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GOD is good all the time!
Hi, DOZme Co members, may God bless you all. Jesus Loves you and so do I. Stay Blessed.
Sisters, rejoice today because you have been wonderfully and fearfully by a wonderful and majestic Father and Creator.
My friends, I strongly feel the need to say this. Do not let anything or anyone keep you from achieving your purpose in life. Rebuke fear today, Rebuke negative words spoken against you and begin to draw boundaries in your life. Let go of all the baggage in your life, Let go of unhealthy relationships and Let GOD. #Pressforward #Bepositive #fearisaliar #LetGod
Blessing God for a new week and a new day. Remain blessed and rapturable beloved sisters.
As a Christian Life coach, my job is to partner with you offering support, encouragement to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you (the client) already has as well as challenging you in order to enable you strive to be all that God has in mind for you to be, do and become.

We are an international ministry established to impact the lives of women of all ages, and from diverse cultures & backgrounds, around the world through sound biblical teachings and principles.

A Non-profit Christian Ministry that caters to the spiritual development and empowerment of women around the world.

Operating as usual

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As Christians, we have two choices in life – be led by the Holy Spirit or be led by the desires of our flesh. The desires of our flesh tend to be cravings and yearnings for things that will remove our focus from God. These desires never draw us closer to God, if anything they always serve as traps to make us feel guilty.
Fleshly desires don’t have to be "blatantly wicked." An example of a desire of the flesh would be sleeping in instead of waking up for church. You know that you need to go to church, and that is the direction that the Holy Spirit is trying to lead you in, but your body is telling you otherwise. Your body is trying to convince you that it would be much better to sleep in and miss church.
As Christians, from the day that we receive salvation, we become subject to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will always take us to places that will bring us closer to God – it will never be the opposite. It is through the Holy Spirit, a person is able to grow in their prayer life, understand the writings in the Bible, and grow in their spiritual gifts.
In our everyday lives, the Holy Spirit will guide us to act the way Jesus would act in a situation.
For example, if you are driving in traffic and someone tries to cut in front of you, you are faced with two choices.
Your Fleshly Desire: Yell a number of profanities at the driver and make sure that they know you are angry.
Spirit-led decision: Let the incident slide, pray for the driver, and allow peace to reign in your heart.
Choosing to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit won’t always be easy but it will definitely be more worthwhile. Walking in the Spirit means that we are walking in the way Jesus Christ would desire us to walk.
You may not realize it at the time, but your life serves as a testimony to others. When you choose to walk in the Spirit, the world gets to see the love and wisdom of God through your words and actions.
If you choose to follow the desires of your flesh – which are always contrary to the will of God – you will communicate the wrong message to the world and they will not feel compelled to receive salvation.


Merry Christmas From The DOZme Family

There’s just no pleasing some people! Jesus is talking about the leaders’ reaction to both John the Baptist and himself. When John came preaching a message of repentance so as to prepare for the coming Messiah, people began to come to him to be baptized. This didn’t make the Jewish leaders happy and so they complained. Jesus came along, preaching the Good News of salvation and they were even more upset. They compared his behavior to John’s and complained again, even stating that John’s disciples obeyed the law more than the disciples of Jesus. I guess they forgot that they shouldn’t judge. We often do the same thing. Sometimes we even pass judgment on the same person – twice! We might have a friend or relative who has gotten into trouble. It could be something illegal or it could be an addiction that is out of control. We judge them, not their behavior, and decide to turn our backs on them. Then, they clean up their act, pay for their past behavior, stop using whatever they have become addicted to. Do we welcome them back into our lives? Some might, but others will say that it’s all an act and they are still not worthy of our love. This has happened to well-known figures in the media or sports as well. One mistake and that’s it! Judge not lest you be judged is not part of the make-up of some people. Again, I’m not saying that we should leave money hanging around if someone has had a problem with theft or gambling, or that we should offer an alcoholic a drink once they have achieved sobriety, but we should look at the person and give them a chance. Both John the Baptist and Jesus were judged unfairly, we need to be careful not to fall into the same trap.

Lord, at some point in time most if not all of us have judged those we know and those we do not know of, but hear about and we have been judged too. It never feels good especially when judged unfairly by others. Give us the grace to be non judgemental and as believers rebuke in love & redirect with kindness and humility when necessary in Christ's name we pray.🙏 Amen.

Mary has just told the angel Gabriel that she is willing to become the mother of Jesus and has gone to visit her cousin Elizabeth who is pregnant with John the Baptist. Mary’s response is the prayer called “The Magnificat.” Elizabeth was praising Mary for saying “yes” to the angel and Mary knows that she has been chosen for a very important mission and feels her own unworthiness. Do we ever think about the fact that we are also chosen, though unworthy, to do God’s work? If we are made in God’s image, and have received the Holy Spirit in Baptism, then we too are called to “magnify” the Lord in our daily lives. We too are blessed by God. God has done great things for us in giving us the gift of faith. This gift allows us to be adopted children of the one God, heirs to the Kingdom earned for us by Jesus. We too should be grateful for all that God has done for us and praise God who is holy just as Mary does in this passage from Luke. During this season of Advent, we should also thank Mary for agreeing to be the mother of our Savior. Have you ever considered what would have happened if she had said “no?” My imagination sometimes goes off on those tangents. I have often wondered if Abraham had been the first person that God approached. And I have wondered the same about Mary. The same applies to us. Why do we have the gift of faith, and not others? As for me, I am grateful to God and I feel very blessed that I have a faith that gets me through the highs and lows of life with a promise of eternal life when this one on earth ends.


From the DOZme family to yours!!!

[11/23/20]   Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention to the readings we think we know. Today’s gospel is one that can fit into that category. One year when I asked my grade 8 and 9 students to bring in food for our church’s food pantry, one girl was embarrassed to say that she wasn’t allowed to bring anything in because some of the people who come to the pantry came in cars, and her mother said that if they had a car, then they could afford food. I have heard people question giving to other organizations that help the poor for similar reasons – if they weren’t so lazy, they could get a job; they get enough from the welfare office; if they just stopped having children, drinking, doing drugs, smoking, they could afford their rent, food, gas, oil, etc. I have known people who have lost jobs, whose husbands or wives have walked out on them, who have faced devastating illness, who are hungry, thirsty, homeless, and sick. I have also known people who have used the system to their own advantage, who are truly guilty of the crimes that put them into prison. Today we have a real problem with welcoming the stranger. So many are fleeing those countries where their lives are in jeopardy. It can be difficult to find countries willing to welcome them and give them sanctuary. As many times as I have read this gospel, I have never read that Jesus tells us to only feed, clothe or house those who are worthy of our care. I never read that Jesus told us to visit the sick or imprisoned if they were innocent of actions that placed them there. Who are the least of our brothers and sisters? Who are the most vulnerable, the marginalized? Who are we to judge the worthiness of anyone in need? If Jesus tells us that prostitutes and tax collectors will be in heaven before the Pharisees and Scribes, then what is he trying to tell us?

Lord help us not to judge those whom we are willing or desire to serve. No matter their predicament be it of their faults or not, give us the ability to serve all in love. In Jesus name,

Have you been honest? Have you been hiding anything from those closest to you? Or within your work, community or Church? It may be one of the most difficult things to do in life, but God wishes for all our hearts to be without burden or concealment. Since He sees all, He cannot be fooled, the only ones who stand to lose from this are yourselves and those around you. Thus, in coming clean, is not hiding the truth, we allow ourselves to become truly closer to one another. This is what God ultimately wants, for if we are brought in closer together, our faith is strengthened, and our praise becomes louder.


[11/01/20]   Welcome to the month of November. Great Testimonies await you in Jesus name.

Lessons and Encouraging Words for Today's Christian Woman

Greetings Beloved,

To the glory of God, my new book is now out. It is a Must Read For Every Woman aspiring to live a life of godliness. I encourage you to get Your copy today on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble Book Stores!! Share with others. Thank you for your support; may you and those you share it will be blessed by it.
This book covers issues that are important to women who are earnestly striving to live a godly life. It is a compilation of teaching messages written by the author over the years that addresses life issues faced daily. The author reveals how women can be empowered by applying biblical principles to deal with everyday struggles so that they can live the life God has purposed for them. Lessons and Encouraging Words for Today's Christian Woman

Paul is making sure that the Greek Gentiles who have been converted to Christianity understand that they are just as important as the Jewish converts. They are fellow citizens. They along with the Jewish converts together are being formed into the Body of Christ, the church. He is also telling them and us that we are a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility to continue to build up the community of Christians, in whatever way God leads us as well as to preserve ourselves as we would a holy place. It can be hard to think of our bodies as temples. We are encouraged by the medical community to eat well with a healthy diet, to get sufficient exercise, enough sleep and to keep our minds just as active as our bodies. Our spiritual lives are just as important if we are to be good witnesses of our faith. Whether that involves church going, meeting with friends to discuss the Bible, reading the Bible on our own or any combination of those things, keeping our faith alive will help us to know how to share the Good News and to work to help the poor and the vulnerable by working for justice within our communities. I visited a friend today in a nursing home. He isn’t able to do too much for himself and is having a hard time being dependent on others to care for him, but his mind is as active as ever and the one thing he finds difficult is that most of the other residents of the nursing home have dementia. Although he continues to read his Bible and other religious articles, and he prays, there is no longer a community of believers with whom he can discuss what he reads and he feels stifled. We all need others to walk with on our journey. And others need us!


This passage from Luke’s Gospel, reminds me of the passage from Paul that lets us know that because we are “baptized into Christ’s death, we will rise with him.” Luke’s message must have been a comfort to those who were undergoing persecution. They knew that some of their friends and possibly family members had been persecuted or killed because they wouldn’t worship the emperor as a god. Luke is telling them that no matter what happens to them, God is there to welcome them into the Kingdom. We have been given both the same promise and the same warning. We have a choice how we live. We can choose to remain faithful to the Lord, or go after the pleasures the world tempts us with. I’m always happy when the summer television season is over in the US because the summer season has more programs about men and women offering their bodies for sale. Now, I know that this is not how these programs are advertised, but what do the offer? They bring men and women together on a beach or in a house or some other place so that they can “find love.” What they really do is promote using sex to attract someone. This is love????? I don’t think so! My concern is the young people who watch these shows. What are they learning about love or even life for that matter? This is not real even if it’s advertised as reality television! Ask anyone who works in ministry how difficult it is to instruct the youth in the Gospel. Anyone who is trying to live a moral life, or is trying to raise their children to live a moral life is facing an enormous challenge. It is important to keep witnessing the Gospel values and praying for our youth and reminding them that this life is temporary, and eternal life is just that, eternal.


Tony Evans

Faith is measured by your feet, not your feelings. It’s measured by what you do, not by what you say you are going to do.

One of the best ways to determine if you really have as much faith as you think you do is to observe how you respond when stuff goes south or when life goes sideways. When it seems that the world itself has chosen to collapse on top of you all at once causing you to face a compounding level of issues.

It is then that you will be able to judge your authentic level of faith by the choices you make and the responses you display.


Greetings Beloved Friends

Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute, The Training Ministry of DOZME International is celebrating One Year of Service on this day, Wed, September 23rd 2020. Please join us to appreciate the Lord GOD for His faithfulness and His guidance. Today, we have 100+ students in over 16 countries. We are just getting started!!! Looking forward to more years of service in Christian Education Ministry. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

In His Service,
The Sword of The Spirit Ministry (SOTS) Bible Institute and DOZMe International Ministries


Greetings Beloved Friends, Students, Brethren,

Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute, The Training Ministry of DOZME International is celebrating One Year of Service on this day, Wed, September 23rd 2020. Please join us to appreciate the Lord GOD for His faithfulness and His guidance. Today, we have 100+ students in over 16 countries. We are just getting started!!! Looking forward to more years of service in Christian Education Ministry. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

In His Service,
The Sword of The Spirit Ministry (SOTS) Bible Institute Team

[09/11/20]   Hijacking planes and killing innocent people does not make anyone sympathetic to a cause. Today we remember the day that two planes destroyed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York as well as the one that hit the Pentagon and the one that was also aimed at Washington, D. C. and was stopped by the heroic actions of the people on that plane. If we want the world to come together and work together for peace, terrorism is not the way to go. Just think about your own family. If you want a peaceful family, you don’t go out of your way to cause problems, fighting with one another and destroying one another’s property. Peaceful people sit down and discuss their differences and try to work out a compromise. Jealousy and ambition are a deadly combination for anyone. We see how they contribute to problems within families, within neighborhoods, and between businesses. There are different forms of “wisdom” as we know. Jesus gave us the example of the corrupt steward who got caught and went back to those he had been swindling and had them rewrite the amount of goods they owed so that they would take care of him when he lost his position. Jesus praised him for his worldly wisdom. But that is not the wisdom that God gives us in the gift of the Holy Spirit. This wisdom is given to us so that we will be more able to follow his way of love and to see the best ways to bring justice to an unjust world. This is the wisdom that brings peace and not discord. If we begin to feel stirrings of jealousy, may we count our blessings and not what we lack. Remember, someone will always have more than you have and someone will always have less.


Living Water Christian Services

Happy New Month all! Just a quick announcement to inform you that we have now opened back up for business on a limited basis. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, we will only be able to offer the following services until further notice.

1. Chat Based Coaching Services - Please visit website or click link below for pricing and our area of specialty.

2. Biblical Counseling Services - Chat Based Free 60 minute sessions

3. Spiritual Mentoring Services - Chat Based Free 60 minute sessions .

4. Cultural Adjustment Training Course - Please click link for more info.

To make an appointment, please go to "make an appointment" on main screen and selected your preferred time and day.

God Bless You.

Stay Safe and Encouraged, The Lord is always in control!

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