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Psalm 107:1[NIV]
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Good morning Child of God to the four corners of your life. With a heart of gratitude begin to prepare your heart, spirit, mind and soul to connect to the day's service.

Connnect in faith for nothing can hinder a person of faith:

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Location: TVC Radio


On 5th October 2020, the Lord revealed to Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso about the coming season concerning Servants of God. Put your ear on the ground and see what is happening in the Nation of Tanzania.

President, John Pombe Magufuli commonly called 'bulldozer' because of his fight against corruption, injustice and for the Church, passed away on 17th March 2021.

We all remember that during his time in office; in the year 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, he insisted that the Church should not be closed for the sake of God.

Again, to bring you to memory of his election, it was a revelation from the Servant of God when he revealed on 27th September 2015, “ The next president of your Nation is a servant of God and not faking to be one.
Before this person steps in office, you will see signs of a servant of Jesus Christ-humility to serve and justice. He will not take over power through bloodshed."

A few days later, the media reported pictures of the late President, John Pombe Magufuli with Prophet TB Joshua of SCOAN, therefore, there is no doubt that he was a Servant of Christ Jesus.

We want to salute his ministry on earth and we want to pray for strength for his family, People and countrymen!

We do not rejoice at the passing of a Servant of God, rather, we are humbled by the perfection of the Word of God. May the Holy Spirit comfort the souls of his loved ones. ( Ecclesiastes 3:2)

Prophecy is our Foundation .



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We all need the touch of Christ Jesus and we all need it differently. One needs it in their spiritual life, another financially or in their career but how can we attract the Spirit of God to touch us? Do not miss out on this wisdom packed message here:

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"Buikwe is going to prosper," Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed as the Spirit of God instructed him; on 8th September 2018 during the Let's Come Back to God conference.

The Word of God is being perfected day in and day out as it is seen cutting across all sectors of Buikwe District. Watch out for more about the perfection of the WORD of God as you enjoy this one!.

Lamentations 3:37: Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord not decreed it?


Prayer: Holy Spirit of Jesus, position me for my healing today. In Jesus' name.


OMUSEZI TEYADDA! (The “night runner” never came back.)

“Omusezi” is the local name given to a night runner/dancer in Uganda-East Africa. The basezi (plural) are infamously known for cannibalism, more so visiting graveyards and cemeteries during the night to collect corpses that they later turn into their secret dish.

Bukunja region, particularly Buikwe District is well known to harbor the basezi (night runners) than any other region in East Africa. Nevertheless, every time this topic of this evil spirit of cannibalism comes about, many people doubt it to be true.
Many even think of these as ancient bed time stories told to children to scare and discourage them from walking at night.

It is on this footing that Ms. Beatrice Bisigwa of Salye village in Buikwe District stood tall to testify to the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso and for the divine power upon the Heavenly water that chased the night runners out of her compound.

She narrates that for the past eight years, their life as a family was a series of misery, tension and fear. This was so because witches and night runners had turned her compound into a playground.

Ms. Beatrice explained that every single night, they would rotate around her plot of land, chanting, running and dancing as per their wizardry vices.

She recollected that 10:00pm was the scariest hour of her day because it was when the most stubborn of these night runners began their wizardry chores. Ms. Beatrice narrated that it was like a night mare if she and family would be caught outside past 10:00pm.

She said that incase if they found themselves outside past this hour, suddenly yet repeatedly a strange chill would swamp them all. Then came anonymous creepy noises from every corner of their compound. In fear, they would rush quickly into the house.

Ms. Beatrice explained that no sooner had they entered the house, than the night runner began running around their house or throwing stones at the windows and doors. This would leave them perplexed, yet the night runner was not yet done. Sometimes he could hold one of the lower branches of their compound tree and swing on it while making freaky noises.

This is how it was every night for the past eight years, until Ms. Beatrice and her family received the divine Heavenly water in December 2020. As it written in Ezekiel 36:25: “I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all impurities and from all your idols.”

Affirmatively, when Ms. Beatrice reached her home, she made a prayer of faith saying, “Holy Spirit You hovered upon this water and you are still on it, chase away every wizardry spirit, witchcraft and sickness in my home in the name of Christ Jesus.” After prayer, she sprinkled the Heavenly water around her home.

Truly the WORD of God is powerful, and so is our God. Today Ms. Beatrice testifies that it has been over month now and the night runner has never surfaced at her residence. “Omusezi teyadda!” she exclaimed.
Loosely translated that the night runner never came back in her compound. Her family is now at peace and swimming in the freedom of Christ Jesus.

Standing next to Ms. Beatrice was her daughter Kaitesi Judith who confirmed that everything her mother said was very true. She recounted that before the night runner started making daily visits at their home, all was well.
Her parents were supportive of each other in everything they did but the family had separated since the night runner began his wizardry.

However, from the time they sprinkled Heavenly water at their home, the family is being reunited thread by thread by the Grace of God.

Glory and honour goes back to the Almighty God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso whose Spirit dwells upon the medium of the Heavenly water.



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"I know the end of my situation..."

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[02/14/21]   Psalm 9:11: Sing the praises of the LORD, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among nations what he has done.

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Child of God, remember what the Lord revealed to us at the beginning of the year and put in practise. Child of God, let us harken down to the Lord's voice as it was revealed in the year 2020. For the same message of loving and caring for your neighbour still ...


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A very good morning to you; let me remind you that your believing in this ministry is by the Grace of God. It has not been your strength or might that you have made it up to here today. Thank you for the time you have spent here, remember time spent with Christ Jesus is time well spent.

When the year started, you did not know that you would reach here, but here you are. Let us thank the Lord because we have witnessed His Grace and mercy sustaining us. Begin to thank the Lord in this moment.

I am here to tell you the mind of God for the next season. I am not here to share or teach but to tell you God’s mind concerning the next season. Allow me to break down for you what is going to happen in the next season!

Let us take a walk in the book of Matthew 16:1-12: 1. The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Jesus and tested him by asking him to show them a sign from heaven. 2. He replied, ‘When evening comes, you say, “It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,” 3.and in the morning,
“Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.” You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. 4. A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign, but none will be given expect the sign of Jonah.’ Jesus then left them and went away.

When you look deep in this scripture up to verse 4, it shows a clear picture that today’s generation is just like the Pharisees. Everyone wants to know what God is saying about the new season to prove a point; however, what He [Jesus] told the Pharisees is what He is telling us today.

Many of us want to hear a new prophetic message in this new season but let us take a look at verse 6-what Christ told those who believe in Him. He cautioned them to be on guard against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. We are in times where everyone is speaking well because it will not scatter People.

Nonetheless, let us be careful about what we hear, be careful about the spirit that is behind the messages that we hear! Whatever message that does not draw us back to repentance is not from Christ Jesus.

Today, everyone is speaking that everything is going to be restored. However, listen to me, this is the voice of the Spirit of God. If we did not understand the Prophetic messages and revelations that have been revealed to us in the past years and this year 2020 from the Church of Christ.

Everything is going to remain the same-nothing is going to change in 2021. Do not expect any new messages in 2021, if we have not understood anything, we are going to repeat the class!

This is because God does not pass on Prophetic messages and miracles through his Servants and Prophets to pass time or even show off! Whatever God does before us, He is intending that we understand so that we can repent, see His Will, salute His wisdom and to see His plan.

This means that if we have not understood, we are going to repeat the class that we can understand better. I repeat, if we did not understand anything in the Prophetic messages that He revealed, nothing is going to change in 2021, it is going to be a retake for many of us.

Remember some of the Prophetic messages that were released-the pandemic-the coming season is not for a Christian to fear in the year 2018. America’s political state in the year 2016. The stone is coming to hit the world part 2 in the year 2018 and many more.

Has it caused fear in our hearts to repent, have we changed the way we worship, have we become spiritual worshippers? If not, the stone is coming to hit again.

So, do not expect anything to change unless you have understood the Prophetic message. However, to the Children of God who have gone through class and passed prosperity is coming!

The same message of 2020 [taking care of your neighbour], still stands in 2021. Let us take a look in the book of 1John 3:11: For this is the message you heard from the beginning: we should love one another. It is through loving one another that the world will know that we are disciples of Christ Jesus.

We are living in perilous times where we cannot separate a disciple of Christ and satan. It is by love-loving God and then loving your neighbour, it will prove who we are in the name of Jesus Christ. It will prove who we are before the world, the Bible says that we shall know them by their fruits [Matthew 7:16] if we are without fruits of charity then we are not candidates of Heaven.

We are known by our works of charity! I have been shouting this message with everything possible to the Children of God. I am hoping that you take this message and put it in action! LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY.

Love will fight for us. Love will win your enemies. Love is the way for this year 2021. What is the message of the year-LOVE! Loving your neighbor. It is what the Spirit of God told me to tell you, it is what the Lord is saying, love your neighbour just as you love yourself.

Love is the way this year 2021. Do not fight battles for yourself, God knows how to fight for His People. Do not pay back evil for evil. Try to make more friends [peace] than enemies. I pray that the Lord’s voice may convince your heart in the name of Christ Jesus.

There is no new message this year, love is the message. I pray that you can practise love for it is the only way to Enteral life. The message that leads to forgiveness of sins is love.

Take a moment and think about this, “this year [2020] how have I displayed love?” If you have done so, prosperity is here before you for God can never look away when His Children who are practising love are being attacked. He will come to rescue us.

Check out Mark 12:28-31: One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, ‘Of all the commandments, which is the most important?’

This question that the teacher of the law was asking means; Jesus of all of the commandments which one can take me to Heaven, which one can make me a friend of God?

The reply Christ Jesus gave him is also vital to note for a man seeking to emulate the life of Christ Jesus. It all starts with loving God because you cannot love your neighbour as yourself if you do not love God first. It is impossible to love those who have hurt you, if you do not love God first.

The reason why some People have failed to practise Love is because they have never loved God in the first place. It is rare to find someone giving time to another when they do not know them or expect to benefit from them.
When asked why- we comfort ourselves that the Spirit of God has not yet told us to show them love.

Today, we only love People when we want something from them or we love them because we know that they love us too. Let me assure you that when God fills our hearts with love, that overflow will pour out to all People regardless of religious denominations, tribal differences or gender etc.

For a person who knows God, you will see it through the love they display to the community and neighbour. Let me caution you; do not force yourself to love others but love God first then God will send you to love others.

When God’s love is fully in you, it will over flow to everyone. When you grow in love with God, you will grow spiritually and you will love your neighbour and even you’re so-called enemies. The way that leads to perfection and breakthrough before God is the way of charity, the way of love.

I pray that the Lord may give it to you in an increasing measure in the name of Christ Jesus.

This is a Prophetic message and the moment you do not put in practise, hard times are coming.

I wish you a year of love 2021. A year of total surrender to God. A year of being on one side-Christ Jesus’ side. Heaven is soon and it is here! Tomorrow is a mystery, today is all you have to give God your best. I wish you a year of self-examination by the way of love.

May the Lord be with you and keep all of you safe who have practised charity this year during the times of lockdown. This is my prayer for you, the Lord will not keep quiet; He will come in to defend you this year 2021 in Jesus’ name I pray.

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Good morning believer to your faith, spirit, family, finances and health!

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Love is the Greatest.

We are True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations are located along Salaama -Munyonyo road Kampala- Uganda; with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso as the Over Seer. We are on the foundation of love which is the greatest of all Spiritual gifts.

We are well known for the gift of prophecy, love, healing and standing in for the Body of Christ.

Wherever you are, do not hesitate to pray with Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso at TVC Ministries for distance is nothing to a man of faith. Contact us on the addresses above for further information.

God bless you.

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