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For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established — that is, that I may be encouraged...Rom 1:11-12

Operating as usual

By Benny Payne

John 14:30 NKJV “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.”

• Satan is the ruler of this godless, dark world, and since we belong to Christ and not this world, Satan sees us to be his great enemies to fight us from all angles daily.
• Lucifer can effectively and successfully attack us when he has something in us that belongs to him, something in common with him, or something that he can use against us, or even something that he has to use against us. By this advantage aforementioned, Satan can have a claim, hold, and power over us when His legal possession is in our lives, privacy, manners, character, behaviour, thoughts, hearts, body, etc.
• Sin is the legal possession of Satan. Any behaviour, conduct, character, behaviour, manners, thoughts, plans, words we utter, anything we do and say privately and in our minds, etc., that is contrary to God’s Word is the legal possession of Satan, so when we do not remorsefully repent from that and ask Jesus to set us free from demons reinforcing those very sins, Satan can easily attack us successfully and powerfully.
• Jesus is the only Person who lived as a human that Satan had nothing that belongs to he Satan in Christ to use against Him, thus only Jesus can save and set us free from the bondage of any sin whatsoever that easily besets us and had become our weakness.

Prayer: “My Heavenly Father, I ask that Christ help me via His Holy Spirit to be set free from demons that seduce me in any particular sin in my life that easily besets me, in Jesus' Name. Amen!”

[06/14/20]   *How many men are in this group when we take account of the women here? Even how many men would comment, like, or read this post? We would find out that the women are the majority in number here whiles the men few minority. The same at church, Prayer Meetings, Prayerline, online Meetings, etc.*
But go to drinking bars, restaurants, sports activities, working places, businesses, brothels, public places, beauty pageants, etc., and we would be surprised to see more men in participation.
*Oh, men, when will we stop this attitude. Always criticizing the women attending Prayer Meetings and Prophets? * It is undoubtedly true there are false prophets but as much as they’re in majority, there are also in few minority genuine prophets, *so men stop the criticizing games! Husbands are lazy to pray but very active at sex sessions at midnight.* They attribute the prayer sessions at midnight for their wives. Other single men, brothers, want their sisters , female friends and mothers to pray for them or consult prophets on their behalf, but do not want to pray on their own or serve Christ very well.
Some men, not all men though, all they want is sex, money, fame, jealousy, ego, etc.
*Some men climbed to the limelight via women they came into contact with, yet pride and their ego they would not acknowledge them.*
*Men are so jealous in their relationships and marriages that even if another man is their brother, friend, father, spiritual father, etc., do not try to be too close to his fiancée or wife, otherwise* .....🤣🤣🤣🤣 Men, I’m I lieing? 😆😆😆.
*Husbands will never attend Prayer line meetings online but only send prayer requests via their wives or fiancées, when they’re in crises.* Sometimes their very wives or fiancées voluntarily request prayers on their behalf. They will never attend, unless something very hard strikes them. I’m I lieing , men?🤣🤣🤣.
Some men, though not all men, because women like rich and a man with vision, etc., all they care is this focus so they don’t have time for God and the things of God.
Our old fathers, all they did is to beat us when we were growing up, and our bitter mothers spoilt our fathers to us, so all we knew our fathers were *”disciplinarians”* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When they’re not around, we rejoice.
Mothers were more close with their children than fathers, only few fathers were close.
Some fathers did not cater for their children. I’m a victim of this myself; my father did not cater for me and my siblings though he was very rich.
Men, when will we stop this ego in us? When will we allow Christ who is our head to lead us? When will we pray more than our wives or fiancées? When will we humble ourselves for our wives or fiancées? When will we allow God the Holy Spirit to lead us to prosperity?
Men, men, men, why? Hmmmm

By Benny Payne

James 5:13 TLB “Is anyone among you suffering? He should keep on praying about it. And those who have reason to be thankful should continually be singing praises to the Lord.”

• Apostle James in his epistle admonishes us to pray in our hurting moments even when we do not feel like praying. We should keep on praying consistently and continually even if for one minute. That will bring the solution. We should also exercise faith in feeling great even when circumstances around us are totally on the contrary, spending quality time singing worship and praises songs to God. Prayer goes with singing worship and praises songs too so let us ensure to combine the two equally; and if God has answered someone’s prayer recently, then it is a sure indication that He will answer yours too, so do not give up in praying because you’ve prayed long for a great while but yet no meaningful solutions; pray until something miraculous ultimately happens. It is not necessarily how many hours you pray that matters, but rather the faith and concentration you imbibe into the prayer, thus someone can pray just two minutes and the answers would come, whiles someone ten hours yet no answer, just because the person in long hours just prayed without concentration and faith, but just to brag how long he or she can pray, etc. No matter your busy schedules, etc., spend at least two minutes praying before going to work, sitting in your car to drive or board a public transport, after a break at work, in your car or public transport on your way going to work, etc., any free time you will have alone, learn to pray a silent prayer, especially prayer in the supernatural language of God the Holy Spirit and singing worship and praises songs silently, or playing it on your devices.
• What conditions call for urgent prayers? When in trouble, suffering, afflicted, ill-treated, suffering evil, sorrowful, feeling heaviness emotionally, or suffering great hardship and distress, having troubles, or vexed with sorrows. In such aforementioned negative conditions, we should talk to God about it prayerfully with patient soul, must keep on praying about it; also encourage others around you, or you’ve realized them in such negative conditions, to pray incessantly until something positive happens finally.
• When should we sing? When we have reason to be thankful, joyful, thankful, glad at heart, celebrating, cheerful, feeling good, happy, flourishing, merry, feeling great, or in good spirits. In such an aforementioned emotional state, we should continually sing songs of praises to God, sing psalms, keep reciting psalms, songs of thanks to the Lord; and also encourage the cheerful ones around you and in your circles to sing out their praises.

Receive Christ's grace, favour, and empowerment to pray and sing ceaselessly, and receive solutions to your problems, in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Luke 5:13 VOICE ‘Jesus reaches out His hand and touches the man, something no one would normally do for fear of being infected or of becoming ritually unclean. Jesus: “I want to heal you. Be cleansed!” Immediately the man is cured.’

• Jesus compassionately and mercifully wants to meet our most urgent needs always, in addition to our salvation and eternity to Heaven with Him. The leper thought Christ might probably not be willing to touch and heal him since for the religious Jews back then, touching a leper was forbidden because of the contamination, fear of being infected or of becoming ritually unclean, but Jesus was not defiled in touching the leper; rather, the leper was healed.
• Many times the gravity of our problems and the repeating patterns, getting worse each day, week, month, or year, seemingly hopeless situations, etc., all repeatedly hovering around us, might make us conclude that probably Christ might not be interested or willing to heal our lives from those very problems, reproach, shame, lack, setbacks, crises, etc. Also, the nature of our sins, mistakes, frailties, etc., might also make us conclude that probably Jesus will not forgive us, thus punishing us to reap those very consequences.
• Christ certainly do choose to, do want to heal our lives from every problem, willing to do it; of course, He wants us to be healed physically, emotionally, psychologically, maritally, financially, etc., in order for things to be smooth in our lives, and from henceforth expecting by faith prayerfully such instantaneous miracles, breakthroughs and testimonies, in addition to Christ giving you salvation if you are not born again; and rededication to Him if you had backslidden.
• No matter your sins and frailties, if you can acknowledge them remorsefully and wholeheartedly and confess it to Christ in prayer, He will forgive you and is always giving you second chances to repent and come back to Him, because He loves you! Do not take His love and second chances for granted!

Receive Christ’s grace, favour, and empowerment to always believe and realize that He is willing to meet your needs and forgive you for your mistakes, and may you experience these benefits from Him, in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Luke 22:48 TPT ‘Jesus looked at him with sorrow and said, “A kiss, Judas? Are you really going to betray the Son of Man with a kiss?” '

• Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for the love of money, and in our dispensation, the love of money and cares of this world has made many victims betray their love, trust, patience, faith, and hope in Christ.
• The same way Jesus looked at Judas with sorrow He is still looking compassionately at you that no matter what do not betray Him! Judas pretended before all the disciples that he really loved the Lord by using then Jewish traditional way of the kiss of friendship intending to hand or give Him over to the Temple police to arrest Him.
• Many come to God’s house pretending to love the Lord but secretly betraying Him with sins, seeking solutions to their problems at wrong places, living questionable lives privately.
• Jesus says with sorrow and compassion to you today, “My child, do not continue to betray Me with bitterness, unforgiveness, doubts, impatience, complaints, private sins, and anything you know as contrary to My Word. I love you and care both for your salvation and needs to be met.”
Receive Christ’s grace, favour, and empowerment working via the power of God The Holy Spirit to discontinue betraying Him with any kind of sin privately in your life, in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Revelation 5:9 AMP “And they sang a new song [of glorious redemption], saying, “Worthy and deserving are You to take the scroll and to break its seals; for You were slain (sacrificed), and with Your blood, You purchased people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

• As the 24 Elders and the Four Living Creatures sang a new song [Psa. 96:1; 33:3; 40:3;98:1] of the glorious redemption of Christ for mankind, we should thus symbolically proclaim this redemption message online, everywhere, so that many can be aware and give their lives to Christ Jesus, or rededicate their lives back to Him.
• Jesus was crucified and by His crucifixion, sacrificial death, He sacrificed His own Blood in order to purchase, buy, us all unto, for God; at the cost of blood, Jesus ransomed, bought, redeemed, purchased, us all to be God’s own, from every nation bought us all back as gifts for God, paying in blood, paid the price in full [Lev. 25:50-51] for our redemption and we being the purchased ones. Christ’s Blood was the price paid to redeem us, and He purchased us to bring us to God The Father. Jesus set us free and bought us for God with the cost of His Blood, again-bought us, from, out of each or all family, lineage, kindreds, tribe, language, tongues, country, people group from every race of people and nation, all over the earth, no matter what language we speak [Isa. 42:10; Psa. 40:3; 98:1], then He made us a Kingdom, Priests for our God, Priests-kings to rule over the earth (Rev. 5:10).
• If Jesus had done all these aforementioned for us, won’t He also meet our most urgent physical needs, just as He did when He ministered in Israel? Every human no matter their religious affiliations have been given this glorious redemption opportunity by accepting Jesus as their Lord and Personal Saviour; rejecting this is tantamount to eternity in Hell Fire, or not maintaining it till death or Rapture comes!
• Receive that grace and favour to surrender, rededicate to Christ, or maintain your salvation till death or the Rapture, in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Matthew 11:28 CJB “Come to me, all of you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

• Negative conditions of life common to many of us --- having real struggles, working very hard, labouring, weary, struggling hard, worn out, tired from the heavy burden we have been forced to carry, carrying heavy loads, working so hard beneath a heavy yoke, tired, worn out, burned out on religion, heavily burdened by religious rituals that provide no peace, heavy-laden and over-burdened, having heavy loads, laden, loaded down with burdens, or carrying a big load on your back. We have been very committed in every online prayer services, etc., praying, fasting, sowing seeds, living obedient, righteous lives constantly, doing consistently all forms of various directions given by pastors, etc., to do, yet no meaningful breakthrough, testimony or miracle yet in our lives, struggling and crises getting worse each day in our lives, all seems at a standstill daily, etc.
• These negative conditions of life common to many of us aforementioned are exchanges that CHRIST wants to exchange with HIS rest, to give us a rest, or cause us to rest, easing, relieving and refreshing our souls with salvation, showing us how to take a real rest, for CHRIST is our oasis! In this coming new month, June and beyond, JESUS wants to take away our struggles and problems, and replace and exchange it with miracles, testimonies, and breakthroughs, putting an abrupt end to those challenges in our lives.
• We partake and fully experience Christ’s positive exchanges, replacements by our own free will choosing voluntarily to come to CHRIST JESUS, walking with HIM, and we will recover our lives in this season. We have got to believe, wait much more patiently and prayerfully persevering until it ultimately manifests in our lives!
Receive Christ’s grace and favour to put an abrupt end to your problems, in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Luke 14:33 MSG “Simply put, if you’re not willing to take what is dearest to you, whether plans or people and kiss it good-bye, you can’t be my disciple.”

• To follow CHRIST to make it to the Rapture, or to make it to Heaven someday when we close our eyes for eternity, we have to be willing by our own free will to make a choice sacrificially, to renounce, surrender claim to, give up, say good-bye to, all our idolatrous holdings, whether plans or people, what is dearest to us, carefully considering the cost and for CHRIST'S sake, kiss it all good-bye, anybody and anything that we value, spend more time, focus, sacrifice, or get preoccupied with, etc., more than GOD, with HIM and things that concern HIM most.
• Our most urgent needs are obviously very important, but have we considered also the most urgent needs of CHRIST, or that of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT? The input determines the value of the output, thus if we can prioritize meeting the most urgent needs of CHRIST, or that of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, they will be much pleased to meet our most urgent needs. In agriculture, the seeds you plant on the farmland determines the harvests! What seeds of evangelism, salvation, repentance, holiness, intercessory prayers, obedience, humility, generous giving, patience, faith, perseverance, right doings, unconditionally loving others unselfishly, etc., have you sown to meet the most urgent of CHRIST to harvest?
• Satan, his demons, and their human allies do not want us to prioritize meeting the aforementioned urgent needs of CHRIST frequently, so we often miss necessary harvests!

Receive the grace, favour, and empowerment from GOD to meet the urgent needs of CHRIST for your life, and HE to meet your most urgent needs as you prioritize HIS, in the NAME OF JESUS. Amen!

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