Kaylor Ministries and Kingdom Legacy

Kaylor Ministries and Kingdom Legacy


Dear Friends and prayer partners,We are covering and helping 900 children through our ministry.Presently we are giving them new clothes to 900 children.We already bought clothes for 450 children and needs to buy clothes to 450 children more.PLEASE pray and support our ministry.
Dear Servants of God,

Greetings in Jesus Might name! I am blessed and drilled to read your wonderful and touching website which has touched my heart so much and I am feeling to work with you hand in hand to build the kingdom of God and to SET the captives free and free in Jesus name as the book of Isaiah 42:7 states!

Our prayers to you as a young church down here in Eastern part of Kenya is to welcome you to feel free to come over here and hold a crusade/conference/Revival meetings and minister to us,teach, baptize us, ordain pastors and establish your work here since we are working independently without a good foundation ground of God's word. As a young church worshiping under shade! We request for your love, prayers and support to :

1.To get Tin Sheets needed to weather proof our church shade to avoid much rain hindering our church meetings.

2.To get Bibles in our local language EKEGUSII to help us grow and understand His word better as we hunger and thirst of His word brethren please.

3.To get musical instruments for preaching that would produce sounds when preaching the message to reach everyone by His grace.

4.Our poor church members and widows to get Toilets to use at their homes since they don't have as they are poor! They go in the forests for longcal and others use politins papers at home when it reaches night they draw away road side.

5.To get a polytechnic school which teaches and trains on Tailoring, mansions,carpentry, driving, wiring etc for our hopeless and innocent orphans after who server a lot after schools to make their lives easier by His grace!

In the book of DETRONOMY 23:12-14.

-You shall have a place also outside the compound where you shall go forth abroad.

-And you shall have a paddle upon your weapons and it shall be when you will ease yourself abroad. You shall dig therewith and shall turn back and cover that which comes from you.

-For the lord your God walks in the midst of your compound to deliver you, and to give up your ene
Need to see you guys back in Augusta Ga. God is Good
Glory to God from your ministry pastor.
Happy new year Kaylor Ministries and Kingdom Legacy
I sing a holy song
I evangelize Doctor in hospital
I start new church

Praying that you will be encountered by His presence and made aware of this promise, "The testimony of the Lord is our inheritance." Psalm 119:111 Let this promise become life and move you forward in the destiny you have been created to walk in.

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🔥 “Connect To Eternal Faith Not Temporal”

[04/11/21]   Will continue live feed in a few minutes! ❤️


Cherrie Kaylor - “Intentional Living For A Life Of Victory” Oasis Church Tifton, Ga


“What Does It Take To Have Supernatural Faith?” Michael Kaylor Oasis church Tifton, Ga.


🔥 “ Let worship destroys the work of the enemy”. 🔥


🚨 “Key To Living A Breakthrough Life” 🔥
From impossible to possible.


“Hear my cry of God”. What does it take for God to answer me? Faith? How does that work?

🔥 “Hear my cry of God”. What does it take for God to answer me? Faith? How does that work?

[03/11/21]   Join Michael on Kaylor Ministries at 11:30 today for "Hear my cry oh God. What do I have to do to get God to answer me? Faith? How does that work?


“One of them must die” 🔥. Do not shrink back from your prophetic voice.


Christmas craft! #kaylortribe


Forty four years ago... it began. The adventure of a lifetime. I could have never dreamed where this journey has and is taking us. How can I find words to express the gratefulness I have for the Lord putting us together. I love you. ❤️


“Happy Thanksgiving!” 🦃❤️


“What’s the point? Ready to give up?” 😐🚨⚔️

[11/18/20]   "Feel like giving up? What's the point?!" Join me live in 15 minutes


Cherrie’s birthday berry pie, for her birthday today, made by Bella!❤️🎂🎉


You are not alone and will overcome! Angels unaware and we’re locking arms with you! 🔥🚨❤️


Activate supernatural sight and don’t give up. 🔥🚨❤️


Happy Birthday Eisley!! 🎉 Theee years older today. ❤️ Anither amazing cake from Aunt Sessy! 🎂🎁. #happybirthdayeisley #threeyearsoldtoday #grandaughterbirthday #incredablebirthdaycake #topbirthdaycake #birthdaycakewinner #birthdaybaker


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“Hear my cry of God”.  What does it take for God to answer me?  Faith?  How does that work?



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When we encounter the presence of God in a tangible way, we are suddenly awakened to the reality of a power that is greater than anything we can comprehend. It is that power and that love that causes us to pursue Him with every ounce of our life and give Him our all.We pray that as you read through the content on this site, your heart will be awakened to an adventure that will grip your life with a hunger and passion for the tangible, supernatural life of God. For Ministry Scheduling Contact us at: [email protected]