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Calvary Chapel Alamogordo


New Book: COVID-19: China’s Gift To The World

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

My name is Chaplain Zachary H.F., I am a conservative Christian and an unknown author. I am hoping and praying you will not mind purchasing a copy of my book from Amazon…maybe even posting it on your Social Media page.

To God be the Glory! Thank You and God Bless You!
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An amazing Christmas story about a German grandmother (Oma) who uses the lighting of the 4 Advent candles and the story of baby Jesus to teach her grandson the real meaning of Christmas.

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[04/08/21]   8 Apr 21. Hello All! Praying this post finds you all Blessed beyond words! We will be meeting tonight at 6:30 pm for our Midweek Bible Study/Service. We are continuing in the OT Book of Zechariah and will pick up about Vs 8 of Zechariah Chapter 7. “Obedience is Better than Fasting”. Confronting the sin of “Being Religious”. We will see God through Zechariah tell Israel that it was their Disobedience that resulted in their captivity. We will see how they responded to God and a picture of and warning of the progression of sin our own lives. Please join us in person at the Church, but if you cannot be there we will begin streaming live on Facebook beginning about 6:40 pm after local prayer time. God Bless...Hope to see each of you there. Brad King


Resurrection Sunday Message...HE IS RISEN!


040221 - Men's Meeting


032821 - Palm SONday


032821 - Intro


25 Mar 2021 Thur Eve Bible Study. Zechariah 7

[03/25/21]   Thur Mar 25, 2021. Good Morning All from Snowy Cloudcroft...6” new snow yesterday. Praise God for the moisture. We will continue our regular Mid Week Bible Study tonight at 6:30 pm at the Church. We just touched on Zechariah Chapter 7 last time, so we’ll get into it in detail tonight. This Chapter is God Himself telling us that Obedience is Better than Fasting....and will confront the sin of “Religiosity”. God asks the question....and it is one we should listen to and pray about...did you really do this for Me?

We will find that Israel had instituted these fasts because they were mourning the past. Zechariah will explain to them why they had been fasting without a proper attitude. The application and warning for us is very clear. Man tends to take care of himself by his own acts....a warning against the subtle, but deadly believe in works based salvation.

Join us in person tonight at 6:30 at the Church. If you cannot for some reason, we will be streaming the study live on Facebook beginning about 6:40 pm after local prayers. Look forward to seeing you there and delving into God’s precious Word. God Bless...and Keep you. Brad King


032121 - Jesus Transfigured on the Mount


032121 - Intro


031921 - Men's Ministry


Thursday Evening Bible Study Zechariah 6

[03/18/21]   18 Mar 21...Hello everyone! Tonight at 6:30 pm we will continue in our study in the OT Book of Zechariah. We will likely finish Zechariah Chapter 6 tonight....the Vision of the Four Chariots...the last of the 8 Visions the Lord gave Zechariah in one night. We saw the Word of the Lord come to Zechariah, and He told Zechariah to make a crown of Silver and Gold and place it on the Greek, Joshua is Jesus. We will see the conclusion of that incident tonight and see what that means to you and I as followers of Christ. Please join us if you can...if not, we will be streaming the study on Facebook Live beginning about 6:40 after local prayers. God Bless...Hope to see you there! Brad King


031421- Jesus Predicts His Death


031421 - Intro

[03/13/21]   Evangelism Talk on 10 minutes to prepare for Soul Winning Saturday tomorrow! Come on down!!


11 Mar 2021. Thursday Evening Bible Study. Zechariah 6.

[03/11/21]   11 Mar 2021.. Hello All again! It is time again for our Mid Week Bible Study. We will continue tonight in Zechariah Chapter 6....the 8th and last vision the Lord gave to Zechariah...the Vision of the Four Chariots. This vision will be a picture of Judgment...just prior to the Command to Crown Joshua...very interesting and unusual occurrence....Crowning Joshua as both King and Priest....Joshua which is in the Greek...Jesus! When this occurs, Zechariah is commanded to say “Behold the Man”. The same phrase uttered by Pilate when Jesus is being tried prior to His crucifixion. Pilate said “Behold the Man” “John 19:5....Then Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. And Pilate said to them, “Behold the Man!” Fascinating prophecy pointing to Jesus Christ! Please join us in person beginning at 6:30 tonight if you can. If you cannot, we will be live-streaming the teaching on Facebook Live beginning about 6:40 after local prayers. Hope to see you all there. God Bless and Keep you....Brad King


030521 - Men's


022821 - A Blind Man Healed at Bethsaida


022821 - Intro


25 Feb 2021. Thursday Eve Bible Study

[02/25/21]   25 Feb 2021. Hello All! We will be picking up our regular Thursday Evening Bible Study this evening at 6:30 pm. Events are moving so fast in the world today, it is hard to keep up with them. None of this is a surprise to our loving Creator. We will continue in review of the visions God gave to Zechariah. We will be studying Chapter 5, beginning in vs 5, the Vision of the Woman in a Basket (Ephah). Join us to see what this vision reveals not only to Israel, but to us as believers. If you cannot join us in person, we will be streaming on Facebook Live beginning at about 6:40. God Bless and Keep each of you. See you this evening. Brad King


022121 - Feeding The 4,000


022121 - Intro

[02/20/21]   Men's Ministry gathering in 30 minutes! Hope to see everybody there...


18 Feb 2021 Thur Eve Bible Study

[02/18/21]   18 Feb 2021. Hello All! Greetings from Snowy Cloudcroft. Tonight is our regular mid week Bible Study beginning at 6:30 pm. We will continue in our verse by verse study of the OT Book of Zechariah. We will be in Zechariah Chapter 5...tonight. The Vision of the Flying Scroll. The visions we have seen in the preceding chapters of Zechariah have been visions of comfort for Jerusalem and the dispersed nation...the overthrow of Babylon and all their enemies, divine forgiveness and the priesthood restored. These last three visions seem to be visions of judgment, stern warnings.....and they seem to point to a time, yet future. A time when wickedness will be taken away....and we will see parallels to our earlier studies in the book of Revelation. Hope to see you all there....but if you are unable to participate in person, we will be streaming live on Facebook beginning about 6:40 pm after a time of local prayer. God Bless...Praise God for the snow we are getting...what a huge blessing. Brad King

[02/14/21]   AWANA is canceled for tonight! Please stay inside, stay warm, and stay safe! God Bless!


021421 - Jesus Feeds 4,000


021421 - Intro

[02/14/21]   Church is still on this morning but you have to make your own call on what the road conditions are like where you are at. They are clear here but that could be black ice, I don't know. See you on Facebook if you can't make it. God Bless!

[02/13/21]   Soul Winning Saturday begins in 10 minutes at Walmart! Pray for us!

[02/13/21]   Evangelism Talk begins in 20 minutes. Eating now... :)


11 Feb 21. Thur Eve Bible Study Zechariah 4 vs 5

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