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Hi, DOZme Co members, may God bless you all. Jesus Loves you and so do I. Stay Blessed.
Sisters, rejoice today because you have been wonderfully and fearfully by a wonderful and majestic Father and Creator.
My friends, I strongly feel the need to say this. Do not let anything or anyone keep you from achieving your purpose in life. Rebuke fear today, Rebuke negative words spoken against you and begin to draw boundaries in your life. Let go of all the baggage in your life, Let go of unhealthy relationships and Let GOD. #Pressforward #Bepositive #fearisaliar #LetGod
Blessing God for a new week and a new day. Remain blessed and rapturable beloved sisters.
As a Christian Life coach, my job is to partner with you offering support, encouragement to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you (the client) already has as well as challenging you in order to enable you strive to be all that God has in mind for you to be, do and become.

We are an international ministry established to impact the lives of women of all ages, and from diverse cultures & backgrounds, around the world through sound biblical teachings and principles.

A Non-profit Christian Ministry that caters to the spiritual development and empowerment of women around the world.

Cultural Adjustment & Sensitivity 1 Course Information Powerpoint Presentation -About The Organization and Trainer Welcome and Introduction Introduction - Adjustment to Life in the United States Module 1: Defining Culture & Cultural Acclimatization Module 2: Coping With Culture Shock and Emotions Module 3: Strategies For Coping With...

Does Biblical Submission Encourage Sinful Abuse?

Does Biblical Submission Encourage Sinful Abuse?
by Martha Peace
Does biblical submission of a wife position her to be abused by her husband?

The answer is no.

Because of the political winds today, Bible-believing Christians are being confused by and even wrongly influenced by the “Me Too” and “Feminist” movements. It seems that tried and true complementarian views are coming under unbiblical scrutiny with false and misleading attacks on all sides. By complementarian I mean that a wife is to be a “complement” to her husband (not a compliment). In other words, she is to be a helper to her husband and submit to him unless he asks her to sin.

Now we know that since the fall of Adam and Eve, there has been a power struggle between everyone on the planet! But it seems, at times, to be especially difficult between husbands and wives. After all, who would not want to have their own way? As a result of sin, many Christian husbands do not love their wives as Christ loved the church and many Christian wives resent their husbands having God-given authority over them (Ephesians 5:22-33).

God’s Good Design

Husbands are to treat their wives as Christ loves the church. This is agape love that is sacrificial (Ephesians 5:25). It is patient, kind, not jealous, and not selfish (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). They are also to live with their wives in an understanding way (1 Peter 3:7). Wives are to show respect to their husbands, love them, and biblically submit to them (Ephesians 5:33; Titus 2:4; Ephesians 5:22-24). The Greek word for submission means to be “ranked under.” It is an ordering similar to military ranking. It is an authority structure for the home that God has mandated since the beginning of creation. It never meant in ancient days, nor does it mean today, that the wife is inferior to her husband. In fact, she may be superior in many ways, such as intelligence and self-control.

Lest you think the wife’s submission to her husband is an incidental idea in the Bible, it is clearly stated four times in the New Testament—three times in Paul’s epistles and once in Peter’s. Each time there is a different emphasis. We’re told to be submissive: “in all things” (Ephesians 5:22-24), “as is fitting in the Lord” (Colossians 3:18), “so that the Word of God will not be dishonored” (Titus 2:5), and “without being frightened by any fear” (1 Peter 3:6). It seems to me that biblical submission of a wife to her husband is central in the role that God has planned for her. However, this is not blind obedience. It is gracious, respectful obedience including times when she gives wise counsel or makes an appeal for things to be done differently.

A Loving Reproof

Both the husband and wife are to love God by obeying Him. One example is loving others by reproving them when they sin. It is to be done gently and only with a motive to restore the other person to a right relationship with God (Galatians 6:1-2; Matthew 18:15). In fact, all of the “one-anothers” in Scripture apply to both husbands and wives.

Part of the wife showing love to her husband is for her to learn to reprove him if he is sinning. A reproof is when you tell someone what they are doing wrong. If he is a Christian (or says he is), she should show him what he has done wrong and use Scripture to back up what she is saying. If he is not a Christian, she should not use Scripture, but instead appeal to his conscience to do what is right. Part of maturing in the Lord as a wife is, as uncomfortable as it might be, speaking the truth in love as “love rejoices in the truth, it does not rejoice in unrighteousness” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

If the husband asks her to sin, she must refuse. Examples of a husband asking his wife to sin would be asking her to commit immoral sexual acts such as watch pornography. Another example is if the husband forbids his wife to reprove him. One last example is if he asks or demands her to sign a fraudulent income tax return. To agree or submit to any of those examples, the wife would have to disobey God in order to obey her husband. The bottom line is God is always the higher authority.

But what if her husband is angry, selfish, mean, jealous, physically violent, and makes terrifying threats? This happens because some men are cruel and punish their wives for anything they don’t like. In other words, they are wicked and abusive. They may even use Scripture in false ways to brow-beat and manipulate her into submission by screaming at her, “You have to be submissive! That’s what the Bible says!”

In cases like these, the wife needs to pray for wisdom and fight back with overcoming evil with good (Romans 12:17-21). She will do this when she takes full advantage of the biblical resources that God has given to protect her, such as counsel from the elders in her church, church discipline of the husband if he is a member of the church and will not repent, and reporting what he has done to the police if he is breaking the law such as battery of his wife or children. [For a much more detailed explanation, see Chapter 14 in The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.]

If a husband is asking his wife to sin (that includes her covering up for his sin), she is to tell him, “No, that is not something I can do.” If he is abusive and she is in danger, she should take advantage of the biblical resources God has given to protect her such as calling 911 and/or seeking shelter.

Submission is only part of the heart of God for the Christian wife, but as she submits rightly to her husband if he is not asking her to sin, she is glorifying God by obeying Him and fulfilling the role that He has given her to faithfully live out. For a godly wife, His commands are not a burden (1 John 5:3). She will be faithful in the “least” little things as well as the “much” big things.

If she is in a particularly difficult marriage, she can and should obey God by rightly coming forward as a witness, speaking the truth in love, and taking advantage of the biblical resources that God has given to protect her. The wife can be encouraged by the sweet fact that she can honor God and remain faithful to Him no matter what her husband does.

Submission does not position a wife to be abused by her husband. Instead, it positions a wife to obey God and show love to her husband. There is absolutely no better position that a wife can be in.

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This final verse is one of the clearest statements of the Trinitarian nature of God in the New Testament. It is one of the great mysteries of our faith and one that is a stumbling block to many. How can we even try to understand its meaning? Maybe it’s not important to try and understand, but to reflect on its importance in our lives. God is Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a community of love. When I was young, I was taught that the work of the Father was creation, the Son, salvation and the Holy Spirit, sanctification. So, within the Trinity there are distinctions and yet unity. Paul states very clearly that there is one Lord, one faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of us all. He also lets us know that there are distinct roles that each of us plays but we are called to be one in love for all. We are one family, all calling God, Father; we are saved by the actions of the Son who became one of us so that we could be “joint heirs with Christ” and filled with the Holy Spirit so that we may go forth and tell others of this great mystery. The early Christians were well known for the love that they showed one another. I often try to imagine what the world would look like if all Christians came together in a single body of love as Jesus prayed that we would be. What a difference we could make! Today is a great day to decide to become an example of the great Community of Love that is the Trinity.

Almighty God, we will never be able to understand the mystery of the Trinity. We do know that you are Love and that love was so great that you created us and gave us the ability to love you and one another. May our love for you grow stronger every day so that we may be a body of love on earth. Amen.

God has been good to us these last nine years of doing ministry. We bless the Lord for all that we have accomplished so far and look forward to many more years of service to God's people and the rest of the world.

Our sincere thanks and love to all who have supported this ministry and the vision God has given us over the years. We are truly grateful and bless the Lord for each of you. Our prayer is that we shall all continue to excel in the assignment we have each being called to do and at the end of our race.. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ shall declare unto each of us "Well done good and faithful servant" God bless you and yours always.

Much love from

The DOZme family.

Paul is about to set sail for Jerusalem and has a message for the people he is leaving behind. He reminds them of the Good News he has brought to them and prays for them, entrusting them to the grace of God. He encourages them to work at building up the community and to continue to help those who are in need. He reminds them of the example he gave in working to support himself and his companions, instead of depending on the people to take care of them. Just as Jesus gave us an example of how to live, Paul gives us an example of how to be a disciple. We need to bear witness to the Gospel in words and in example. It is not enough to tell people about Jesus and his promises, we need to be living examples of his word. We should show in our lives the joy that comes from our faith in Jesus’ victory over death. We need to take care of the poor and the vulnerable as Jesus wants us to do. Although Paul says he is quoting Jesus, there is no record in other writings that Jesus said these words, but they may be part of an oral tradition that is not contained in them. Throughout the Old Testament and in the Gospels, we are being told to take care of the poor, to treat them fairly, and to give generously. What is the legacy we hope to leave behind, whether it is with family, friends, co-workers, or those we just meet along the way? Hopefully, we will be like Paul, letting them know we will be praying for them, reminding them that strength comes from being surrounded by a loving community, and knowing that we have given good example.

Prayer: Good and gracious God, we are believers because of those who have come before us to show us the way to your word and have been good examples of living a Christian life. May we be the ones who will pass on our beliefs in a way that will encourage others to get to know you better. Amen.


A must watch movie for every Christian Home!! May the Lord continue to shield and guard our homes/marriages from satanic entrapment. May He grant us divine wisdom and the ability to comprehend every revelation that He shows us in Jesus name.

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[05/09/20]   Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in the house. May the Lord bless you and continue to strengthen you all as you nurture and care for the future generation.


[05/05/20]   Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire. Proverbs 29:17 NIV

Once again, the book of Proverbs gives us its wisdom. What’s the point of quarreling? If you disagree with me, I respect your decision to do so. If I disagree with you, I expect the same. Why? Because it doesn’t make any sense not to! When I was a child, my mother, father and older sister had many disagreements about politics and they discussed them freely at the dinner table. However, they were not quarrels, but debates. Each person expressed his or her opinion and supported them with the facts as they knew them. If the others were not convinced, it was okay. There was no expectation that they would come to agreement, but that they would agree to disagree. The second statement is echoed in Aesop’s tale of the ant and the grasshopper. The ant works diligently to store up food for the winter, while the grasshopper plays all day. The grasshopper tells the ant that he is the foolish one and should be enjoying life. However, when winter comes, the ant can be sure that he can survive while the grasshopper is begging him for food. Although it is important that we care for others, it is also important for each of us to do what we can to help ourselves. The third is interesting to me. Counsel can be defined as advice, opinion, instruction, helpful information, and so on. I have a degree in “counseling” and so have been called upon to give all of these to others. Counsel is also considered to be one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So, where does it fit in here? I believe that it is all of these things combined. The deep waters that Proverbs speaks of, is the well of advice, information and valued opinions that we have stored up so that we can make good judgments and decisions. It is important that we do not make decisions without knowing and examining the facts of a situation.

Prayer: Lord, we thank you for the wisdom of Proverbs. May we have the wisdom to avoid quarrels, to be industrious, and to listen to the voice of the Spirit in all our decisions. Amen.

Have a safe & pleasant weekend brethren

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[04/14/20]   Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. Proverbs 13:24. NIV

[04/01/20]   And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39

As the Lord arose and commanded the storms to be still, and immediately all was calm so shall He do in due season with this COVID-19 pandemic . Only Him can speak to this plague and only Him can annihilate it in Jesus name.

Do not fear, God is in control.

New Mexico Department of Health

Coping with stress and anxiety during COVID-19.

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I find it interesting that sports players after an especially important game, thank God. I have heard those who have won other contests also give thanks to God. Why is it that we are sometimes embarrassed or ashamed to admit that we are people of faith. In Paul’s time, to admit to being a Christian could be dangerous and in some parts of the world it still is. We are not talking about being put in danger; however, we are talking about with friends or even relatives. I don’t know about you, but I have relatives who claim not to believe in God and friends whose relatives get upset when God is mentioned. One friend wasn’t allowed to pray at her brother’s funeral because it bothered the rest of the siblings! I can understand teenagers who are afraid that their friends will make fun of them and it can take courage to admit to a belief. Adults need to have courage too at times. How are others to know who God is, to know the gift that Jesus’ sacrifice has given us if no one tells them? It rests on us to be the messengers, the disciples of today. We are the witnesses! During this season of Lent, let us take advantage of the opportunities presented to us to share the joy of our faith; to prepare to celebrate the great mystery of our salvation in just a few weeks; to let others know that our celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection is more than just a chance to get new clothes and candy.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, our Lord, you came to save us. You suffered and died for us. Please give us the grace to rejoice in your great gift and never be ashamed of our love for you. Amen.

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