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Please keep my family in your prayers my mama went to live with Jesus this morning
Please Join our family in a “Celebration of Life “ for my husband , Robert R. Long !!
Church Family I have set a Date of Saturday, October 17,2020 at 1:00 pm at Glade Road Baptist Church in Acworth for my husband, Robert's Celebration of Life Service after passing away on May 5th. Please mark your calendar and I hope you and your families can come .. Hugs and Blessing and Thanks for your support. This has been the toughest time of my life as well as my family . We miss him so much , still an emotional time and I still need prayers . Terri
Just want to make sure you know that the first ever multi school, virtual, High school baccalaureate service in Bartow County will be next Friday May 22 at 7:00 pm. Three High Schools- Adairsville, Cass, and Woodland, will hold a joint baccalaureate service. Close to a 1000 students are set to graduate in Bartow County from these three schools. We so appreciate the leadership at these schools wanting to give their students as full a graduation experience during this pandemic as possible. Also a special thank you to a team of our student ministers who helped pull this off. Great Job!!!!! The service will be held at Tabernacle Baptist Church-- of course without all the students. You can watch the service live on Tabernacle’s facebook or youtube channel or Comcast Channel 24. Thank you Tabernacle for making your facilities available. Pastor Randy Livsey is the main speaker so please pray for him and the other ministers participating. Please share this with your church as it is a great way to support students and the gospel.
pray on.....
David Franklin, Bartow Baptist Association
RANDY PERRY LIVE Revival Update!🙂Monday-Wednesday 7:30 pm eastern MAY 4-6
Asking for prayers for Doctors to find the location of where Robert is bleeding . He has had several products of blood in the last several days. He is going to have a CT dye contrast now . Please pray it is identified and treatment can be performed !!! Thank you for every prayer !! God hear our prayers !
At 7:30 am talked with his night nurse, Kerri. He had an O.k. night . He Watched her with his eyes (A lot) and head (just a little) as she moved around room she said . Not any other command movements . She was able to Reduced BP med down from 14 to 10. Had to give him 1 unit of blood , hemoglobin is now 8.3 . Oxygen pressure ventilator is set at 35, PEEP is 5, all this is good news. On 3 antibiotics, he has started back on tube feeding since Tracheotomy has been postponed until Tuesday , stomach tube on Monday so far. Ileostomy is producing great. white cells have dropped to 4.0, platelets 24.0 they are low , MAP has been anywhere between 65-70 and still on the CRRT Dialysis (continuous Dialysis) . I asked why he might be needing so much blood. She was not sure and I would need to ask doctor , but she did say with so many things going on in his body they want it in a good range , and she stated that there was no blood coming out into the ileostomy which is good ! .So that is a question I will ask doctor as well as with all the antibiotics are they giving him any probiotics to help handle the affects of the good and bad bacteria in the intestines. God has been actively working in Robert’s life and I thank him so much! Again this is good news, still a very sick man and continued prayer is needed!!! God is still in control and has always been !!
Robert has sepsis ! He is very critical , heart scan was done about 5:00 pm yesterday while we were FaceTiming him they mentioned he may be going into shock and doctor said heart scan machine was there and he ended our FaceTime. nurse called us back at 7:15 pm things did not look good and the next 24 hrs were very critical and they were doing everything to stabilize him with medication and his heart was not getting the fluid needed ! This prompted immediate iv fluids and sepsis was mentioned , the doctor ordered 3 different types of antibiotics to combat anything ! We called and pleaded and headed straight to hospital to see him , we were told no several times , but God opened a way for us to see Robert, me , Amber, Delaine and Shasity . We were able to touch and talk to him saw him , and it was the biggest blessing , He knew we were there . We could tell by his eyes opening and moving and movement of toes, leg and hand , we were need by the PA nurse and she explained everything and said right everything was stable but only because of the medicines!!! They have him on every antibiotic there is until they can see what infection it is ! On so many medications ! sores don’t look so bad in person ! I didn’t even focus on them even though Amber could see how severe they were . The explained that lots of testing was submitted and they have to wait for results ,but they were being proactive with everything! Doctor said he was going to start over from the beginning on cultures , test , whatever it took !! We were there for about 45 min to an hours . It was like no other blessing given us at this time to just be there with him . We prayed and left hospital. It was the worst of worst to walk out but we all knew after seeing him , God has him !

This morning the same nurse we saw last night nurse Lindsey called, after we left him last night , about 2 hrs later his Blood Pressure dropped ! He required 6 different blood products red cells, platelets, plasma etc, medicines, lots of fluid , she had blood taken to be tested and should have results about 8-9 am this morning , just before doctors start rounds . It was a very rough time , she was waiting for results for doctors . I didn’t ask her anything about anything else because I knew it is in God's hands , I ask God , our God who can DO ALL THINGS and IS ALL POWERFUL and THE GREAT PHYSICIAN to place HIS LOVING HANDS on Robert for Healing and Stabilize his Blood pressure ! Giving God praise for these prayerful blessings so that will see GOD's GLORY and HIS mighty hands at work!! All of you I am a basket case , but I think many of you already know that , but my husband is so precious to me and to our children ! Please pray!
Please pray , Robert body maybe going into shock maybe from taking him off pain , sedation, steroids medications today , had to go up to 21 on BP medicine doing scan of heart now , trying to see what is going on , doing heart scan right now !!! Going to start back from beginning and test everything . Please pray!!
Just received call from Lindsey , night nurse for Robert. Update: 2nd day of Antiviral medicine by IV for sores in mouth , praying for healing of the horrible sores( I was reading up on this and it has to do with trauma, cancer , weak immune system , so many factors , so please pray ) they are not treating the exterior sores as they don't want it bleeding. Had to give him unit of blood last night due to Blood pressure (MAP had dropped some )and the unit of blood helped everything . Now MAP 70 so that is good . He is on the CRRT dialysis ( continuous dialysis) it is also helping the heart , removing the fluid and Kidneys. Pressure on ventilator is 40 , PEEP is 5 (great) , White cell count 13.7 (little high body fighting infection-That’s O.k.) hemoglobins up to 8.5 now after unit of blood it was 7.2 so that was one of the many reasons the unit of blood was needed. ( blessed) platelets up to 110( another blessing) . CT scan yesterday did not show any problems in the brain ( thank you Lord) . They are giving him Dilantin shots in IV for comfort but not steady IV drops . Tub feeding is 40ml per hour and output has been 300 ml , surgeon was in there this morning and he is pleased with the performance . Hopefully with the intestine working giving Robert the nutrition he needs he will get stronger . We must remember that his body is burning calories as if he were running a Marathon during all of this , so the more nutrition he absorbs the stronger he will get ! Keep praying for strength!! No temperature! (Thank you again Lord) . Thank all of you for praying for Robert . It is so important that we lift him up to God in prayer , specially praying for kidneys, strength, recognition of commands followed with action by Robert, and healing of mouth sores!! Love all of you ! With God we will bring Him home to us so that he can be with his family and friends who love and care for him ! It is going to be a long Road and we must not give up but wait on the Lord!!
This is my one of my Sister’s grandchild. Please pray!
Hey y'all pray for Josiah
Natalie just sent me this
Josiah fell off his scooter and they are taking him by ambulance to Scottish rite from another hospital
She said he was vomiting and one pupil was displayed
He may of been bleeding on his brain
Not sure
He has that issue with the skull and brain
She states in below in her text...
Natalie Malley , my niece is asking for prayer, this just happened!!

Please pray for him and her They’re sending us to Scottish rite via ambulance because they’re worried he may have injured his metopic ridge
and he is having a hard time staying awake.
They’re going to do a CT scan once we get there.
Ok I have prayed and he will be ok
Know God is with you and him
Know God has got this
He will come thru
I feel this happed for a reason
Out of this you will know how his skull and brain are and will have answers
God is working
Stay strong
Trust in Lord
We are praying
I love you
Nurse Nicole called and Robert did O.k. during the night , opened eyes more last night , but still not taking commands (my prayer special request to God today and all according to God's will is that Robert be respondent yo commands because this is so important for His healing) Being on the ventilator for long period of time may cause problems neurologically (acknowledging commands!). His vitals are good , on a little higher medication of the Blood pressure med. but they hope they drop it down today from 6 to 2( that would be a blessing). Will be working on him breathing on his own again today ( but still on ventilator) His Oncologists said yesterday that there is no evidence of Leukemia! ( thank you Lord) they have taken him off the IV feeding and now on feeding thru nostril thru tube and they have been able to increase from 10 to 40(another blessing) and he is handling that well with the ileostomy working well . I have been on an emotional up and down and I know that God hears our prayers and answers according to his will. We are his always !! I will continue to ask God to heal and being specific in my prayers !! Thank you God for my husband and family praying for them as well that God give them the comfort and strength encouraging each other. Giving God All Praise and Glory in everything!

Pastor Chuck Smith
Assoc. Pastor Chad Smith
Church Verse: Matthew 6:33
Come as you are and worship with us! Sunday School @ 9:45am, Service @ 11:00am
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Wanna get involved or donate??? We always have volunteer opportunities....message us or call to discuss! Donations accepted for our Backpack Ministry include easy-open ravioli, spaghetti o's, chicken noodle soup, mac n cheese as well as pop tarts, juice boxes, fruit snacks and granola bars. Currently sending 30 backpacks home each weekend for children in the community. Donations for community needs include men's and women's socks & hygiene supplies.

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Join us this Sunday for Resurrection Sunday starting with our Sunrise service at 7:30am followed by our 11am service and then we will have an Easter egg hunt for the kids immediately following the 11 o’clock service! Come celebrate with us this Sunday!

Join us this Sunday for Resurrection Sunday starting with our Sunrise service at 7:30am followed by our 11am service and then we will have an Easter egg hunt for the kids immediately following the 11 o’clock service! Come celebrate with us this Sunday!

[03/31/21]   The rain is moving on out so we hope to see you tonight at 7pm for bible study!!! We have classes, activities, and a dinner for all the kids too!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Matthew 8:24-27 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep. And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we peris | King James Version (KJV) |... 03/26/2021

Matthew 8:24-27 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep. And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we peris | King James Version (KJV) |...

Matthew 8:24-27 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep. And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we peris | King James Version (KJV) |... And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep. And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we peris


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Join us for Easter Sunday! Sunrise service at 7:30 am and our Main service is at 11am with an Easter egg hunt following the eleven o’clock service for all children up to 14 years old! Like this page and visit us at


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