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Can I request prayers? I haven't gotten word back yet but my brother was just taken to the hospital for a cough and a fever. We're hoping he doesn't have the virus.
I would like to give a special shout out to Pastor Anthony Torres from Mt. View Church. Pastor Anthony performed the funeral services for my Uncle Rudy Lucero. We could have not asked for a more beautiful ceremony. Over 200 friends and family joined us. Pastor Anthony you do not even know how many people you inspired. We had so many complaments on what a beautiful ceremony you performed.Thank and may God always Bless You and your family. Love Always The Lucero Family.
I just want to shout out the usher who helped us out. I got sick earlier and he helped Niner Acosta and I. He helped me get into my car and brought me orange juice to drink! My church family rocks! #MVC
Well Thank You But I'm A Nobody This Really Means A Lot In Jesus Mighty Name Amen y Amen
I am in Kenya hope to join in the church help me to learn more about church
You are all beautiful! Thank you!
Hello church family!! We have a new baby in the church. Let’s pull together and bless this sweet new family🥰 click the link below to sign up for meals
Please help us bless Alicia and Kory as they welcome their sweet little angel into this world. Click on the link to sign up and bring them a meal. Meal train starts Friday
Church family!! Daniel and Linda welcomed their new precious little man Jayce into the world yesterday and now we want to love on them by providing some meals for them so they can adjust to this new journey and focus on their new addition to the family! Will you consider bringing them a dinner one evening☺️ Just click on the link provided and sign up!! Love y’all and thank you
What a great sermon yesterday! I feel that I've come "to my home church"...great truths spoken from the pulpit and wonderful people to share Gods love with.

Welcome to Mountain View Church 1300 Cuba ave Service times Sunday 10:30am

Ok! It’s time to be a BLESSING. We are going back to Mescalero. This time we want to feed 500 or more😊 We are also going to put together 500 hygiene bags that will consist of only. Toothpaste, toothbrush, q-tips, soap bar, razor, shampoo, feminine products. We will be excepting drop off donations of these products at our new building 1300 Cuba ave ( I have emailed, Colgate, crest, and q-tip about donations) I been in contact with the president of the tribe and these are the needs at this moment. We are still in Crises mode! And we need to be here for our neighbors 😊 we love and have so much respect for our Mescalero Apache Tribe. Gabe Aguilar
is a outstanding leader for his people. Let’s get ready to go🔥😊 #loveyourneighbor #RunnersRefuge #feed1 #reach1

Pastor Phillip Joseph Harris and his wife did a wonderful job with worship this morning. Pastor Bob Sealey preached a challenging word. Did you miss the 9:20am? No worries! You can still catch it again at 11am. #MVC

MVC family let’s have some fun🤔 #andGO

Who is ready for service tomorrow? Join us at 9:20am and 11:00am services😊 for a message by Pastor Bob Sealey PLUS we have special worship from my friend Phillip Joseph Harris and his wife all the way from Calcutta, India. Don’t miss it🔥 #love1 #reach1 #build1

Are you looking for a church home when these rescrictions are over? Make plans to visit Mountain View Church. We have a NEW location (1300 Cuba ave), and a NEW meeting time 10:30am. We have ministry for the WHOLE family! We are an OUTREACH driven Church for this City. Lets GROW in our faith together🔥 Join Us!🙂 #Love1 #Reach1 #Build1

🔴[email protected]
🔴[email protected]

During these times we as a church are doing our best to make sure we are meeting your needs. If you NEED prayer or any kind of assistance text the number below. Hang in there! We will get though this😊 we pray for you daily! And here to SERVE YOU in anyway we can #onedayatatime

During this COVID-19, are you taking time to KNOW HIM? STOP listening to the NOISE and hear the voice of the FATHER 🔥#oldsermon #forcurrentsituation

Our Latest Check-In: Congregants

Church family! We want to hear from you today, please take this quick Assessment. Thought we are not perfect, we want to make sure we try to meet your need in this time. In the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, it is important to assess the status and needs of our church community. Please take a moment to answer the following set of questions.

Church family! Don’t miss tomorrow’s services via internet 9:20am, 11:00am or 6:30pm. Pastor Rich has a message for you called “Now What? We also have Special Guest worship from my friend Stephanie Lewis with Trinity Life Church. We look forward to you tuning in and worshiping with us 😊 #MVC

🚨Devotion from our MVC Kids Pastor!

🚨Church update🚨

Well we are officially moved out of our old church building. And this week we will finalize everything. Now the fun begins, updates, painting, stage redo, video, audio, and getting the church ready for you for when we meet. Remember we will have ONE service at 10:30am Discipleship classes at 9:20am (when we meet again) Sasha Marie and I will do our LAST PRAYER in the old building tomorrow. What a journey it’s been. These pics are 2015-2017. How much has changed and how much we have grown. ONLY Jesus gets the glory for this🔥 these pictures remind me of the faithfulness of God. We CANT get in the way of his plan. And he is NOT done with MVC yet, it has just begun. As of today we have 6 original members that are still there going on this journey with us, and it’s been that a journey. We have had our ups and downs. Victory’s and defeats. But in the midst of it all, God is still working🔥 These pictures remind me how far we have come, and where God is taking us as a church. From 20 people to now 300 that call MVC home. We haven’t even scratched the surface in what he wants us to do in this City. Let’s get ready! Let’s get ready for this new chapter MVC! Let’s get ready to REACH1🔥 #loveyou #MVCFAMILY

Thank you Health care workers for these pictures today we hope you enjoyed your coffee. You are loved, appreciated and praying for you in this season. From our MVC family THANK YOU for all you do😊Shout out to Paul at Plateau for letting us do this at your coffee shop. #loveyourcity #MVC #plateauespresso #shoplocal

Church is all Moved out and it’s EMPTY 😕 but found this name tag on the floor. I’m not going to lie I had my moments of tears as I was moving. STAY TUNED for “The Last Prayer” in the Sanctuary #Newbuilding #NewChapter #MVC

Who’s ready?🔥 #NewBuilding #NewVision #NewChapter #OneService #IntheHEARToftheCity #Reach1 #Love1 #Build1

Live Devotion

Worrying in this Season? Here from one of our Interns Cesar

Empty Church Empty Tomb

Join us for a Live Easter Service
"Empty Church Empty Tomb"

"Empty Church Empty Tomb"

Join us LIVE for a Easter Service
"Empty Church Empty Tomb"

Did you miss the 9:20am service? Don't worry! You got 2 more times to catch "Empty Church Empty Tomb" AT 11:00am and 6:30pm. We had 4 people give their hearts to Jesus via social media this morning🔥 Go God!

"Empty Church Empty Tomb"

Join us live! For a Easter Message
"Empty Church Empty Tomb"

🔥I’m forgiven! My past is gone! I’m saved! I’m a new person! I’m HIS! Thinking of you this morning church family😊 #MVCfamily

Well Tuli! We have gotten your messages, we have heard the need. Runners Refuge is coming to you for a day feeding called “Spaghetti Friday in Tuli” April 24th 11am-1pm in the City Bar parking lot. We will feed ANYONE in need of a meal during this time of COVID-19 for FREE‼️ We will offer prayer if needed😊 Thanks to a generous donor that gave to allow us to feed 😊 Help me spread the word! #RunnersRefuge #feed1 #reach1

This stage is a different setting for me, but Jesus still needs to be preached 🔥 #MVC

Romans 10:14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

BIG THANK YOU! To every person that donated for us to feed for 3 weeks. We fed 5,135 people🔥 And hear how your dollar was spent. It’s more then a meal we serve, it’s a relationship with the city. Today I had many people ask for prayer, Jesus was glorified, Hope was shared, and belly’s got fed. Thank you for all your support and prayers and thank you to all the volunteers that came to help. Your rock stars! #loveyourcity #reach1 #feed1 #RunnersRefuge

“He didn’t die for me to waste my life, he died so I can have a NEW ONE. Live your life for HIM and not for the opinions of others. Who CARES what people think or say about you! What does ABBA say? #sermonnotes #emptychurch #emptytomb

Join us this Sunday right from your living room! For a message Called “Empty Church Empty Tomb” We cant wait to worship with you! #EasteratHOME

It will be our 3rd Sunday coming up not meeting together in a building😕 Please understand Sasha and I miss you guys so much. We need to ask ourselves, How will we be remembered as a Church during this COVID-19, how we will be remembered after. Sasha and I pray for you DAILY and SOON we will all be together again in our NEW building. PLEASE TAKE 3 MIN and listen to this quick video. It will bless you and inspire you! WE LOVE YOU and hold you close to our hearts! #TheChurch #MVCfamily

We FINISHED strong today on Good Friday feeding on the streets! 508 souls fed for the Glory of God‼️‼️ Good job team🔥 We celebrated 3 weeks by throwing our mask in the air #Loveyourcity #reed1 #Reach1 #Covid19

We got 2 more days on the streets! And we really want to thank everyone for there support and prayers. I have many people FB message me and ask how they can help😊 Since we started we have fed over 3,500 on the streets from kids, parents, homeless, truckers or anyone in need. This week we have been feeding 400 a day and running out of food with in an hour😳🔥 we give God all the glory and THANKFUL to be the hands and feet for Christ. Good job Runners Refuge team🔥 #loveyourcity #reach1 #Feed1

420 souls fed on the streets for the Glory of God🔥 Here is what homemade chili beans looks like🧄 It was a great day😊 #loveyourcity #reach1 #feed1 #runnersrefugealamo

Listen! Make it a MUST to catch this Sunday’s sermon on YouTube or FBLive. I’m working on something now where it can be on local channels this WEEKEND🔥 can’t wait to worship with you. #love1 #reach1 #build1

287 souls fed on the streets today for the GLORY of God🔥 Shout out to Pepsi for dropping off 2 pallets of product for us to give out on the streets. Thank you for helping us REACH1 #loveyourcity #Feed1 #Reach1 #RunnersRefuge

What a great morning of Worship with Y’all! Did you miss the 9:20am service? Don’t worry you can still catch service at 11:00am and 6:30pm. See y’all then🔥 #MVCfamily

Jesus & Covid-19

See you tomorrow at 9:20am, 11:00am, and 6:30pm! #MVCTogether What is Jesus looking for in us as Christians during Covid-19?

Church family! Y’all been asking me how to give since we are not gathering at the church building. Here are some ways, thanks for helping us REACH1 🔥can’t wait to worship Jesus with y’all tomorrow 😊 #MVC

Just got done with Sundays message for tomorrow! Your not going to want to miss it🙂 Catch service LIVE at 9:20am,11:00am and 6:30pm. Tomorrow’s message is dealing with our attitude with everything going on. Chew on this for tonight, “IF WE CANT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS FROM SOMEONE WE SEE. HOW CAN WE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS FROM SOMEONE WE CANT SEE (GOD) #MVCfamily #Reach1 #Build1 #Love1

[04/04/20]   Getting my notes for tomorrow finalized! Don’t miss tomorrow’s message @ 9:20am, 11:00am and 6:30pm

What’s been your attitude in all this?

Feeding Schedule is out for next week. Can’t wait to hit the streets and feed with my Runners Refuge team. We will be set up off Walker Road. Its more then just a meal, its a realtionship 🙂 #loveyourcity #Reach1 #Feed1

People still need to eat during crises! We will give a FREE HOT meal off walker road April 6th-10th 11-1pm (look for trailer) Mountain View Church is a campus for Runners Refuge and in 11 days we fed 3,102 people on the streets 🔥 Children, Parents, homeless, anyone in hard times. It is a drive up style grab and go meal, they are not to get out of vehicles🚨 our RR staff is limited and taking all the proper precautions to see we are safe. Pray for us🙏🏽 as we get ready to hit the streets again #loveyourcity


One time I remember getting off a Grayhound Bus in 09 in Lawton, Ok. Just getting out of rehab it was a spot I was unfamiliar with. I was separated from my family, I had no money, no job, no clothes, no desire to live life. I was in a unfamiliar spot with my emotions. I remember when I gave my heart to Jesus, he gave me something I never had. The spirit of God🔥 I was in a unfamiliar spot. But it was his strength, his peace, his voice that guided me. When I went to church I used to ride a bicycle and I would view the sunset in the flat land of Oklahoma. I wasn’t sure if I would see my 30s, wasn’t sure if couldn’t kick this addiction, wasn’t sure if would see my kids again. But I rode and I echoed these words “God I am in a unfamiliar place, how will it end of for me, but I trust you” as I went to go pick up Asian Garden today. This nation, this state, this city, these businesses, these churches are in a unfamiliar place. Let us echo those words I did almost 10 years ago. God we trust you 🔥 we will have NEW stories to tell #Covid19 #trustHIM #Jesus #Hope

Romans 8:11 The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you.

Soap Devotional

Join us live for a time of learning!

[04/01/20]   Are you having trouble with your devotions during this time? Join me at 6:30pm FB live as I will be sharing with you an EASY way to get those most out of your studies. Lets learn together #MVCFAMILY

Thank y’all for joining us Live‼️ Here is what you missed🔥 Take notes:✏️👇🏽

▪️ April 1st-30th we will NOT be gathering at church. But will continue ONLINE services/devotions (Online schedule to be released Friday)

▪️ Get a ZOOM account, you can download on your phone. We will connect with weekly bible studies and prayer times.

▪️ PRAISE REPORT‼️‼️ We did pay off our current note to our building😊 next week we should close on NEW building and will start making transition and upgrading/remodel. It will be READY when we can meet again🔥

▪️ Prayer request can be made at our website send us message OR send us a FB PM.

▪️ Please make sure you go subscribe to our YouTube channel or go like our church FB post. Thank you for being Understanding while we work out our glitches with online streaming.

▪️ What are your needs? We are here for you but you need to let us know what we can help with.

▪️ Runners Refuge will continue to be a blessing in this community feeding. Right now I’m trying to get Convey of Hope out here to help with baby supplies (Pray they can come soon) also Roadrunner food wants to have multiple sites to help with those needing food. I’m coordinating how we can be a site‼️

▪️Here are 3 ways you can give TEXT GIVE to 575-221-1113 or download easy tithe app. Or you can drop off tithe in our mailbox at church (it is secured with lock) remember we still have insurance and utilities and other expenses to make sure the church continues to operate. THANK YOU for your giving

Does God know what he is doing? Do we? Are we taking this seriously?

🔴 (with permission to share) Last week while on the streets feeding, I got a call from a church member letting me know their spouse was getting tested for COVID-19 and was in isolation at the Hospital (THEY DID COME BACK NEGATIVE) of course my heart dropped as I was thinking about this family going through this. Then I begin to think the last time we all met at the church which was like 9 days ago. Then I started to think I hope there was no more exposure and no one else got sick (if they came back positive) I mean my MIND was flooded with emotions. I could not even imagine of someone getting sick and passing away knowing it could of been prevented. My Superintendent in 2015 gave me a Shepard’s stick that I still have today. It was an oath, a convenient not to just teach and preach the word of God, but to watch over those he had intrusted us with. That includes the health and well being of the people of MVC. So much going on in the church world today, thoughts of, do we stay open or do we continue weekly gatherings? I struggled with this also the first few days because my questions was “God what are you doing?” “What are you teaching us in the moment?” Since we launched OnLine services we have had 5 people give their hearts to Jesus, one of them lives in Colorado. On Monday morning I got an email from a lady that said “Online services have been speaking to her and she too gave her heart to Jesus” Then we see TD jakes praying on NATIONAL television and other people praying across the world. Does God know what he is doing? Absolutely he does! What he allows is meant for our growth and his Christians to be a mobile church. Not gathering on Sundays does not make us less Spirtual nor mean we lack faith. Its caring for the people of seeing to it that they are not at RISK. Now recently a Pastor was arrested in Florida for not complying with regulations, I dont agree that he should of gotten arrested but I agree he should of listened to the city to help stop the spread. In this time, in this moment people are looking at us more. Its so imporant that we are the examples. I am not just a pastor to our church but a Pastor to this city that I love so much. Is the virus here in Otero county? Will we see it soon? That’s to be determined, but to make sure we take this seriously is up to us. This could of ended bad on our end as a church at MVC if our member did come back positive and we still were having services, the outcome could of been bad. If this is a season of me being MORE of a social media Pastor then I embrace this season. MVC has been around since 1962 it will still be standing when this is over no matter what. God will continue to provide for his church no matter what. Its not my church, I’m just called to Protect it and Pastor it. We need to be very carful with these words “It cant happen to me” “Or we need to have more faith” we are still Phsyical beings. How foolish would it be for me to drive with out a seatbelt and say “I have faith” I wont get into a car accident. God gave us wisdom! We need to use it more then ever now. Does God know what he is doing? He sure does but he is testing us all in this time. How will we continue to be the church? How will we share his word more? How will we grow Spirtually? Are we being the example? In the end let us look back and say we did our part in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I cringe when people say its just a common cold or this is government driven. There are people dying across the world as I type this. I know someone within our denomination right now fighting for his life due to COVID-19. We do need to take this seriously and do our part and still someway to be the church. I cant wait to feed next week! The church is mobile, the church is more active than ever! #bethechurch

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Live Devotion
Empty Church Empty Tomb
"Empty Church Empty Tomb"
"Empty Church Empty Tomb"
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1300 Cuba Ave
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