Jefferson Stephen Okello Ministries

Jefferson Stephen Okello Ministries


As you pursue your desires and goals in this life, You must remember that God’s greatest desire is to transform you into the glorious image and likeness of Christ Jesus because He{God} can only TRUST you with his true POWER to fulfill his eternal purpose when you are operating in the Love of Christ and consecrated for his Perfect Will in Christ. {Philippians 3:7-14}. Global Prophetic Summit coming this December @ #RoyalCityNajjera. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

To Reveal the Supremacy of ChristJesus with Miracles,Signs & Wonders thr' Church Planting,Schools,Medical Care,Youth,Women Mentorship,Media,Relief Projects

Our divine purpose is" To Reveal the Supremacy of Christ Jesus to this generation with miracles, signs and wonders through preaching of the Glorious Gospel of the Kingdom through World Revival Centre Church, Miracle Crusades, Revival and leadership Conferences, Prison Outreaches, Feeding and medical Community Outreaches, Youth Empowerment Projects, Child Care support, Orphanage Support, Television and Radio Broadcasts, Church Planting, Rural Pastors' Support, and much more .

Mission: To raise a supernatural generation of saints, who shall achieve their higher calling in Christ by fulfilling God's dream.

[02/07/20]   Notable Miracles!
I’m delighted to welcome you to the season of Notable Miracles in Royal City Najjera; The God of Notable Miracles is here and his name is JESUS, JESUS and JESUS. Your life in Christ is a MIRACULOUS life, called to adventure deeply into the mysteries of the Kingdom through the fellowship of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Due to ignorance of God’s Word, many have been made to believe that Miracles ended with the early church but I’m excited to announce to you that the name of JESUS IS EMMANUEL meaning God with us. He is the God who did the Miraculous Signs and Wonders in the Bible and He is with you to do the same and even greater NOTABLE MIRACLES this season. Why Notable Miracles, A Miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency and it is happening to you because you believe. Hallelujah! Through your work, God will do mighty things, a miracle eliminates man's pride and exalts God's sovereign power over the universe. Prophet Elijah said "....the God who answers by FIRE, let him be our God". The devil hates the MIRACULOUS because MIRACULOUS manifestations destroys the devil's works, even the Religious leaders of Israel hated and persecuted the Lord Jesus Christ because of the MIRACLES he did and they still hate MIRACLES today{Matthew 9:32-38, Matthew 12:22-28}. MIRACLES reveals the glory of God{Luke 7:13-16, John 2: 3-11}, MIRACLES manifest God's divine presence in the midst of his people {Judges 6:12-22, John 3:2}, MIRACLES causes people to follow CHRIST Jesus and believe in Him {John 12:9-11, John 6:2, 1 Kings 18:25-39 },MIRACLES reveals God's endless love and mercy towards his people, MIRACLES authenticates the works as God's and is the seal of his approval {Acts 2:20, Mark 16:17-20, Acts 10:38}. No matter the situation around you, choose to BELIEVE the WORD of God and all his PROMISES concerning you, and you shall experience the MIRACULOUS POWER of the Holy Ghost in all things. Wake up daily with deep conviction that things are changing for your good and it will happen by the POWER of the Holy Ghost, for I'm persuaded beyond the shadow of doubt that, you and me are going to experience Undeniable, Special Miracles, Incredible Signs and Notable Wonders that will cause your enemies to tremble with fear and praise your God, in the Matchless name of Jesus Christ.{ John 14:10-12, 1 Corinthians 2:1-13}. I have prayed for you, and Notable Miracles are happening to you, as you put their faith in Christ Jesus. Shout I believe. See you at Royal City Najjera this Sunday!. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

What a glorious privilege! To be born in Christ, Christ has become your permanent environment, residence, and it's impossible to fail because Christ has become your everything, He's in you, your hands, legs, head and all parts of your body. Therefore, go everywhere and change things by the Words of your mouth, for the CHANGER HIMSELF is in you and he's name is JESUS, JESUS AND JESUS. This true Christianity and when you allow this revelation of Christ become your mindset and you shall prevail in all things.{Colossians 3:1-4, Ephesians 3:1-21} Hallelujah! Partner with Royal City Ministries today. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

[01/14/20]   Nothing becomes impossible for you when you give yourself to the Holy Spirit's leading. He visited people in the old testament and did Extraordinary Wonders through them like Prophet Moses in Egypt, Prophet Elijah in Israel, Prophet Elisha, King David, King Solomon and many others and that SAME Holy Spirit, who worked Extraordinary Wonders through them, has come upon you and is now dwelling in you. Give yourself to Him and trust his Word and I declare as the Apostle of Miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Will of God, that you're experiencing Extraordinary Wonders in all THINGS you do, in Jesus glorious name. { 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Ephesians 1:13-23}.

Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

[01/12/20]   In Fasting and Prayers, God causes "Divine Remembrance", as the king remembered Mordecai, your sacrificial service to God and his people will be remembered and rewarded this season, in Jesus name. Fasting also helps you cultivate deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit and empowers you Spiritually, and Mentally to handle the Opportunities God is setting before you and True Fasting also causes God to become the Enemy to your enemies, Let all the enemies of your destiny be destroyed by the same weapons they planned for you like Haman as you experience Supernatural Dominion, Blessings, Favour and Promotion like Mordecai this season, in Jesus glorious name. Join us daily @ Royal City Najjera @ 6pm for the Holy Ghost Experience{Esther 7:1-10, Zechariah 4:6-10}

Jefferson Stephen Okello

[01/09/20]   Day 4 of 21 days of Praying and Fasting! Fasting is the weapon for Supernatural Warfare that triggers the fire of DESTRUCTION against all demonic forces hinders/stops your Vision Helpers, Marital Blessings, Possession and Destiny. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit CONSUME all the enemies delaying your Visions now, and as you ACT by Faith in God's Word of Supernatural Achievements, you shall possess all your Victories, in Jesus matchless name.{ 2 Chronicles 20:3-25, Matthew 17:21}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

Day 3 of 21 days of Fasting and Prayers! Your Divine Helpers Must Appear! Every Divine Vision needs Divine Helpers. Therefore become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit this season because He is ready to lead you to the places of Abundance, Victory and Dominion as you PARTNER with his work. On this Day 3 of our 21 days of Prayers and Fasting, let focus on Praying for Royal City Vision Helpers, and your Dream Helpers to APPEAR quickly without delay for the achievements of all your business Dreams, marital visions and God's purpose. Every Divine Vision has Vision Helpers but many times the devil stops or delays them but this season by the Power of the Holy Spirit all your Vision Helpers must appear now, in Jesus glorious name.{Daniel 10:12-14, Luke 22:40-43}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

On behalf of my Family and Royal City Ministries, we shared the LOVE OF CHRIST today by giving a cow{bull) to the Police Officers of Kiira Municipality, Najjera Police Station to celebrate Christmas after giving a Hen and Rice to each Kiira Road Police CID department yesterday, to thank them for their sacrifice in keeping our communities safe. Join us in Celebrating Christ this season by giving a generous gift to somebody. See you in Royal City Najjera. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

The Overwhelming flood of God’s Financial Blessings is coming to you this season as you SET yourself to aggressively finance the preaching of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus to this world. Partner with Royal City Ministries today In transforming lives in Uganda and Africa with the demonstration of Power of the Holy Spirit. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

Royal City Ministries

As I was in deep Intercession and Prayers this evening in Royal City Najjera...I saw in the Spirit great flood and rain of FINANCIAL BLESSINGS falling upon the body of Christ and I heard God say "Position yourself to RECEIVE the Overwhelming Blessings in this season of OPEN DOOR", Therefore, by faith SOW SPECIAL SEED IN VISION 2020 in Royal City Ministries as a testimony of your Overwhelming Blessings now. This flood of blessings is beyond your wildest dreams, in Jesus glorious name. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

[12/14/19]   It's the moment, the hour and the season for your Open Doors with Strange Miracles. Don't wait, God is here to supernaturally change your story forever, therefore, whatsoever the Holy Spirit leads you to do, do it because your obedience to his voice triggers extraordinary intervention with miracles, signs and wonders, in Jesus marvellous name. {Luke 5:1-8, John 2:1-11, 2Kings 4:1-6.}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

By the authority of the new covenant in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, all wicked forces fighting your life, marriage, children, finances, business destiny and progress is TERMINATED now, by the fire of the Holy Ghost and I RELEASE you to possess your supernatural Blessings NOW in all areas of life, in Jesus glorious name. {Revelation 5:9-12}. Come meet God in Global Prophetic Summit this December in Royal City Najjera. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello.

[11/07/19]   Today as you step out by Faith in pursuit of your dreams, the Exceeding Grace of God will enable you to live the Christlike life style and Empower you to produce the Christlike Extraordinary RESULTS in all that you do, for the glory of God, in Jesus glorious name[Matthew 11:2-5]. Hallelujah! Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

To you Special sons and Royal daughters of my Father God, be courageous and put your hearts’ diligently in all that you do, for God has promised to Bless, Expand, Favour and Multiply you mightily beyond your wildest dreams and Your influence will reach territories this season, in Jesus glorious name.{Ephesians 3:14-20}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

I’m the beloved son of the living God in Christ and I can never be barren or poor because all that my Heavenly Father God owns belongs to me. Hallelujah!.( 1 John 3:1-2, Luke 15:31}. See you in Global Prophetic Summit this December at Royal City Najjera.

The God who made away for Israelites through the Red Sea and caused water to come out of the Rock for Israelites in the wilderness, IS the same God Almighty that is making his abundant blessings to come to you and overtake you this season as serve Him diligently and work tirelessly with your hands, in Jesus glorious name{Numbers 20:8-11}. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

All the past atrocities, blood shed, tribal wars, colonization, looting of Africa’s resources and division of Africa has been the devil’s strategy to try to stop God’s eternal purpose for this great continent of Africa but God’s eternal purpose for Africa is Unstoppable, and Unchangeable and I’m a believer that the Almighty God is positioning Africa again in his eternal purpose as the continent of Abundance, Innovations, Freedom, liberty, Righteousness, Salvation, Leadership, Revival, where his glory shall shine brighter and brighter through his people to establish his glorious Kingdom on this earth and that season is NOW, in Jesus glorious name. Come discover your purpose and be positioned to reign at our Global Prophetic Summit{#GPS2019} in Royal City Najjera this December.

We as the body of Christ have been sent by God to this world to manifest the Supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ in the fullness of his glorious and power. Come experience the transforming Miraculous Power of the Holy Spirit in Global Prophetic Summit{#GPS2019} in Royal City Najjera from 2-8/December/2019

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[10/22/19]   The Lord Jesus must become your life, culture, nature, wisdom because your highest calling is to be transformed into his glorious image and likeness. See u at Global Prophetic Summit #GPS2019 in Royal City Najjera.

[10/17/19]   You can only experience greater dimensions of God’s eternal Glory and Breakthroughs, when you become sensitive to move with Him, when He moves or you might be seeking for Him, where he left sometimes ago. {Exodus 40:34-38} See you @ Global Prophetic Summit #GPS2019 in Royal City Najjera. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

God will not accomplish greater things in your life without you participation. Come learn how to work with God to IMPACT your family, communities, nation and the world in Global Prophetic Summit at Royal City Najjera. Apostle of Miracles,Jefferson Stephen Okello

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[10/07/19]   God can not call you to do, what He is unwilling to accomplish through you. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

[09/30/19]   October is the God-season of GOOD NEWS. You will hear Good news everyday of this month because the God of all Power has gone before you to break all mountains, destroy all your enemies, open all doors and fulfill all his promises to you as you serve Him in Christ. Love Him, Worship Him and Surrender to Him to celebrate your Good News, in Jesus glorious name. Hallelujah! #RoyalCityNajjera. {Genesis 18:10-14}.Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

[09/25/19]   As you put your Faith to work, I prophecy that all demonic forces holding your marital blessings, career progress, health is BROKEN and doors of opportunities, breakthroughs, miracles are opening for you, and you’re experiencing strange testimonies this season, in Jesus glorious name! #RoyalCityNajjera. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

[09/24/19]   The Holy Spirit who is the source of all blessings is coming upon you, to cause you to create wealth with your hands for his glory, and I declare that all the enemies plans against you shall be destroyed completely this week and everything you set yourself to do are multiplying and prospering supernaturally. Yes, Strange Testimonies are your portion, in Jesus glorious name{Deuteronomy 28:1-13}. #RoyalCityNajjera. Jefferson Stephen Okello, Apostle of Miracles

[09/23/19]   Welcome to the week of " Strange Testimonies", the God of all impossibilities is breaking every demonic wall of resistance and causing you to possess unusual testimonies in all that you put your hands to do as you set your heart to serve Him, in Jesus matchless name{Jeremiah 32:27}. #RoyalCityNajjera. Jefferson Stephen Okello, Apostle of Miracles

[09/22/19]   God has given you his written Word as the FOOD for your Spiritual growth into the glorious likeness of Christ, therefore, never allow anything to keep you away from hearing the Word and attending services because God uses his Word to build you up into the glorious, victorious and prosperous person.#RoyalCityNajjera

[09/16/19]   The Honor Principle! After spending time at Burj Khalifa in Dubai the tallest building in world and studying the foundation that this skyscraper seats on. You begin to appreciate the FOUNDATION. The foundation is the pillar for the blessed life, the soul for continuity and sustainable success in families and nations and I term that foundation “The Honour Principle”. Honour is that quality of Character that determines the strength, success and longevity of any relationships commanded by the Most Holy God himself to his people. The Honour Principle brings order in families and security to nations. Honour for authority has been thrown off the streets and the families. “I know it all” attitude has robbed children of their inheritance and blessings of the parents but HONOUR is still the unchangeable principle for LONGEVITY and ETERNAL BLESSINGS. I get concerned when I hear young ministers, politicians, children ABUSE the people who helped them become who they are now and I ask where is the HONOUR FOR THE ELDERS which God’s Word talks of. Don’t be trapped in the satanic lie of being self made. We all came from some where, that’s why God’s instructs children to Honour their parents{Ephesians 6:1-3}, students honor your teachers and young people to honor their seniors{1 Timothy 6:1-5}. To Honour means to esteem highly, to respect, to value and it is the key for mentorship, learning and gives you access to Priceless Wisdom. You can have all the abilities, and potential like Absalom in the Bible but without Honour you will never ascend to the Throne because Honour attracts the Kings’ Favour and opens the door to God’s eternal Blessings. Honour is that key to promotion in the workplace because it instills the discipline of doing and speaking the right things no matter who is around. Disrespect breeds confusion, and robs people of opportunities to enjoy healthy relationships but Honour guarantees Continuity and progress of things. I’m of the conviction that if sanity is to return to the political arena, and if we are to eliminate confusion in the body of Christ and in our homes, Honour must be taught again and enforced again in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you know respect for each other, respect for authority, respect for your parents is God’s eternal command and the only way to secure longevity and God’s eternal success{Proverbs 4:1-27}. Inculcate it in your character and it will cause you to ascend to the throne of greatness and secure God’s blessings upon you and your future, in Jesus glorious name.

Preaching Christ, Changing Lives

Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles
Royal City Ministries

[09/15/19]   We Mourn President Robert G. Mugabe! We join the rest of Africa and H.E Gen Yoweri K. Museveni, president of Uganda to send our deepest condolences to the family of the late president Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the great people of Zimbabwe. Africa mourns with you! The African continent has lost a true son, Revolutionary Icon, Pan Africanist, Liberator, freedom fighter, visionary leader, and founding father of the nation of Zimbabwe. Regardless of what others choose to believe about you president Robert Gabriel Mugabe, to us in Africa, you remain the embodiment of the African dream, an intellectual, defender of the African dignity, you endured torture, imprisonment for the independence of Zimbabwe in the hands of the colonialists, fought against apartheid and contributed tremendously for the liberation of the entire African continent, and that makes you stand tall among the Africa’s founding fathers. Your words inspired many in the continent to define ourselves as Africans, and to dream of a unified Africa, able to defend itself against any aggression and prosperous among the communities of nations. President Mugabe, you have gone but your words of wisdom and boldness still remains with us and as we mourn this great African citizen, true African hero, icon, liberator, and visionary son of Africa born in Zimbabwe. It’s time for Africa to believe in themselves, tell it’s own story if Africa is to sit as equals in the global stage. To those of you who have been trusted with positions of leadership in Africa, Africa’s founding fathers dreamt of a unified Africa, sacrificed blood for both its independence and economic transformation. Therefore, with leadership comes responsibility, and true responsibility calls for greater sacrifice on your part for the betterment and advancement of your people. Believe in Africa, empower and protect your citizens, invest in them and as Cain in the Holy Bible don’t sell Africa’s birthright to the hungry vultures. For with all the God given resources in this continent we can build the Africa we desire, and give a brighter, technological advanced, prosperous and glorious Africa to the future generation because no mountain is impossible to conquer if Africa unities. President Robert Gabriel Mugabe you shall always be REMEMBERED! Our PRAY for God’s peace, comfort and strength for the Mugabe family, God bless the people of Zimbabwe and God bless Africa, in Jesus glorious name.

Preaching Christ, Changing Lives,

Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles
Royal City Ministries

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