. The logo has a white circle, with
an orange square inside.

Be sure and listen to the invitation song afterword (See the link on the video sermon or the bulletin) to bring the message home for you.

We have also started Wednesday prayer services at 7 pm by Conference Call, using the same number above.

As always, I am available to talk, pray or otherwise help you during this time. I would love to hear your voice or even "face-time" with you!


Pastor Scott is the largest provider of sermons and sermon audio services for Churches and Nonprofits. Check out our archive of over 1,000,000+ sermons!

Larnelle Harris, Sandi Patty - I've Just Seen Jesus [Live]

This always blesses my heart

Larnelle Harris, Sandi Patty - Official Video for 'I've Just Seen Jesus [Live]', available now! Buy the full length DVD/CD 'Kennedy Center Homecoming' Here: ...

Easter Pastor Prayer Gathering: A Special Global Event | Hosted by Pastor Rick and Kay Warren

This will be a great blessing to you this week!

Now more than ever, it’s time for the Church to be the Church. No matter the circumstances or how we gather, the message of Easter remains the same: Jesus is...

Easter Pastor Prayer Gathering: A Special Global Event | Hosted by Pastor Rick and Kay Warren

Take some time this week and join in prayer as we prepare for Easter and pray for our current crisis.

Now more than ever, it’s time for the Church to be the Church. No matter the circumstances or how we gather, the message of Easter remains the same: Jesus is...

Find Food

The following is some information that might help folks during this time:

Food: Road Runner Food Bank

You can also call 311 to access food banks in each of 4 quadrants in the city. FOOD ASSISTANCE NEAR YOU All of us need help sometimes. Do you need help with food? Roadrunner® Food Bank of New Mexico is here to help. Please use our food assistance line or online food assistance tool below to receive help from Roadrunner Food Bank and our network of member partners across New M...

[03/20/20]   Schedule meetings to start 15 or 45 minutes past the hour rather than on the hour. Carrier networks are less congested at these times. If you could please post this final tip out to your social networks it would be a huge help. Please use the hashtag #15or45. This will help not just us and our fellow conferencing companies but everyone in the United States who is trying to use phone networks.

Coronavirus - BCNM: Baptist Convention of New Mexico

To our church family,

I hope all are well in both body and spirit this afternoon. I wanted to communicate with everyone regarding adjustments in our church activities influenced by the current status of the Coronavirus.

This does seems to be a serious health threat to those age 60 and above or those whose health is compromised. Accurate testing in the U.S. does not seem to be taking place, and people without symptoms or who are not very sick, may spread the virus if they are not careful enough to follow recommended protocols. While panic and negative hype are not the right response to this current crisis, common sense and faith in our loving God are what we want to guide our church response to this. It is good to hear that China seems to be past the worst of their outbreak already and one news agency reported a substantial number of people in the world who have already recovered from the Coronavirus.

That being said, after watching news broadcasts to gain a balanced and factual perspective; taking note of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's Executive Order declaring a Public Emergency; reading responses and taking note of decisions from other churches, our own state denomination and other local organizations; and consulting some of our own key church leaders, we have decided to "err on the side of caution" regarding our church activities.

As a result the following decisions have been made affecting the next 3 Sundays, unless an earlier "green light" is given to us.

Cancel Sunday AM Biblestudy and Worship (The Menaul
School as of Thursday, was still open)
Cancel Sunday PM Worship
Cancel March 29th Potluck and Ministry Meeting. (Will be
Cancelled: The Native Awakening: Hearing God's Call event
at Del Norte Baptist Church and scheduled for
April 3-4 has been cancelled by the BCNM
Cancelled: The conducting and our participation in the Sunday
ministry to The Rock at Noonday on March 22nd.
The Rock at Noonday is temporarily discontinuing
Sunday ministry and will re-evaluate April 1st.

Our own Baptist Convention of New Mexico has some good information and links for you to make use of to stay informed and cope with this unique time in our lives:

Please stay in touch with us by phone, email, text and Facebook. And I would ask those of us in leadership to do the same tools with those under our spiritual care, meeting face to face only at your mutual discretion. I will try to keep providing some spiritual food through the weeks. I have just started a series on Christians Suffering, that is very appropriate for this current environment of "self-imposed quarantining", and searching for toilet paper and kleenex, so look for those messages to continue coming as we lead up to Easter Sunday, on April 12th.

As always, if you have a question or a need I can help with as your pastor please reach out to me. Due to the closing of the schools for the next 3 weeks, I may have more time on my hands, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Pastor Scott
Cell 505-331-2897 A wise man once said, “A crisis is a great opportunity to learn more about one’s self.” Our world and nation seem to be trembling with hysteria regarding the COVID-19 virus. As believers, hysteria is not the solution. The real solution lies in faith and prudence. I have had calls from pastors ...

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

ISAIAH 40:31

Nidi Diyin God
yiba' ádaat'éii éí
biinéí nídaadleełgo
dabidziil doo;
atsá nahalingo wót'ááh
nídahodidleeh doo; ahaa
yikahgo doo ch'ééh
dadikáah da doo, índa
deíjeehgo doo ch'ééh
dadikáah da doo.

Financial Peace University

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We made it to 2020! I want this year to be better than ever and to that end I want to remind you that 2 new ministries are starting and one of them is this Sunday!

This Sunday we begin to have Sunday Evening Worship services at 6 pm! It will give you another option if you have been unable to attend due to your schedule! It will be much like Sunday morning worship, including the message! We'll even make sure a fresh cup of coffee waits for you!

The second ministry I am excited to remind you about is the Financial Peace Class we are offering. Now, this doesn't start until next Sunday, Jan. 12th, but before church at 4:30 pm. Finally, no more money fights! With Financial Peace University, you and your spouse will learn how to create (and stick to) a budget, save for emergencies, and make a plan for the future. Doesn’t that sound peaceful? So join FPU at Indian Nations Baptist Church starting Sunday, January 12, 2020. If you’re interested in registering visit to sign up! Here are some highlights! Just click on the words below "Are You In?", and go the the link.

Are You In?

Are You In?

You may want to bring a flashlight to help light your steps each evening, but don't worry we'll leave the signs out for you and I will be there looking forward to seeing you, so I really hope you will take advantage of these two new ministries. They will be well worth it!

Pastor Scott Tafoya
Cell 505-331-2897 Let Financial Expert Dave Ramsey show you how to dump debt, budget, build wealth and give like never before!

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad


Ła' ádajiní,
kóhodoonííł nínę́ę
doo hąh yi'doolíił da lá.
Nidi yee haadzíi'ii ts'ídá
yi'doolíiłgo yee has'ą́.
Jó, nízaadgóó nihich'į' ha'ólní,
ts'ídá doo ła' ázhdoodįįł da nízingo,
nidi t'áá ádzíłtso łahgo át'éego tsíńdazdookosgo habąąhági
át'éii bits'áhizhdookah hó'ní.

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad


22 Bóhólníihii
bibee ajooba'
doo ádįįh da;
yee aa a'ááh
nízinii doo
nineełnéeh da.

23 Éí t'áá ákwíí
bíní ániidí náádleeł;
na'ahódlíhígíí ayóó át'é.

24 Shii' sizíinii ání,
Bóhólníihii éí shíí';
éí bąą hwee shił chohoo'į́.

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Éí bąą
t'áá háiida
Christ yił łá'í nilį́įgo,
éí diné ániidíii ábi'diil'įįh;
t'áá shiidą́ą'dii bee biyi' áhoot'éé
nít'éé' yę́ę bits'ą́ąjį' yóó'iildoh, jó'akon, ániidíii bee biyi' honít'i' yileeh.


ChurchSoundcheck 3.0


IT’S NOT FAIR. (And you shouldn’t take it anymore!)

The musicians in your worship team have studied for years to become skilled on their instrument.

But most tech volunteers are put in front of a console and told to figure it out on their own.

It's no wonder why so many church sound techs struggle to deliver quality sound consistently each service.

It's like asking a student guitarist who is still figuring out how to tune their guitar to play a solo over a fast-paced complex chord pattern. The results won't be pretty.

Look, I know from firsthand experience what it’s like to try everything you can think of to improve the sound and make it consistent, and yet nothing seems to work.

Take heart. I have good news for you.

It turns out that goal of consistent sound quality is not only achievable, it's frankly easy to accomplish once you understand a few key principles.

I’ve done it. So I know that you can too.

Even better news. We have a class coming up that is filled to overflowing with the techniques, concepts, knowledge and secrets – and YES, there are a few secrets -- that each sound tech must understand in order to master the sound system in their church.

Listen, buying more gear isn't the answer. Seriously, it's just not.

Training tech teams to get the best sound quality using the gear they already have is where we need to start.

And that is where the Church Sound Boot Camp comes in.

During our time together we will examine, discuss and demonstrate how to use every component of a sound system – the right way!

Come join us at a Church Sound Boot Camp this year and learn how to get consistently great sound quality using the gear you already have.

We’re bringing the CSBC class to Gateway Community Church in Webster, Texas (Houston area) on February 7th & 8th.

But hurry, discounts for Early Registration are fast approaching!

The class starts Friday evening at 5:00 PM and wraps up on Saturday at 4:00 PM.

The only remaining question is … will YOU be joining us there? Click LEARN MORE for details.

[12/24/19]   Merry Christmas family. Christ the Messiah is born.

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

COLOSSIANS 3:15‭-‬17

15 Áádóó Diyin God bits'ą́ą́dę́ę́' bee ach'į' hózhǫ́ náhásdlį́į'ii bíni' nihijéí bii' bóhólníih le', jó, t'áá ła' bizhi'ee danohłį́į doo biniyé nihíká ádahodoo'niid. Índa ahééh danohsin le'.
16 Haa'íyee' Christ bizaad lą'ígo bee ákidaahdláa le', bee hódzáanii t'áá ałtso bee ahidiníłnáago nida'ahinohtin, índa chánah áda'ahíínółzin, áádóó Diyin God bizaad biyi'dóó sin, áádóó sin bee Diyin God baa ha'niihii, índa ajooba' nihijéí bii' hólǫ́ǫgo Níłch'i Diyinii k'ehgo sin bee Bóhólníihii bich'į' dahohtaał.
17 Jesus bee Diyin God aTaa' nilíinii bich'į' ahééh danohsingo t'áá ałtsoní baa yádaałti'ígíí áádóó baa nidaahkaígíí éí Bóhólníihii Jesus bízhi' bee baa nidaahkai.

God Talk

Dave Ramsey

This season let there be peace on earth and peace in your finances.

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Nehemiah 9:6

Thou, even thou, art Lord alone; thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth thee. (KJV)

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Béésh éí náánáła' béésh deeníigo áyiił'įįhígi át'éego diné ałdó' bik'is hazhó'ógo nitsíkeesgo áyiił'įįh.

Proverbs 27:17

Dave Ramsey | Financial Peace Live | Livestream | November 20, 2019

Tired of worrying about money? Join me at Home Livestream on November 20 for the FREE livestream of Financial Peace Live. You’ll learn about budgeting, saving for emergencies, and making a plan for the future. Visit to sign up.

This will be at our home, 1031 Wade St. NE, rather than the church. - You work too hard to have nothing to show for it. Taking control of your money is easier than you think, and we'll show you how...

Lifetree Cafe - Albuquerque

Meets Tuesday’s from noon to 1:00 pm at Tetra Corp, 3701 Hawkins St. NE, for an hour of stimulating spiritual topics, videos and conversation.

Relationship advice 101

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

1 Chronicles 16:11

Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually. (KJV)

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad


Ts'ídá t'áá
ákogi é'ét'éii
háálá yá'ąąshii
bee bóhólníihgo
bił haz'áanii daabíí'.

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Proverbs 3:3‭-‬4

Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. (KJV)

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad


For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may endure for a night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning. (AMP)

Bible Promises in Navajo - Diyin God Bizaad

Éí bąą t'áá háiida ha'át'íhída yá'át'éehgo ádoolníłígíí hoł bééhózin nidi doo ájoonííłgóó éí bee ádił ni'dziilzííh.
James 4:17

Pecos Valley

Here is a letter that we recently sent to the lay leaders of the 33 churches of the Pecos Valley Baptist Association:

September 27, 2019

Greetings in Christ,
Good news! School has started, fall is here, and cooler temps can’t be far behind!!! I am looking forward to what God is going to do in, through, and around the churches of the PVBA in the weeks to come.

I wanted to write to you as a leader in your church to remind you of a great annual fall event. October is “Pastor Appreciation Month.”

Paul wrote, “We ask you, brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work” (I Thess. 5:12-13). He told Timothy that pastors who serve Christ well should, “be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching” (1 Tim. 5:17). God’s Word encourages us to honor pastors on a regular basis, but the coming month is a special opportunity to let these men of God know what a difference they make in our lives and how much we “esteem them very highly in love.”

I want to encourage you to talk with others in your church about how you can bless your pastor (pastors if your church has associate pastors) and his family in October. Here are a few possibilities:

1) Fill your pastor’s mailbox (both e-mail and snail mail) with expressions of appreciation. Pick a week in October. Get the word out for everyone to send him a card or message. Try to keep it a secret if you can.

2) Choose a Sunday during the month and declare it to be “Pastor John & Sally Smith Day” (of course, be sure to use the name of YOUR pastor and his wife). Do things to honor them during the service. Perhaps have a dinner for them. Present handmade gifts or cards from the children of the church.

3) Do something special for your pastor’s children. I can tell you from experience as a former pastor with six children, it always meant more to me when churches I served showed love and care to my kids.

4) Give an extra week of paid vacation on top of the time he is already allowed. Make him use it!!!

5) Provide dinner and movie gift certificates for your pastor and his wife to have a nice date night.

These are just some ideas. You probably have even better ones. Whatever you do to honor your pastor and his family, though, don’t forget to bless them with the most important gift of all—pray for them. Perhaps one Sunday invite your pastor and his wife to come to the altar. Ask the congregation to gather around them. Have several members voice prayers of thanks and encouragement over them.

Finally, please take pictures of special things that you do and send them to Randa or me so we can share them in our November newsletter. Have a blessed month of blessing your pastor!

In the Master’s Service,

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301 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Sunday 18:00 - 19:00
Sunday 09:30 - 12:45
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