Mountain Valley Baptist Association

Mountain Valley Baptist Association


From Pastor Steve Fambrough of Trinity Baptist in High Rolls:

Rachelle started having severe pain in her upper abdomen about 6 yesterday. We were at the ER until 4am when they admitted her. She was diagnosed with a blood clot as well as pancreatic cancer. They are managing her pain, as well as trying to expedite a needle biopsy. They are not very hopeful about the pathology. We know God is sovereign in everything. Our faith is strong, but we have shed many tears.

Our hearts desire is that she will be healed.

The Fambroughs
Memorial Service for Bart Montgomery:

This from Nancy,
The Celebration Service for my dad, Bart Montgomery, will be Saturday, September 19 at 2:00 pm at First Baptist Church of Moriarty. I hope everyone can come and help us honor a great man of God.
An Invitation from the SBC Executive Committee

5 Free Books from Wordsearch/Lifeway
thanks for sining me up. Interesting posts. Are you the lady of the MVA? Merry Christmas to you and the twins and your folks.
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Mountain Valley Baptist Association partners with churches in our area to help further their ministry.

Operating as usual


Lord, to Whom shall we go? John 6: 60-71


Hi there .... Bethel has Vacation Bible School starting on Sunday!
July 18 – 22, Sunday through Thursday from 6:00 to 8:30
Register online at or
call the church office at 575-437-7311


Be sure to share with friends and neighbors….. VBS starts Sunday!
Join us for Vacation Bible School
JULY 18 - 22 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Register at
Or call 575-437-7311

Delight Yourself in the Lord 06/18/2021

Delight Yourself in the Lord

A devotional suggestion from Pastor Justin Bowman.

Delight Yourself in the Lord The teaching of these words must seem very surprising to those who are strangers to vital godliness, but to the sincere believer it is only the reminder of a recognized truth. The life of the believer is described as a delight in God, and we are reminded of the great fact that genuine faith overflow...

Dear Southern Baptist, 06/05/2021

Dear Southern Baptist,

Dear Southern Baptist, As we approach #SBC21 in Nashville, I am writing this letter to you––yes, you. I am also writing it to me. By now, you know there'll be a SEND Conference on Sunday and Monday, our Annual Meeting on...

Tennessee 6-year-old inspires church with Annie Offering gift - North American Mission Board 04/30/2021

Tennessee 6-year-old inspires church with Annie Offering gift - North American Mission Board

Tennessee 6-year-old inspires church with Annie Offering gift - North American Mission Board CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — Pastor Larry Robertson of Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tenn., saw the young...


25 April 2021 11am Service

Taylor Memorial Ordains Five Young Ministers 04/20/2021

Taylor Memorial Ordains Five Young Ministers

Taylor Memorial Ordains Five Young Ministers HOBBS (BNM) - On Sunday, Jan. 10, Taylor Memorial Baptist Church, Hobbs, ordained five young men to the Gospel ministry. According to TMBC Lead Pastor Zach Souter, the church has


"The only safe place for sheep is by the side of the shepherd, because the devil does not fear sheep; he just fears the shepherd."#tozer


We’re incredibly grateful for National WMU the leadership of Executive Director Sandy Wisdom-Martin. Their love and advocacy for North American missionaries is unparalleled.

WMU women made 7,000+ personal phone calls to churches, encouraging them to support North American missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering! #AAEO21

NM teen rescues toddler from near-drowning while on spring break trip 04/06/2021

NM teen rescues toddler from near-drowning while on spring break trip

NM teen rescues toddler from near-drowning while on spring break trip MAYHILL, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico teen’s vacation to Disneyworld turned into a rescue mission when she saved a young girl’s life. Thirteen-year-old Kaydence Henslee of Mayhill was on …


We invite you to join us this
Sunday at 8:15 or 11:00 am


Weekly Devotional

Deuteronomy 4:39 03/24/2021

Deuteronomy 4:39

Deuteronomy 4:39 know therefore today, and lay it to your heart, that the LORD is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other.


Sunday, March 21


March 21st Sunday Morning Service

Dr. Kyle Bueermann - The Gospel According to Mark 02/27/2021

Dr. Kyle Bueermann - The Gospel According to Mark

Dr. Kyle Bueermann - The Gospel According to Mark The Gospel According to Mark February 2020 - Present


Devotional from Pastor Todd
Give Me A Great Commission Perspective

What a great time of worship this past Sunday! We had the most people in physical attendance since last March. We are thankful to God for blessing us with a great staff. Yes, we will miss James and his leadership, but we are thankful for the time that God has shared him with us. We need to keep praying for him and his family as he begins a new chapter of his life. Remember that the same God that brought us James will bring us a future worship leader. God is faithful and we need to keep on asking, keep on knocking, and keep on seeking! Your Personnel team is hard at work praying through the few candidates we have received. Meanwhile, remember this too: God has already blessed us with gifted leadership in the area of music. We will continue to lean on these folks and our dependable audio/visual team for leadership during the transition…thank you Lord! Be patient…GOD IS AT WORK! KEEP PRAYING!

On another note, we are grateful for the opportunity to affirm God’s hand upon Evans Okeyo. We all heard him share his passionate, moving testimony. Evans seeks to be a man after God’s own heart. It was a blessing and privilege for us to ordain Evans. Pray for Evans and Chelsey as they prepare for their future in Kenya. Pray for them as they train for planting Movement Church in Nairobi. Pray for them as they finish developing budgets and launch into fundraising. We plan to be their “sending church”, and in the coming days you will hear how we all can be a part of their ministry in Kenya, prayerfully and financially. We still have a few months with the Okeyo family. Let's keep loving on them in Christ as they love on us!

As I reflect on the time we’ve had with James and Evans, I’m reminded of the statement I shared in church: “The true measure of a church is not its SEATING capacity but its SENDING capacity.”

Now selfishly, I’d love to have more time ministering with both of these men. We appreciate their talents and love their personalities. I could get discouraged and just tell God that “this isn’t fair,” or “you don’t know how much we will miss them.” But our All-Knowing and All-Powerful God knows these things even before they exit our mouths. Our Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 tells us to “Go make disciples.” Everyday we have opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission. Everyday we are SENT into this world to impact this world for Christ. Using this perspective, we are SENDING our brothers into the world as an extension of ourselves. We are forever connected to the process of Christian growth and service in their lives. What a blessing! I praise God for a church that is outward-focused and others-focused. The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ demands that we have this outward-focused mentality. So, I rejoice today in the fact that we have the privilege to invest in the discipleship process of many people who pass through this church. May God continue to use us to IMPACT His kingdom and “make disciples” of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s stay focused! GOD IS AT WORK!

Keep on Asking, Knocking, & Seeking,

Pastor Todd

Prayer Vigils 02/22/2021

Prayer Vigils

Please help us (Kairos women) pray for the women in Western New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility in Grants, NM!
We can't be with them on our normally scheduled weekend, but we can cover them with prayer!
Please pray also for the officers who work there and the team that is still preparing to go inside once the doors are open to us!
The prayer vigil will begin on March 18 at 3 pm and end March 21 at 3:30pm. Prayer times are 30 minutes long and you can sign up for as many or as few as you want to. Click the link, select your time zone, and enter your info!
If you would like a list of names so you can pray specifically, let me know![0]=AT1fowoyWtytmeEIuiAZTR9On7hSXSgvWsFWko-n4-hX2VW7Qp7y9GCN6Dyl0Qqh0pTE42vJ4u_IZrGITPEtvxVMM3Ljzb_as7uHcY64n-J6r4PE_sEUNh28Xz551ADoAtgB3HX0mt0uC3qNEZL2GOIpFNjqZtLsH-tmnsdWjGXubZGZ-Z4boC_v-LZnNmie4xG8cYYhyabDTqk-

Prayer Vigils Community Name: Western New Mexico Women Kairos Advisory Council Event Description: 3 Day Prayer Vigil Event Dates: 19-22 Mar 2021 Available Prayer Vigil Times are shown in Cyan. 18-21 Mar 2021 America/Denver

Videos (show all)

Heather and Jincy from Piñon singing a song Jincy and her mom wrote when Jincy was a teen, “There’s A Story”
Lyric Fambrough from Trinity High Rolls sang “Long Black Train”
Heather and Jincy sang "Just For Me"
Janie and Wayne Blanton sang their song ‘The Journey’
The Celoria Family Singers from Bethel Baptist Church.
Some of the beautiful songs we enjoyed at the Emmet Carson Music Festival last evening at Bethel Baptist Church.
Our ESL student and his daughter singing Silent Night in Chinese!
Our ESL students singing Silent Night in Spanish.
Our ESL students singing Silent Night in German!




1328 Scenic Drive
Alamogordo, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 12pm
Tuesday 8am - 12pm
Wednesday 8am - 12pm
Thursday 8am - 12pm
Other Religious Organizations in Alamogordo (show all)
TWC Waumba Land TWC Waumba Land
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Waumba Land is The Worship Center's weekly environment created for your infants through preschool-aged children.

Grace Baptist Church Alamogordo Grace Baptist Church Alamogordo
2324 Indian Wells Rd
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Friendly, family oriented, Bible centered, enthusiastic, community outreach church Loving each other and all those we come in contact with in a way that proves Jesus Christ's unconditional love and complete forgiveness.

Faith Baptist Church Faith Baptist Church
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Welcome to Faith Baptist Church of Alamogordo NM. Independent baptist KJV

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Sunday Schedule Coffee & Donuts - 8:30 am Small Groups - 9:00 am Worship - 10:30 am

Mountain View Assembly of God Church Mountain View Assembly of God Church
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Place of Worship

Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Alamogordo Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Alamogordo
Alamogordo, 88311-1461

One Light, Many Lamps ~ "The essence of all the Prophets of God is one and the same." Baha'u'llah

Mountain View Anchored Youth Mountain View Anchored Youth
1900 23rd Street
Alamogordo, 88310

We refuse to sink!! Come join us for Bible study, games, and fellowship!

Corinth Baptist Church NM Corinth Baptist Church NM
400 Delaware Ave
Alamogordo, 88310

Corinth Baptist Church is a community of Jesus followers that want to worship Jesus Christ and make Him known. Est.1928 and the Pastor is James Forney

IHope Recovery IHope Recovery
Alamogordo, 88310

This page was put together to help those in Alcohol and drug addictions. I believe in you! I believe you can do it with the Lords help.

New Zion Baptist Church New Zion Baptist Church
308 Maryland Ave
Alamogordo, 88310

MISSION STATEMENT: Bring people to Jesus Christ and membership in His church. Develop them in Christ-like maturity. Equip them for ministry in the church and mission in the world in order to magnify God’s name. Referencing Matthew 28:19 & 20

Revo Student Ministries (Alamogordo) Revo Student Ministries (Alamogordo)
Corner Of 10th & Florida
Alamogordo, 88310

Revo is our teaching environment for 6th–12th grade students. Each week, students experience a combination of music, games, teaching, and interaction with a dedicated small group of peers.

Worship Center School of Ministry Worship Center School of Ministry
823 10th Street
Alamogordo, 88310

We want to equip leaders with the skills necessary to reach people for Christ.