Shroud Exhibit and Museum

Shroud Exhibit and Museum


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April 27: Shroud of Turin Presentations Our Lady of the Sierra, 40180 Indian Springs Rd. Oakhurst, CA 12 pm in English 1:30 pm in Spanish
SHROUD OF TURIN PRESENTATIONS FRESNO, CALIFORNIA AREA APRIL, 2018! April 26, 2018 ​7 PM at Holy Spirit Church, 355 E. Champlain, Fresno April 27, 2018 ​12 PM at Our Lady of the Sierra, 40180 Indian Springs Rd. ​​Oakhurst, CA in English ​1:30 PM at Our Lady of the Sierra, in Spanish ​7 PM at St. Mary’s, 828 O Street, Sanger, CA April 28, 2018 ​10 AM at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 929 Harvard, Clovis ​7 PM at St. Mary Queen of Apostles, 4636 W. Dakota, Fresno All presentations are family friendly, welcome to all denominations and at no cost to attend. Donations are accepted as free will offerings toward the Shroud Exhibit & Museum, a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)3 public charity. Receipts available upon request for your purposes. For any information prior to the presentations, please contact Dennis Osantowski in Coarsegold, CA, cell # 970-209-2099

Founded 2009. IRS non-profit New Mexico corp. Free-access, interactive exhibit, full-size photo of the Shroud. Connects it to NM research and historic 1978 scientific study of Jesus' burial cloth.

For a private visit: [email protected] | 575-415-5206.

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The 1988 C-14 Dating of the Shroud of Turin: a Stunning Exposé - Book

One of our friends, long time Shroud researcher Joe Marino, will have a book published possibly by year's end...é-Book-111381623961646

This book reveals numerous questionable actions, errors and contradictions by both the Catholic Church and the C-14 labs that performed the test, before, during, and after the taking of the sample on April 21, 1988. The Shroud could be authentic!

3D model of Christ based on Shroud of Turin on display in Venice

Check this out... The Museum of the Scuola Grande di San Marco in Venice is hosting an exhibit of the Shroud of Turin, which began in mid-July and is scheduled to continue until the September 26. The exposition, tit…

Coming August 1st, 4 Shroud talks in Santa Fe...

An important article about Carbon-14 testing accuracy

EWTN Live - Barrie Schwortz - Shroud of Turin - 2013-11-6 - Catholic History

A great interview with Barrie Schwortz.

Barrie Schwortz, the Official Documenting Photographer for the Shroud of Turin, joins Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe to discuss this remarkable & sacred image of Our ...

How one skeptical scientist came to believe the Shroud of Turin

Amazing journey of one man. The Shroud of Turin has different meanings for many people: some see it as an object of veneration, others a forgery, still others a medieval curiosity. For one Jewish scientist, however, the evidence has led him to see it as a meeting point between science and faith.

An image progression in a short video.

Read the most recent paper written by the President of SEAM, Dcn. Andy on several areas of evidence for authenticity of the Turin Shroud.

This is a photo of the 3-D holographic work Dr. Petrus Soons has done on the Shroud image. Fascinating.

Catholic News Service

Saturday, at 5 p.m. in Italy (11 a.m. EDT and 8 a.m. PDT), the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus, will be displayed online. Click here to see how to view.
The 14-foot-by-4-foot shroud has a full-length photonegative image of a man, front and back, bearing signs of wounds that correspond to the Gospel accounts of the torture Jesus endured in his passion and death. This digital file photo has been inverted to a positive and converted to black and white with enhanced contrast in Photoshop. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Unique properties of the Tilma - compare that to the unique properties of the Shroud. Both images are amazing.

[04/08/20]   The best evidence for the Shroud's authenticity is everything taken together. Let’s make a case.

1) All the blood on the Shroud is AB human exudate blood, meaning it exuded from a corpse, so the man on the Shroud was dead before being put into the cloth.
2) There is dirt on the nose, knees and bottom of the feet areas on the image which is travertine argonite which is the dirt in Jerusalem, so this man was in Jerusalem.
3) The image itself is 10 nanometers deep, the width of a human hair and the image is only on one-side of each cell of the fabric (cells are like straws).
4) The image wasn’t added to the cloth, but is from some process that sped up the aging of the cloth where the image is compared to where the image is not.
5) The look on the face of the man on the Shroud is not one of pain/anguish but of peace.
6) The whip wounds come from a Roman flagrum, proven when metal barbells at the ends were found in archaeological sites and matched the wounds precisely.
7) The spear wound in the side comes from a Roman lance which can be proven because one can see the shape of the lance on the cloth.
8) The image properties have what is like a spatial database in brightness that correlate directly to 3D when the image is processed with a VP-8 Image Analyzer. One of the functions of this analog computer is to make brightness maps (not 3D), but the brightness map of the image on the Shroud comes out in proportion 3D.
9) The legend of King Agbar V tells us this king of Edessa (modern day Sanliurfa, Turkey) contracted leprosy (around 29 AD) and believe Jesus could heal him so he sent an emissary to Jerusalem and he was already crucified. This is where the legend ends. St. Jude the apostle sends Addai (one of the 72/70 sent out) with the cloth and when the king is in its presence 10 days he is healed, so he lets Addai preach. The first thing he does is preach, gain adherents, found Churches and ordain Bishops, Priests & Deacons as recorded in the Doctrine of Addai from the city's historical records. It is historic fact that Edessa was the first Christian city.


As we come to the last week before Holy Week, let us meditate on Jesus' supreme act of love to save us.

This is a shot of our open doors looking into the museum.

SEAM will be temporarily closed due to the virus scare (unless a volunteer wants to open). Here's a picture looking into the museum from just outside the front door.

Offering Free Online Access for All

This is an excellent way to spend time in prayer and union with the Word.
Blessings and Prayers to all and special thanks to Magnificat staff.

This is taken from across the street so you can see the building that houses our museum and the water tower in town.

This 32-foot long book in the back left of the museum gives you a Time Chart of Biblical History.

This is the front entrance of the museum.

Bring the Face of Jesus to Your City or Town

A story written by a friend. “I felt an urgent need to bring Jesus to the public and silently remind everyone he is still here.”

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SEAM President Dcn. Andy Weiss interview by KRQE (4 minutes).

This is a comparison of a section of the back (dorsal) legs of the image on the Shroud which includes a positive photo and a computer reversed image (like a negative). It's a fairly large picture (1917 x 1135) you can save to your desktop and view in a larger size if you happen to be viewing it on a smaller device. You will notice there seem to be many stripes going down the legs which are the whip marks from where the Roman flagrum hit with the damage it caused. I just noticed now but I made an error so on the far right of each one is not the neck, but the feet. You might get a chuckle about that.

This sectional photo is a positive (left) and computer reversed (right - like a negative) of the front legs upper to lower and knees. Dirt from Jerusalem, travertine argonite, is on the knees (and the bottom of the feet and nose).

This is a sectional photo of the ventral (front) head and a computer reversed (negative) image joined together. You can see if you look closely he was hit with a closed fist on the face.

This is a picture of a man looking at the Shroud (left) joined to a computer reversed (negative) of the left image (right). See more at

This is a photo of a presentation showing Dr. Petrus Soons' holographic 3D work with the image of the Shroud. In the presentation, the head image was moving back and forth which showed the 3D even more clearly.

Computer enhanced negative photo of Dcn. Pete Schumacher and the traveling 1931 Enrie positive photo during a 2013 retreat display. It shows how a negative photo does weird things to everything but the Shroud which looks more like a photo, whereas a positive photo looks like a negative. See more on our website,

This is a photograph of the Shroud using special filters to highlight the blood on the face and head.

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This is a picture of the building the Shroud Exhibit and Museum, Inc. (SEAM) is in taken one Saturday morning from across the street. For more tour pictures, visit

Challenges of Turin Shroud's C 14 Carbon Dating Part 1

This is part 1 of Joe's presentation.

Joe Marino International Shroud Conference (Ontario) Watch all videos on This video produced by Crossover Media

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