Imparting Our Generation Through The Word Of Prophecy

For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established — that is, that I may be encouraged...Rom 1:11-12

[01/30/20]   Your miracle is coming. Receive!

By Benny Payne

Psalm 21:7 NKJV “For the king trusts in the LORD, And through the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved.”

• King David composed this song to express his salvation in the LORD because GOD has answered his prayers, met his needs and promoted his life to a higher pedestal (21:1-6).
• It was in view of this unique Divine privilege to David that he expressed his unfailing, endless, unshaken, and confident trust in the LORD,
• And David moreover expressed his resoluteness in dependence upon GOD due to Divine mercy, faithfulness, loving-kindness, goodness; or rather, the persistent, faithful, and steadfast love of GOD, which keeps him from defeat and also keeps him from falling, stumbling, or shaking, or from being moved or overwhelmed, or rather he will always be secure, and standing firm (21:7).
• Most committed believers obedient and righteous, pious, etc., are losing their patience and faith in GOD due to delays to their urgent needs being met and their problems getting worse each day! How can such people in this negative condition be happy, focus on the Rapture, etc.?
• Sins of frustrations, unbelief, anger, sadness, anxieties, unforgiveness, fearing the worst thing to happen, bitterness, resentment, revengeful thoughts, lusts, pride, etc., are the most common sin in believers who do not commit adultery or fornication, don’t drink alcohol, not womanizers, don’t commit sins that Pentecostals regard as the “big sins.”
• All the aforementioned sins are triggered when the pious and righteous believer keep on lacking some major urgent needs though he or she has really been “seeking the kingdom of GOD first and its righteousness” alright for many years faithfully yet “and all these things shall be added to you” (Matt. 6:33), have not materialized yet in his or life!
• This lack makes such righteous and a pious believer who is really obeying GOD faithfully for years to start becoming lukewarm, tempted to sin, get discouraged, sometimes think suicidal thoughts, have self-pity, anxiety disorders, gets traumatized, murmur and complain, get so much bitter, etc.
• If David’s joy was kindled plus his love for GOD because GOD has met his needs, then this year and this season as you complete your fasts, I prophetically type here to my distinguished readers here that anyone out there who had really been obeying GOD, etc., yet in constant reproaches, such as GOD did for King David, GOD will do it for you, to meet your most urgent needs, so that you can be joyful to serve HIM better and focus on the Rapture, HIS soon coming.

Receive that grace from GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Isaiah 10:27 NKJV “It shall come to pass in that day That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.”

• GOD works in HIS seasons and timings that HE has appointed for us, and HE makes all things beautiful in HIS or its time (Eccles. 3:11). Our seasonal, Divine interventions will not fail this year, says the LORD.
• The Assyrians are symbolic of Satan, his demons and their human agents, their various ways of attacks against us. Thus, his burden refers to the Assyrian burden afore-explained.
• Any negative situation that we are still experiencing or had gone through is a burden -- problems, crises, challenges, etc. These are heavy loads and weights that weigh us down, making us sad, angry, uncomfortable, even to become lukewarm and indifferent to the awareness of the Rapture, etc.
• JESUS knew the negative impact of burdens so HE said we should surrender all our burdens unto HIM in prayer and HE will give us rest (Matt. 11:28; Php. 4:6). What burdens are still weighing you down? If JESUS gave rest to many people in BIBLE days who had different forms of burdens, then today and tomorrow HE will do those miracles to give us rest because HE has not changed in HIS miracle ministry (Hebr.13:8; Mal. 3:6).
• Yokes are symbolic of ancestral curses running generationally in our maternal and paternal bloodline ancestries, demonic bondages that attack numerous people simultaneously, a group of people, etc. irrespective of whether being born again or not, anointed or not, pastor or not, etc.
• Many problems we encounter repeatedly have background often from our various family bloodline of idolatry, certain demonic covenants, occultism, etc., done by our forefathers and great, grandparents many years back before our grandparents were even born. These ancestral covenants release ancestral demons to force negative things they like to be upon us and the positive things we like to be in our lives, they hinder it and reinforce strongholds to enforce that hindrance!
• Do we like the negative things that we are going through? Yet we go through unwillingly! The reason is that there is a demonic force spiritually working against us, greater than us, hence the anointing of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT present to set us free from these demonic yokes and burdens!
• The power and anointing from GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT breaks those yokes and evaporates the burdens completely, making our lives to be filled with GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT to make it impossible for those yokes to have second chance to come again hence Apostle Paul said we should be filled with GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT daily (Eph. 5:18). Nature abhors a vacuum, so our hearts and minds must be filled together with our spirits, bodies, and souls with the HOLY SPIRIT lest Satan replaces!

Receive the grace from GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT to touch you and liberate you from your burdens and yokes as you finish your fasts this season, in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Luke 4:1,14 NKJV “Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, [14] Then Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee, and news of Him went out through all the surrounding region.”

• JESUS returned from Jordan, the place HE was baptized by John the Baptist, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, and HE also returned from the wilderness, the place HE was tempted by Satan and fasted forty days, in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. The result of fasting and prayer matters a lot because fasting and not having any result is like starving.
• GOD’S POWER accompanies, becomes very active in our lives when we fast and pray the way HE approves, also encircles every area of our lives, the power to get wealth (Deut. 8:18), the power to become a child of GOD (John 1:12), power to be witness of JESUS via the power of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 1:8). The power of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT is also synonymously referred to as the blessing of the LORD to make us rich in all things without any repercussions of sorrows whatsoever (Prov. 10:22).
• GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT is a Person and HE gets so easily grieved when we sin against HIM in so many ways. No matter how you’ve prayed and fasted, different anointed pastors prayed for you and poured a whole gallon of olive oil on you, prophesied in details to you, etc., it is GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT who will finally answer the prayers for you to receive physical manifestation of it, so if your relationship with HIM is not cordial and very unstable, HE will not answer your prayer nor any anointed pastors whosoever who prayed for you, etc.
• Our motives play a major role in the answering of our prayers, especially ulterior motives (Jam. 4:3). Our motives must be set right, coming to church or Prayerline not only because I want a miracle, my urgent needs to be met, or to receive prophecies, but also add equally to these because I love GOD and wants to worship HIM with the congregation of believers.
• It is not wrong to have motives of your needs to be met, etc., but we must combine it with what pleases GOD, the very needs of GOD and HIS servants should be prioritized then when we pray and HIS servants pray for us, then HE will be pleased to answer us!
• If the widow had not met the need of GOD’S servant Elijah first though her only son was very hungry, the woman would not have experienced the miracle of the provision of flour in the bin and oil in the jar (1 Ki. 17:8-16). These things we need, we must meet GOD’S needs first (Matt. 6:33).
• GOD’S needs are that we love one another, not entertaining selfishness in our lives because we are not the only ones suffering in this world! Some people’s suffering is worse than ours, and only if we knew we would have remained thankful to GOD! Yours is better than someone else! GOD wants us to intercede for others, help others, show love, evangelize others, encourage, care for others, etc.
• Our ulterior motives are examined when our miracle delays then we begin to complain, murmur, give up, stop doing good things we used to do before like helping others, giving to GOD’S servants, etc. If our motives are right that we love GOD and even if HE does not meet our needs on time or even does not, we still love HIM and will never change! When we have such positive motives, GOD will surely answer our prayers and also prayers that HIS servants pray for us! Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were ready to die not because GOD will save them but they even said even if HE does not they will never bow to the idol of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 3:16-18). Do not only follow JESUS because HE will meet your needs but add your motives that because you love HIM and wants to be with HIM for eternity in Heaven (John 6: 22-27).
• The power of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT meets needs and is ever present with us if we can do away behaviours that grieves GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT (Eph. 4:30, 25-32).

Receive the grace to fast with motives that do not grieve GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!

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By Benny Payne

Esther 5:1-3 NKJV “Now it happened on the third day that Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the king's palace, across from the king's house, while the king sat on his royal throne in the royal house, facing the entrance of the house. [2] So it was when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, that she found favor in his sight, and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Then Esther went near and touched the top of the scepter. [3] And the king said to her, "What do you wish, Queen Esther? What is your request? It shall be given to you up to half the kingdom!"

• Corporate fasting and prayers by Queen Esther, Mordecai, and all the Jewish community at that land concerning genocide attempt by Haman against them yielded fruitful results (Est. 4:3, 15-17; 5:1-7; 7:1-10).
• Esther found uncommon favour with her husband the king and broke the Persian law of seeing the king uninvited which was lethal, and whatever she requested from the king was granted!
• Corporate fasting and prayers bring Divine favour before Divine-destiny helpers like king Ahasuerus, who willingly get pleased to help in any way they can.
• Satanic-destiny destroyers like Haman are defeated and judged accordingly.
• Crises that need immediate attention get solved by this corporate and united spiritual exercise.
• In this season whatever crisis affecting our countries, families, or our personal lives, that urgently needs Divine intervention, as we fast and pray together about it, GOD will speedily intervene.
• Human agents of Satan and enemies being agents of those crises will then be judged by GOD accordingly.
• GOD will then grant us favour before anyone of authority and high status and position in life who can help us in one way or another.

Receive the grace from GOD to experience the aforementioned benefits of this spiritual exercise, in the NAME OF JESUS! Amen!

By Benny Payne

Luke 4:14-15 NKJV “Then Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee, and news of Him went out through all the surrounding region. [15] And He taught in their synagogues, being glorified by all.”

• JESUS was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT alright but was directed to the desert to be tempted, harassed, tried and tested exceedingly by Satan like Israel’s forty years of testing at the desert (Exo. 34:28). HE endured the Satanic temptations for forty days, Satan trying to make HIM do wrong (Lk. 4:1-2; Matt. 4:1).
• Fasting and prayer is not an exclusion from Satanic temptations, but rather the intensification of it!
• Enduring and defeating Satanic temptations as CHRIST did is what GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT helps us to do.
• We must command the devil to get behind us, away with him from us! (Lk. 4:8; Matt. 4:10).
• We defeat Satan by adhering to every WORD OF GOD, which is our absolute survival ( Matt.4:4; Lk. 4:4).
• Satan can be defeated, but he never gives up after being defeated by us at a given point in time, but he goes temporarily and prepares harder ones to attack at our most vulnerable moments, the right opportunity to strike! (Lk. 4:13; Matt.4: 13).
• JESUS returned after enduring and defeating the complete cycle of Satanic temptations during his fasting and prayers, and the results were awesome power of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT upon and with HIM, HIS fame spread quickly everywhere, being admired and glorified by all (Lk. 4:14-15).
• JESUS was ministered with food and service by Angels of GOD after HE had defeated Satan (Matt. 4:11).
• Fasting and prayer empower us to be empowered with the discipline to endure and defeat Satanic temptations and attacks as we engage Satan with GOD’S WORD and giving him a word of authoritative command to go away from us!
• Satan is not afraid of our fasting and prayer, but he departs temporarily when you are able to defeat him anytime he comes to attack and tempt you!
• We should thus be always on alert because as long as we are alive Satan will frequently tempt and attack us at our most vulnerable moments.

Receive the grace from GOD to be empowered in this spiritual exercise this season to overcome Satanic temptations and attacks, and to experience the benefits of fasting and prayer, in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!

By Benny Payne

Matthew 17:21 NKJV “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."

• There are some stubborn and deeply-rooted problems the exceptional solution is to fast and pray.
• Certain problems need a higher kind of faith to deal with it, and such faith is received and activated by prayer and fasting.
• The epileptic son's condition had been from childhood and demons were behind it, reinforcing it (Mk. 9:20-22, 25-27; Matt. 17:15, 18).
• JESUS’ disciples used to cast out demons and heal the sick but this one they could not as much as they tried to.
• JESUS explained that they couldn’t because their faith was too small, not enough.
• The solution to our small faith hindering us from receiving miracles from GOD and through us for others on certain stubborn cases is to frequently fast and pray, studying GOD'S WORD too (Rom. 10:17).
Receive the grace from GOD to frequently fast and pray, and may your faith increase and grow thus, in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!
Reference: Matt. 17: 14-21; Mk 9: 14-29.

By Benny Payne

Daniel 10:12-13 NKJV “Then he said to me, "Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. [13] But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.”

• Daniel’s fasting and prayers met GOD’S approval when he set his heart and mind to understand and to humble himself before GOD, and we should do likewise (Dan. 9:20-23).
• Divine wisdom, insight and understanding of GOD’S plans, ways of GOD, devices, and craftiness of Satan, his demons, and their human agents, demonology, etc., discerning their ways, etc., are keys to successes in life. Most household enemies are behind our very problems.
•Divine humility releases grace for GOD resists the proud but gives more grace to the humble (Jam. 4:6-10; 1 Pet.5:5).
• We should, therefore, pray and fast for spiritual insight, wisdom, understanding and discerning of spiritual things and events this year. Our dreams play a vital role in this.
• Praying for the spirit of humility and rooting out of pride in all forms out from our lives and country’s leaders, etc.
• Daniel’s prayers were really answered by GOD with a Messenger Angel sent to deliver him the reply that very first day, but it took 21 days to finally reach Daniel due to demonic delaying, opposition, resistance, etc., by a principality demon that ruled the country spiritually.
• Consistent prayers in our fasting are necessary plus spiritual warfare prayers because the prayer answers start to come from the onset of the fast but always there are demonic battles against it coming, but warfare prayers defeat those enemies to release the answers.
• As national leaders and other auxiliary leaders rule physically, so does their counterparts in the spiritual realm rules spiritually. The spiritual rule dominates the physical, hence spiritual warfare prayers with fasting help empower GOD’S agendas for our nations, families, and lives to dominate and prevail to overrule the demonic agendas of Satan.
• Praying and deploring Warrior Angels of GOD to defeat every presiding demonic entity ruling our countries with demonic agendas for this year for your countries, families, and our lives.

Receive the grace from GOD to have discerning insight into every event this year and to remain humble, defeating your spiritual enemies, in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!

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