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[02/02/20]   Wherever you are, thank you for being part of today's Service.
Note this, if you are truly a believer challenges will always come your way to question your faith. However Christ will still be Lord and He will see you through.

Begin to cover yourself and faith in the blood of Christ Jesus.
Remember Christ Jesus is the Son of God and the Lord of your life, you can make it to your miracle.



I love You Jesus.
I am here to serve You.
I am going to continue supporting Your mission for this is my ministry.
I will follow you Christ everywhere you go because you have saved me. And if you need to send anyone, here I am Lord , Send me.


Heavenly Father, we pray for the release of Your servants from whatever prison they are in.
We pray that people believe their message about You wherever they minister from.
We cover every ministry and every Servant of God in the blood of Christ Jesus.

[02/02/20]   Believer, whatever that the devil is using to come against your faith, do not focus on it, but focus on God.
So dedicate yourself to the Holy Spirit to strengthen your faith, amidst any challenges you are going through and those coming.

Prayer: Holy Spirit strengthen my faith in Christ to stand amidst challenges.

[02/02/20]   You satan and all your discouragements, worry, plots, lies and accusations. No matter how you are shouting, you are not greater than my God. Whatever name you are called, I silence you.

Prayer: satan be silent!

[02/02/20]   satan will try to do anything to make you fail what the Lord commands you to do. He will always ask you under whose authority are you doing what you are doing. The moment you are weak in faith he will cause you to doubt your calling.

Note: The LORD has given you a lot of revelations, prophecies, testimonies and encouragements but you have abused them.

Prayer: Ask the Lord Christ Jesus to have mercy upon you.

[02/02/20]   FACT: God is changing you from inside out even when the World does not seem to recognise it.To a man of faith, the time is now to thank God for all He is doing in your life.

Confess:Father I thank you for who I am today.

We believe that you are being challenged as you read the scriptures. Share your views and comments here.

From the book of Acts 4:1-7, we see Peter was arrested because he did what God wanted him to do.

Child of God, Do you notice any difference between the old you and the new you in Christ? What does world say about it?

Message title: By whose authority are you doing it?
Proof text: John 9:13-16 & Acts 4:1-7
Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso

For more of this Spirit packed message, follow our website: TVCMINISTRIES.ORG

[02/02/20]   Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso has taken position at the pulpit and He is giving the believers a piece of advice:

No matter the situation your going through, let there be joy in your heart. Remember a man who does not smile amidst challenges means you are not sure you will be saved.

It is worship time; time to magnify He that planted the foundations of the earth.

Join us now believer as we raise our hearts and hands to the LORD.

🎶We have gathered here together
With one agenda
And it is you alone O'Lord
Let your Kingdom come
Let your Will be done
On us,
As it is in heaven🎶

For the Abundant Grace,Testimonies, Miracles, Blessings, Joy, Protection, Mercies and all you have done in our midst in the month of January, we are very grateful!

Our ancestors glorified your Holy Name for Great is your mighty hand that divided the Red Sea. We too glorify Your Name for Great you are and Great you will be even to our predecessors; O' Great God of Abraham!

[02/02/20]   Isaiah 61:1 says the LORD has sent me to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.

Meaning the Spirit of God has positioned you today to set captives free. In the Holy Ghost strength, take this moment as a believer in Christ and pray for the release of all Servants of God from every bondage of the evil.

Prayer:Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus we pray for freedom upon all Servants of God.

[02/02/20]   Welcome to the Sunday service. Karibuni.

We thank the LORD for His enduring Love, Mercy and Grace upon you; but above all for the gift of Faith He has given you.
Hebrews 4:16 says that let us approach God's Throne with confidence.

Child of God, begin to enter the LORD'S courts with praises and thanksgiving because we believe He is doing something new even today.

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“How do you respond to your challenge, how do you react?”

Click on the link below to understand more of this must read message. Under the instruction of her father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Mbabazi John took position at the pulpit to deliver the message of the day titled, “Your situation.” With reference from the book of Luke 8:22-24: 22One day Jesus said to His disciples, “Let’s go over t...

Child of God, no matter the situation around you, do not turn to men because all they will do is to challenge your faith. Just turn to God for He never forsakes those who trust in Him.

Remember Christ Jesus is the Son of God, and the Lord of your life, you can make it to your miracle.


[01/26/20]   EPIDEMIC ATTACK!

Let us get into the gap as the Word of God instructs us in Ezekiel 22:30 that we should make intercession for others.
This rapidly spreading virus is originally from China.This is an attack and it calls for the living Church to cry to God for mercy.

Prayer: Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, remember the innocent souls and may your hand of mercy get involved to stop it from spreading further.


Believer, join in faith and pray for the Servants of God in the four corners of the World.

Prayer: God Holy Spirit, have mercy upon your Servants and supply to their needs. May you intervene in their affairs and guide them in Your way.

Let satan know that you are a true Christian and that he cannot just take what is yours. Right now begin to claim what is yours in the name of Christ Jesus.

Prayer: I claim back my spiritual growth, healing, breakthrough, finances, freedom in the name of Christ Jesus.

[01/26/20]   Power and authority has been given to you, command that evil spirit of losses in your hands and mind to leave you and go in the name of Christ Jesus.

Prayer: You demon, I command you leave my hands and mind in the name of Christ Jesus. Leave and go!

[01/26/20]   HOUR OF PRAYER:

Believer, rise up your spirit and join the Prophet of God in prayer. Begin to command any evil spirit that is taking your attention to leave you in the name of Christ Jesus.

Prayer: You evil spirit taking my attention, I reject you in the name of Christ Jesus. Every evil thought, I reject it in the name of Christ Jesus.

Message title: Your situation
Proof text: Luke 8:22-24
Minister Mbabazi John

Follow this link TVCMINISTRIES.ORG for more of this veracity message.

[01/26/20]   Minister Mbabazi John has taken position at the pulpit under the instruction of her father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso and is leading the believers into prayer.

Join in this prayer confession too wherever you are.

Prayer: Holy Spirit of Jesus, open my heart to you Word. Open my heart to your healing. Open my heart to your deliverance.
Attract my attention to You.

With lifted hands, an open heart and a focused mind, join the Heavenly Angels in worshipping the everlasting King of Glory. Remember worship is a heart talking to God.

Speak out words of adoration to He that gives breath to us.
LORD your awesome, loving, merciful....

Good morning believer!
Welcome to the LORD'S Prayer Mountain For All Nations.

Through faith, join us to worship the Great I AM. Remember, it is only prayer that organises us to receive victory and disorganises the devil's plans.

Be in the attitude of prayer, may the LORD bless you as you enter into His courts.
May the Holy Angels minister to you all day long.

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"Apart from living in an impoverished house; her condition was also terrible and unspeakable..." In high gear and vibrant with the joy of the Holy Spirit , Mr. Mulinda Davis of Kigo- Wakiso District testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; the Great I AM who never sleeps nor slumber. He narrated that, it was on 31st of 2019 when he received the Word of God from …

[01/19/20]   Remember, Christ Jesus is the Son of God, and the Lord of your life, you can make it to your miracle.


[01/19/20]   Believer, now that you have chased satan out of your life, begin to claim back your blessings, good plans, good dreams, breakthrough and healing in the name of Christ Jesus.

Confess what you believe.
I am healed!
I am free!
I am blessed!

[01/19/20]   God has good plans for you this week but satan is fighting them. However, remember what our master Christ Jesus says in Mark 9:29, "He replied, ''This kind can go only by prayer.''

Right now, command satan to come out of your way, plans,dreams,family and neighbours in the name of Christ Jesus.

[01/19/20]   PRAYER MOMENT:

Believer in the Holy Ghost strength, begin to reject every evil spirit hardening your heart and failing you to do the Will of God to loose your heart, mind, body and soul in the name of Christ Jesus.

Prayer: I command you satan to loose my heart, soul, mind and thoughts in the name of Christ Jesus.

Recollecting from the message of this year 2020 " Loving and caring more for your neighbour." Minister Nabirumbi Prossy is reminding the believers that those called for the kingdom of God, the time is now for forgiveness and reconciliation with anyone you are at loggerheads with.

This is because Christ Jesus never told us to leave our responsibilities but rather He said carry your cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24).

You can never reconcile with God unless you first reconcile with fellow men.
Believer, what do you think has kept you from reconciling with your people?

Type your answer in the comments section.

[01/19/20]   Minister Nabirumbi Prossy has taken position at the pulpit under the instruction of her father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso and is leading the believers into prayer.

Child of God, connect with us in faith and commit your life and issue at heart to Christ Jesus.

Confess: Lord Holy Spirit, I commit my life to you. Have mercy upon me and intercede for me before the Father for the salvation of my soul.

Prayer for the Body of Christ.

Join the Prophet and emulate the latter as they earnestly prayed for Peter while in prison and Christ sent forth results.

In one accord, let us make this prayer for all the Servants of God under the sun.

''After reconciling with my aunt, I got a new job as a business consultant." Mr Mulinda Davis testifies for God's faithfulness in his life.
It is testimony time!

For more of this empowering testimony, follow us on our website TVCMINISTRIES.ORG.

🎶Rabbi, ne change pas
Il est le meme

God does not change
He is still the same

Child of God, join us in faith as we make melodies and shouts of praise to the Alpha and Omega.

[01/19/20]   Believer as we enter the LORD'S Courts, remember it is our duty as the Church to pray for the Servants of God for we are all one in the Body of Christ. Acts 12:1-5.

Bishops, Pastors, Apostles, intercessors and all other ministers of the Gospel. We salute you for all your endeavors and commitments, that is why, we mention you in our prayers daily.

Child of God, in faith dedicate the Church into the hands of the LORD.

Prayer: Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus come into Your Church.

Good morning Man of Love, Good morning to the four corners of your life. Remember the words of the Servant of God Abraham Richard Bisaso last week "We are preaching Love, we are doing Love and we are being healed and delivered in the name of Christ Jesus."

Welcome to the day's service. Through Love and faith, wherever you are, connect with us as we connect with the Heavens. Hallelujah!

[01/12/20]   Remember, Christ Jesus is the Son of God, and the Lord of your life, you can make it to your miracle.


[01/12/20]   Believer, begin to cancel out every evil attack of death and sickness in your children. Cover them in the blood of Christ Jesus.

Confess: I cover my children in the blood of Christ Jesus.

[01/12/20]   Confess: Let there be unity in the Church of God. Receive the Spirit of God.

When you join in the intercession for the Church of God, it touches the heart of God.

Confess: Come Holy Spirit, we welcome you in the Church.

[01/12/20]   Abba Father, we need your intervention Holy Spirit;

We are perishing at the edge of poverty.
We are shaken by persecution.
As the Church, in the world we cry for you O' Lord.

[01/12/20]   It is at prayer that we know the mind of the Father and His Will. Do not tire to pray for the Body of Christ!

Prayer: Father, we pray; send us the Holy Spirit that you promised us. We need you to intervene in the Church.

[01/12/20]   PRAYER MOMENT:

The hour is now to pray for the Body of Christ

Prayer: We pray for your release Servant of God. Whatever prison you are in, we ask of you Holy Spirit - release the servants. Every Ministry under the sun, we pray for your release.

Love is the Greatest.

We are True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations are located along Salaama -Munyonyo road Kampala- Uganda; with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso as the Over Seer. We are on the foundation of love which is the greatest of all Spiritual gifts.

We are well known for the gift of prophecy, love, healing and standing in for the Body of Christ.

Wherever you are, do not hesitate to pray with Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso at TVC Ministries for distance is nothing to a man of faith. Contact us on the addresses above for further information.

God bless you.

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