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[05/31/21]   Make manifest your giant STEPS.

And David walked to meet Goliath

[02/08/21]   Identify your weakness this year 2021


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas


Celebrate Christ
Celebrate the great commission

OUR STORY - 1st Quarterly Report.

1.On September, 27th,2014 the Lord commissioned the call on Pastor Owino Simon Jude
2.The church started under a mango tree.
3.January, 2017 Church forced out of Buziga due to land wrangles and persecution.
4.WTCC gets a home at Kabumma Munyonyo.
5.2018 WTCC - Butaleja acquires land.
6.WTCC enters Kenya.
7.30th/06/2018,An outreach arm Spirit and Word gospel mission is created for evangelism.

Our goal is to take the gospel to all parts of Uganda and East Africa.

Pastor Owino Simon Jude
Worship Temple Ministries International


Sharpen the prophetic


Worship Temple Centre Church

That they will not Passover

Read: Psalms 104:9

You have set a boundary that they may not Passover...
Your enemy is His enemy.

Pastor Owino Simon Jude
Worship Temple Ministries International.

[09/01/20]   New Month
New birth,
The month of turnaround,
Be blessed in your new horizon.


Worship Temple Centre Church

Before the period of Consideration the word was flesh.

Message: The word became flesh.
Text: John:1:14

Humanity and deity were united together in Jesus in a humble way,he entered a human life with all the limitations of human existence.
He would then experience all the difficulties and temptations we face and overcome all of them without failing or disobeying God.

Paying the complete penalty for our sin,restoring our opportunity for a personal relationship with God.Amazingly, most people reject that opportunity.

Pr Owino Simon Jude
Worship Temple Ministries International.


Worship Temple Centre Church

Who then can measure the length of Israel!

Who is persecuting you?

Just like Jesus was presented for consideration, Place it before God for consideration. John 1-4.(period of consideration)

Pr Owino Simon Jude
Worship Temple Ministries International


Worship Temple Centre Church


Once in Shiloh at the annual feast,Hannah pours out her grief to the Lord.She is in So much distress that during her prayers,her lips are moving but nothing is coming out.

In this moment of intense prayer,She makes avow, It is anazarite vow (num.6)She says to the lord,"give me ason and i will give him back to you".1sam.1:11
Every pressure and emotional distress is an opportunity to build a closer relationship with God.When we pray,we give that relationship a chance to grow.

Pr Owino Simon Jude
Worship Temple Ministries International

[07/06/20]   Inspiration

Sometimes in life you just have to stop worrying too much,
Close your eyes and just let your life be!
So that by the time you open your eyes,you'll be finding yourself in the best place you could ever be.

Failure is necessary for you to succeed.



[06/17/20]   For all the prophecies will come to pass as promised by God.
No matter the challenges
No matter the obstacles
God has the final say

[06/17/20]   For all the prophecies will come to pass as promised by God.
No matter challenges
No matter the obstacles
God has the final say

[06/09/20]   How did COVID-19 affect your relationship with God

[06/01/20]   Happy New Month.

Work on your spiritual relationship with God!


[05/29/20]   Let the weak say, I am strong
Let the poor say,I am rich

I shall be the head not the tail.


A committed Christian is a winner.


[05/20/20]   FOCUS,He has a purpose for our pain and struggle.




Your purpose your identity
Tell the enemy they're trapped


[04/23/20]   The enemy is to big to miss

When David came he rounded up all the enemies of Israel, settled the city and built the Lord a city of peace (Jerusalem).

He setup his throne and there was peace.

Jesus says no man builds a house and leaves it open.
Gen3:15.I shall send aseed and he shall crush the head.
David went after the head.
Christ went after the head.
Go after the head.


[04/12/20]   Happy Easter Celebrations.

This is the true meaning of Easter according to the Jewish theories.
Easter is celebrated between good Friday and Easter just after the Passover to remember the pain the israelites went through.


[03/26/20]   Bible verse for you

Mathew 9:15
...How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while He is with them?


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[03/25/20]   Mathew 9:13
...I desire mercy not sacrifice (Obedience is better than sacrifice)
Listen learn.


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JOB 1:20

Job understandably reacted to the disasters with intense grief (Fear and Panic) but also with an uncommon humility that submitted to God and continued to worship Him despite the extreme adversity (v.21;2:10).

1.Job reacted to his on going catastrophes by expressing doubt,anger and a sense of isolation from God (7:11)yet even in this time of darkness and uncertainty,he didn't turn against God but openly expressed his protest,questions and feelings to Him.
2.The book show how God's faithful followers should face life,troubles and disasters.Though we may experience severe sufferings and unexplainable tragedy.we should pray for Grace and humility to accept what God allows to come our way.
We also ask God to show us what we should learn from this situation and how we should grow through it.God will deal with our chaotic feelings and complaints if they are directed to Him not in rebellion but in sincere trust in Him as loving God who knows what is best.
3.The book of Job reveals that God accepted Job's questions (Chs 38-41) and in the end praised him for speaking,what is right (42:7)

Be blessed

Pastor Owino simon Jude
Worship Temple Centre Church
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[03/22/20]   EGO EIMI HO PANTOKRATOR; I am God almighty.

Theme: Don't lay afinger.
Text: Job 1:12

God gave Satan the authority to destroy job's property and family,but had to limit Satan to what he could do.
For Satan didn't have the power to kill job,so he brought violent weather,circumstances and people against job.

Worship Temple Centre Church
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Prior to Christ's death and resurrection,Satan had occasional access to God's presence which he apparently used to question the sincerity and character of Godly man.Job 1:6-12,2:1-6,38:7 Rev.12:10.

However,no where in the bible says Satan has direct access to God under the New covenant,since Christ came and provided salvation and access to God for us.mt 4:10,however,Satan still aims his accusations at man.

This is one of his primary purpose,he is the accuser. Rev 12:10.But God's word assures us that we can overcome Satan and his accusations by Christ's blood;i.e
His personal sacrifice that paid price for our sin and makes us right with God,if we accept his forgiveness and leadership in our lives by;
1.Our testimony about Christ Jesus.
2.Our willingness to give our lives for Christ Jesus.
3.Keep a clear conscience.
4.Living according to the standard and principles of God's word mt 4:3-11.
Jesus continues to intercede to God the father for us all.

Pastor Owino simon Jude
Worship Temple Centre Church
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1.Satan received authority to test a Godly man.
2.God's actions and reasons are far beyond what the human mind can fully comprehend.
3.The real foundation of Godly Faith is not built on God's blessings,personal circumstances or intellectual answers.it's built on complete dependency on God.
4.God sometimes permits Satan to test Godly people with adversity in order to strengthen their Faith.
5.Though God's actions may at times seem dark cruel,in the end God's compassion and mercy are evident. Job 42:7-17

Pastor Owino simon Jude
Worship Temple Centre Church
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[03/19/20]   I will stretch my hand and my people will be healed.


[03/01/20]   The Key is yours this month of March.(Message of the month)

And being assembled together with them,he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem,but to wait for the promise of the father.Acts 1:4



When the time is right,things happen


[02/17/20]   I decree and declare favour this year and all the days that were eaten by locusts shall be compensated.

#CityofPeace - Mbale


Workout your salvation.


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Sharpen the prophetic
Leadership is agift






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