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We are believers & passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We seek to joyfully serve in finding loving families for Foster children in need in our community

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FaithBridge Foster Care

The need is great. We have thousands of children in foster care but only a fraction of them have foster families. Will you help? We need churches to partner with us and start foster care ministries, and we need adults to become foster parents. Find out more on our web site: faithbridgefostercare.org/get-involved.

*total number of families licensed through public and private organizations


The Forgotten Initiative

"This increase of children in the foster care system is revealing a shortage of foster parents in some pockets throughout the country."


FaithBridge Foster Care

Meet Sam*. One day Sam’s whole life changed. He had to leave his home, his clothes, his family, his neighborhood, his toys, his pillow – everything, except his pet lizard. Read his story on our blog: www.faithbridgeblog.com/meet-sam.

wsbtv.com 06/08/2017

Number of foster kids in Georgia nearly doubles since 2013

We need you ❤️

wsbtv.com Records show the number of kids in state-sponsored foster care skyrocketed from 7,600 to 13,266.




FaithBridge Foster Care - Today's Orphans

You are needed ❤️

More than 13,000 kids in foster care in Georgia. Over 400 sleeping in hotels each night because there aren't enough foster homes. Watch what happened when th...


FaithBridge Foster Care

May is National Foster Care Month! FaithBridge encourages you to welcome a child into your loving embrace through Christian foster care.

Learn how you can get involved at http://www.faithbridgefostercare.org/get-involved/national-foster-care-month





adoptivefamilies.com 04/15/2017

Becoming a Foster Parent

This is what it's all about❤🙏🏽

adoptivefamilies.com One man describes how his wife convinced him to become a foster parent, and the temporary sanctuary their home can create.


Focus on the Family

Did you know that Tennessee has approximately 358 kids waiting to be adopted from foster care and that it costs virtually nothing to do it? Maybe your family is the one they’ve been waiting for! Click below to find out more about this free event in Chattanooga!


Can you provide a family for a child? We need MORE foster families and our children need great homes. Foster parent trainings are now posted up until November!!! www.faithbridgefostercare.org

herviewfromhome.com 03/26/2017

Siblings’ Plea to Be Adopted Together Has Gone Viral and They Live In YOUR Town

herviewfromhome.com Foster care and adoption are sort of my thing. I follow, approximately, every single foster care and adoption page on the internet. So when a foster or adoption story goes viral, I see it over and …


Joy overflows when you love children & share your home and the love of Jesus with children from hard places💗 The 4 youngest were all adopted from Foster care. Abundant blessings & overflowing joy💞 Join us this Sunday after church to learn more at the Encounter Training



God please break our hearts for what breaks yours❤ I’ll give you a new heart, put a new spirit in you. I’ll remove the stone heart from your body and replace it with a heart that’s God-willed, not self-willed. I’ll put my Spirit in you and make it possible for you to do what I tell you and live by my commands.” Ezekiel 36:26

Watch Part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1fGmEa6WnY Like ReMoved on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/removedfilm We made ReMoved with the desire...

jacksonhealthcare.com 03/15/2017

The Haine's Family Story

Bawling❤ Fostering is a beautiful blessing

jacksonhealthcare.com We captured the Haine's Family powerful message and their journey from foster to adoptive parents.

adoptionsupport.org 03/12/2017

For Parents & Family Archives - C.A.S.E. - Nurture, Inspire, Empower

C.A.R.E. Fantastic Resources❤

adoptionsupport.org Join us for our monthly LIVE-STREAM "Strengthening Your Family" webinars, or choose an IN-DEMAND webinar and view it at time of purchase. Both options include access to accompanying PowerPoint presentations and a Certificate of Completion (obtained upon request.)


Join us for classes to see how you can help www.FaithBridgeFosterCare.org



Just last week, FaithBridge had to turn down 59 children referred to our agency for foster care placement due to not having foster homes available. Do you have room in your home to place a child? If so, please sign up now for an orientation to find out how you can help. Go to http://www.faithbridgefostercare.org/training-events/faithbridge-atlanta/. These children in your community need you.



Foster care and homelessness have a chilling correlation. We can make a difference.

us10.campaign-archive2.com 02/07/2017

February 2017 Training Newsletter

us10.campaign-archive2.com FaithBridge offers our foster and respite parents free, advanced training programs that will help them fulfill their requirements. These workshops provide hands-on, practical learning experiences foster parents can use in everyday parenting of our special children.


www.thv11.com 01/27/2017

A Place to Call Home: Sweet siblings seek their forever home

So many waiting for A Forever Family, whether you foster or adopt or help those who do... jump in as you feel God leading you to #BeTheChange #NoFear #GodWillProvide #Faith #AboveAllElseLove

www.thv11.com LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Right now, there are two siblings, 10-year-old Dayelun and 8-year-old Claniya, in state foster care waiting for the phone call that a family has chosen them to bring home. They are waiting for someone out there to show that they care.


This is why we need good families❤

"The call came from a DHS supervisor at midnight: “We have a 3-year old girl at the hospital. Her mom was shot and is not expected to live through the night. Her dad has been arrested. Domestic violence. All clothing was taken by police as evidence so if you could bring a blanket that would be great. Can you come pick her up?” 'Yes.'

"The call came from a CPS worker while I was making dinner: “I just came on the scene to find a 4-year old boy sitting in the back of a police car. His clothing is soaked with urine from his mentally unstable mother; he may have lice, and he is filthy. Can we bring him to your house?” 'Yes.'

"The call came from another county as we were getting ready for bed. “We have a 2-year old who is sound asleep at the DHS office now. She was brought to the ER with an injury. Her mom was so high on drugs she could hardly function. This little girl is adorable. We just need someone who can take her for the night. Could you?” 'Yes.'

"The call came from the placement desk while I was in the middle of a run. “We have a tiny 10-day old baby boy. Things aren’t working out with his current foster home, and we need to move him. Do you have an infant car seat?” 'Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.'

"My husband and I are biological parents to two young kids, as well as foster parents to a revolving crew of kids under the age of five. A friend, who also fosters, once told me that calls from DHS are like a Create-Your-Own-Adventure Game. Each “yes” takes your family on a wild new adventure you never expected. I always wonder what adventure we are missing out on with the calls we can’t take.

We say yes because these broken babies need a safe place to land. They need a mommy to wrap them in blankets and tuck them in at night. They need a daddy to hoist them up on his shoulders and gallop them around the backyard. They need clothing that fits and food that nourishes. They need to be tickled and trained and taken to the zoo. They need boundaries. They need love.
I have been surprised to find how much we need these little people, too. They are sweet and feisty and stubborn and funny. They keep us on our toes and teach us lessons we need to learn.

People tell me all the time, 'I don’t know how you do it! I could never become a foster parent. It would be too hard to say good-bye to the kids once I’ve gotten attached.' And I get it, I do. I used to say the exact same thing. But now, I wonder what in the world I was thinking. Was I serious? It would be too hard for... me?

Make no mistake. It is hard. There are plenty of days when I feel like I just don’t have it in me to do this. My ideas and energy and patience fall flat. There are endless meetings and appointments and phone calls. There are false accusations and frustrating decisions. Foster parenting can be tough.

And yet these kids are forced to do hard things every single day, through no fault or choice of their own. They are abused and neglected and forced to fend for themselves. They are separated from siblings and shuffled from place to place. Kids in the foster care system have endured more hurt in their short lives than most of us will pause to think about, let alone experience, in our own.

The next phone call will come. And my husband and I will say yes. Not because we are some amazing poster family for foster care. We will say yes because these kids are forced to do hard things. The least we can do is look into their broken eyes and say, 'Yes. I will do hard things with you. I will hold your hand and kiss your head and calm your tantrums. By God’s grace, we will figure this out together.'

When it is time to say good-bye, I will wash their clothes and pack their stuffed animals. I will ache and cry and wish it could be different. But I will never regret saying yes."
Emily is a foster mom in Portland, Oregon and a volunteer with Embrace Oregon. Photo and story courtesy of Made to Mother Project



The Forgotten Initiative

Take up the cause of the fatherless.


Precious kids need you❤️

Is one of your 2017 New Year resolutions to get more involved in your community? Impact a life and become a foster parent. Training begins this weekend with many additional opportunities throughout the year. Go to >>> http://www.faithbridgefostercare.org/training-events/faithbridge-atlanta/ to sign up for a training in your area.

jasonjohnsonblog.com 12/15/2016

To Foster and Adoptive Parents: Reframing Your Season of Struggle


jasonjohnsonblog.com To all those foster and adoptive parents that find themselves in a difficult season right now, or to those who will at some point but just don't know it yet...this is for you. Jesus’ struggle on our behalf was not the result of His weakness, but the outcome of His faithfulness. It was Him willingly…


Love makes a family❤️


Say Yes

❤️We Need You🙏🏽

How does it feel to have no family? How does it feel to become part of one? See 6 lives change in 2 and a half minutes. Share this video, or order this video...


This right here is what it's all about, my friend just got a placement of 2 children this week💕✝️


❤️My Friend Audrey Troceen did these, it breaks your heart for these lost children in need of a Christian family to step forward and fiercely love them❤️

Wanted to share a few pictures from last Sunday. I was honored to do this live chalk piece for Fostering Hope.



Today is Orphan Sunday. Today, I pray that more followers of Christ will choose to step into the messiness of foster care and adoption, that God would open the eyes of his people to see the great need, and that the Holy Spirit would lead people to respond. Would you join me in praying for kids in foster care and orphans in our community and around the world?

Watch Part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1fGmEa6WnY Like ReMoved on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/removedfilm We made ReMoved with the desire...



There are almost 13,000 children in foster care in Georgia. Together, we can get these vulnerable children out of hotel rooms and into loving, compassionate, nurturing homes. Homes like yours. Homes like mine. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution today. http://bit.ly/2fD3S80


Timeline Photos


http://itsmyturnnow.dhs.ga.gov/WebForms/Home.aspx and www.faithbridgefostercare.org
Start your foster or adoption journey today❤️ so many amazing children waiting. #GodsPlanIsBetterThanYours #wecouldhavemissedthis




4801 Wade Green Road
Acworth, GA
Other Religious Organizations in Acworth (show all)
Harvest Baptist Church Harvest Baptist Church
3460 Kellogg Creek Rd
Acworth, 30102

Harvest Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church in Acworth, Georgia.

Grace Christian Fellowship Grace Christian Fellowship
3268 Kate St
Acworth, 30102

Join us for bible study and worship every Sunday at 11AM. The garage door is always open!

Victory Church Kids Ministry Victory Church Kids Ministry
4625 Highway 92
Acworth, 30102

Victory Church Kids Ministry is all about the Children's Ministry (birth through 5th grade) at Victory Church

Park Street Baptist Church Park Street Baptist Church
4342 Park St
Acworth, 30101

Service Times Sunday School 10:00 am Sunday Morning 11:00am Sunday Night 6:30pm Wed. Night 7:30 pm Pastor: Rev. Gary Edwards

Holos Fit Holos Fit
6199 Hwy. 92 Suite 148
Acworth, 30102

We Are Fitness Teacher Gospel Preachers whose mission is to Love God, Help others to Get Healthy & Be Whole through Christ centered community workouts.

Wildwood Baptist Children's Ministry Wildwood Baptist Children's Ministry
4801 Wade Green Rd NW
Acworth, 30102

WBC Children’s Ministry exists to lead children to become believers and passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

The Healing Stations, Inc. The Healing Stations, Inc.
4662 Webster Way NW
Acworth, 30101

To design and implement viable wellness programs/services to improve the quality of life for individuals to become productive citizens in their communities

Northwest Christian Church Northwest Christian Church
3737 Dallas Acworth Hwy NW
Acworth, 30101

Discover Something Greater

Victory Church Victory Church
4625 Highway 92
Acworth, 30102

Victory is more than a church, it is a community with a significant place for you! Our vision is to H.E.L.P. people of all cultures and walks of life. We have a passion to Heal, Equip, Love and Propel people into their God-given purpose.

Our River Church Our River Church
3969 South Main Street
Acworth, 30101

We are a church full or regular people that struggle through life like everyone else. Good news is we have each other and Gods Word to see us through!

Three Taverns Students Three Taverns Students
3575 Acworth Due West Rd NW
Acworth, 30101

A bunch of crazy students actively pursuing God!

Branches of Christ Branches of Christ
5946 Jacobs Rd SE
Acworth, 30102

Branches of Christ exists to glorify God by creating an atmosphere of acceptance, introducing people to Jesus Christ, and developing them through the Word so that they can do the same.