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Good evening saints. We are in the 10th month of the year. God has been so faithful to us. We have so far trained women country wide. We have done book 1 and 2. Our book 3 Seminar and graduation will be on 3rd to 6th November 2020. We are happy that through Lydia circle we are witnessing the church growth. Women are so zealous for the evangelism. Thank you Melinda and the entire team.
We will post more about Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. 2Timothy 2:2
Little did we know that women can reach the lost souls. Thank you Melinda for listening to the voice of God...we are Lydia circle Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. Only if you ignored the inner voice, the souls would have perished. We are excited with what the Lord is doing through women. WE ARE GROWING
Praise the lord servants of God Melinda,Nicole and Christine personally am very grateful for your visit in Kenya surely you are God sent and the disciple making lesson came in time have already started the lessons with my family and its exiting tommorow we are reaching out to our neighborhood glory to God.

Making and Multiplying Growing Disciples Lydia Circle Mission
To embrace women within their family, church and community structure by training them in discipleship and evangelism.

Women’s Discipleship groups will be established in each church, where they will come together weekly to meet and disciple each other, and pray for the family, church and community. Goals
Grow the church spiritually, through weekly discipleship and prayer. To encourage women to take a larger role in teaching spiritual disciplines within the church structure. Discipling of younger (in the faith) wom

Operating as usual


Update from Malawi:

Good evening, am safely back home. We thank God for the travel mercies. They came in turns but we finished with 28 and reached 76, out of the 76,53 accepted Jesus.
We are getting set for the national leadership training on 3rd to 6th August.


Praise God!

From our Malawian National Leader, Stella:

“Today we were 15, we reached 30 people, 9 people received Jesus.”


It’s been a while! Here’s the latest from LCM:

Our world may be facing trying times, but God is still at work in Africa!

We had a successful training of trainers in Malawi. Over 35 women from the 3 regions of Malawi participated!

We are so grateful for Stella, our Malawi national leader, and the leaders that helped her train at this conference. They’re very excited to have more women help in the training of future leaders in Lydia Circle Ministries.

[03/17/20]   Facebook friends, as we look around us, watch the latest news, and hear how people are coping with the Coronavirus, I am reminded of 2 Timothy 1:7, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

God has given us a spirit of power, love and self-control, we do not need to fear the latest news report or what we have seen from other people’s posts on Facebook. We have won the victory through our faith in Jesus, our Savior!

As I write this post, some of Lydia Circle’s trips have been cancelled or rescheduled but I do not fear and say, “what will happen now?” I know I serve a victorious Savior, he will reveal to me the next steps concerning trips that have been planned for this year.

What I am asking from you is prayers for wisdom in new travel plans, talking with national leaders and preparing the women in the countries we serve to continue working even though changes are happening throughout the world.

At this time our trip has been cancelled to Kenya and we are watching what will happen with the next trip in May to Togo and Ivory Coast. Thank you for praying and continuing to support Lydia Circle Ministries, we are truly grateful for your encouraging words and prayers!


Have you changed a life in one minute? -


Year End Giving, 2019 -


Lydia Circle Ministries

Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow -


Lydia Circle Ministries is hosting a conference in a remote village in Malawi. 50 women are attending and they were taught how to share the gospel using the evangi-cloth, they went out to share and 78 people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. A Muslim woman attended the conference and accepted Jesus. Our national leader gave us this testimony, “she was mocked by her fellow Muslim’s for coming to a Christian seminar, ‘you are joining Satanism’ they said.”

Please support these women with your prayers and support as we bring the Good News of Jesus to remote villages.

These women face much resistance from other faiths and endure persecution daily. Another challenge is the need for Bibles. In this conference of 50 women only 6 women had their own Bibles. 12/02/2019

Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow

Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow - Tomorrow, as people around the world support important causes, donate for the Lydia Circle Ministries' evangelism tool, the evangi-cloth.  Help us reach our goal of $5000, this will give 2,000 women a tool to help save a soul.  Spread the word to family and friends who also want to make an impac... 11/26/2019

7 Days Until Giving Tuesday

7 Days Until Giving Tuesday - The holiday season is just around the corner, and we invite you to kick it off with us on Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back.  On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, you'll have a chance to join people around the world and support a cause close to your heart.


2019 Conference and Outreach Results -


The national leaders in Zambia recently hosted a conference in a nearby village. The women were very excited to share the good news of the gospel! 134 people accepted Christ as their personal Savior and 153 people rededicated their lives to Christ.


Stella, our LC national leader in Malawi, is hosting a conference in a nearby village. The women are enjoying the teaching and are doing outreach in the area.

We’re so grateful God is giving the Malawian people a hunger for his word and a desire to share the Gospel!


Our national leaders in Zambia are hosting a conference in Kabompo, Zambia. They did outreach yesterday in their local area and 41 accepted Christ!

We’re so grateful to see how God has equipped native African ladies to lead Lydia Circle conferences.


We went to church today under a tree but I think this church has outgrown their tree and is ready for a building!

Praise God for the spiritual growth this Malawian community is experiencing!


Future LCM Malawi national leaders!

The lady on the right heard about the Lydia Circle conference from our training partner, Stella, and came all the way from Mozambique because she was told that the women’s trainings are impactful and different from other trainings.

Lydia Circle offered practical lessons, an area evangelistic outreach, and each participant learned the 8 pictures which represent Jesus’ discipleship in a very easy and effective way.

As we finished up the conference many women came forward and volunteered to continue the work by stepping up as leaders who will train and multiply disciples throughout this community. May God save lost people and be glorified through these women!


Our second conference kicked off in Lilongwe, Malawi yesterday. We did outreach today and reached 199 people with 100 people accepting Jesus as their personal Savior! Thank you so much for your prayers and support.


Melinda made it and has been welcomed by our Malawian partners!

Martha and Stella are Malawi natives who are traveling with and being trained by Melinda. Lydia Circle values the training and equipping of native Africans to ensure that Gospel work continues long after conferences conclude.

Also pictured: two of the women at the Lydia Circle conference practicing the colors of the gospel bracelet before they go home to teach their families.

There are 45 women attending the conference from five different churches. They are very attentive and enjoy learning about biblical leadership!


Melinda left last night to host Lydia Circle conferences for two weeks in Malawi. Pray for safety and life-changing results with the women her team will teach!


Field Partners - a Lydia Circle Ministries Field Partner Today!


Melinda and Christi are home!

Here are a few more highlights from their discipleship in Zambia. We are in awe of the way God worked in the hearts of these precious African people.

Over 200 people professed Christ as their Savior in the span of two weeks! Wow!!


Today was an interesting day in Livingston. We started the conference and a half hour in the electricity was shut off due to load sharing. We are in an old mall area so we did not have much light in the room but we continued anyway. The women used their phones to see and read the Bible verses for us.

After lunch we went out on outreach but we had to bus the women out to the residential area since we were in a more urban part of town. This was the first time we had to rent a couple of buses to get people out on outreach!

13 teams went out and 98 people were spoken to and 40 received Christ! We taught the evangi-cloth and gave an alter call and 7 women came forward to receive Christ.


We handed out the Days for Girls kits today and the women are very happy! Thank you again to all who helped make them- you're touching lives in Africa!

We are headed to Livingston to do our last set of conferences. The women here are very excited to continue the work and make more disciples for Christ. Pray our 6 hour car ride goes well. We'll arrive very late tonight but will have a day to rest before we start.


The Lusakan women were sent out again this afternoon. They told over 95 people the gospel message and 40 people crossed from death to life by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!


We had a full church again today here in Lusaka with 64 women attending the training. Praise God for their hunger for His word!

We are working to train future Lydia Circle teachers. Sharon was a natural leader and will do well teaching others discipleship at future conferences!


Lusaka, Zambia - Conference 2, Day 1

We are working in a place where the pastor has invited many women from his own church. 62 women were in attendance today and we did an alter call after I taught the heart of man evangi-cloth.

38 women came forward and accepted Christ as their Savior! Praise God for these salvations!

We also sent 20 teams out with the evangi-cloths today. They talked with over 110 people and 74 people accepted Christ. The women were so excited about going out (they were just out for one hour) that they want to go for a longer time tomorrow!


Kalalushi, Zambia. The women all wore their Lydia Circle shirts today!

Praising God for his work here in Africa and these sweet relationships he has provided.


Today we gave out the Lydia Circle t-shirts to the women who purchased them. They were very excited!

We had another full house with over 65 women. Praise God for ears excited to hear God’s truths and feet excited to share the good news in these Zambian villages!


From Melinda:

Today we had 65 women attend the first day of our Lydia Circle conference on Leadership in Zambia. I was pleased to see several from our conference last November in attendance. All the women are very eager to learn new biblical leadership principles they can use in their villages!


Melinda and Christi are heading out to Zambia tonight! Pray for safe and smooth travel and amazing results for the Lord during their Lydia Circle conferences the next two weeks. 07/09/2019

Growing Pains

Growing Pains - Reports from the field have been very exciting!  Women are using the evangi-cloth to lead people to the Lord and their churches are growing in number and spiritually. Notes from the pastors: 


20 women accepted Christ after today’s teaching! Praise God! Rejoice with us in these Tanzanian ladies crossing from death into eternal life.


Growing pains- we need your help!

This is our current conference in Tanzania. Over 70 women packed into this small church today to be trained as disciples of Christ.

Lydia Circle Ministries is experiencing rapid growth in the countries of Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania! Reports from the field have been very exciting! Disciple group numbers among the women are multiplying very quickly! Women are using the evangi-cloth to lead people to the Lord and their churches are growing in number and spiritually.

Notes from pastors, "the women have no more fear to share the good news."

"Women are testifying of their Lydia Circle team meetings. They meet together as leaders 2 times a month to encourage each other and give testimony of new disciples."

In Zambia, we had 35 women attend the conference in November 2018, now we have over 60 women attending each month to continue in their learning and to encourage one another as they disciple more women.

Can you help us in any way? Our needs are great because God is moving in Africa!

Printing of 100 training books @ $8.00 each = $800

Printing of 100 evangi-cloths at $2.50 each = $250

100 Bibles @ $10 each = $1,000

Sponsor a leadership conference = $4,000

Sponsor trainers travel expense = $1,500

Please pray for our current conference to achieve what the Lord has in store for Tanzania's women. Please spread the word and help gain the needed materials to support the next 3 upcoming conferences in July, August and September.

Thank you from Africa!


Group photo of the beautiful ladies from the Singa, Tanzania conference.

We were also invited to a Tanzania wedding today in Tabora. Very neat experience!

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