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We are not defined by our circumstances nor our pain. We are defined by our INTENTIONAL LOVING AUTHENTICITY in each moment. In this moment, I send an INTENTION of AUTHENTIC LOVE from myself to you!
"If it seems that your news feed has been flooded with nerve-wracking updates on the COVID-19 outbreaks, have no fear—there are also plenty of positive updates on the pandemic as well. So without any further ado, here is a list of 10 hopeful headlines on the coronavirus response from around the world."
I am replacing the word god with the word love today.
blessings , love and peace
Life, sharing the planet with others (human or otherwise) sometimes means taking a seat, and getting out of the way to permit nature space to do her work. "Social distancing" provides opportunities to learn new ways to ponder and show love. The miracles of technology are amazing tools to do so. I permit my imagination and creativity freedom to soar and fly, and invite peacefulness and wellness to fill the space within.
Today was great , thanks
Hi Everyone, Please join us in this special event.
Thanks for the training today
See you at the Spirit Group training today at 1:00pm
See you all tonight ! good stuff, good people !
Looking forward to Jan. 5th and the training in the afternoon.

We are a spiritual community committed to spiritual inspiration, education, and practices that lead to transformed lives and communities. As a Center for Spiritual Living, we hold a vision for a world that works for everyone.

Are you feeling a lack of fulfillment and looking for answers, healing, and a spiritual home? Are you ready to feel connected and inspired? Welcome Home. We honor your diversity and welcome families. We celebrate with your Spirit in all the ways It shows up, without dogma or judgement. We grow together in Power and Creativity making a profound difference in our own lives, in our community and in the world. Services: Sunday 9:15 am and 11:00 am Wednesday 6:30pm

Mission: Love In Action: Transforming Lives -> Transforming Communities.

Join us this morning!!

Send Cheer to UNM Hospital COVID Patients

Here's an idea that'll bring joy to you and hospitalized COVID patients: get out your markers, crayons, pencils, or watercolors and make a handmade card or two (or ten) to brighten the rooms of patients at the UNM Hospital. Hospital workers want to make these very ill patients feel less isolated and less lonely by showing how much the community cares about them.

Mail cards to:
UNM Hospital
Attn: Barbara Temer
2211 Lomas Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

For more information:

-Watch the TV segment on KOB at

-Read the article in the ABQ Journal at

**Brought to you by the ABQ CSL Social Uplift Ministry. If you would like to find out more about the Social Uplift Ministry, contact Lisa Crawley at [email protected]

Don't forget!!

Tonight the Board of Trustees has a "Draft Bylaws Information Session" from 6:00-7:30 PM on Zoom.

Russell Brand

Who knew he knew , and could see and say so much so true, though just his view, I’ll share this with you, because I gotta ask , who knew ?

Why Are People Suddenly Googling "Prayer"?!

This Sunday's Message: Gettin' Fresh
with Rev. Amani Malaika

Creativity is the breaking down of all you know so that the new, the unknown, may emerge. And the experience of that breaking down is essential to loving kindness because it allows you to engage the moment--and everyone and everything in it--fresh, without the baggage of the past..
--Rabbi Rami Shapiro, The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness

Join in our study of compassion and lovingkindness, based on Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s book: The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness: Preparing to Practice.

*If you wish to get a copy, you can order from Bookstop (benefits local bookstores) or from Amazon Smile (a small portion benefits ABQ CSL).

As we celebrate Mother's Day, we will be celebrating the principle of creation and what it really takes to birth something new into being: the work of allowing the past to fall away so we may create the next moment fresh and new.

Join me online this Sunday in our virtual sanctuary to to get fresh together!

11:00 AM Sunday on Facebook Live

*Special Music with Robert Muller

Sunday Message Discussion Questions
-How comfortable are you in the unknown?
-What are ways you practice letting go?

Share your answers and practices with your community members on the new ABQ CSL community forum, The Butterfly Net (

Link to this week's newsletter:

Join us TOMORROW evening for an information session about the Center's proposed new bylaws. The Bylaws Committee (Mickey Quintana, Edker Matthews, and Candace Sestric) will walk us through the proposed way we shall govern ourselves going forward. Then each of us can get our questions answered now and vote knowledgeably about the bylaws at the Center's Annual Meeting on May 17.

Click link below to download the full document:

Centers for Spiritual Living

Continued by popular demand! The CSL Cozy Couch Concert Series continues every weekend in May. Each night listed below at 7 p.m. Mountain Time, visit the artist's page to enjoy a 40-minute
LIVE musical performance from their home to yours. Listen, dance (we can't see you!), sing and support your favorite musicians!

Here's the schedule for the month of May:

Friday, May 8th @ 7 p.m. MT
Nathen Aswell:

Saturday, May 9th @ 7 p.m. MT
Eddie Watkins, Jr.:

Sunday, May 10th @ 7 p.m. MT
Karen Drucker:

Friday, May 15th @ 7 p.m. MT
Jesse Powers:

Saturday, May 16th @ 7 p.m. MT
Bob Sima:

Sunday, May 17th @ 7 p.m. MT
Michael Gott:

Friday, May 22nd @ 7 p.m. MT
Laura Topper & Jason Salmon:

Saturday, May 23rd @ 7 p.m. MT
Andy Anderson:

Sunday, May 24th @ 7 p.m. MT
JD: More information coming soon!

Friday, May 29th @ 7 p.m. MT
Jana Stanfield:

Saturday, May 30th @ 7 p.m. MT
Amy Bishop:

Sunday, May 31st @ 7 p.m. MT

#cozycoughconcertseries #weareCSL

Annual Meeting and Board of Trustees Election is coming SOON!

ABQ CSL's Annual Meeting has been scheduled for May 17. At this meeting, we will be voting on the new proposed bylaws for our Center. To review the bylaws before the May 17 meeting, click here:

We will also be acknowledging the Trustees who are stepping down this year: Edker Matthews, Caren Phillips, and Paula Worley. You each freely gave of your precious time and unique gifts, and our community is all the better for it. Truly, love in action! We thank you and acknowledge your contributions to the Center and to making a world that works for everyone.

And, we will also be voting on new candidates for the Board of Trustees. The first profile for review is Vanessa Owens:

In case you missed it...the Board of Trustees Draft Bylaws Information Session is THIS Thursday from 6:00-7:30 PM.

The Board is offering this informational session to review the new draft bylaws for ABQ CSL prior to the annual meeting , so that we may all be well-informed voters.

You can catch us on Zoom at

A lot of people feel there's a motherly facet to every one of us. Many of us define motherly differently, but it's always worth celebrating. Want to help ABQ CSL celebrate the mama energy in all the ways it shows up? Submit photos of your favorite beloveds' faces😍💓😂🧐🤩 and we'll include them in our top secret fun (funny?) surprise project(s)!

We need your photos by 5pm May 7th, Thursday. You can put them in the comments below or PM them to us here on FB messenger.

Then, this weekend, watch Sunday's Service Facebook Live broadcast or keep an eye out here on our Facebook feed to see how it turns out!


Spiritual Principles & Practices

Joy Lynn Hertz, RScP, and JD Faulk, RScP, will be leading the next CSL-accredited course, Spiritual Principles & Practices, starting Saturday, May 30.

Living the best possible life takes practice, practice, practice. Discover proven practices that bring spiritual principle into action, allowing you to manifest a desired goal or intention. Through this course, which offers spiritual practices and their methods that you can begin using NOW, you will begin to see results and changes in your life. The required book for our class is This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes. Hard copies or Kindle ebook copies can be purchased by clicking one of these links:

-Bookshop (benefits local bookstores):
-Amazon Smile (small portion benefits ABQ CSL)

When: Saturdays 10AM - 1PM, starting May 30 through June 27, online.

Cost: $45 for credit; $20 for reviewers.

Register for the course here:

This week's events...

**Spring Series SpiritGroups Week 2 begins**

Wednesday, May 6:
*Prayer & Meditation (6:30p) - VIA FACEBOOK LIVE
(only), followed up by a Zoom Video Call for fellowship and discussion. Go to for the Video Call or to participate via voice/audio only, call (301) 715-8592. Use Meeting ID 588 071 2665

Thursday, May 7:
*Board of Trustees Draft Bylaws Information Session 6:00-7:30 PM on Zoom at

Sunday, May 10:
*Regular Sunday Service (11a) - VIA FACEBOOK LIVE (only), recording available after on Facebook and at Immediately following service join us on a Zoom Video Call (6:30p) for fellowship and discussion. Go to for the Video Call or to participate via voice/audio only, call (301) 715-8592. Use Meeting ID 588 071 2665


Day 30: God's Song

This prayer is a pathway for mystical awakening. The Sufis often use poetry, sometimes absurd, to break the mind free of trapping forms and binding thoughts. Seeing beauty in the incomprehensible is a sure-fire way to free your mind and discover the music of your own heart. Going deep into yourself, following your breath as you let thoughts fall away, allowing the unseen and the absurd to guide you. This is the path paved with mystic poetry. Sing your own song.

There is music
in silence.
Not the
But pure silence.
Devoid of vibration.
In that space,
The music of the heart
is tuned,
And light sings its
Sweet lullaby
To the soul.
God music
Is the sound of
Babies laughing
Lovers sighing
And wind whispering
Sweet sonnets
Across open water.
But God sings
In silence
With thoughts
That birth stars
And dreams
That shatter worlds
Birthing more stars
From the ruins.
God music
Is light waves
Dancing to the hum
Of heartstrings
Plucked by angels
For the delight
Of unseen saints
And lunatic mystics
That see only
In sound.

—Submitted by Paul Cuffee

Day 29: Where We Reside

As I breathe into the Truth of this life,

knowing God is all there is,


Feeling this Truth in every molecule of my body,

I reside inside this Truth.

I wrap this Truth,


around myself like a blanket of infinite spirit.

For I Am this Truth, I exist as the Truth that God is all there

is, and

I Am of that Truth.

That Truth defines me; I and God are one,

United in Truth and co-creating reality.

Knowing this brings me all knowing;

Know with me that you are also The Truth,

one with The Truth,

Moving in Truth,

Breathing in Truth and breathing out creation,

expressing as Truth,

as Love,


For this Truth I Am wildly grateful,

drunk with gratitude,

with thanksgiving and

with Love.

I am full with power by this Truth;

power to create more love,

express greater Light from Truth and

to release these words into

The Law with Love,

knowing that all is well and

all is good,

and very good.

Thus, I let it be,

knowing it is already done.

And so it is.

—Submitted by Paul Cuffee

Image & Likeness

Fellowship and Discussion immediately after on Zoom Or by phone (301)-715-8592 Meeting ID: 588 071 2665

Day 28: Breathing the Essence

Knowing the Truth, that God is the sum and substance of All,

I breathe in the essence of God and

I breathe out Love.

I Am that which I breathe,

inhaling my own essence and

exhaling my own expression,

fully unified with Cause,

immune to effect,

Unified with All.

I breath in God essence and

I breathe out Love.

I breathe in Full Awareness and

I breathe out Demonstration.

I breathe in Love and

I breathe out Life.


Set Free.

I Am.

Thus, I let it be.

And so it is.

—Submitted by Paul Cuffee

DONATE | nmcoaliciondefe

**Support Immigrants in New Mexico During the Covid-19 Crisis**

The New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice is facing unprecedented challenges, yet it continues to support immigrant and refugee families. The group has had to cancel its spring and summer fundraising events, from which the vast majority of the year's funding is raised. So the Coalition launched the first-ever Faith Coalition Digital Fundraiser, with a goal of raising $50,000.

ABQ CSL and our congregants have supported the Coalition's mission and fundraisers in recent years. Let’s step up and help them meet this essential goal this year.

Donate online now through May 31 at

Three recent programs:

Community Dialogues was a safe space where mixed immigration status families came together to share their stories, learn their rights and how to organize with self-advocacy. Many of the folks who attended the Dialogues shared their appreciation for the welcoming space to share their personal struggles, understand their rights with the community, and learn of the constantly changing policies that affect them and their families.

The Collaborative Support Program continues during the crisis. Volunteers and staff phone and Facetime with immigrants, offering encouragement and support. They are doing what they can to make sure there is accurate and accessible information provided to our immigrant community.

The Temporary Pantry Program addresses food insecurity in the immigrant community. Due to devastating levels of unemployment and with no access to the federal help offered to the rest of us, many members of the impacted community are left to depend on food banks, which are themselves experiencing severe shortages. The Pantry fills this void by providing gift cards, non-perishables, hygiene products, and gas cards.

**Brought to you by the ABQ CSL Social Uplift Ministry. If you would like to find out more about the Social Uplift Ministry, contact Lisa Crawley at [email protected] There is no question our government is putting migrant families through hell.  There is no question that the leadership of our communities and your personal and financial support are making an impact.

Day 27: Individuation

But one thing is certain: unconsciousness, or wanting to remain unconscious, to escape the call to development and avoid the venture of life, is sin. For though growing old is the inescapable lot of all creatures, growing old meaningfully is a task ordained for man alone.
—Jolande Jacobi, The Way of Individuation


Today, reflect on something you have been putting off or avoiding.

Bring to your awareness all of the reasons why you haven't been willing to consciously address this situation, condition, or event.

Consider all the possibilities, both positive and negative, that could result from facing your reluctance or fear.

Take positive and conscious action to make the choice or decision you need to make.

—Submitted by Vicky Murata

Let’s Pray Together TONIGHT!!

Your presence is a blessing for Centers for Spiritual Living and its World Ministry of Prayer on Thursday, April 30, 2020, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. MDT, for a special Prayer-a-Thon.

Register at This global event will unite us in Oneness during 90 minutes steeped in sacred spiritual principles. It is designed with four areas of focus. We welcome you to join us for any or all of this rich and beautiful experience.

ABQCSL | The Butterfly Net

NEW!! The Butterfly Net Online Forum

Have you been looking for a safe space to get (or stay) connected with people who are like-minded and excited about the things you are excited about? During this isolating period of social distancing and beyond, ABQ CSL’s new online forum, The Butterfly Net, will be here to keep you grounded and growing. And it launches this weekend! The Butterfly Net is a place for connection, reflection, and transformation. What does that look like for you? Well, you can find some ideas below. But it’s YOUR forum! If you’re in the Net, you get to help shape conversations, develop connections, and organize exchanges that work for you and your family and friends. It’s about a world that works for everyone.

Take a break from Facebook news links and Insta-selfies and dive into friendly, moderated discussions about New Thought and the Science of Mind, among other things. Be inspired to take more steps on your pathway of spiritual development. Share inspiring stories of transformation. Sift through your ideas and learn new ones about this thing called Life. Participate in a needs exchange–because we belong to each other – especially in times like these! Find out how you can step back in to connection and involvement with the Center and your larger Albuquerque community when social distancing is no longer needed. Read about things you can do RIGHT NOW to provide social uplift to others – or to get it. Keep up with members who are like-minded and excited to connect, learn, reflect, and transform with you. Find resources to get economic help, transportation support, spiritual guidance, reading lists, and more.

All in one place. Because we’re in it together. Visit ABQCSL's Online Community Forum

Our Story

Are you spiritual but not religious? Are you looking for spiritual community and connection? A place to grow, celebrate and learn? Are you ready for inspiration and transformation? Welcome Home.

We honor and embrace all forms of diversity. We welcome all walks of life to walk with us in community. We celebrate with your Spirit in all the ways It shows up, without dogma or judgement. We grow together in Power and Creativity making a profound difference in our own lives, in our community and in the world.

Our Vision

One in Spirit, Living with Purpose, Transforming the World

Our Mission

Love In Action: Transforming Lives -> Transforming Communities.

Our Values

We recognize the Divine in all.

We celebrate diversity within Oneness.

We are committed to personal and collective spiritual growth through New Thought, Ancient Wisdom, and Inter-Spirituality.

We are a dynamic community of creative, intent, and action.

We know and claim life and love beyond limits!


Sundays 11:00 am on Facebook Live

Wednesdays 6:30 pm on Facebook Live

Fellowship & Discussion on Zoom immediately following each service.

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Albuquerque?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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