Serve the World

Serve the World


Please Vote Kellie Hill for Cobb Superior Court Judge
Each one receiver pack lunch.
They surrender thier lives live the Son of the Carpenter.
Sharing Christmas Message to women Correctional in Tagbilaran City Bohol,Philippines
Ministering to Women correctional
morher giving food to her child
children who are affected by the cheos war
the president declared marawi is liberated from Terrorist
giving hallal biscuet
giving the sulabay food for the islam or hallal food
im privilege serving close to the war zones visiting the Evacuation center and feeding the muslim tribe and giving inkinds.
praing the sulabay food for the many needy.

Helping, Connecting, and Mobilizing people, businesses & churches to Serve the World in their local communities & around the world. Facebook/Instagram @howardjkoepka

Our desire is to connect businesses, churches, groups, & people to...

- Greater Atlanta homeless shelters, children's homes & local mission work.
- Disaster relief efforts in the U.S. and abroad.
- Earthquake relief, medical care, re-building, orphanages & more in Haiti.
- Feeding programs, schools & orphanages in the Philippines.
- Local churches in the U.S. with local churches in Third World countries.
- Each other, Resources, Logistical help, Work projects & More. But most importantly our desire is to connect children & adults around the world to the Love of Jesus Christ!

Operating as usual 09/10/2020

Cobb Food Fleet has distributed 850,000 pounds of food since May Cobb County Food Fleet has distributed roughly 850,000 pounds of food to county residents since it began operations in late May. 06/08/2020

Truist Park to serve as food distribution center for local nonprofits A 53-foot freezer trailer mounted to a Ryder truck made its way into Truist Park on Friday afternoon and will stay there through at least the end of August.


Drive-Thru Farmer's Market
This Sat. May 23 | 10 AM - 2 PM | Al Bishop Park
Support local farmers and your Cobb County community with Georgia Grown To-Go, a drive-thru farmer’s market. While supplies last, drive through and buy boxes of seasonal produce, berries, Vidalia onions, and fresh protein and dairy directly from the farmers themselves.

***You will also be able to purchase additional boxes which will be donated to nonprofit food distribution efforts.

More info @


Cobb Community Foundation

The Cobb Board of Commissioners approved $1M for food! Thank you, Cobb County, for your support! Because of you, those in need will continue to have access to food.

And thank you to Cobb's amazing non-profits for giving us the privilege of being your advocate!


Please read, share & email the Cobb County Commissioners...

Cobb County Crisis Stats:

An estimated 16,500 families were served at non-profit food distribution sites in March, up from an average of 6,500 in January and February.

In the last 2 weeks of March alone, roughly 460 tons of food were distributed, nearly three times the average for a typical two-week period.

Because of job loss among Cobb's already most vulnerable populations, it is estimated that the hunger will go on long after COVID-19 is under control.

Despite the heroic efforts, many organizations are overwhelmed by the unrelenting demand and the uncertainty of an end date.

Food has become scarcer, requiring many non-profits to purchase historically donated food in addition to incurring the additional expenses associated with distribution. Some have even incurred debt to provide the food needed.

Funding will provide immediate support for individuals in need.

Help us help others and ask your Cobb Commissioner to VOTE YES on April 28!

Cobb Community Foundation, in partnership with United Way of Northwest Georgia and the Cobb Collaborative, are asking for county funding to help non-profits to purchase and distribute food to those in need.

Learn more:

#togetherwecan #cobbcounty #CobbCrisisResponseTeam


THANK YOU Storehouse Ministries for supplying boxes with a week’s worth of food which we were able to distribute to so many families, who currently have no income, in Mableton today! #WhatABlessing

South Cobb Council PTA
Cobb Community Foundation
Atlanta Community Food Bank
Cobb County Government
Noonday Association of Churches


Grateful for our friends at Sweetwater Mission doing drive through Food Distribution Mon - Fri & helping so many families during this crisis! Spread the word to any people/families in need in the Mableton area.

Cobb Community Foundation
Cobb County Government
Atlanta Community Food Bank
Noonday Association of Churches


Cobb Community Foundation

Thank you to ALL of our heroes! 04/03/2020

Church redeems Chick-fil-A points, delivers more than 500 sandwiches to hospital workers A Georgia church may be online because of the coronavirus outbreak, but that hasn't stopped them from getting creative and serving the community.


Job Fair & Resource Expo this Saturday.

If you or people you know are finding it difficult to find quality employment, even because of a past criminal background, this Job Fair and Expo is for you! In addition to employers hiring on the spot, there will be help with expunging records, health and family resources and more.

[01/13/20]   Please join us in helping the people of Puerto Rico in their time of need by donating today @

Noonday Association of Churches
Iglesia Bautista El Mesias
Mission Serve


Kitchen equipment being delivered to our Missions Base in Puerto Rico! 🙌💯❤️ Looking forward to hosting more teams to continue rebuilding and sharing the Love of Jesus on the south side of the island! #GoGod

PS. We have a Vision Trip happening Jan. 16-18 for pastors/missions pastors. Let me know if you’re interested?

Iglesia Bautista El Mesias
Noonday Association of Churches
Mission Serve


So grateful for our churches/teams who continue to share the love of Jesus and work to rebuild the southside of Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Over 1 1/2 yrs later the NW corner of the island (San Juan/tourist area/ most voters) looks fine - it’s the other 2/3 of the island that received very little help in rebuilding.

Looking forward to working in Puerto Rico with my little man next week.

If your church/group are interested in going on a mission trip to help the people there – let us know!

Noonday Association of Churches 05/13/2019

Click here to support AJ's Puerto Rico Mission Trip organized by Howard J Koepka Dear Family and friends, I wanted to let you know about an incredible opportunity I have to help others and be a part of something very special. I will be going to Puerto Rico on a mission trip.Noonday Association, and their partners, began disaster relief efforts immediately following the...


Noonday Association of Churches

Our Noonday Builders For Christ team is hard at work in Pisgah, Alabama, building a bunk house at “Toknowhim” Youth Camp.


Noonday Association of Churches

Pastors & Ministry leaders - Are you wanting to take your church's local & global missions efforts to the next level? Here is the conference for you! It happens next week here in Marietta Wed. Feb. 27 - Fri. Mar. 2. Noonday churches can use the discount code "MOVE_GA". Register @


Please join us in helping many single moms, struggling families and rescued victims of sex trafficking this Christmas.

Gift cards can be brought or mailed to our Noonday Association of Churches office.

Wellspring Living


Missions Base Progress - 11/11/18

LOVE the progress being made on the construction of our missions base in Puerto Rico. Looking forward to having a facility to house mission teams for years to come. #GoGod


Brent Shavnore

Destruction in Panama City from Hurricane Michael! Please partner with us as we care • coach • connect • collaborate with local churches and associations in the panhandle for disaster relief efforts.

Donate @

* Stay tuned for info on disaster relief teams we will be sending to help.

Noonday Association of Churches

Absolutley devstating amount of damage Hurricane Michael has inflicted on Panama City. The damage seen today is catastrophic and looks like a complete war zone. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this storm.

Panama City will never be the same.


First Coast News

This is truly heartbreaking! Please partner with us as we care • coach • connect • collaborate with local churches and associations in the panhandle for disaster relief efforts.

Donate @

* Stay tuned for info on disaster relief teams we will be sending to help.

Noonday Association of Churches

HEARTBREAKING: Our hearts are heavy when we see the destruction Hurricane Michael left behind. In this video, Mexico Beach is completely destroyed. The 155 mph winds left very few homes standing, many swept away as debris while their foundations remain. 💔 (Video: Severe Studios/John Humphries via NBC News)


Noonday Association of Churches

Today is a good day! Grateful for the deacons from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church coming out to work on our tiny house project for victims of sex slavery/exploitation. These guys came to work! Wow!

Be sure to sign up to help at our 3 upcoming work weekends @ ***We really need more volunteers for next weekend.

PS. Pretty sure this is what the biblical model/role of deacons is supposed to be 👍🏽 #GoodStuff

Howard J Koepka


Children Celebrate in Puerto Rico

Children & teachers in #PuertoRico are ecstatic & celebrate the power coming on at their school for the 1st time in 112 days since hurricane Maria hit the island.


The Extension, Inc.

Don't get caught out in the cold! If you or someone you know needs a warm place to sleep, please pass along this information:


Serve the World

#GivingTuesday We need your help & generosity to send shipping containers of desperately needed supplies to #PuertoRico. Sponsor a container for $3,700 or sponsor a pallet of supplies for $185. Donate today @ & please help spread the word.


#GivingTuesday We need your help & generosity to send shipping containers of desperately needed supplies to #PuertoRico. Sponsor a container for $3,700 or sponsor a pallet of supplies for $185. Donate today @ & please help spread the word.

[11/16/17]   HELP NEEDED: Some of our corporate partners who have been helping us get disaster relief supplies to Puerto Rico, now need help from us. A couple of these companies need help moving their products and goods around the island. Trucks and drivers are needed and these companies will pay for the services. Please contact [email protected] right away if you can help.


Thank you Matt Carter Agency for your donation to help us provide complete Thanksgiving meals for struggling families in our area. Give Cobb & Paulding the Bird


We need sponsors to cover the cost of 35 more turkeys to help struggling families have a complete Thanksgiving meal. Turkeys are $11 each. If you or your company can help, let us know right away.


For $3,700 you or your company can sponsor an entire 40 foot container filled with #DisasterRelief supplies to be shipped to #PuertoRico. We have a great distribution network (people, trucks, warehouses...) on the island and can ensure that these supplies get to families in some of the hardest hit areas. Email [email protected] for more info. (This is tax-deductible)

Send Relief Noonday Baptist Association Buen Provecho ATL Restaurant The Coca-Cola Company Choate Construction Company North American Mission Board (NAMB) Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico Marietta's New Theatre in the Square Cuchifritos Eatery Atlanta PREP Atlanta Apaza Musica


Grateful for friends & partners like Jason Dennett & Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico working hard to help the amazing & resilient people of #PuertoRico.

Pictures from our teams today in Cayey, Bayamon and Guaynabo. Rebuilding PHYSICALLY & SPIRITUALLY one home, one heart at a time!

Help us continue to bring HOPE and HELP in Jesus' name. Donate today:


Serve the World's cover photo


Humanitarian Lift Project

From a warehouse in Georgia, shipped to our Citation in Miami, flown to Ponce, then driven to a sweet orphanage in Juncos Puerto Rico.... it’s a small part of our ops, but made a huge impact. It’s the fact that people are out there caring for them and concerned is what is helping moral. And as you can see below, we are one of many important pieces to make this happen! We’ve met and partnered with so many selfless people who are so committed to making a difference...

GA: Joseline Valentin Capre @Anna Taylor Serve the World Miami: Fontainebleau Miami Beach 3 To 5 Days Jet Test and Transport Ponce: Crisis Relief Team Ashley Saucier Ellen DeGeneres.


We need volunteers today to continue organizing and prepping donated relief supplies at our Norcross Warehouse for shipment to Puerto Rico.

Also, if you have a truck to help transport goods from our Buen Provecho Restaurant drop-off location to the warehouse, let us know.

Sign up to volunteer @ 11/03/2017

PR sets Record as the longest Blackout in US History – PR informa

42 days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, 74% of the island is still without power. #Unacceptable PR sets Record as the longest Blackout in US History November 1, 2017 42 days after Hurricane Maria struck, which still keeps 74% of the island’s residents without electricity, Puerto Rico climbs a new place in the history of the United States, as the territory that has had the longest blackout in t...


P.R. Disaster Relief Update/We Need Your Help - 11-01-17

I'm quite frustrated & really need your help! Please watch this, share with everyone you know, and do whatever you can to help!

Videos (show all)

Missions Base Progress - 11/11/18
Children Celebrate in Puerto Rico
P.R. Disaster Relief Update/We Need Your Help - 11-01-17
Haiti Mission Trip - May 30 - June 6, 2011
Haiti Mission Trip - Feb 2011
Haiti Mission Trip - March 2010
Haiti Mission trip - Jan 2010
Haiti Earthquake - Jan 12, 2010




If you are interested in going with one of our teams, supporting financially, or need help coordinating your own team to go & "Serve The World" - please contact [email protected]



Acworth, GA

General information

Individually there is very little any of us can do to truly to help people suffering & starving around the world... However, many of us teamed up & working together can truly make a difference in our World!
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Transformers Class at Summit Baptist Church Transformers Class at Summit Baptist Church
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Mothers of Preschoolers - Heritage Church Mothers of Preschoolers - Heritage Church
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MOPS is a grassroots movement dedicated to supporting and encouraging moms of young children. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Childcare provided!

Freedom Church Freedom Church
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Freedom Church exists so that people far from God can experience life in Christ. 8:30 AM | 10:00 AM | 11:30 AM

Our River Church Our River Church
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We are a church full or regular people that struggle through life like everyone else. Good news is we have each other and Gods Word to see us through!

Love Community Church - Acworth, GA Love Community Church - Acworth, GA
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Love Community Church exists to Love God, Love Others, and Reach the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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A bunch of crazy students actively pursuing God!

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