Mountain Valley Baptist Association, Alamogordo, NM Video March 13, 2017, 2:29pm

Videos by Mountain Valley Baptist Association in Alamogordo. Mountain Valley Baptist Association partners with churches in our area to help further their ministry.

Other Mountain Valley Baptist Association videos

Heather and Jincy from Piñon singing a song Jincy and her mom wrote when Jincy was a teen, “There’s A Story”

Lyric Fambrough from Trinity High Rolls sang “Long Black Train”

Heather and Jincy sang "Just For Me"

Janie and Wayne Blanton sang their song ‘The Journey’

The Celoria Family Singers from Bethel Baptist Church.

Some of the beautiful songs we enjoyed at the Emmet Carson Music Festival last evening at Bethel Baptist Church.

Our ESL student and his daughter singing Silent Night in Chinese!

Our ESL students singing Silent Night in Spanish.

Our ESL students singing Silent Night in German!