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Thanks, Rev. Tom for today's e-mail message, "Salt"! Encouraging as usual! Things will change through this isolation period. I'm sure that's true. I think we'll end up even more connected with more ways of staying connected. But won't it be great when we reunite for the first time again in person! Looking forward to that!
Rachel Held Evans' funeral today. Sweet and sad. She will be missed!
If anybody from the Animate Faith 11AM adult class is looking here, I'm posting another video of today's subject starter, Nadia Bolz-Weber. As I have mentioned, she's been helpful to me in becoming more inclusive and "real" in my faith. This is a good, pretty short one that gives a good representation of her overall ministry and speaking style. It would be fun to take a road trip to Denver sometime and visit her church! Even better, organize enough presbyterians and other variety "mainline Christians" (she's ELCA Lutheran so a lot of them would love it) to invite her to ABQ! Enjoy!
ABQ YAVs have been welcomed to New Mexico by SO many incredible people, so now it's our turn! Please drop in and join us for hot cocoa, cookies, and carols, so that we can thank you for making our first few months here so special. We hope you can join us & feel free to dress festively! From those of you that we've gotten to know well to those of you who we haven't gotten to meet yet, all are welcome!
Calling all Youth! We want to invite everyone from 6th-12th grade, their families and their friends to join us for a end of summer Pool Party! Come and join us! If you have never been to a youth event this could be a great chance to come and meet the Interns and other Youth.

A congregation of passionate, servant discipes for Jesus Christ

Presbytery of Santa Fe Collaborative Worship May 10, 2020

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Shepherd of the Valley supports teachers everywhere but especially the teachers at La Luz Elementary our Shine Partnership school. They are working hard staying connected with their students. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

[05/06/20]   Sunday Joint Live-Stream Worship - May 10th

Join your siblings from around the Presbytery of Santa Fe in worship on Sunday morning—not in person, but via Live Stream. Service begins at 10 am.

The link for the livestream worship will be posted later this week so please check email, Facebook and our website.

Sermon: the Rev. Amy Jo Clark, First Presbyterian, Taos

The Scripture is Matthew 1:1-7, Matthew 1:15-16

If you have prayer requests you would like spoken during the worship service, email them to Sarah:
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Kathleen & Wanda volunteering at Rio Grande Food Bank

What did church look like for you this week?
Christa Tarr & Family on Easter Sunday

Who remembers this SOTV family retreat 4 years ago?

Presbytery of Santa Fe Collaborative Good Shepherd Worship May 3, 2020

Good Morning,

The Sunday Bulletin for May 3rd has been updated. Ignore the bulletin posted in the SOTV E-Newsletter and use the one attached in this message. You can also find it on our website under Worship and on our Facebook.

Join your siblings from around the Presbytery of Santa Fe in worship on Sunday morning—not in person, but via Live Stream. Service begins at 10 am.
A recording will be available on YouTube after the service.

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SHEPHERD OF THE VALLEY CHURCH, 1801 MONTANO RD NW, ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico 87107-3225, United States Sunday morning worship with leaders from around Santa Fe Presbytery. Copyright; Used by permission, CCLI #805716, CVLI #504201057, One License #A729711. Mome...

A big THANK YOU goes to 8 SOTV Mask Makers:

Beth Sewell Beth Marshall
Lorrie Stepetic Sally Schneider
Kathleen Weston Janice Beck
Laurie Taylor Kathy Westerfield

They made well over 125 masks and distributed them to
Heading Home, to Presbyterian Hospital
Health Care & Staff Workers, to the Navajo Nation
and to SOTV Members. Their handiwork has helped
to provide a very essential protection from COVID19.

K-LOVE Morning Show

American Songwriter

We are so looking forward to being back in Worship together and here are very own UTZ ( youth praise band) play this song, until then enjoy watchin and listening to We The Kingdom sing Holy Water.

Hey guys! It’s We The Kingdom! We’re so excited to share some songs with y’all! Thanks for being here!

Anna Maria Greaves saw "God in the New Mexico landscape."


Some hope through music

The newest single off “The Elements” release was just sent to radio stations for adds. The heart of this song is hope, and we can all use a little bit of that right now. This season will pass and we will see the light! We did a subtly different mix just for radio but it will be available for streaming next Friday wherever you stream music.

I have a question for you to consider: Who has a place in the kingdom of God? I have been reading the book of Acts and what I read today seems to answer this question.

First, in chapter 8, the Spirit of God instructs the disciple Philip to explain the scriptures to a eunuch from Ethiopia. Philip does his job so well that the eunuch looks at him and asks, “What is to prevent me from being baptized?” What is to prevent me from being part of the people of God? Well, given that Torah declares that the eunuch has no place and is not welcome in the assembly of the faithful would have been an easy place to start. So, Philip probably thought of a number of things that would prevent this eunuch from being baptized. But somehow Philip, in a breathless effort to keep up with the Holy Spirit, welcomes and baptizes him, and so the eunuch from Ethiopia finds his own place at the table, if you can imagine that. I don’t imagine it was easy for Philip to imagine that, but somehow he did. And the Holy Spirit pushed him along.

And the story continues in Chapter 9. Before Philip has dried off, the Spirit of Christ turns Saul around on the Damascus road, and before Saul can see straight, Ananias heals and baptizes him. Ananias, a saint of God, makes it clear that this wasn’t his idea. But the Spirit of God is headed for Saul, and Ananias refuses to get in the way. He finds himself calling Saul “Brother,” if you can imagine that. Calling Saul, this persecutor of the church, “Brother” took a good deal of imagination and no small measure of the Holy Spirit. But Saul now has his place at the table, if you can imagine that.

On we go to Peter in chapter 10, who after receiving a vision from God, finds himself at the home of a Gentile named Cornelius. And adding one more pathway into God’s kingdom, the Holy Spirit is poured out on the Gentiles. Peter, recognizing that they have received the same gift as he had, makes room at the table and sits down at the celebration meal with them. No one would have imagined that.

So by Chapter 11, the forbidden eunuch is riding along with the apostles, the persecutor of the church is called “Brother,” and Peter is having a picnic with Gentiles: So, it’s time to talk. The church of Jesus Christ had been a nice collection of Jews, and Jews only, who were worshiping the promised Messiah of Judaism. And, I believe, had it been left up to the church, that’s the way it would have stayed.

But it is never left just to us and one thing I know about the church of Jesus Christ is that we are always on the brink of a new day of some sort or another — but it is seldom the result of our plans. You may have noticed that over the last few weeks. The new day comes as a result of a little imagination on our part but mostly because of a strong measure of the Holy Spirit.

So, things are moving in the early church. The world is shifting, the boundaries are blurring and so Peter is summoned before the leaders of the church in Jerusalem. The word had gotten out that Peter was eating with Gentiles. On the list of things that faithful Jews did not do, whether they were followers of Jesus or not, faithful Jews did not sit down and eat with Gentiles. It just didn’t happen. I could point out similar separations in our society but I will leave it to you to pick those out. But Peter was learning that in the church sometimes things that “can’t happen” — just absolutely “can’t happen” — well, in the church, they happen.

So today I have been think about how the hat is the acts of God don’t end with the final period to the Book of Acts. They don’t end with Peter. Or Paul.

I have had extra time to read lately and, as often happens, there has been some cross pollination going on. Yesterday I was reading about the end of the Civil War. In the spring of 1865, just a few days after Robert E. Lee had surrendered at Appomattox Court House, he found himself in his normal pew at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Just as he was about to come to the communion rail, the unimaginable happened, something that had never happened in that church before. A tall, well-dressed black man stepped down from the balcony and knelt at the communion rail. For a moment, it was simply silent, until General Robert E. Lee slipped from his pew, walked to the communion rail and, right next to this tall, well-dressed black man, General Lee knelt, that the two of them might receive the sacrament together.

It took incredible imagination for Robert E. Lee to think it possible for a black man and a white man to find themselves as brothers at the Lord’s table. But the winds of the Spirit had caught him and that tall, well dressed man up and that is how it happens, step by step, our faith causes us to breathlessly chase after the Spirit; and when that happens, things that can’t happen — just absolutely can’t happen — well, sometimes, in the church, they happen. And now they both have their place at the table which is a pretty good picture of God’s kingdom don’t you think?

I wonder who else might be there?

I don’t know exactly how Peter imagined such a thing as eating with those nasty gentiles, but he did. Do you think maybe the Holy Spirit was surely involved? It couldn’t have been easy. It rarely is easy for us to shake off our blinders and see the broader picture. but the Holy Spirit is always inviting us, step by step, into some new day or another.

All along the church has struggled to imagine a broad and wide gate into God’s kingdom. I know this because I know our history with letting people take communion. Sharing the Lord’s table has not been easy – I mean come on… with women, with immigrants and minorities, with children, with people in and out of prison, with divorced people, with people of different sexual orientations, with drunks and addicts, and all those sinners. Much of the hard work was done before I was old enough to know, but I know it was hard.

It was hard for some of you, just as it was for my dad and the churches he served. Mom and I have been looking at old family pictures. They are amazing and cover lots of time, lots of challenges and changes. There are pictures of my great-grandparents and of my grandparents and great Aunt Carrie who died of the Spanish Flu when she was 25. My mon was named for her. And there is my dad in over-alls in the garden with his mom. When he was growing up in that small town in rural Illinois I can’t imagine he ever imagined that he would risk the kinds of things he ended up risking in the 1960s to expand the church’s notion of who was invited into God’s kingdom. But the Holy Spirit was moving the church, step by step, and it had less to do with any human’s plans or intentions and more to do with the tugging and pulling of the Spirit of God. When you can imagine that an Oklahoma preacher can serve minister to people with whom he could not share a meal in the local cafeteria, when you can recognize that God gives to others the same gift he has given us, then you can imagine that some things that can never happen — absolutely never happen — well, in church, they happen.

That’s the difficult thing about the Spirit — some would even say the frightening thing about the Spirit: The Spirit of God is free, and sometimes the only thing that faith can do is breathlessly try to keep up, step by step.

They called Peter before the leaders of the Jerusalem church: “Peter, why? Why did you go among the Gentiles and eat with them?” Eating in the ancient world was no little thing. If you shared your table with someone, you declared not only equality, but belonging.

But Peter stood before them and told them that he imagined something different. Actually, a better way to say it is the Spirit of God pushed and tugged, and pointed to the truth of God in Jesus Christ, until the church finally changed her mind. It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t result so much from the planning of the church as it did from a little measure of imagination and a generous measure of the very Spirit of God.

So, with all that is going on, culturally, socially, personally, I imagine we are standing on the threshold of a new day, and that makes me a little nervous, because it certainly involves something that has never happened. That’s the way it is for the church of Jesus Christ. Somehow the people of God are able to imagine a new day. And when that happens, things that you think could never happen — absolutely never happen — well, in church, they happen.

So who is going to be gathered into the kingdom of God? Well, there’s an Ethiopian eunuch, a former persecutor of the church, a Gentile named Cornelius, Robert E. Lee and a tall, well-dressed black man, and women and children and others we can’t even imagine. Because imagination isn’t enough. A more-than-generous portion of the very Spirit of God is required

Last night my mom told me that she will soon know things I do not know. That makes me smile, at least in part, because I can already imagine what she will find.


Earth Care Sunday Joint Live-Stream Worship- April 26

Join your siblings from around the Presbytery of Santa Fe in worship on Sunday morning—not in person, but via Live Stream. Service begins at 10 am.

A recording will be available on YouTube after the service.

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Sermon: God’s Call to be EarthKeepers The Rev. Andrew Black, First Presbyterian, Santa Fe

The Scripture is Genesis 1:25-31; Genesis 2:7-11, 15

If you have prayer requests you would like spoken during the worship service, email them to Sarah:
[email protected]

Perhaps you know the joke about the man who was sent to prison. After some time he noticed a peculiar pattern of activity. One of the inmates would call out a number, “36,” they might say. And a ripple of laughter would move through the prisoners. The new inmate asked what this was all about and was told it was how they told jokes. “There are only so many jokes out there and we have all been together so long that we have heard them all. So, instead of taking the time to tell the joke in its entirety, we’ve given them all numbers.” “48,” a prisoner called out and the whole cellblock erupted with laughter.

In time the new guy learned the jokes, and so one evening, as everyone was settling in for the night he called out, “152!” And their was silence, absolute silence. “261,” he tried again, and once more the response was silence. Frustrated and confused he turned to his cellmate. “What’s wrong, those a both great jokes?” “Yes they are,” he replied, “but some people just can’t tell a joke.”

Well, just like jokes there are only so many devotional messages out there, and if you spend enough time reading devotionals you will come to know them to the point that we could simply give them numbers. If that was the case, than my plan was to write devotional 29 this morning.

You know that devotional, number 29? It is the one the starts by recounting all the reasons we are unlovable and unworthy of God’s attention, followed by the declaration the God loves us anyway. “We have destroyed the environment in our pursuit of personal satisfaction, fighting wars to lay claim of resources we believe are ours to squander, while at the same time neglecting the weak and widowed, the poor and pitiful. We are worthless worms, undeserving of God’s love, BUT,” and this is where sermon 29 would differ from devotional 28 or 30, because it as this point that I am reminded of another truth, “BUT, ‘God so loved the world that he gave us His only Son…”

The message of devotional 29 is an important one. It helps us keep a perspective on who we are and who God is. It is a good confessional message, that opens us up to the reality of our lives, so we can appreciate, with a renewed spirit of gratitude, the gracious, underserved love of God. The only problem is it did not resonate with me this today, and try as I might to pull together an inventory of our sinful ways, I kept getting pulled in the different direction.

Now don’t misunderstand me. There is plenty of material out there to fill up a really good devotional 29. We have motorcycle gangs about to start a war, a couple hit & runs, and ongoing acts of unspeakable violence. There are stories of selfishness and greed, of blind lust for every manner of things, as well as the tales of those left broken in the wake. There is plenty of darkness out there, make no mistake about that. But there is also so much light. And this morning as I considered the balance of it all God kept showing me the light.

There is so much light in this world. Maybe it is a glass half full or half empty kind of thing, but today God keeps pulling me to the light. And I need that, maybe you do too, because this is a hard time and there are too many long shadows.

A couple years ago we were helping clean out my wife’s grandmother’s house. As we sorted through those boxes, left unpacked since they were stored nearly 60 years ago, I came across the front page of the New Mexican from Sunday, August 31, 1961. I saved it. The headline tells of the closing of the gate between East and West Germany. There is the story of riots in Paris, of the Kuwait government asking British troops to leave. There is a story of the escape of 5 youth from the Springer Correctional facility. There is always plenty of darkness to go around. But there is lots of light too. In that paper there were some other stories as well. It seems almost comical the kinds of things that made it across the editor’s desk. Like the frontpage story about the woman who realized half-way through her morning train commute that she had left the oven on with a casserole in it. So, she told the conductor, who wrote a note and attached it to a rock, which he threw out to a switch operator as they roared by. The switchman made a call to the woman’s daughter and the casserole was rescued, “Perfectly browned and delicious.” Or the report of a Mexican Scout troop’s visit to Espanola where they were treated to a swim in the municipal pool, and a tour of Ghost Ranch.

Darkness and light, mixed together, and so what do you see?

The fruits of God’s kingdom are all around us, and sometimes, by the grace of God we see them and are reminded there is light and we are loved. And my central point today is that is a gift from God. We can see the Kingdom of God, right here, right now.

All around us the Kingdom of God shines, as surely as our darkness casts its long shadow. But by God’s grace, we have been given eyes that can see the light in the darkness, even to the point where we no longer see a glass ¾ empty, but rather a cup that runs over!

Friends, there is always time for devotional 29, but not today. Today we are given devotional number 1. And it is not one I write. It is the message of God, offered to His peculiar treasures. Peculiar treasures who, even when surrounded by light still too often see darkness.

Devotional number 1 is the good news proclaimed by Christ and revealed to us in Him. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish, but have everlasting light! Indeed, God did not send the Son to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.”

Hear it. Believe it. Behold the kingdom of God all around you. The Good News of Christ.


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