Jefferson Stephen Okello Ministries

Jefferson Stephen Okello Ministries


As you pursue your desires and goals in this life, You must remember that God’s greatest desire is to transform you into the glorious image and likeness of Christ Jesus because He{God} can only TRUST you with his true POWER to fulfill his eternal purpose when you are operating in the Love of Christ and consecrated for his Perfect Will in Christ. {Philippians 3:7-14}. Global Prophetic Summit coming this December @ #RoyalCityNajjera. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

To Reveal the Supremacy of ChristJesus with Miracles,Signs & Wonders thr' Church Planting,Schools,Medical Care,Youth,Women Mentorship,Media,Relief Projects

Our divine purpose is" To Reveal the Supremacy of Christ Jesus to this generation with miracles, signs and wonders through preaching of the Glorious Gospel of the Kingdom through World Revival Centre Church, Miracle Crusades, Revival and leadership Conferences, Prison Outreaches, Feeding and medical Community Outreaches, Youth Empowerment Projects, Child Care support, Orphanage Support, Television and Radio Broadcasts, Church Planting, Rural Pastors' Support, and much more .

Mission: To raise a supernatural generation of saints, who shall achieve their higher calling in Christ by fulfilling God's dream.

Give yourself to the READING of God's Word and PRAYERS because Every Prophetic Word of God comes to FULFILMENT through the POWER of Earnest Prayers. Study {1 Kings 18:1-46}.

Celebrate Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

It’s Done. Hallelujah!

God has INVESTED so much for the REDEMPTION of humanity to allow this pandemic destroy his people. We're on our KNEES to STOP coronaVirus with all the evil purposes of the devil against your life, families, Uganda, African continent, USA and including your land and let your FAITH ARISE in CHRIST to DO BIG THINGS FOR GOD, in Jesus Matchless name. Hallelujah! A UNIFIED AFRICA in God is Unstoppable. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

Day One! Prayer INVOKES God’s JUDGEMENT against the ENEMIES of your destiny. Therefore, We declare DIVINE JUDGEMENT against CORONAVIRUS in Uganda, Africa, USA and the globe. IT MUST DIE, in Jesus Matchless name{Isaiah 37:1-36}Apostle of Miracles

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True Prayers INVOKES THE SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION OF GOD on the behalf of his people. Connect on 0774 010452 and let us destroy Satan’s {Coronavirus} plans in Jesus Matchless Name.

God has SPOKEN THAT HE HAS A GLORIOUS PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE{Jeremiah 29:11}, therefore by the divine authority of the WORD OF GOD, every grip of the devil through CoronaVirus and all others diseases assigned against your destiny, and the nation of Uganda be destroyed now, in Jesus Matchless name. You’re PROTECTED and BLESSED in Jesus glorious name. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

In taking precautions against this Pandemic{CoronaVirus and others diseases}, Never permit FEAR to control you as a Ugandan and a BELIEVER IN THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST JESUS because we live not by SIGHT but by the FAITH of Christ and your future shall be glorious in Africa and everywhere you are. My Lord Jesus Christ carried away all diseases including CoronaVirus on himself and eternally destroyed them by his SACRIFICIAL DEATH on the Cross of Calvary and He STILL HEALS ALL DISEASES INCLUDING CORONAVIRUS{Isaiah 53:3-12, Matthew 8:16-17, 1 John 5:1-5, Psalms 103:1-3}. Therefore as the whole world trembles with FEAR and UNCERTAINTY, because you’re a believer, you’re born of God, crucified with Christ, resurrected together with Christ and by faith you are seated in heavenly places FAR ABOVE CoronaVirus and all diseases {Colossians 3:1-4, Ephesians 2:4-10}. You shall be untouchable, in Jesus Glorious name. Make God’s WORD the STANDARD of your life, not the fears or the news of the world, the Word of God is True, Unchangeable, Infallible and God is FAITHFUL to fulfill all his PROMISES to you. Christ has now become your Life, Shepherd, Lord, King and in Him you live, move and have your being according to God’s infallible Word.{Hebrews 6:13-20}. From our Altar of Prayers here in Royal City Ministries, I’ve PRAYED for you, God to give you divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding to WALK in the fullness of the glory of Christ Jesus my Lord as you achieve God’s purpose for your life in serving humanity. By his gracious power, I’ve also seen the GLORY OF THE SOON COMING KING, therefore, don’t fear, you shall not die of this CoronaVirus or any other diseases before you FULFILL GOD’S divine purpose for your life. Give yourself to the study of God’s Word daily, serve God diligently, love each other with the LOVE of Christ, shine for Christ in your communities through works of GENEROSITY. Pray for our President, leaders, and our people to develop POSSIBILITY MENTALITY, PATRIOTIC SPIRIT and to be rooted in God’s Word, knowing that with Christ, we’re can do all things here in Uganda and African continent. Let us use the uncertainty of CoronaVirus to come together with one voice to TRANSFORM and DEVELOP Uganda into the PARADISE of God in Africa because a unified Uganda is Unstoppable, for God himself is with us. I’ve also prayed for you and your family to experience supernatural protection, health, victory and growth in God’s wisdom, knowledge and prosperity. See you in Christ Jesus daily, for we’re daily in prayers for you. God bless you, God bless Royal City Ministries, God bless our beloved nation Uganda and God bless the great continent of Africa.

Preaching Christ, Changing Lives,
Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles
Royal City Ministries

During this season of fear among the people in the world, Join us in DOING BIG THINGS FOR GOD and WATCH GOD BLESS you beyond your wildest dreams because of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus glorious name. Apostle of Miracles.

[03/19/20]   Yesterday, H. E. Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, gave guidelines to be followed during this period concerning the fight against CORONAVIRUS in Uganda and As believers in Christ Jesus, it’s our duty to Honour those in authority. Those guidelines were not against PRAYERS as others claim but to prevent/fight the spread of CORONAVIRUS among our communities. It’s therefore a wake up call for us as believers in Christ Jesus of Royal City Ministries, friends and partners in Christ to STAND in the gap before God during this season to PRAY and Intercede for our people, communities, city, nation and the globe for God to pour out his MIRACULOUS HEALING POWER upon the land and God will answer us. Royal City is open daily for individual intercession prayers. God is seated on the Sovereign Throne of Glory and He’s will protect our people and land from this enemy called CORONAVIRUS. Do not allow fear to hold your life, take precautions, Study your BIBLE and ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD. Faith conquers Fear! The Lord Jesus Christ died for our Healing and He will heal our land. I have prayed for you and none of you will die of this disease. As a believer in Christ, you’re born of God, washed by the blood of Christ Jesus and covered by the glory of God. Let your FAITH stand strong in God’s unfailing LOVE and Word and you shall prevail in Jesus glorious name. Stay connected daily through our social media platforms, phones, intercession altars, website. Become the LIGHT of Christ Jesus in your communities by showing love to one another in Christ, Join us in “Strategic Spiritual Warfare Prayers” everywhere you’re like Prophet Elijah, who prayed earnestly until God sent the FIRE and Rain on earth after three and half years. Prayers changes the impossible, Prayer moves mountains, Prayers breaks all the devil’s chains because God answers PRAYERS and He’s going to ANSWER US with Incredible Miraculous, Healing, Prosperous and Saving Power, in Jesus glorious name. Send us your prayer requests, keep connected to be protected as you triumph in Christ. Hallelujah! {James 5:16-18, Acts 12:3-24, Luke 18:1-8}.

Preaching Christ, Changing Lives
Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles,
Royal City Ministries

In the face of this global crisis be CAREFUL not FEARFUL, the Lord Jesus Christ the GREAT PHYSICIAN is seated on the THRONE and you’re eternally healed and protected.{Isaiah 53:1-12, Psalms 103:1-3}. Apostle of Miracles

In the midst of global crisis and fear, let the Word of God be your Shield and the Holy Spirit be your dwelling place and residence. Apostle of Miracles.

Never be contented with what you see in your church or among preachers as a believer. There is MUCH MORE FOR YOU IN CHRIST according to God's Word, become desperate in your heart for GREATER GLORY and diligently seek for deeper intimate experience with the Holy Spirit, because True Supernatural Experience with Christ Jesus, TRANSFORMS you completely into the vessel of God's GLORY, POWER, LOVE, HOLINESS, MIRACLES, GENEROSITY, HEALING and MIGHTY EXPLOITS in the Holy Ghost.{Exodus 33:13-21, Philippians 3:7-14, Colossians 3:1-4}. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

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You must earnestly seek the Glorious baptism with the Holy Spirit, for it’s the most important experience for every believer in Christ after SALVATION because it transforms you into the glorious Image of Christ and empowers you to function in the higher dimensions of God’s Miraculous blessings, wisdom, prosperity, dominion for the establishment of the kingdom of God everywhere you enter, in Jesus name. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

It’s your divine responsibility to influence everywhere you are with the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus and God shall reward you abundantly with Notable Miracles for your faithfulness, in Jesus Christ glorious name. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

Christ has made you Holy, Righteous, Wealthy, Healthy, Victorious, Generous, Wise son and heir of God in Christ and everything you do multiplies miraculously. Hallelujah!{Ephesians 3:1-21}. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

Nothing becomes impossible for you, when you give yourself to the Leadership of the Holy Spirit.{Romans 8:10-19}. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only ANSWER to all human needs. To the sick, He’s the Miraculous Healer. To the sinner, He’s the Loving Savior. To the hungry, He’s the Bread of Life. To the thirsty, He’s the Living Water. To the dead, He’s the Resurrection and the Life. To the poor, Jesus is the Supply of all Riches and Wealth. To the homeless, He’s your Shelter, Shepherd, and Almighty Father. He reigns as King over all the kingdoms of the universe, He’s the Sovereign Lord and King, Unchangeable, Incorruptible, Mighty God, the Prince of Peace and the Lord of Life, He’s all Wisdom, Knowledge, Power and Able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you ask or imagine. Believe and stick to his Word and experience Notable Miracles and the ever increasing glory of his Wondrous Personality. Hallelujah! .{Luke 1:26-37, Ephesians 3:14-21}. Apostle of Miracles, Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

[02/07/20]   Notable Miracles!
I’m delighted to welcome you to the season of Notable Miracles in Royal City Najjera; The God of Notable Miracles is here and his name is JESUS, JESUS and JESUS. Your life in Christ is a MIRACULOUS life, called to adventure deeply into the mysteries of the Kingdom through the fellowship of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Due to ignorance of God’s Word, many have been made to believe that Miracles ended with the early church but I’m excited to announce to you that the name of JESUS IS EMMANUEL meaning God with us. He is the God who did the Miraculous Signs and Wonders in the Bible and He is with you to do the same and even greater NOTABLE MIRACLES this season. Why Notable Miracles, A Miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency and it is happening to you because you believe. Hallelujah! Through your work, God will do mighty things, a miracle eliminates man's pride and exalts God's sovereign power over the universe. Prophet Elijah said "....the God who answers by FIRE, let him be our God". The devil hates the MIRACULOUS because MIRACULOUS manifestations destroys the devil's works, even the Religious leaders of Israel hated and persecuted the Lord Jesus Christ because of the MIRACLES he did and they still hate MIRACLES today{Matthew 9:32-38, Matthew 12:22-28}. MIRACLES reveals the glory of God{Luke 7:13-16, John 2: 3-11}, MIRACLES manifest God's divine presence in the midst of his people {Judges 6:12-22, John 3:2}, MIRACLES causes people to follow CHRIST Jesus and believe in Him {John 12:9-11, John 6:2, 1 Kings 18:25-39 },MIRACLES reveals God's endless love and mercy towards his people, MIRACLES authenticates the works as God's and is the seal of his approval {Acts 2:20, Mark 16:17-20, Acts 10:38}. No matter the situation around you, choose to BELIEVE the WORD of God and all his PROMISES concerning you, and you shall experience the MIRACULOUS POWER of the Holy Ghost in all things. Wake up daily with deep conviction that things are changing for your good and it will happen by the POWER of the Holy Ghost, for I'm persuaded beyond the shadow of doubt that, you and me are going to experience Undeniable, Special Miracles, Incredible Signs and Notable Wonders that will cause your enemies to tremble with fear and praise your God, in the Matchless name of Jesus Christ.{ John 14:10-12, 1 Corinthians 2:1-13}. I have prayed for you, and Notable Miracles are happening to you, as you put their faith in Christ Jesus. Shout I believe. See you at Royal City Najjera this Sunday!. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

What a glorious privilege! To be born in Christ, Christ has become your permanent environment, residence, and it's impossible to fail because Christ has become your everything, He's in you, your hands, legs, head and all parts of your body. Therefore, go everywhere and change things by the Words of your mouth, for the CHANGER HIMSELF is in you and he's name is JESUS, JESUS AND JESUS. This true Christianity and when you allow this revelation of Christ become your mindset and you shall prevail in all things.{Colossians 3:1-4, Ephesians 3:1-21} Hallelujah! Partner with Royal City Ministries today. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

[01/14/20]   Nothing becomes impossible for you when you give yourself to the Holy Spirit's leading. He visited people in the old testament and did Extraordinary Wonders through them like Prophet Moses in Egypt, Prophet Elijah in Israel, Prophet Elisha, King David, King Solomon and many others and that SAME Holy Spirit, who worked Extraordinary Wonders through them, has come upon you and is now dwelling in you. Give yourself to Him and trust his Word and I declare as the Apostle of Miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Will of God, that you're experiencing Extraordinary Wonders in all THINGS you do, in Jesus glorious name. { 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Ephesians 1:13-23}.

Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

[01/12/20]   In Fasting and Prayers, God causes "Divine Remembrance", as the king remembered Mordecai, your sacrificial service to God and his people will be remembered and rewarded this season, in Jesus name. Fasting also helps you cultivate deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit and empowers you Spiritually, and Mentally to handle the Opportunities God is setting before you and True Fasting also causes God to become the Enemy to your enemies, Let all the enemies of your destiny be destroyed by the same weapons they planned for you like Haman as you experience Supernatural Dominion, Blessings, Favour and Promotion like Mordecai this season, in Jesus glorious name. Join us daily @ Royal City Najjera @ 6pm for the Holy Ghost Experience{Esther 7:1-10, Zechariah 4:6-10}

Jefferson Stephen Okello

[01/09/20]   Day 4 of 21 days of Praying and Fasting! Fasting is the weapon for Supernatural Warfare that triggers the fire of DESTRUCTION against all demonic forces hinders/stops your Vision Helpers, Marital Blessings, Possession and Destiny. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit CONSUME all the enemies delaying your Visions now, and as you ACT by Faith in God's Word of Supernatural Achievements, you shall possess all your Victories, in Jesus matchless name.{ 2 Chronicles 20:3-25, Matthew 17:21}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

Day 3 of 21 days of Fasting and Prayers! Your Divine Helpers Must Appear! Every Divine Vision needs Divine Helpers. Therefore become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit this season because He is ready to lead you to the places of Abundance, Victory and Dominion as you PARTNER with his work. On this Day 3 of our 21 days of Prayers and Fasting, let focus on Praying for Royal City Vision Helpers, and your Dream Helpers to APPEAR quickly without delay for the achievements of all your business Dreams, marital visions and God's purpose. Every Divine Vision has Vision Helpers but many times the devil stops or delays them but this season by the Power of the Holy Spirit all your Vision Helpers must appear now, in Jesus glorious name.{Daniel 10:12-14, Luke 22:40-43}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

On behalf of my Family and Royal City Ministries, we shared the LOVE OF CHRIST today by giving a cow{bull) to the Police Officers of Kiira Municipality, Najjera Police Station to celebrate Christmas after giving a Hen and Rice to each Kiira Road Police CID department yesterday, to thank them for their sacrifice in keeping our communities safe. Join us in Celebrating Christ this season by giving a generous gift to somebody. See you in Royal City Najjera. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

The Overwhelming flood of God’s Financial Blessings is coming to you this season as you SET yourself to aggressively finance the preaching of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus to this world. Partner with Royal City Ministries today In transforming lives in Uganda and Africa with the demonstration of Power of the Holy Spirit. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

Royal City Ministries

As I was in deep Intercession and Prayers this evening in Royal City Najjera...I saw in the Spirit great flood and rain of FINANCIAL BLESSINGS falling upon the body of Christ and I heard God say "Position yourself to RECEIVE the Overwhelming Blessings in this season of OPEN DOOR", Therefore, by faith SOW SPECIAL SEED IN VISION 2020 in Royal City Ministries as a testimony of your Overwhelming Blessings now. This flood of blessings is beyond your wildest dreams, in Jesus glorious name. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

Royal Citry Ministries

Royal City Ministries {RCM} is more than a church, we are God’s vision, revealing the supernatural supremacy of Christ Jesus to the world, through the demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power as we introduce people to the eternal life available in Christ founded and led by Pastor Jefferson Stephen Okello{Apostle of Miracles} .

Through the supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit with Miracles, Healings, Deliverance, Wonders and Teaching of the deep Truth of God’s Word, Royal City is transforming lives of millions of people across the globe and establishing the Kingdom of God on this earth. RCM is small enough to recognize you yet, big enough to accommodate you, where millions of people of all races, are equipped to grow into the full stature of Christ as citizens of heaven and one royal family.

Join a Royal Cell and get connected to Royal City family and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit upon our man of God, Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello, Apostle of Miracles and by joining ROYAL CITY CELL, you are eternally covered!

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