Revo Student Ministries (Alamogordo), Alamogordo, NM Video February 22, 2021, 8:28pm

Videos by Revo Student Ministries (Alamogordo) in Alamogordo. Revo is our teaching environment for 6th–12th grade students. Each week, students experience a combination of music, games, teaching, and interaction with a dedicated small group of peers.

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Come out with REVO tonight at 6 for the best night of the week!! We can’t wait to be with YOU!!

Come out for the best night of the week tonight at 6!Friends ✔️Jesus ✔️Food ✔️A great time ✔️Life changing ✔️

Underrated-Week 3
The power of pouring into someone else

Underrated-Week 2
We can’t control the way others act, but we can control the way we act in response.

Underrated-Week 1
Have you ever felt underrated or underestimated because of your age? It’s a terrible feeling— as if, because you’re stil...

The Storyteller-Week 3
Forgiveness is critical to our faith—both in receiving it andoffering it—as difficult as it can be, we will never regret...

The Storyteller-Week 2
At Jesus' party, there's always room for more!

Revo's Devos: God's Got Your Back
Join us this week for Revo's Devos!

The Storyteller-Week 1
When it comes to prayer, don’t quit because it’s quiet.

Be sure to catch a special night of REVO’s Devos tonight at 6 with the one and only Bella Porras!!

How to win an argument
More than ever, as we watch arguments play out around us, the message seems to be “win at all costs.” That’s why this we...