New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene

New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene


Please keep us in prayer, no matter what steps I take to get better and do better, i still remain on a bad road, I'm in college again trying to improve my hospitality degree, saved for the move, got here and started my job with Maidpro did one week in Dallas then the quarantine happened, so I'm put on hold, so im job hunting again, during a quarantine, I never get out of the road of need, I have to choose the hardest things on a daily basis, everyday Lord do I have to go back to that abusive husband while he's with his mistress, or live on the Street, so I had to choose the street this time, the shelters were more dangerous, the kids sleep during night while I drive then I park at a park during the day to get some sleep! My medical insurance from Nebraska was not working here so I had to ask my Grandma and Grandpa Hardy for assistance which helped me a lot to take care of Lukcas medication and mine, I had to get food for the kids on the five dollars I had left. My family will let me use there outlets for my classes as long as I provide food, so since we are out I haven't been back, luckily we were able to stay one night in a hotel again were I could continue my course. I run out of gas often and some Officers have been helping me put more gas in my car so that I didn't have to take us to the shelter. That is because 2 nights before the end of our original stay at another hotel for this transition Lauria caused my car to accidentally damage one of the beams of the hotels ( my review about the place is on Anyways the officers felt bad for her and our situation that when we are at veterans park daytime, every other day they have helped with a little bit of gas. For me to get around. However I don't know how much more I can take of all the turn around's I make for good or better leaving me completely heart broken. Grandma and Grandpa have helped me so much as well. I pray God overwhelmingly blesses them and everyone who continues to pray for us daily. ALSO, The officers spoke to Derek for the report of the incident, which is another reason why the have been helping us when they can. AGAIN CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR US GREATLY. WE had been attending Crossroads church in Grand Prairie before the quarantine, since that's were we stay now if we get a hotel room, it's far away from the family that tells me like Derek you have no reason to go to church at all, your life sucks!, for real!! I still went to go, then the quarantine???, I'm frustrated and very tired (Stronge) but so tired of my roads, I need so much prayer right now, which is why I had to burden wonderful Prayer warriors along with my lovely wonderful Grandma Hardy and Grandpa as well, we need so much prayer its almost unreal!
Our church family is like the family "AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE SOUND " Paster David is very he"s amazing at preaching ....he's awesome w the kids too and a good dad too to his come see our church we start Sunday school at 9:30am till 10:15 for breakfast till 11am for church till 12: 15 pm I promise u will love it ..ty for listening God bless love u hugs
Thank you so much, Pastor David, for amazing service today it's always a blessed time w have ty...God bless
So my Granddaughter Terrah got baptized this past week at a Church Camp she went to.
thank you for the lovely fruit basket. I aporeciate the thoughtfulness.

We are a church that loves God, love one-another, and serves our community.

WELCOME! We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and say "thank you" for visiting our page. It is our prayer that you will come and visit us soon and that you will sense the presence of God in our worship services, as well as our various activities. We firmly believe that the family is the foundational unit in the society in which we live. We are a Church that is interested in allowing God to work in our midst, to help improve and change our community and our world. This is a Church where people matter!

Mission: Love God, love others, serve the community

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday service 2020

Palm Sunday- Upon the Cross

Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday.

Bible Break #3

Go and Sin No More

Bible Break #1

Isaiah 43:2 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dave Ramsey

It's time for some hope. This is something EVERYONE needs to hear.

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Dinosaurs, skeletons, baseball, and Faith.

This week, we study Ezekiel 37 and Psalm 130. It continues our paper devotional from yesterday.

Our attendance in our Sunday morning service grew! No humans were harmed in the making of this video 😊

The meaning of faith✝️

[03/22/20]   Our church address is 817 Scenic Dr. We are encouraging people to pray daily at 8:17 am or pm. Lift up the church body and the community around us.

Jesus heals a blind man

Our service for Sunday March 22nd 2020.

These things can still happen with the doors closed. Be creative and ask the Lord how to serve Him and others in this uncertain time.

Hope and Humor

Enjoy Pastor David’s sermon of encouragement in this confusing time.

We held service out in the sun and fresh air. What a blessing.

[03/14/20]   Under direction from our denominational leadership, all church meetings this week will be cancelled except for the 11:00 Sunday service. We will gather in the parking lot for prayer and worship. Bring a camp chair and a smile.

Inspiring message from our District Superintendent.

[03/08/20]   Sermon snippet:
Quit being distracted and get back on God’s path.
-Pastor David Holycross

Scott Stewart brings the message.

What an angelic voice.

Slime in church? Pastor David rocks the visual aids.

[10/15/19]   Sunday October 20th- our church will host a very special missionary service with Dr. Cookie Tressler during our morning worship service beginning at 11:00. She is a phenomenal speaker whom some of the board were able to experience during our district assembly. Come join us for this unique and special opportunity to hear God’s word in action.

[08/19/19]   What has God been teaching/telling/showing you lately?

[08/05/19]   Snippets from the sermon:
Luke 12:13-21

When you have a disagreement with your brother keep this in mind. Is what you want more important than keeping the bond between you?

Whatever gets in the way of worshipping God or caring for your neighbor is an idol in your life.

The cross is not made of polished metal - it is wood, full of splinters, soaked in the blood of Jesus.

If your brother sins, correct him in away that encourages not condemns.

Acts 3 Dream Catchers

Come Check out our Upcoming Acts 3 Dream Catchers Classes -

[07/14/19]   Snippet from the sermon: God can use what you’ve gone through to help others.

[07/05/19]   From Pastor David:
On this Independence Day, find freedom from sin and let joy burst forth like a firework in your life.

[06/23/19]   Thought from today’s sermon:
Be immersed... in God, in His word, in His plan, and in His mission.

What a great way to start the summer- church family day at Bonita Park. Everyone who came, please post your pictures.

[05/12/19]   Today’s sermon- Acts 9:36-43
Tabitha was immersed in the work of a disciple. How can you use what you have to build God’s kingdom?

Thanks Jennifer Wills for helping with the reading of scripture today.

[05/10/19]   Special thanks to Joyful hearts for the snacks delivered to Academy del Sol and Sierra Elementary. They were very appreciated.

New member today. 😇

Easter skit.

Check out new posts from Acts 3 Dream Catchers for 02/27/2019

Check out new posts from Acts 3 Dream Catchers for 02/27/2019 - Acts 3 Dream Catchers blog is a great place to find information on improving your finances, your health, and your destiny.  Whatever is holding you back from achieving your God-given dreams can be overcome.  Let's seek out the answers together.

Finding the Answers to Poverty In Acts chapter 3 Peter and John see a man begging at the temple gate. The man had been lame all his life and this was his only way to su...

[09/05/18]   Rising Out of Poverty

[07/28/18]   If you like singing old fashioned hymns- feel free to join us Sunday July 29th at 6:00 PM for our quarterly Sing-Spirit-ation service. Request a hymn, feel free to sing a special song, and enjoy a service where we worship in music. Cookies and juice are provided afterwards, so feel free to fellowship with us after the service. You are welcome to join us for this event and we look forward to meeting you. Pastor David

[05/06/18]   Our annual church planning meeting, voting for board members, and fellowship luncheon is on Sunday May 6th. Bring your favorite side dish to share.

Rising Out of Poverty In Acts chapter 3 Peter and John see a man begging at the temple gate. The man had been lame all his life and this was his only...

Making Disciples is Messy I grew up on the tail end of the "drag your friends to church" era. We thought if we could just get people inside the walls then God could ...

[12/04/17]   Join us on Sunday December 10th for our annual children's Christmas program. This year the kids will perform a play entitled, "Why the Bells Ring." Our service starts at 11:00.

Fun kid's lesson with Pastor David.

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Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday service 2020
Palm Sunday 2020
Dinosaurs, skeletons, baseball, and Faith.
Jesus heals a blind man
Hope and Humor




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