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New Book: COVID-19: China’s Gift To The World

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

My name is Chaplain Zachary H.F., I am a conservative Christian and an unknown author. I am hoping and praying you will not mind purchasing a copy of my book from Amazon…maybe even posting it on your Social Media page.

To God be the Glory! Thank You and God Bless You!
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An amazing Christmas story about a German grandmother (Oma) who uses the lighting of the 4 Advent candles and the story of baby Jesus to teach her grandson the real meaning of Christmas.

Please join us for services!
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*Children's chapel at 10:30 service
Bible study Thursdays 6:30pm

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Thursday Evening Bible Study 7-22-21

[07/22/21]   Thursday, 22 Jul 2021…Wow it is already nearing the end of July! We are also steadily making our way through the amazing OT book of Zechariah. We will (I Promise!) complete chapter 10 of Zechariah tonight. Time allowing, we will get into Ch 11….The Desolation of Israel tonight. I have often said that if you are looking at the troubling events going on in our nation and the world, and you are not viewing those events through the lens of God’s Word, then you have no understanding of what is truly happening. We are seeing that as well in Zechariah…and I believe the last 4 chapters of the book will be fascinating and enlightening. Hope you can make it tonight in person, beginning at 6:30 at the Church. If you cannot join us in person, please do so on Facebook Live beginning about 6:40 after local prayers. God Bless….Hope to see you there!


18 Jul 21 Sunday Morning Worship Service


July 15, 2021 Thursday evening Bible Study



[07/15/21]   15 July 2021. Hello All! It feels like a while since we met for our Mid Week Bible Study….We have had a lot going on…including a couple of summer fishing trips. Love time spent with my Son…..and He and his wife are expecting their first baby….our first GrandDaughter… Early August! Praise God. Regarding our Mid Week Bible study, we will resume in the OT Book of Zechariah tonight at 6:30 pm at the church. We will pick up in Chapter 10…about vs 8. The Lord will spea about His anger against the shepherds of Israel. We’ll see more about the prophecy of the Shepherds in Ch 11. He will speak of regathering Israel and redeeming them. Are you redeemed? Do you need to be? We’ll speak on that. We will begin at 6:30 pm and for those who cannot attend personally, we will go live on Facebook about 6:40 pm after local prayers. Please join and fellowship and study God’s Word with us. God Bless….Brad King


071021 - Soul Winning Saturday


070821 - Intro

[07/08/21]   You’re Invited!
Thursday, July 8th at 6:30 p.m.
We will be having a special presentation by Dennis Zech called “Ministry Through Mystery”. Dennis is a Christian Illusionist who used his “magic” as an outreach tool for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Please join us, and invite your friends!


7/4/21 Sunday Morning Worship Service


7/2/21 Sunday Morning Worship Service


Believe or perish.

Sunday sermon 27 June 2021.




17 Jun 2021 Thur Eve Bible Study

[06/17/21]   Thur 17 June 2021. Happy Thursday All! Please join us tonight for our on-going verse by verse study in the OT Book of Zechariah. Tonight we will begin Chapter 10 of Zechariah….where Zechariah the prophet will describe the future restoration of Judah and Israel. He will introduce the picture that the people of Israel are in trouble because there is no shepherd. We will see a warning against engaging in any form of the occult….in fact Zechariah warns that the idols speak delusion, the diviner’s envision lies and tell false dreams. Who is your shepherd? Jesus came to seek and save the lost…He is the Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd give His life for the sheep. What we see in Ch 10 will be amplified in Ch 11….the whole idea of Shepherding. We will see a prophecy of the True Shepherd and a worthless Shepherd….likely a future prophecy of Antichrist. Very interesting, very timely prophetic warnings for us…. Hope you can join us in person at 6:30 at the church. If you cannot be there in person, we pray you can join us Live on Facebook about 6:40 pm after local prayer time. God Bless…Hope to see you there! Brad King


061121 - Evangelism


10 Jun 2021 Thur Eve Bible Study Zechariah 9

[06/10/21]   June 10, 2021. Hello My Brothers and Sisters! We should be able to complete our verse by verse study of Zechariah Chapter 10 tonight. We will pick up at about verse 17…..I pray you can all make it tonight…..6:30 at the Church. In the event you can’t come and participate personally, we will be streaming live on Facebook beginning about 6:40 after a time for local prayers. I look forward to seeing you all there and pray in advance that it is a blessing for each of us.

We will begin Ch 11 next time and will hear about two shepherds….one who the sheep reject, a picture of how Israel will one day treat Jesus. Zechariah will play another role, that of a foolish shepherd who doesn’t care for the flock. Very interesting prophetic look ahead.

God Bless! See you tonight. Brad King


060421 - Men's Ministry


060321 - Prayer


Sunday 30 May 21 worship and church service.


27 May 2021 Thur Eve Bible Study

[05/27/21]   27 May 2021. Good Morning All! Life is almost feeling normal again... We went out and ate this week! Praise God! We will continue in our Zechariah Bible Study tonight at the church beginning at 6:30 PM. Hope you will be there to join with us personally. We will pick up at Vs 10 of Ch 9, after we touched on the Amazing Prophecy we saw last week in Ch 9 vs 9, where Zechariah told us all about how Jesus, Our Lord, would enter into Jerusalem 520 yrs in the future! We also touched on the Daniel 9 prophecy of the same event, which described to the DAY when Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on the c**t of a donkey. Lowly and Just...PRAISE GOD! Only God could reveal to us, to the day, History written in Advance! This is a hallmark of God’s Word. If you cannot make it tonight in person, we will be streaming Live on Facebook beginning about 6:40 PM after local prayers. God Bless you All! Hope your day is a blessing. See you tonight.


20 May 21 Thur Eve Bible Study

[05/20/21]   20 May 2021. Good Morning All! Hope this finds you blessed and doing well. We will continue in our study in Zechariah tonight at 6:30 pm at the Church. We will continue in Chapter 9 and will begin in the amazing prophecy of Vs 9 that describes the Coming King. “He is just and having salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey”. We will study that passage in depth and will compare it the description in Zechariah Ch 14, where Zechariah tells us “Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as He fights in the day of battle”. An amazing comprehensive description of Jesus, Our Messiah, who came the first time “lowly and riding on a donkey”, but in His Second Coming, he will be coming as a Conquering King. Join us if you can in person tonight. If you cannot be there in person, please join us on Facebook Live beginning about 6:40 after local prayers. I think we have worked out the technical glitches that precluded our Facebook broadcast last time. God Bless...Pray we’ll see you there! Brad King

[05/14/21]   Come down tomorrow from 11 to 1pm to....JUMP FOR JESUS!!
Games, pinewood derby races, food, and of course, a jumping house!

[05/14/21]   13 May 2021. Hi Folks...Not sure what happened to our Facebook Stream tonight. It looks as though it ended a little over 12 minutes into the teaching. And I just discovered there is no audio. Not sure if we were cut off by Facebook or what, but will try again next Thursday. My apologies. We are working the bugs out of a new IPad system dedicated to our Sunday and Thursday services, but I do not know what happened. God Bless....we still have the audio on the church’s website. Brad King.


13 May 2021 Thur Eve Bible Study

[05/13/21]   13 May 2021. Good Afternoon All! Please join us tonight as we continue our verse by verse study in the OT Prophetic Book of Zechariah. Tonight at 6:30 pm we will continue in Zechariah Chapter Nine. God’s promise to defend Israel against her enemies. We will see prophetic background as Zechariah reviews the history of the nations that have persecuted and attacked Israel, yet he will transition in vs 9 to encourage Israel to rejoice in her coming King...The King riding on a donkey....a c**t....the foal of a donkey. What a humble and lowly way for The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords to reveal Himself! Amazing prophecy linked to Daniel Chapter 9. Please join us if you can personally...otherwise we will live stream on Facebook beginning about 6:40 pm after local prayers. God Bless and Keep each of You. Brad King


Sunday service 2 May 2021.


Prophecy study in God’s Word (Zechariah) with Brother Brad, Thursday night 29 April 21.

[04/29/21]   29 April 2021. Good Afternoon All from Snowy Cloudcroft. We have 10” to a foot of new, wet snow! Praise God! What more obvious answer to our prayers for the Fire near 3 Rivers/Ruidoso. We prayed for moisture and cooler temps....God answers Prayers!

I have us plowed out, so will be continuing our Mid Week Bible study tonight at 6:30 pm at the church. Hope you can join us in person, where we will pick up in Zechariah Chapter 8, vs 15 or so. Zechariah describing the glory of the Holy City of the Future! He encourages Israel to let their hands be strong and to Not Fear! They needed encouragement to finish the temple, but this encouragement applies to you and I as well. He will give 4 things that Israel should do as they move forward with what God wants from them. We too can benefit from them. Join us tonight to see what they are. We will begin promptly at 6:30 and then will go live on Facebook at 6:40 or so after local prayer time. God Bless and Keep you! Brad King


Sunday service 25 April 2021.


041521 - Intro


Thursday night Bible Study in Zechariah 8.

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Believe or perish.




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