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This is a page for the Prayer Team of Albert Lea Assembly of God to hear and respond to your prayer requests. This is not gossiping site, so any threads that begin to go that route will be deleted.


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The Burdened Shepherd PART 2 01.31.21 01/31/2021

The Burdened Shepherd PART 2 01.31.21

The Burdened Shepherd PART 2 01.31.21 Sunday morning 01.31.21, Thank you for joining us online!Join us as we start a new series this year as we go through the book of Amos! Listen to our Senior ...

[08/12/20]   Join us for Corporate Prayer at the church tonight in an hour!(6pm!)

[08/08/20]   Praise the Lord! Lori Rarick is back home! She needs prayer for continued healing! Pray specifically that she will get off the oxygen completely and for strength! 08/01/2020

Todd White repents of failing to preach 'the whole Gospel,' calls out American Church

Prayer team and Ladies Intercession group, this is what we have been praying for. Keep up the Intercession for those in ministry. Wake up the church! Pray for this man, that he would be willing to give it all and give up his riches for the gospel. All or nothing! Lifestyle Christianity leader Todd White has publicly repented for failing to preach the whole Gospel and criticized the American Church for refusing to address sin and repentance to a watching world.

[08/01/20]   Lori Rarick is going to spend another night in the hospital. She is doing better, but still needs prayer! If her breathing does not improve more, she will need to stay in the hospital for another 5 days for treatment. We need to pray that all other organs and systems function perfectly during this time! God is faithful and we put our trust in him!

[07/30/20]   Please lift up Lori Rarick in your prayers! She is in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia. She spent the night in the hospital last night and is doing better, but They are going to keep her tonight and continue treatment.

[06/11/20]   Please pray for Cassie Moore’s father! Eddie Lankford is in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs. He is not responding to antibiotics and is very weak. Please intercede on his behalf!


Wednesday Night Prayer Service


God is continuing to answer prayers!!

We are thankful for these recent updates today. Greg Mundis is in stable condition. His lungs and kidneys are now functioning well. The doctors have performed the tracheostomy and plan to wean him off sedation. Please continue to pray that he is able to remain comfortable while being weaned off sedation and for a complete and total healing in his body.
Thomas Carpenter is now awake and responsive after fighting for 19 days. Let’s continue to pray for his complete recovery in the days ahead.
— Paul and Angela Trementozzi, AGWM Europe regional directors


We have been praying and waiting for this!! Praise the Lord! This is a true miracle!

Praise God, Greg’s tracheostomy was not needed Thursday! When tested, he was able to breathe enough on his own that his ventilator settings were turned off and his doctors believe his breathing tube could be removed soon. “His lungs showed significant signs of life, and for that we REJOICE!” says son Dr. Greg Mundis. The AGWM family joins our faith with Dr. Mundis and says collectively to Greg, “Let’s make it a REALLY Good Friday!”


Urgent prayer request!

Urgent Prayer Update:

Please continue to pray for Gregory Michael Mundis. He was airlifted to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis on March 31 to a pulmonary unit for specialized care for COVID-19 patients. Please intercede for him and for the specialists as they work on his lungs.

“Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind." -Psalm 107:19-21


[03/29/20]   Join Amanda for prayer tonight at 6pm! She will be live right here on ALAG Prayer. Please comment with prayer requests and praises so she can pray over each request.


Thank you for praying for Greg Mundis! He is coming through! Keep praying!

PRAISE REPORT: The medical team has worked diligently to get Greg Mundis off sedation and to minimize ventilator settings. He was able to wake up today and stay awake. He moved his arms, squeezed hands, wiggled toes and ankles, and opened his eyes. His lungs have made a comeback, and he is breathing on his own with minimal additional support. There is a really good chance his endotracheal tube will get to come out soon. Please continue to pray.


PLEASE PRAY!!!!!! Our Assemblies of God missionaries are being hit hard.

AGWM Executive Director Greg Mundis has been positively confirmed as having COVID-19. We ask everyone to intercede for Greg in this crucial time—for complete healing of his lungs and kidneys, and for the Spirit of God to fill his hospital room with God's healing presence.

AGWM Northern Asia Regional Director Ron Maddux: Please lift Ron up in prayer as he fights the effects of COVID-19. Intercede most urgently for his oxygen levels to rise, but also for relief from fever and pain.

Please pray for Angelia Pack Carpenter & Thomas Carpenter! They both have been diagnosed with #COVID19. Thomas is currently on a ventilator in the CCU!

Please pray for Heather. She does not have the virus, but needs to cross the border to Thailand so that she can give birth to their sweet little one in a good hospital. Her baby is due in May. She needs prayer for continued health and safety traveling before borders are shut.

[03/16/20]   Praying for souls!

[03/15/20]   Praying for repentance and humility so that the Lord will hear our cry!

[03/15/20]   Praying for our President right now! Pray with us!


Live prayer in 10 minutes! Join us! Live feed is on the Albert Lea Assembly of God page!


I lift up all the nurses and Doctors around the world in prayer. Give them strength and endurance. Keep their minds alert. Give them perfect peace in the middle of the storm. Protect them and their families from disease. Thank you, God, for each one of our nurses and doctors who give so much of themselves every day.


This Sunday has been declared a national day of prayer in light of the current situation. Please join us on our new community prayer page. Follow ALAG Prayer and Post your prayers and scriptures.

[03/14/20]   Follow our new prayer group! This is a place to post your prayers and join a community prayer group. Thanks to social media we can still have a prayer meeting!


[03/13/20]   I pray for all of our missionaries around the world who are dealing with this virus first hand. Lord give them wisdom. Protect them as they minister to the sick. Let this be an opportunity to go where they’ve never gone before!


[03/12/20]   Welcome To the prayer page of Albert lea Assembly of God, this is a place for anyone to post their prayer requests and to know that we will be praying for you! If your request is sensitive you can private message us!


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