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www.handsandfeet.com Our Vision: The body of Christ meeting the needs of the world. Our Mission: To bridge the gap between those in need and those who desire to help.

Our Values:
We are Christian
We are a Christian organization that has been established to bring glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that everything we do be guided by the Holy Spirit to bring Godʼs people humbly to the feet of Christ. We are a Bridge
Since we were established in 2000 our mission has been to be a bridge that connects people who need help to those who desire to

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Be sure to look out for monthly updates from the Heavenly Hand Me Downs Store and Hands and Feet Ministries team. We are so excited to share just a few of the many blessings we receive every month! Grateful for all the love and support! 🙏❤🙏

Another great monthly at Heavenly Hand Me Downs and Hands and Feet Ministries. ❤🙏😄
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Photos from Hands and Feet Ministries's post 06/12/2021

Mission trips are a time of serving, learning, and growth. Knowing the do’s and don’ts is key in having a fruitful trip.
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Paprika, one of our friendly school mascots, says she hopes you have a faaaaabulous weekend! #navaschoolgoats #handsandfeet #bridgethegap

Paprika, one of our friendly school mascots, says she hopes you have a faaaaabulous weekend! #navaschoolgoats #handsandfeet #bridgethegap




Hands and Feet Ministries updated their phone number. 02/05/2021

Hands and Feet Ministries updated their phone number.

Hands and Feet Ministries updated their phone number.


At Nava School we are starting 2021 with a blessing! Thanks to our supporters, we were able to provide each family at the school-a total of 61 families-with one bag of essential food items such as eggs, flour, and oil. Last year was difficult for many of our families and many people in Nava lost their jobs. Thank you to those who made this project possible, who make it possible to bridge the gap between those who desire to help and those who need help. Our school family is extremely grateful! #handsandfeet #bridgethegap


So many areas of our lives have been put on pause by this global pandemic, missions included. What mission trip did you have planned that was affected? Share with us!


If you’re having a baaaaa-d day, week, or month, the Nava School animal family is here to remind you: Ewe’ve goat this! #navaschool #bridgethegap


This week we are continuing with at-home instruction! Teachers and parents are working hard together to ensure that our students advance in their classes and stay on target until we are back to in-classroom instruction. Our students are working hard to maintain their grades and being so patient during this time of chaos. They are our little warriors! #bridgethegap #navaschool




After two weeks of spring break vacation, our students are back to work doing at-home schooling with the guidance of their teachers and parents. This has been a tough time for those who work in education and we want to thank educators and parents alike for their hard work and dedication to their student’s and children’s advancement in and outside of the classroom! Keep persevering, we will be together again soon!


Help bridge the gap! By giving to @handsandfeetministries, you are helping to build bridges between people-people from different backgrounds, cultures, economic classes, belief systems, and denominations.

One way we bridge the gap is through education by focusing our efforts at Nava School-a tuition free, private, Christian school in a high poverty area of Nava, Mexico. Our goal is to bring up spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy young boys and girls who will become productive members of society and in turn influence the world around them for the good.

Every donation goes towards making this goal a reality.
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Thank you to the Riverbend Church Men’s Team for all of your hard work this weekend! From replacing roofing nails to hanging sheetrock-you never backed down from a challenge. We appreciate your willingness to serve and helping to improve the Nava School facilities so our students can have a safe place to learn! #bridgethegap #missions


MISSION TIP: Don’t get caught without sun protection! Whether it’s sunglasses, a hat, or a visor, wearing something to protect your eyes from the sun is important and will make your trip more enjoyable! #missiontip #bridgethegap #handsandfeet


MISSION TIP: always be aware of your surroundings when working in construction areas! If you aren’t careful you could injure yourself or someone else! #bridgethegap #missions #handsandfeet


REMEMBER! Not all water from faucets is safe to drink in Mexico; to be cautious, don’t drink water from faucets! #missiontip #missions #bridgethegap


Our chicken coop is officially functioning! This project is going to provide eggs for our feeding program as well as teach our students about how to care for chickens. We are excited to have completed this stage of our animal care program!


Who ever said mission trips are boring? Please share with us your favorite Hands and Feet mission trip memories! Every person who comments with a memory in the next 24 hours will be entered in a drawing to win a T-shirt! #dance30 #missionsmonday


Our fifth graders learned about volcanoes this week and each of them made their own. This is Rogelio with the volcano that he made! Each student presented their project and at the end made their volcano erupt. Good job fifth graders! #navaschool


What does short-term missions with Hands and Feet involve? Praying, serving, and loving the people we are ministering to as well as our fellow team members are three of the biggest elements.

“To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him.” -William Carey
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This morning we have some very sad news-one of our first goats, Sally, passed away during the night. This is a sad day for the Nava School family and Sally will be greatly missed.


“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” -Mr. Rogers #navaschool #recess #bridgethegap


Sometimes you’ve just [goat] to dance it out #mondayvibes #missionsmonday #bridgethegap #navaschool #goatlife




“During my summer break, I volunteer at Nava school because I like knowing that kids in Nava have an opportunity to learn just like I do.” Isabella Ezman (11 years old, Denver, CO)

Isabella has been coming to Mexico with her mom Selena, dad Paul, and younger brother Mateo for 4 years.

Hands and Feet welcomes all ages on our short-term mission trips. We love seeing children serve those around them wholeheartedly and the willingness they have to open up to people from different walks of life. It’s also a good reminder that we can make a difference no matter our age! #missions #bridgethegap #noagelimit #handsandfeet #navaschool


Hands and Feet Ministries's cover photo


At Nava School, we have 95 elementary school students and 25 preschool students enrolled. In addition to their education, we also provide the students with transport to and from school, free lunch daily, music classes, and much more.

Find out more about Nava School and how you can be a part of our work in Nava, Mexico at handsandfeet.com!


Hello everyone! We have launched a new and improved version of our website. Please check out handsandfeet.com to find out more about what we do, where we work, and other important information about our ministry! #bridgethegap #navaschool


Visiting the local market is one of our favorite things to do with mission teams. Taking in all of the sights and sounds of a traditional Mexican open-air market, enjoying treats like horchata and ice cream, and shopping for beautiful handicrafts is just part of the fun! #missions #bridgethegap #mexicanmarket


Not everything is work at Nava School, sometimes we like to play around a bit too! #happyfriday #navaschool #bridgethegap


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Today we received the second of two new [identical] kitchen ranges for our school kitchen! This will allow us to cook more efficiently as well as add baked items to our school menu. #growth #navaschool #bridgethegap


At Nava School, our teachers are dedicated to caring for and educating our students and strive to instill in each of them a love for learning! ❤️ #navaschool #education #bridgethegap


At the beginning of every month, we buy approximately 21 days worth of food to feed 90 students a day. Soon, we will be buying for 120 students which means we will be serving roughly 2,520 meals a month at Nava School. Every time you donate to Hands and Feet, part of your donation helps provide a healthy meal to a child every day they are in school.

To find out more about Hands and Feet and Nava School, check out handsandfeet.com!
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Sometimes we all need a little motivation to keep moving forward. Feliz Friday! #bridgethegap


These smiles can brighten anyone’s day! #navaschool #bridgethegap

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Sometimes you’ve just [goat] to dance it out #mondayvibes #missionsmonday #bridgethegap #navaschool #goatlife
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Hands and Feet Ministries currently offers mission trips to:
*Piedras Negras, Mexico
*Gallup, New Mexico



Adairsville, GA

General information

Hands and Feet Ministries was started by Roy and Michelle Adams in 2000. In then summer of 1999 Roy Adams led a menʼs short-term mission trip to Chamacueros, MX. On that trip Royʼs life was forever changed. As a result he desired to take his wife and children on a mission trip with him the next year. Roy was compelled to start Hands and Feet Ministries when, after expressing his desire to the group he had traveled with the year before, he was told that the mission field is no place for women or children. Ten years later Hands and Feet Ministires had lead over 10,000 men, women, and children across the border of Mexico to serve on short-term mission trips. In Mexico, Hands and Feet Ministries has helped with the construction of 12 churches, 3 schools, 2 orphanages, 1 medical clinic, and several houses. We have also been involved in disaster relief, held medical clinics for hundreds of people, and served thousands of children with summer Vacation Bible Schools. Starting in 2007 through partnerships with missionaries in Gallup, New Mexico, we began providing mission trip opportunities to a Navajo Indian reservation. In years past we have also been able to partner with other ministries and provide people with the opportunity to serve in countries including Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. In 2008 God opened a door for us to serve in our local community by opening Heavenly Hand Me Downs, a second hand store in Adairsville, GA. From the store we have been able to organize food drives, local disaster relief, and other forms of mercy ministry. In 2009 Hands and Feet Ministries committed to fund, administrate, and grow to the best of our abilities a tuition-free Christian elementary school in the poverty stricken neighborhood of Lazaro Cardenas in Nava Mexico. Nava School was a project we had worked on for several years, and in 2009 it was in danger of losing all itʼs financial, and administrative support. Knowing that the school was bearing fruit we felt compelled to help save Nava School. Our commitment was made to the teachers, parents, and community of Lazaro Cardenas. Being such a large commitment, this school has become our primary outreach, and where the majority of our work is done. Currently the school is staffed by local missionaries who are not promised a salary. The school and itʼs staff live off the generosity of donations provided by people who support Hands and Feet Ministries. Currently Hands and Feet ministries is able to provide mission trips to Piedras Negras and Nava, Mexico, and Gallup, New Mexico.
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