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Both Judaism and Christianity continue their counts toward Shavuot and Pentecost.


What Are Yeshua's People Supposed To Be Doing? (Part I)

Rabbi Stuart and I will be discussing this as a start of a conversation regarding the present and future use of Chavuot and House Churches both within and beyond typical congregations. We will begin Tuesday April 28th at 4:00pm by Zoom. The discussion is by invitation only. If you would like to be included, please contact me at [email protected] and let me know the basis of your interest. We are looking for those who want to engage this idea.
H Bruce Stokes, Ph.D.

When Yeshua left us for a time, he gave us a job to do. He also gave us parables that warned us we would be held accountable for how well we did our job. So ...

Readings for this week as Judaism counts the Omer toward Shavuot and the Churches celebrate the Resurrection counting the weeks to Pentecost.

May He establish His Kingdom in your lifetime and during your days and within the life of the entire House of Israel, speedily and soon; and say, AMEN.

This week Eastern Christianity observes the Holy Pascha and Resurrection and Judaism continues the Counting of the Omer and enters the month of Iyyar.

This week the Western Church celebrates Resurrection Sunday and the Eastern Church enters Holy Week. Judaism completes Passover and Counts the Omer toward Shavuot.

This Week the Church enters HOLY WEEK and the Jewish people observe Passover. As Shadow and Substance intersect we see the SALVATION which is from the Lord.

This week Christianity nears the end of Lent toward Holy Week and Judaism observes The Great Sabbath which proceeds Passover.

This week continues Lent in Christianity and Judaism enters the Month of Nisan.

Readings for this week.

This Week the Church continues Lent and Judaism Celebrates Purim.

This week the Church continues Lent and Judaism observes the Sabbath of Remembrance in anticipation of Purim.

This week Judaism enters the Month of Adar and the Western Church enters Lent.

This Week's readings include Shabbat Shekalim in preparation of Purim. Exodus 30:11-16.

Readings for the Week of Feb 9-15

This Week the Liturgical Churches acknowledge the Dedication of the Lord at the Temple on the 40th day. This Sunday is the 40th day since Christmas. Judaism calls this Sabbath the Sabbath of Song because the Parsha includes the Song of Moses.


The Jewish calendar is based on the moon. Each month begins with the New Moon. This called Rosh Chodesh and begins when the new moon appears as a sliver in the sky. The Moon will then phase (wax) toward the Full Moon and then diminish (wane) toward the next New Moon. This cycle shows a birth to full life and then the ebbing of life. It also reminds us that we have a life cycle as well.

The New Moon is included as a minor Holy Day in Judaism with additional prayers and readings. It is also common for women to reduce their chores on that day so as to mark and enjoy it. The Apostle Paul, acknowledges that all observance of these things are good if viewed as a “shadow of things to come” and we are not to judge those who celebrate nor condemn those who do not. But for those who use these observations to reinforce the meaning of God’s revelation there is a blessing in the experience. “Chodesh Tov”, a good beginning of the month to your household.

Readings for this week. The Liturgical color for Ordinary Time is Green.

The Torah Cycle this week begins Shemot (Names). This is the Book of Exodus in English

This Week Judaism observes the Fast of Tevet remembering the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar and Christianity observes Epiphany.

DiscipleCenter Ministries

The recent rise in Anti-Semitism makes it imperative that we as Judeo-Christians become informed and active in combating this threat to Israel and our own religious freedom. Please get these three books and begin reading them. Join our congregation in standing up against Anti-Semitism.

There is a tendency to work hard and frantic in preparation of the Holy Days, then, they come and go so quickly that we hardly enjoy them as we begin to anticipate the next one. Try not to get in that trap.

There are 8 Days to enjoy Hanukkah and 12 to enjoy Christmas. Take some time in these days to enjoy them. Then after they are over, look at pictures, gifts and remember the relationships and good memories. Reflect on the joy and meaning of the Holy Days so that this stays with you.

The religious calendar should be the rhythm of our spiritual life, not a treadmill.

This week we enter the 8 Days of Hanukkah and the 12 Days of Christmas.

The Third Week of Advent Focuses on JOY. Hanukkah is very near.

This week Christianity emphasizes FAITH during the second Sunday of Advent and Judaism reflects on Jacob being called Israel.

The Church Lectionary Year C begins this week with Advent, a celebration of the comings (notice plural) of the Savior. He came first as the Suffering Servant and High Priest. He will come again as King Messiah, the Son of David.

The Christian Religious year ends this week and includes Thanksgiving. The Jewish Calendar begins the Month of Kislev. Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say rejoice.

H Bruce Stokes, Ph.D.

Judaism and Christianity, when fully embraced, encompass all of one’s life. Both faiths call on its adherents to not focus only on this life but to engage this life from the perspective of the Kingdom of God to come. Because of this eternal perspective, these religions consider the household to be an outpost of the Kingdom and the congregation as an embassy of the Kingdom. The members of the household and the combined households gathered as congregations are strangers and pilgrims in a world that is not fully theirs. On this basis the religious home becomes the central place of identity formation and religious instruction. This identity and instruction is learned and practiced in the family and then reinforced and perfected in the congregation so that members of the Kingdom of God become a faith community in anticipation of the Kingdom when it fully appears. The home also becomes a place where others can be welcomed and exposed to the knowledge of God and to life to life discipleship.

A Religious Home has characteristics that distinguish it from a common home within society. In it are found “Identifying Markers” that set it off as a religious home. It also has specific “Relational Rolls” which are found in scripture which organize and configure the persons living in a household as members of one another. The household operates by “Relational Rules” which maintain a unity and cooperation based on commandments of love between the members. Finally there is a “Devotional Pattern” that provides liturgy and ritual within a rhythm of time that addresses both holy days and life cycle events.

Jewish and Christian Readings for Nov. 17-23, 2019 and Cheshvan 19-25, 5780.

This Week's readings in Judaism and Christianity.

This week the Israel remembers Abraham and the Church reads the Shema. Read along with us.

This week we enter a New Month and Remember those who Died for the Faith and Died in the Faith.

This week completes Sukkot and begins the Torah Reading Cycle. This is a great time to join us in systematic Bible reading.

This Week marks the celebration of Sukkot

This week we enter the Fast of Yom Kippur and consider our Great High Priest who sits at the right hand of the Majesty on high.

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The Union of Messianic Believers provides a channel of support and participation in the life of the UMJC, and connects individuals, congregations, and ministries with the Messianic Jewish community worldwide. Whether you are part of a Messianic congregation, or a local church that supports Israel and the Jewish people, here is your opportunity to help build this movement for the next generation! The Union of Messianic Believers is the individual membership arm of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) and is directly affiliated with the International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA).
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