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ENERGY DRINKS CAN KILL (***Taken from Luanna Hansen's recent post about her son****)
My son's toxicology. And Autopsy report came back as a man in perfect health. The only difference is he drank 2-3 energy drinks a day. 1 can has 170 mg of caffeine in them and some have more. The cans say 85 mg but looking at the fine print that is per serving and there's 2 servings per can. This equivalent to 10 cups of coffee.
Caffeine is a diuretic causing you to dehydrate. Add that to not drinking much water, the 95 degree heat that day, was too much stress on hiis heart causing ventricular fibrillation which means your heart quivers and does Not pump blood. Without an AED chances are slim to none to survive.
There is a metal preservative called Tromin or something along those lines that humans can't excrete and is heart toxic.
My Quest is to make people aware of this DANGEROUS potential effect of these drinks. Please share this.
Other stories I've found out about when talking to people.
At least 1 of every 5 people have told me they don't drink these because they have had heart palpitations. Some of these people have ended up in the emergency room because they felt so horrible after drinking an energy drink.
A 42 year old died of dehydration but the history of drinking 4-5 energy drinks everyday. He was a heavy machine operator and thought the energy drinks was a liquid that would keep him hydrated.
A 32 year old in the hospital after getting shocked for having v-fib is now recovering having to learn how to do tasks all over again.
A 24 year old in the hospital after having caffeine toxicity from drinking energy drinks he is in a coma and has not come out of it yet
These stories are shared with the permission of the families of the people involved.
If you have a story about how an energy drink affected you please share this post and add your story to the list. Maybe some way somehow knowledge can be spread to everybody about this DANGER.
I've been told there's a warning on the can so I looked at a can and the only warning is to not drink this if your pregnant or have a sensitivity to caffeine. What is the sensitivity to caffeine mean? Then a bigger post on the side of the can says " have energy like the athletes do"... I don't know of any athletes that drink them... Ask around and see.
Good morning from June Scharstrom
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Good morning from Waupaca, Wi. Enjoy watching the service from here.
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He has risen Indeed! Happy Easter, thank you to all who made service happen today. 🙏🏻
Ready for Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Made a cross out of palm leaves with Bamboo background✝️🙏❤️
The streaming Sun service was wonderul👏would like hymnal words on screen to sing along😀Blessings🙏✝️and love❤️Sharon
Lost dog in Lakeland/Afton area! Don't chase, just call the number on this flyer. Please post and share. Thanks from The Retrievers.
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Freed from Sin’s Prison

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Holy, Holy, Holy . . . and Holy!

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The seed sprouts and grows
Viola Miller
Freed from Sin’s Prison
Holy, Holy, Holy . . .  and Holy!
The Victorious Christian Life?
Until Then
In Jesus’ Love
Confirmation Sunday
Laura Emma Fritsche
The Good Shepherd
Open Tomb, Open Minds, Open Heaven
Just the Right Touch




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