Gospel missionaries

Gospel missionaries


I do invite you in my village in Mpigi district for one week evangelism crusade, how do you see it my dear brother in Christ Jesus
In houses every thing possible. So trust in God through his son Jesus.to inheritance internal life.being blessed. Prosperity. And other miracles. Amen
And we invite all to our End time conference start next week at Gospel wonder church bulenga 4:00pm to 07:00pm full week Amen
God really blessed our church
Finishing Christmas in Glory
God is taking us from one level to another level
All the commandments: You shall not commit adultery, you shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not covet, and so on, are summed up in this single command: You must love your neighbor as yourself.


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God's generals

God's generals

[06/15/21]   Gospel Wonders Mission Church Bulenga seven years back .

[06/15/21]   Gospel Wonders Mission Church Bulenga seven years back .




And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62).

To understand what Jesus wanted us to catch in the verse above, let’s read it from the Living Bible: “Any man who lets himself be distracted from the work I planned for him is not fit for the kingdom.” The work God has planned for you to do is very important and He doesn’t want anything to distract you from finishing it.

A distraction is an obstacle to attention; it is that lingering concern that takes you away from the things that really matter to God. For instance, a lady who’s seeking to get pregnant could be so distracted by her “need” to the point that that’s all she prays, talks and thinks about! Now, instead of praying progressively about her life and the lives of others, all she prays is “Oh God, give me a child.” That’s a distraction.

The Bible says, “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart” (Psalms 37:4). If you refuse to worry, but rather delight yourself in serving the Lord, everything will fall into place for you; He’ll grant your heart’s desires. Refuse to be distracted by the cares of this life. Don’t allow the negative things people say about you get your attention. There’s so much of God’s work to be done, so you can’t afford to let such things distract you.

The one important question the Lord will ask you when you stand before His Judgment Seat is about the work He gave you to do – about the Gospel. All excuses will be irrelevant. Keep your focus on the goal from now, so that at the end of time, you’ll be able to boldly declare like the Apostle Paul: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7).

I refuse to worry about anything in this life because I’m a child of God, and I know all things work together for my good. No negative thought, comment or situation can distract me from the work God has planned for me to do! I’m living every day, to fulfill my destiny in God, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

[12/09/20]   My fellow ministers of the Gospel . Jesus visited me in the night at my home and he told me the the time of the church is extremely short . he showed me the future of Israel and the coming world conflict which will involve Russia. Iran and USA. The peace agreement they will make at the end of their conflict . and the soon coming rupture of the church . . fellow friends let's promote righteousness. Love and unity . . Jesus told me that we have a short time to endure . but he who will endure to the end will be saved .


Message about Faith

Photos from Gospel missionaries's post 15/11/2020

What a great service today

omwoyo wokutya mukama 15/11/2020

omwoyo wokutya mukama

Thanks to God for today's ministry

omwoyo wokutya mukama in Luganda by Pastor Katwere robert

WhatsApp Group Invite 06/11/2020

WhatsApp Group Invite

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[10/15/20]   It was such a power packed worship experience in our Holy Spirit conference. We are around the corner for the 2020 chapter in mid November, plan to attend at Gospel Gosple Wonders Mission Church, Bulenga.

Photos from MEDIA Activist4Christ's post 23/09/2020

Photos from MEDIA Activist4Christ's post


There are certain kind of man God is searching for. God is not looking for a musician, God is not looking for a Pastor, God is not looking for an Apostle, God is not looking for a Prophet, God is not looking for a good administrator.

There is a type of man and the Spirit of God will not rest until He finds such a people.

Your relevance is not only depended on the love of God for you, it is dependent on your sacrifice of becoming that vessel, the painstaking process of transformation that turns you into the version of you, God is looking for.

"Psalms 51:17... The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise".

This(broken spirit) is what God has been searching for, from generation to generation. Do not think this requirement is that easy, if it were that easy, many people will be in the program of God.

One of the hardest thing for a believer to do, is to be BROKEN. Brokenness will sting your ego, brokeness will kill everything that is life in you, until you are left with nothing.

Apostle Joshua Selman

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Don’t be Like Lot’s Wife, Pastor Warns Delegates

Without total devotion and commitment to the gospel, distractions will set in, and with that comes doubt. This was the submission of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during his teaching after the opening ceremony of the International Pastor’s and Partners Conference as he admonished delegates on the importance of focusing on Jesus. Taking the delegates through the deep secrets and insights into the word of God, Pastor noted that serving God becomes laborious without total devotion to the Lord.

He reminded them that serving God has responsibilities and it is not possible to serve God without total devotion. "Let the Lord be the center of everything you do. Seek to please Him, not yourself. Make that personal decision how you want to serve God", he said.

Using the story of Lot’s Wife to highlight the impediments that comes from halfhearted commitment, he warned them not to look back in their devotion to the Lord. "Don't look back on this journey. Don't compare yourself to your non-ministry friends. The ministry didn't cost you anything but it gave you everything. Don't think of the earthly things you would have acquired. Remember Lots wife. She could not be saved even when God sent angels to save them". He added, noting that to fully appreciate the God, one’s heart, time and resources must be totally devoted to him. - ICLC/IPPC (https://www.kingsch.at/p/aTRmMVp).
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[09/22/20]   We are back on board . let's kick off again

Timeline photos 16/08/2020

Timeline photos

“If you soul has a library that harbors hurt and you don’t clean out that room, then you begin to grow a root of bitterness and it begins to affect your whole life.”


It's essentially the engagement in sexual acts before marriage or outside of the sanctity of marriage.
This is a fleshly desire and one of the enemies we face as we sojourn through this world.
New King James Version 1 Peter 2:11 Living Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul.

It sways away our focus on God and we end up in captive to this great demonic urge. Once held bo***ge to this spirit, your spiritual journey is inhibited for further growth. The force that pushes you in such acts is greater than the force that pulls you away..
Sexual immorality is not intimidated with anointing, calling, gifts, honor, or position.
Many mighty men have fallen into this trap, snare, miry pit, yet they minister on pulpits.
New King James Version Psalm 69:2 I sink in deep mire, Where there is no standing; I have come into deep waters, Where the floods overflow me.

This spirit is at war with our hearts. It's an arrow that strikes sojourners destroying the fruits, suffocates the gifts and destroys our relationship with God.
It takes a decision to let go of fornication and sexual immorality.
New King James Version Psalm 40:2 He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps.
Evaluate yourself for any kind of miry clay you're stuck in.

This spirit is likened to an immoral woman. It has led many into wrong marriages, causing tears and divorce.
It so much feels good and pleasure when in such acts but your Innerman becomes strungled and malnourished hence re****ed spiritual growth and loss of peace.
New King James Version Proverbs 5:3-5 For the lips of an immoral woman drip honey, And her mouth is smoother than oil; But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of hell.

It's the grace of God that lifts you up from mire and mud of lust and sexual immorality. If you're destined to end your journey in glory, guard your heart against sexual immorality.
Fellow sojourners, walk diligently seek God to put up a hedge over your life so you may not be captivated by this spirit.
May the Holy Spirit in you work to cause and liberate your soul from whatsoever miry clay and mud your feet is stuck to in Jesus' mighty name.
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Before you called yourself a General overseers..Do you know that prophet Isaiah was cut into half, for the salvation of me and you, Do you know that John the evangelist was thrown into a pot of boiling oil.. for the salvation of mankind..

The died in the process of brining the gospel to us, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Gospel of salvation.

Do you know that Peter was crucified head down..And that is how the early Christians died...

This people died without building the highest church auditorium .but they save souls..for christ Jesus..Today many who make themselves Bishops and general overseers cannot move without escorts..no one wants to die for salvation of others..Romans 13=11 AND DO THIS, KNOWING THE TIME, THAT NOW IT IS HIGH TIME TO AWAKE OUT OF SLEEP :FOR NOW OUR SALVATION IS NEARER THAN WHEN WE FIRST BELIEVED

This people brought the Gospel of salvation for me and you. Yet, we have chosen to live the way we like. They all worked so hard to make sure the Gospel is preached to us, but many has denied it.

Jesus died for us all, for His gospel to go round, He has to choose the apostles who worked hard to see we get salvation through the hearing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope many here will understand, than complaining. If Paul died for preaching the Gospel, he died also to make sure we get the salvation. He would said no, but because he has no power to say no. I urge you all here to please examine yourself. Jesus is coming soon.

Kindly read 2 corin. 5:10

When you will stand before God, no body will be there with you, no security will be there to guild you. Only you and only you.
Both big and small will face Jesus Christ


Evangelist Abel


You can not have a heart for God and not have time for him. For wherever a man treasure is, that's where his heart will be also. You don't have time for God, is a raw proof that you don't have a heart for God.
Is not your position, is where your heart is..
Is not the size ofyour business, is where your heart is..

Without a heart for God, the struggles for life are unlimited. Not everybody occupies any high position is alive. Most of them are merely existing. They live in fear day and night because there is a vacuum in their life.

Is not saying my heart is there, is proving my heart is there.

Show me any child who ignores the instructions of God, and i will show a man who is heading for frustration first, and devastation next.... you won't be a victim!

Bishop David Oyedepo

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Did you know that in China, the government rules says:
• Government officials cannot be Christian.
• Police officers cannot be Christian.
• Soldiers cannot be Christian.
• Teachers cannot be Christian.
• Children cannot become Christian.
• Teenagers cannot become Christian.
• Importing Bibles is forbidden, even if they are given away for free, etc.

No missionaries, No Bibles, Yet Growth of Christianity in Atheist China has become so astronomical that it could have largest number of Christians in the world by 2030.

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Know that your promotion is embedded in your promoting others, and you would only be a success when you make others successful.

You will never discover the treasure God has kept in you until you reach out to help someone else become something.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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This means to watch over in order to protect or control against.
Guard your heart is a self and unending Ministry which involves self checkout or evaluation.
I urge you to consider guarding your heart above all things.
Proverbs 4:23 Above all things guard your heart. For out of it springs issues of life.
There's nothing a mouth can speak if not centered at heart.
Mathew 12:34b For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
There are battles that exist within us..the chief centre of these battles is the Heart. You can only win the outward battles if your inner ward battles is completely overcame.

NKJV Luke 21:34-36 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”
The importance of watching helps conquer certain encounters in life.
The chief gist of salvation is to surrender wholly unto the Holy Spirit for cleansing, transforming, purging, weighting off the chaff and dross in our lives. It's majorly through the Bible our mirror. It directs and draws us back to the truck.

If you fail to guard your heart, there are things which will entangle you and keep you in bo***ge or one's life imprisonment.
The enemy uses these ropes and it makes our faith stricken.
1) Fear
2) Self despise/ self contemptuous
3) Worry.
Matthew 10:36 and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’
These battles are self made and occur within us...in the Heart.
These three suppresses our love and faith in God. It brings queries on His existence hence doubt.

Brethren, guard your heart. Keep focus on God.
May the Holy Spirit take cover over your heart help you overcome all that brings fear, self contemptuous and worry in the mighty name of Jesus.
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Mike Bamiloye
And Why Are You being Deceived By the Presence of the Anointing While the Character and Integrity are missing?
Why do you think the Anointing Would cover up all those Character flaws?

Why do you think your sonorous Voice and Gifted skills of Praises and Worships is all the Lord needs above your Personal Intimacy?

You are a gifted Actor,
Who have blessed multitudes of Souls and heal many lives,
But you are an Unrepentant lustful Child of God,
Who Wins Souls for the Lord
And Whose Soul is Sliding to Hell.

Why are you being Deceived By
the Anointing of God you carry,
You Preach with all Conviction!
You Teach with all Persuasion!
You Sing with All Inspirations!
You Act with All Unctions!
And yet the Integrity is Lacking!
Your Lustfulness has injured many.
Your Covetousness have wounded a lot.
Your Pride had baffled multitudes.
Your Arrogance has astonished countless.
Yet, once you Mount the Stage and hold the Microphone,
The Anointing descends like a shower!
And the Congregation are soaked in the Power of His Presence!

I am seriously scared of this type of Anointing!
I don't want it!
Anointing that Deceives the Carrier of it!

I don't want it!
Oh God!
Don't Anointing my Message
If my Ways are not Right in Your Presence.
Don't Show Up if I have missed it!
Why should I be Deceived to think that all is well
When all are Wrong?
Why should I believe you are happy with me
When You have long left me alone!

This Anointing of Samson!
I don't want this Anointing!
Anointing that would still be Working till Delilah shaved off the Dreadlocks of Power?
No warning Signal?
Or the Signal wasn't loud enough?
Or it was Samson that never paid Attention?

No! I don't want it!
Did you noticed that,
Samson was still powerful and Anointed even after....

After Samson had had a
One Night Stand with the Harlot of Gaza,
He still had the Power to uproot the bars and posts and iron gates of the City of Gaza!
He carried them all
On his shoulder up to a journey of more than ten kilometres and carried them up to the mountain to dump them there.
Anointing that Works after rising from the Harlot's bed!

Why must Someone Trek
A Thousand Miles,
Before knowing he is on the Wrong path
And turning back to start all over?

Beat me Now, if I am wrong!
Flog me Now, if I miss it.
Deal with me.!
Correct me.!
Prune me.!

Don't let it be like
Pressing Iron, that is still Hot
After the Power is removed from Socket!

So, my Brother!
So, my Sister!
That you Carry incredible Anointing to fulfill your Ministry of Teaching, Acting and Singing,
Does not Give you the License not
To live RIGHT !
You could carry the Anointing
And still Miss it in the End!

May the Lord God of Heaven grant us Sense with His Anointing!

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