Butterfly Blue Ministries

Our hearts here at Butterfly Blue is for you to experience a non-judgmental, safe and grace-filled love encounter with your heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Dave's and my heart is that others can experience the true and incredibly pure love of The Father's heart here at Butterfly Blue Ministries. We believe in open gateways into His heavenly realm and open doors and windows into a greater, richer and deeper understanding of who God, Jesus and Holy Spirit truly are and not based in religion but relationship. We have discovered through our own walk just

Operating as usual

[10/17/20]   I need prayers. Feeling pretty rough last night and today. Everything aches and all senses are on high alert. I can smell the neighbors dirty laundry y'all! Not sure what my body is ticked off about, but it's having a temper tantrum today! Just say'n! I'm not saying the 'C' word, cuz I'm protected by Jesus blood from that plague. Prayers greatly appreciated!

barnesandnoble.com 08/12/2020

Sanctified and Set Free: My journey of Transformation from Shame to Grace|Paperback

Sweet! My book is available at Barnes and Noble.

barnesandnoble.com Why aren't things changing? Why am I not able to get the life I dreamed of? Why can't I connect with people? What holds me back from my dreams and my desires? Why are they looking at me? Why do I feel so sad all the time? Why do I feel like I do not belong? Why am I so worried about what others...

My heart for His Glory to be revealed

Dave and Marcia Ann’s desire is to help bring the Love of Christ to others through experiencing for themselves first hand the tangible love of their Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Transformation can happen in all areas of our lives, whether physically, mentally, spiritually or relationally. It is our passion to help others experience healing and deliverance which is the desire of The Father's heart for all His children.

Services available at Butterfly Blue Ministries:

  • IT’S - Inner Transformation Sessions - Uncovering wounds still contaminating your adult self. (Individual, couples or group sessions available)

  • Prayer (Over the phone or in person)
  • Location


    Sanctified and Set Free; My journey of transformation from shame to grace book