Kris King International Ministries

KKIM is a mission organization focused on taking the good news of Jesus Christ into ALL the world from the homeless man on the street corner to the unreached who have NEVER heard about our Lord.

a nonprofit 501C3 mission organization dedicated to taking the Gospel to every person from the man on the street to the unreached in every corner of the world.

Operating as usual

[03/06/14]   We had a great year for 2013 at the homeless mission. We are blessed to be completely out of debt and have a new roof!! Blue metal. Gorgeous!!

[09/09/12]   Mission Accomplished!! I went to China with very specific directions from the Lord. PTL!! Was able to do the job!! I wrote a more detailed description of the trip in a praise report. Since the report contains very sensitive information, i am only sending it directly to people who request it. I will not give any details on Facebook because i could get some people in trouble. If you did not get a copy of the praise report and you would like one, please send a self-addressed stamped #10 (large) envelope to: Kris King, 313 6th street, Alamogordo, NM 88310, and i will send a copy to you.
Your prayers were answered! Thank you! Thanks to all the people who made this mission possible through your prayers and donations!

[08/08/12]   arrived in bejing 6 aug 6am. flew to lanzhou on 7th.

[07/27/12]   Forgot to tell you!! I got a "new" truck!! It is a 2005 Silverado with only $57k miles! Thanks to my son, Ben King, and Desert Sun Motors here in Alamo, I got a great truck at a good price. Thanks to Tierra Del Sol (Alan Schalkj) for checking the vehicle for me. Drove almost 3700 miles to Minnesota with NO problems!! Most of all, Thank you, Lord!

[07/27/12]   It is going to cost $15 a day to park my truck at Albuquerque airport. Thats $165! know anyone in Alb who wud keep my truck at their place?

[07/27/12]   Just returned from a "mission" to Minnesota! I wanted a little down time before going to China! Went river rafting, lake floating, and a steam boating. Lots of great restaurants, BBQs, etc. Denise Docken hosted me for about 10 days. I taught about missions to an intercessory prayer group, ministered at a 12 step program in Minnesota, and conducted several prayer meetings. Two were saved, several healed, several filled with the Holy Spirit, many were blessed by the presence of God. I made many new friends!! What a blessing!! Money was given for China mission and for Minnesota mission! PTL!!

[07/27/12]   I put this on my homepage already. Dont kno if it will be seen here or not so forgive me if i repeat myself!! PRAISE THE LORD! All the money needed for the China mssion has been given. Extra money will buy thumb drives to be given to Chinese church leaders loaded with Tibetan and mandarin bible teachings!!

[06/23/12]   Also our blog has info about China outreach

[06/23/12]   New website is up! Check it out.

[06/23/12]   At the shelter this week, we have had a young family eating everyday, washing clothes, taking showers. A young couple with their 4 and 2 year old daughters found themselves homeless. They sometimes have to sleep in their car or at friends' houses. They both have jobs but do not have enough hours or $ to get a house yet. Pray for them. We have also given them gas, food, clothing, etc. Thank yoiu for your support!! Because of you, we have been able to help them through a difficult time.

[06/23/12]   On the home front: new overnight shelter for men is doing great. Pete feeds folks on the weekends and holidays to give Gary a break. Pete says they are getting quite a few coming regularly now. Daniel just did ALL the landscaping for 4 buildings! These two were living in the desert just a couple of weeks ago, now they are serving GOD!! Awesome!!

[06/23/12]   Here is the list of expenses for all you prayer warriors. Pray specifically for: $5000 to $5500. Passport ($189), postage ($60), Chinese visa ($193), food and lodging ($1700), Tibetan bibles ($500), Flight 1 ($2058), Flight 2 ($300-$500).

[06/23/12]   How is this for a miracle? Christy from the mission group and i had been searching for days for a flight for me. Everyone else already had theirs. Couldn't find one that was do able. Some had me laying over for 2 days at a foreign airport, etc. Some were 3 or 4 thousand dollars!! Some had me traveling for days from one country to another! Anyway, we prayed on Sunday at church for a good ticket. I was talking to Christy on Monday and she was still looking online and telling me that she'd had no luck finding a good ticket and WHILE WE WERE TALKING, a new one popped up on the screen! It was perfect. A new one that had NOT been there before (a cancelation? Definitely GOD) and we grabbed it immediately! I will fly out of Albuquerque on 5 August. (only 1 stop!!) It will cost $2058 to Beijing and we will buy tickets to Gansu Province when we get to Beijing ($300-$500). The team is from all over the US so we will meet in Beijing on the 6th or 7th.

[06/23/12]   Got my shots! Only 2 because I had already had all the others I needed. I have probably had every shot known to mankind!! LOL! Only need my Chinese visa to complete all requirements. Many miracles have happened!! The Mission organization is (Revival Fires World Mission Alliance). My sister Linda had worked with them and that is how I found out about them. What I like about them is 1) they target the unreached (people who have NEVER heard about Jesus) 2) they only take seasoned missionaries who can preach/teach the Word thru interpretors and can endure hardship and 3) only take missionaries who are willing to pay the price (and I don't mean $) could be dangerous.
We are going on "tourist" visas. My occupation is listed as "retired". We can only stay 11 days. We will have underground training for leaders of house churches who will be coming from villages from many miles away as well as from Lanzhou, the capitol of Gansu Province (about the middle of China). We are targeting the Tibetan people in the province (Tibet is a restricted area from what I can find out). There are 4 groups of Tibetan people in Gansu Province. Two of them have a handful of believers and two of them have not ONE Christian in them. We will be distributing Tibetan bibles (only $5 each) which is illegal in the streets but not in homes of Christians. This is the first time RFWMA has gone into this area so there is a lot we need to learn. I would love to go to those remote villages myself, but it is far more effective that they come to the city, this way we can train MANY leaders. Our tean of 15 is being put into 3 groups of 5 so that we can reach more leaders. I do not know all the plans or meeting places - I am sure that info is only known by the Chinese Christian leaders. It sounds exciting!! Pray I come back unharmed (seriously!)


Exciting news!! We are getting a new website in a few days which will eventually have video/audio teachings. News about our new Overnight shelter for men in Alamogordo and my trip to TIBET in August. Please pray for me, that all my needs will be met and for the home mission while I am gone.




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