St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Albrightsville, PA, Albrightsville, PA Video November 25, 2019, 4:04am

Videos by St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Albrightsville, PA in Albrightsville. St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is located on Old Stage Road approximately ¼ mile north of the intersection at Old Stage and Rt. 534 in Albrightsville, PA

Rev Dearin Sermon -11/17/19-

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Christmas eve special music!
Chuck Scinty and Jaylnn debut on Christmas eve 2019!! Wonderful!! Thank you both and God bless!!

Rev Dearin -Christmas Eve Sermon 2019

Rev. Dearin Sermon- 11/27/19- Thanksgiving Eve. "Be Thankful for Each Other in your Search For The Presence of The Lord!...

Rev Dearin Sermon -11/17/19-

Rev Dearin Sermon Today- 11/10/19. "Believe on The Word Alone." God Bless All Our Service Men and Women!

Rev Dearin Sermon Today- 10/27/19- "Obey The Word and you will Know Jesus"

Rev Dearin Sermon Today -10/20/19

Rev Dearin Sermon Today -9/29/19- "Rejoice That Your Name is Written in the Lamb's Book of Life!"

Rev Dearin Sermon Today-9/22/19-Be Shrewd In Your Work For The Kingdom"

Rev. Dearin Sermon Today- 9/15/19-"Welcome Home!"

Rev Dearin Sermon Today - September 1st, 2019. Humble Yourself Unto The Lord Your God and You will be Exalted

Rev William Dearin Sermon today- August 25, 2019

Rev. Dearin Sermon Today- July 28, 2019- "The Lord's Prayer"

Rev Dearin Sermon Today- July 21, 2019 "Martha vs Mary"

Rev Dearin Sermon Today July 14, 2019-"Be a Good Samaritan"

Rev Dearin Sermon Today July 7th, 2019. Jesus Said, "If Your Witness Is Not Accepted By The People, Wipe The Dust From ...

Easter Sunday from St. Paul's